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Isaac, you were a bit of a nut, but your theorys were  really science, not science fiction like ID.

You really hold us all together dude, so thanks, and have many more before we all collapse into that black hole.  

Bummer about mixing your B-Day with that other holiday though...

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Ike!  Dude!  Happy day to ya, and many more.  :)

Here, have an apple.  

Say, ummm, after the holidays, you wanna help me with my calculus?  Thanx ahead of time, eh!



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And let's not forget that on Christmas Day, 1758, Edmund Halley's earlier observation that several comets over the preceding centuries might actually be a single body that adhered to his friend Newton's laws was posthumously verified.

Ok, crappy crappy sentence, but you know what I mean.

ETA: ht to Sandy Wood of MacDonald Observatory in Texas, via StarDate.

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