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Dean Morrison

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Joined: Dec. 2005

(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 02 2006,12:03   

Welcome to all those visitors to the Panda's Thumb, such as Larry, the Ghost of Paley and others, who regularly get critcised, and even called 'trolls' by cruel people like Lenny Flank, Sir Toejam and myself.
So as not to annoy those who wish to remain on topic - lets make this our playground to discuss White Nationalism, Holocaust Revisionism, Geocentrism, Meteor Showers or whatever..
Perhaps you'd like to start Larry - what exactly is the difference between Holocaust revisionism and Holocaust denial? Aren't you just denying that it wasn't quite as bad as it's made out to be? -  and isn't that denial? - and what is your interest in the subject exactly?

Dean Morrison

Posts: 216
Joined: Dec. 2005

(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 02 2006,12:08   

.. and GOP - I didn't think your quoting of 'White Nationalists' in favour of the argument that 'You have to have faith to be moral' did you any favours. I quoted a paper that showed less criminality, abortion and sexually transmitted disease in countries that are less religious than yours. You seem to want to make a special case of the USA on the basis that it has a lot of black people in it, regardless of whether they are religious or not.
I don't see the relevance of the 'race card' here - and if you are saying that race is the prime determinant of morality rather than religious faith - I assume that you have abandoned the original argument then?


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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 04 2006,15:25   

where can i get a talking beaver of my very own?


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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 04 2006,16:13   

More fantastical evolutionary critters but perhaps not quite so fantastical as Larry or Blast.

Dean Morrison

Posts: 216
Joined: Dec. 2005

(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 05 2006,00:37   

Welcome guys! - Actually I set up this thread to see if I could get Whiter Shade of Paley and Larry Farfaroutman talking to himself - seems he doesn't want to play.

Loved the creatures Flint - Pengdog my favourite I think.

If you want some more creature humour try this guys strips...
Partially Clips


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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 09 2006,06:45   

These critters make a very strong argument against evolution.  I wonder how long it'll be before we see and IDC book with pictures of some of these in it.

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