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(Permalink) Posted: June 22 2006,07:14   

This is pretty funny when you realize it was written back in 2000. Compare this to recent press releases from the Disco for the full flavor affect. This is mostly about the Baylor drama but it's pretty funny to note they have yet to prove or provide what they promised back in the year 2000.  The denials of IDc being creationism are especially funny.

Lynching of Bill Dembski

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What does Bill Dembski think of all this? A mild-mannered mathematician more at home with probability theory than politics, he shakes his head in disbelief. Ive found that when people get to know me one-on-one, they think what Im doing is legitimate, or at least worth pursuing. But when they start listening to the siren call of the Internet, things get out of control.

Nice qualifier.

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But when they start listening to the siren call of the Internet, things get out of control.

ahhh, so that's what happened to poor WD40.

he followed the sirens to his own doom.

now you can really only hear the sirens song.

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So something can be worth pursuing but *not* legitimate?

That sums up their whole attitude towards ID, doesn't it.

Henry J

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Oiled again?


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