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Jason Spaceman

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(Permalink) Posted: April 20 2007,01:51   

Looks like somebody has taken a page from the DI's playbook.

John Farrell

There's nothing quite like Einstein and his theories of relativity to bring out the doubters, the cranks and the outright crackpots. Do they have a point? Was Einstein a fake?

If you're tired of hearing about 'Intelligent design' creationists and the court wars against Darwin's theory in the U.S., you might be surprised to learn that another pillar of modern science, Einstein and his Theory of Relativity, is under attack.

A burgeoning underground of 'dissident' scientists and self-described experts publish their theories in newsletters and blogs on the Net, exchanging ideas in a great battle against 'the temple of relativity'. According to these critics, relativity is not only wrong, it's an affront to common sense, and its creator, Albert Einstein, was no less than a cheat.

A quick glance at anti-relativity proponents and their publications reveals a plethora of alternative theories about how the universe really works – very few of them in agreement with each other. But despite their many differences, common themes among these self-described iconoclasts do emerge: resentment of academic 'elites', suspicion of the entire peer-review process in mainstream scientific journals and a deep-seated paranoia about the extent of government involvement in scientific projects.

An aethro-kinematics website ( claims to refute relativity by resurrecting René Descartes' theory that the Earth and all the planets are carried around the Sun by an "Aether vortex". Another site points to the work of one Stefan Marinov, a self-described dissident, who apparently threatened to immolate himself in front of the British Embassy in Vienna, Austria, because he was so incensed by the refusal of the respected journal Nature to publish his 'proofs' against relativity.

This is just a taste. A visit to Google reveals the extent of the phenomenon. Is this a new front in the war on science? Can we expect a new Discovery Institute, armed with millions of dollars from eccentric fundamentalists, spoiling for a rematch in school boards across the U.S. — this time attacking Einstein and not Darwin?

Hopefully not, according to Bryan Gaensler, a professor of physics at the University of Sydney. "The anti-relativity cranks are not nearly as well-organised as the creationists. Probably none of them would get along well enough to form a serious threat to science."

Having said that, he adds, "there has just begun a new series of conferences, held by anti-relativity cranks, called 'Crisis in Cosmology'. I think the first one was held in Spain and they're planning another. It looks exactly like a legitimate scientific conference, with the difference that everyone delivering a talk there is insane."

Read it here.

Arden Chatfield

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(Permalink) Posted: April 20 2007,09:14   

Here's an anti-Einsteinian crackpot who I've always been fond of.

He even self-published a book called 'the Orthod-oxen of Science', basically a 200-page tirade against absolutely everyone in the mainstream of early-20th century physics, complete with hand-colored drawings. (Color pencil, by the author himself.) The library where I got my BA had a copy.

Uh oh. He sounds a LOT like Davison.  :O

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(Permalink) Posted: April 20 2007,09:40   

The first "Crisis in Cosmology" conference I could find by Googling was this one, which is more a gathering of those opposed to the Big Bang Theory than to relativity. Perhaps he is conflating two different groups of non-mainstream thinkers.

"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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(Permalink) Posted: April 20 2007,18:27   

Quote (Jason Spaceman @ April 20 2007,01:51)
Looks like somebody has taken a page from the DI's playbook.

Maybe the "anti-Einsteinist" kooks can take BACK one of their pages from the DI, who themselves stole it from, of all people, the Nazis.

The Discovery Institute published "Scientists who Dissent from Darwinism".

The Nazis published "One Hundred Authors Against Einstein".

Hmmmmm . . . . . . . . .

Einstein's famous reply still rings true, for both:  "A hundred? If my theory were really wrong, just one would be enough."

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(Permalink) Posted: April 20 2007,18:49   

Jay Richards already disproved Einstein way back at the start of their IDthefuture blog, remember?  It was brilliant.  He simply realized that his wife does stuff while he's at work.  A stroke of genius.  I can't believe no one else ever thought of that.


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(Permalink) Posted: April 20 2007,19:22   

A friend of mine from high school had an uncle that was a hard-core Relativity-denier. I never met him. But, apparently, he had sold his house and was cruising around the country in an RV with a laser rig and an experimental set-up that he would bring to --I'm not kidding-- church basements and obtain results, supposedly, that ran contrary to Mickelson-Morley's.

He11, if a patent clerk can revolutionize our basic understanding of physics, why not an old fat dude in an RV? /sarcasm

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