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Antievolution Sites, Young-Earth Creationist:

Creation Science Evangelism Ministries
The web site of Kent Hovind, YEC minister.

The Age of the Earth
A presentation by Jason Browning:
"This presentation reviews and discusses the evidences for whether the Earth and the universe are "young" (as many creationists believe) or "old" (as some creationists believe, in agreement with the standard ages as published in secular science textbooks)."

Institute for Creation Research
The ICR is one of the original YEC organizations. Their web page reflects their emphasis on evangelism.

Answers In Genesis
Answers In Genesis has a very extensive web page pushing YEC arguments. AiG has gone multimedia with streaming audio and video.

Antievolution Sites, Old-Earth Creationist:

Reasons to Believe
The online ministry of Dr. Hugh Ross.

A New Look at an Old Earth
The web site for Don Stoner's book.

Antievolution Sites, Intelligent Design:

Access Research Network
What they say about themselves...

"Access Research Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing accessible information on science, technology and society.

We focus on such controversial topics as genetic engineering, euthanasia, computer technology, environmental issues, creation/evolution, fetal tissue research, AIDS, and so on. Through our publications and product offers, we give you the infomation you need to orient yourself in today's scientific and technological world and make informed decisions."

Discovery Institute's Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture
What they say about themselves...

"Materialistic thinking dominated Western culture during the 20th century in large part because of the authority of science. The Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture seeks, therefore, to challenge materialism on specifically scientific grounds. Yet Center Fellows do more than critique theories that have materialistic implications. They have also pioneered alternative scientific theories and research methods that recognize the reality of design and the need for intelligent agency to explain it. This new research program-called "design theory"-is based upon recent developments in the information sciences and many new evidences of design. Design theory promises to revitalize many long-stagnant disciplines by recognizing mind, as well as matter, as a causal influence in the world. It also promises, by implication, to promote a more holistic view of reality and humanity, thus helping to reverse some of materialism's destructive cultural consequences."

Antievolution Sites, Other:

Mainstream Science Sites Addressing Antievolution Claims:

National Center for Science Education
"The National Center for Science Education, Inc. --NCSE -- a nonprofit, tax-exempt membership organization working to defend the teaching of evolution against sectarian attack."

Talk.Origins Archive
"This archive is a collection of articles and essays, most of which have appeared in at one time or another. The primary reason for this archive's existence is to provide mainstream scientific responses to the many frequently asked questions (FAQs) and frequently rebutted assertions that appear in"

Mainstream Science Sites About Evolutionary Biology:

Mainstream Science Sites About Biology:

Other Links:

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