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CivicSpace Site Configuration Guide

Welcome to your new CivicSpace-powered website. CivicSpace is a distribution of Drupal, a content management system that can be used to create a large variety of different websites. Thus, CivicSpace is a highly configurable platform that is useful for promoting civic action and better facilitiates community interaction and collaboration than is possible with other web publishing systems.

This CivicSpace Site Configuration Guide will help you to finish configuring your CivicSpace site and can serve as a reference as you administer your site over time. It is not possible within the scope of this text to explain all CivicSpace configurations, modules, and features. Instead, the CivicSpace Site Configuration Guide is intended as a large FAQ that will guide you through some basic issues and answer some specific configuration questions which should get you started. As you become more comfortable with CivicSpace, it is certainly worthwhile to learn more -- so that you can take advantage of the flexibility and wide range of configuration options and additional features.

We suggest you spend five minutes looking around the administration section to orient yourself to the administration menu before working through this guide. Be sure to read the help material available at the top of many of the administration pages as you make your configuration changes. Once you have completed the guide, for much more detailed information on CivicSpace configuration and usage, consult the administration help section of this site and the extensive Drupal Handbook at

To ask questions, show off your site, and be part of an ongoing dialogue with the CivicSpace development community, visit the CivicSpace forums. If you happen to find a bug or have a feature suggestion, create an issue for it at CivicSpace Labs, and we will get back to you.