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Tallying the Arguments

A collaborative project to exhaustively catalogue the arguments used in various antievolution sources. See this thread for information on project coordination and information on how to volunteer to help enter arguments into the database.

Media Contacts

Want to help make a difference? Let the media know that you are an advocate of good science education. This page will help, with links to advice on effective letter writing and directly to regional and national media outlets.

"Dogmatic Darwinists" - An Instance of the Misleading Rhetoric of the Anti-Evolutionists

Wesley R. Elsberry and Dave Thomas examine the antievolutionary deployment of the phrase "dogmatic Darwinist" and demonstrate it to be a simple ad hominem tactic, replacing consideration of the evidence with rhetoric.

The Finite Improbability Calculator

The Finite Improbability Calculator is a collection of routines to permit exploration of very small probabilities. Many antievolutionary arguments are based upon an argument from improbability: some phenomenon is so improbable that it must be due to an intelligent agent.

The Antievolution Quotation/Misquotation Database

One of the largest collections of those "quotations" used by antievolutionists to be found online... and verbatim quotes to show what they leave out, put in, or otherwise misrepresent. User collaboration is encouraged with a convenient form for entry of suspicious "quotes" from antievolution sources or verbatim quotations entered from the original sources. A search form allows retrieval on author, quoter, keywords, or word sequence. Currently there are over 1,000 entries.

The PBS "Evolution" series

2001/09/24-27: The antievolutionist response to this eight-hour series of programs began well before the first episode aired. Check out the antievolutionary criticisms and the responses of critics.

The "Wedge" Document

The 1998 manifesto of the Discovery Institute's Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture lays out their plans for destroying science as it is currently done and replacing it with "theistic science".

The "Evolution Inside" Logo

If you make a product that has benefitted from use of evolutionary principles, check this graphic out.

Evolutionary humor

Not everything said in this controversy is said in dead earnest. At least, Ernest hopes not.

Evolution in Schools graphic

What can be done with eight "Darwin" fish? Have a look to find out.

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