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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 07 2006,12:51   

The Instance of the Madonna of Medjugorje
Skeptical Inquirer - USA
.. For example, a number of studies have shown definitively that belief
in creationism is significantly correlated with factors such as denominational
affiliation ...

Evolution is Unconstitutional
TheRealityCheck.Org - Shelton,CT,USA
.. Because the thought of teaching creationism in schools usually causes
liberals to hyperventilate, the thought of teaching evolution or atheism
should now have ...

Religious Right in Public Schools
People For the American Way - Washington,DC,USA
.. political groups have promoted diversionary schemes such as vouchers
and tuition tax credits, unconstitutional Bible curriculums, adding Creationism
to the ...

Special APS Session Examines Pseudoscience
Skeptical Inquirer - USA
.. hand. "They should be examined.". The old battle of science versus
creationism still plagues the nation's public schools. Eugenie ...

The Face of Evolutionary Design
Mullenax News - Cleveland,OH,USA
.. religious mythology. But does evolution itself qualify as a scientific
theory, or like Creationism, is it a metaphysical theory? Anyone ...

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