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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 29 2007,14:06   

Monkey Girl: Evolution, Religion, and the Battle for America's Soul by Ed Humes tells the fascinating story of the Dover trial. His highly readable account of the trial and the events leading up to it will be released on January 30.


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I see there's another book coming out about Doverloo:

40 Days and 40 Nights: Darwin, Intelligent Design, God, OxyContin®, and Other Oddities on Trial in Pennsylvania by Matthew Chapman (Hardcover - April 1, 2007)

Chapman, incidentally, is a great-grandson of Charles Darwin.

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Here's another one, coming out in May:

The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything: Evolution, Intelligent Design, and a School Board in Dover, PA, by Gordy Slack.

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I'm sure you've all read it, but in case you haven't, Chapman's article about Kitzmiller v. Dover Bd of Ed in Harper's is available online finally.

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Just so it doesn't get lost in the midst of all the civility noodling, didn't Lenny just say he's got a book coming out!?!

I know I saw it somewhere here today, but I can't find it anymore.  It may not be exclusively about Dover, but still...

Links, please!


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yes, yes he did.

39.99 IIRC.

I'm sure he'll let us know when it goes to print.

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