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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 10 2003,15:02   

For your amusement. From Grace Bible Church.

Let me give you a simple example. Anything showing complex design demonstrates that there is a designer. When you see a house, you know there was a house builder. When you see a painting, you know there was a painter. Even the atheistic evolutionist does understand this because in their quest for finding life beyond earth they using radio-telescopes trying to find some pattern in what they are picking up. They are looking for design in order to prove an intelligent designer.

What would you say if I took a can of soda and told you it was the result of billions of years of evolution. That the magnetic properties of the metal drew the metal atoms together in such a way that they formed a cylinder with a bottom, and then after millions of years a brown, sweet liquid formed inside. After more millions of years a top formed with lid that could open easily. Then after more millions of years it became colored, in this case, with red, gold and white in such a way that it read in English, "Diet Dr. Pepper" and "12 FL OZ." That sounds pretty foolish doesn't it, and even more so if I added that thousands of these soda cans evolved and then arranged themselves in rows of 3 by 2 with a plastic material forming around their tops so six of them can be carried at a time.

But consider what people believe about something like a banana. The outside is a biodegradable wrapper that changes color according to the condition of what is inside. Green is too early, Yellow is just right and Black is too late. It has a "pop top" and seems so that it can be easily opened and still protect the contents from contamination. You can eat this even if your hands are dirty - perfect for boys and men! Its shape is perfect for the human hand and mouth, and if you hold it correctly, it even bends toward you for easy consumption. Nutritionists tell us that the contents of a banana are one of the best foods for humans. It is easily digested and provides the body with energy as well as vitamins and minerals. The banana also contains seeds inside it which can grow into a banana tree and then produce more bananas. Try planting a soda can and see what grows! The banana is infinitely more complex than a can of soda and demonstrates the design of a wise creator, yet many people willingly ignore the obvious to claim it is the product of the chance mixing together of molecules in chemical reactions over millions and millions of years. It is more plausible to get the soda can by evolution than a banana - hence a good name for a banana is "The Atheist Nightmare."

-Tom Ames


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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 11 2003,12:23   

An interesting post. Funny, I'm dealing with the same logic over at ISCID. John Bracht started a thread over there on "designed for discovery". He suggests that certain biological systems were designed with the intention of facilitating human research. The argument suffers from many obvious flaws, which I'd rather not get into right now, but here is the content of my post.

John poses an interesting question. And in fact, his notion can be carried beyond the realm of scientific discovery. For instance:

1) Has anyone noticed how perfectly suited our faces are for holding eyeglasses? The bridge of the nose fits squarely between the lenses to prop up the heaviest part of the glasses, and the ears brace the back part of the glasses. The center of gravity falls right in the middle of the head for maximum stability. The curve of the ears makes a perfect match with the curve of the rims to prevent the glasses from slipping off.

2) Hands are perfectly suited for gloves. Humans use their hands more than any other part of their body. But some situations, such as cold temperature and caustic chemicals, don't allow bare hands to be used. Enter gloves! Hands fit all the way to the end of each fingertip of the glove to allow for maximum grip. The angles between each of the fingers of the glove are not the same. For instance, the angle between the thumb and index finger on the glove is much larger than the angle between the index finger and third finger. Luckily, the angles between our fingers match the arrangement on the gloves exactly.

3) Wrists are perfectly suited for watches. What else is a wrist for? It doesn't really serve any immediate purpose. But the circumference of the wrist matches the circumference of the watch + watchband exactly. In addition, the wrist is placed on the body in the perfect position. Our hands are usually in front of us, and right behind them are our wrists! So if you are doing something with your hands, a quick glance at the wrist will tell you time. You donít even need to stop what youíre doing with your hands to accomplish this simple task. If the wrist was placed anywhere else on the body, watches would be useless.

The moderator has found this type of post inappropriate and not in line with the spirit of Brainstorms. So, I think I'll remove the post and let it be archived here.


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