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Virgin dragon to give birth in holiday season
... reproducing to deal with a shortage of suitable boyfriends, said Dr.
Rick Shine, a professor of evolutionary biology at the University of
Sydney, Australia. ...

New ChinaUS center housed at UT-ORNL targets improved ecosystem ...
Oak Ridger - Oak Ridge,TN,USA
... educational and training opportunities," said Gary Sayler, JIBS
director and UT distinguished professor of microbiology, ecology, and
evolutionary biology. ...

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Quote (Guest @ Dec. 20 2006,13:26)
Virgin dragon to give birth in holiday season

I've heard of this before with other species of monitor lizard (Komodo dragons are just really really big monitor lizards).

I also recall a pretty well-documented instance of a female Timber Rattlesnake in a  zoo giving birth, despite the fact that she had never been with a male.

So parthenogenesis isn't really that miraculous a thing amongst reptiles.

I can't recall offhand any instances in birds or mammals, though . . .

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