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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 18 2006,23:31   

VATICAN article assails intelligent design
Indianapolis Star - United States
.. for Darwin's theory of evolution, saying that biological evolution
"represents the ... Intelligent design "doesn't belong to science, and
the pretext that it be ...
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INTELLIGENT design pushed out of Calif. high school
The UCLA Daily Bruin - Los Angeles,CA,USA
.. basically because creationism failed in public schools," he said. Bullock,
however, said both intelligent design and evolution have religious implications.

UNIVERSITIES discuss whether to incorporate intelligent design in ...
Minnesota Daily - Minneapolis,MN,USA
.. education institutions. The University teaches evolution, but there
are universities that teach evolution and intelligent design. ...

HAVE some faith in the kids
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
.. Evolution is still in the news. There was extensive media coverage
of last month's trial in Dover, Pa., over the teaching of intelligent
design in science class ...
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WHEN zealots coerce the uninformed
Daytona Beach News-Journal - Daytona,FL,USA
.. Taking Intelligent Design as a scientific matter, one might suggest
the hypothesis that ... a hypothesis, not a theory, and does not carry
the status of evolution. ...

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