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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 04 2006,16:34   

There's a creationist over at Uncommon Pissant who's not getting why Sewell's SLoT arguments are nonsense. Several actually. Dembski, Cordova, a few others. Apparently something's going on with DaveScot because people are making anti-Sewell comments on the blog. This never would have been permitted under DaveScot's ordinary regime. Anyway, I still won't bother to try to comment there, so I'm putting my comment here, since we know they read us. RedReader, if you don't get why Sewell's thermodynamics argument belongs in a litterbox, here are two explanations--

jason rosenhouse
mark perakh


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Those comments take a really long time to appear, though, and others made later by Sewell supporters appear before them. It's almost as if there is some sort of debate on whether they should appear, first: I mean, Dave can't have actually spent four hours to read my comments... Maybe we're seeing a change of tolerance in the making?

A look into DAVE HAWKINS' sense of honesty:

"The truth is that ALL mutations REDUCE information"

"...mutations can add information to a genome.  And remember, I have never said that this is not possible."


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so you all do the "math"

here you have someone with not one, but 2 PhD's, linking to an article on how SLoT supports creationism, the week after he posts an article on "bible codes".

there are ONLY two conclusions one can rationally make from this:

1.  He's completely insane (possible, but not likely)

2.  He figures this is what the sycophants that buy his books WANT to see from him.

Dembski is NOT like Behe.  I don't buy for a second he really buys into any of this crap; he just figured that it was a better way to make money than mathematics.

so far, he's been right.

expect him to post ever more ridiculous crap over the coming months, both as a backhanded way to indicate he really doesn't buy any of this stuff, and at the same time to generate more book sales.

If you've ever actually watched him in any meaningful debate, you know what I'm talking about.

he's not stupid, he simply is playing a game seeing how narrow a path he can walk and maximize his earnings at the same time.

when he finally gets bored, he'll call everyone a sucker and retire on his earnings.


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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 05 2006,15:30   

if i were him, i'd take extra glee in how his Uncommon Pissant devotees fall in line. Over there right now, they're defending Sewell, because their Master and Commander approved of him.

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