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from Wikipedia:

The observer-expectancy effect, in science, is a cognitive bias that occurs when a researcher expects a given result and therefore unconsciously manipulates an experiment or misinterprets data in order to find it. Because it can skew the results of experiments (especially on human subjects), double-blind methodology is used to eliminate the effect.

Observer-expectancy effect is often a cause of "odd" results in many experiments, notably in paranormal investigations. One famous example was the horse Clever Hans, who seemed to be performing arithmetic and other amazing skills, but in reality took cues transmitted unconsciously by his trainer and observers. In another experiment, children were given laboratory mice and told that some were bred for intelligence, some for dullness. In reality, the rats were chosen at random, but the children reported that the "smart" rats learned mazes faster than the "dumb" rats.

Another example of the observer-expectancy effect is demonstrated in music backtracking; some people expect to hear hidden messages when reversing songs, and therefore hear the messages, but to others it sounds like nothing more than random sounds. Often when a song is played backwards, a listener will fail to notice the "hidden" lyrics until they are explicitly pointed out, after which they are obvious. Other prominent examples include facilitated communication and dowsing.

The observer-expectancy effect is also called the experimenter-expectancy effect, observer effect, or experimenter effect.

This seems to be a current theme running through all types of creationism, as they struggle to see what they are told in the bible. I would be interested in the thoughts of more learned minds.


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I have been trying to design a placebo-controlled double-blind creationist experiment, but have not come up with one yet  :D

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Start by throwing shit into a bigger pile of it. Make a hypothesis,...

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Unless a scientist is testing/researching some fundamental force or law the experiments that are run are usually set in a way that the conclusion is not always preordained.  Otherwise why spend the research money in the first place.

For a creationist, the conclusion HAS TO be true when your testing for the validity of creationist views.  There is no other choice regardless of the experimental set-up or measurements.  "Failure is not an option."

This is why we have the attempts at redefining verbage and reinterpreting evidence so that the results of any experiment can conclude creationism as an option.

It's not an "expectancy" criteria that occurs, it's outright manipulation of the experimental procedure and experimental basis.


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Quote (Richardthughes @ Jan. 11 2007,18:18)
This seems to be a current theme running through all types of creationism, as they struggle to see what they are told in the bible. I would be interested in the thoughts of more learned minds.


Hah, it's all you athiest scientists that are wanting so hard to see the materialist dogma that you so want because you don't like god that you are haivng the observer affect on the experiments that you do and you are seeing materialist darwinism when its really god staring you right in the face but your to blind too see it.  Ha, i win.

Henry J

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Unless your dogma gets runned over by somebody else's karma... ;)


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All right, the Seattle chapter of the After the Bar Closes Chowder & Drinking Society may just be forced to take up a collection to fly Henry J and J-Dog to our next drinkathon, er, get-together.  Tres funny!

What is it about these guys with the "J" in their names, anyway.

Maybe I need to ask Heroisreal about the numerological significance of the tenth letter in the alphabet...

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