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Stephen Elliott

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 22 2007,08:01   

Dr GH,

And here in the 1st world, highly technologically advanced UK we had our first measles death a couple of years ago due directly to the lack of uptake of MeaslesMumpsRubella vaccination.

Remember folks, a little bit of knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing, but a whole shit load of tard is lethal.


I thought this subject could make a good discussion. It asks questions to several areas of our culture.

Who should make the final decision in medical situations? Including the rights of state/individual/experts.

How should information be given out and by who?

In the example Louis brings up (the MMR jab) certain news sources sensationalised possible problems with the jab, this caused a much lower uptake of people being imunised. So who is to blame and what actions should be considered?

Should doctors be able to administer treatment against peoples will?
Should the government have reacted better and quicker?
Should iresponsible reporting be accountable by law?

My leaning is to treat the press (news sources in general) to scrutiny under the law. While I want to have a free press (absolutely essential IMO), they should not be able to cause this sort of scenario unpunished. Using words such as "aleged" "possibly" etc should not let them write just any old nonsense.

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