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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 20 2008,10:03   

So, in light of the Florida school news, and the predictable DI reaction, give you   Luskinís Law:  The longer the whine, the better the sign.  

First, the latest from the Gerbil Luskin:

You can quantify Luskinís Law  by counting ďScare quotationsĒ, with a direct correlation between the amount of scare quotations, and the amount of the Discovery Instituteís hate for the subject of Luskinís post.

Please help develop this so that it is a more useful law.  At first, I liked it because of the alliteration, and of course it makes a lot of sense, but then realized that ďLuskinís LawĒ could be improved, and added to.

On further review, to make it actually a law, I thought to throw it out to the crowd, whose ideas are much smarter and more scientific that Luskin could ever hope to be.

We could also consider:

Dembskiís Dilemma:  Am I the smartest man in the world, or am I the smartest man ever?

Springerís Principal:  More Tard Is Better.

Springerís Corollary:  If you donít understand it, ban it.  

Springerís Last Stand:  The Banninator Button Is There To Be Used.

Discovery Instituteís Principal Ė None.  This is a non sequitur.

OíLearyís Law: Like, never let them know what you really mean when you write.

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Do me a favor, J-Dog, and repost this in the Casey Luskin thread.


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