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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 16 2006,23:05   

OUR intelligent design flap would astonish Franklin
Houston Chronicle - United States
.. a disciplined scientist and religious man, would react to the idea
of teaching "intelligent design" as an alternative to the science of evolution
in our schools ...
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AUTHOR says his report on intelligent design misused
Canton Repository (subscription) - Canton,OH,USA
.. "For most mainstream Christians, evolution is not inconsistent with
their beliefs ... "The paper trail of the lesson plan clearly leads to
intelligent design. ...
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INTELLIGENT design has a place in the intelligent classroom
Columbia Basin Herald - Moses Lake,WA,USA
After reading recent articles about the debate over intelligent design
(ID) versus evolution, I am convinced that people have a phobia of anything
that hints ...

TYPICAL Objections to Intelligent Design
Lew Rockwell - Burlingame,CA,USA
.. ve found my attention drawn time and again to the Intelligent Design
(ID) movement ... are on to something, while the proponents of Darwinian
evolution are missing ...

NO scientific basis for 'intelligent design'
Daily Hampshire Gazette (subscription) - Northhampton,MA,USA
.. Today, evolution explains life on Earth and the workings of the universe
.. In this context, intelligent design can be included in any science
class if the course ...

A grand design implies a grand designer
Central Maine Morning Sentinel - Augusta,ME,USA
In the continuing controversy between evolution and intelligent design,
it seems there is often more heat than light. For instance ...

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