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Henry J

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 27 2005,04:59   

New Classification of Eukaryotes has implications for AIDS treatment, agriculture and beyond.
The first major higher level classification of all organisms (with the exception of bacteria), coordinated by the International Society of Protistologists, overturns previously held scientific assumptions.

The new classification recognizes 6 major clusters of organisms, rather than the 4 traditional Kingdoms.

What were the 4 traditional kingdoms? Plants, Animal, and Fungi, I suppose - were all the other Eukaryotes lumped into one "kingdom" for convenience of classification?

Looks like this might indicate some revisions to Eukaryotes on tree-of-life site as it lists 6 major groups (but not the same groups listed here), then links to a page listing several dozen other protists groups.


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