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A dude named Jon was posting the other night in the How Can You Tell It Isn't Science thread.  I thought he made some very good comments about the article and based on his layman's understanding of science and evolution (his self-description) he did not find the article all that convincing or illuminating.  He wasn't dogging anyone or being obnoxious, he was being candid and honest.

He got some good feedback and to best understand what the IDC clan is actually peddling as science, it was suggested that he go to any IDC related forum and ask the IDCers, "what is the scientific theory of intelligent design and how can that theory be tested"  I thought that was fabulous advice.

I think evolution/biology/science related forums and sites tend to assume everyone is already hip to the realities of evolution, which I think is a huge mistake.  I think the average Joe belives evolution means we came from monkeys and at some point in time half-man half-monkeys roamed the planet.

So...I got to thinking those would be excellent questions to ask here (or at PT).  So I'll ask on behalf of all the lurkers here and/or non-scientists (such as my self):

1) What is the fundamental theory of evolution?

2) How can that theory be tested?

3) What makes the theory of evolution scientific?

I know some very bright minds post here so would some of you shed some light on these questions for the benefit of those that may not be as hip to evolution and biology as they'd like to be?

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Of course, the answers can't come in a paragraph post.
I love linking to this fantastic explanation of Evolution.

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