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Arden Chatfield

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 30 2006,18:05   

See here. Pretty cool!

There appear to be 8 images of the nest -- be sure and view them all.

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I believe I had a revelation. Something like when Einstein imagined he was riding the light beam, or when Kekulé dreamed of that snake biting its tail.

Here it is:

There was a global Flood, as we all know. Millions of dead things etc.

For those eggs to remain intact in the turbulance of a worldwide, devastating flood that uprooted forests, created mountains and shifted continents, they must have been very, VERY firmly attached to the ground.


I propose that the shell of all (or many) dinosaur eggs excreted a immensely powerful adhesive substance, that permeated the ground and attached the eggs to it, without any possibility of movement.

That could be a defense mechanism to prevent Oviraptors from stealing eggs (that is what Oviraptors did, you know), or anything else the Designer had in mind.

I presume from my proposal that the aforementioned substance would display amazing endurance, adhesion and strength, enough to make substances like spidersilk seem laughable in comparison.

Therefore, I predict that traces of that substance must remain in the fossilised eggs of dinosaurs (it's only been a few thousand years, after all).

A thorough search might reveal us the secret of this magnificent adhesive, leading us to amazing breakthroughs in chemistry and industry.

Hmm... I wonder if there is an offer for YEC-inspired research pending... If not, does any of you guys care to provide the assets?
I'll cut you a 50% in all future deals and patent profits, but the Nobel Prize is mine alone, 'kay?

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