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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 20 2005,23:23   

LANDMARK ruling bans 'creationism' teachings in school
London Free Press - Canada
.. judge barred a Pennsylvania public school district yesterday from teaching
"intelligent design" in biology class, saying the concept is creationism
in disguise ...
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IN our view: A court ruling on creationism
New Utah - American Fork,UT,USA
.. state Sen. D. Chris Buttars and his quasi-religious moral crusade to
force creationism into the public school curriculum. But there ...

PRIVATE schools unaffected by judge's decision
Beaver County Times - Beaver County,PA,USA
.. academic year. The course, Carson said, takes a close look at the theories
of evolution, creationism and intelligent design. "From ...
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INTELLIGENT Design and Darwinism: Science Will Prevail - Mclean,VA,USA
.. The Darwinists repeat the mantra "Intelligent Design is thinly disguised
Biblical Creationism" over and over; I have every Google news post on
ID for over 8 ...
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THE Darwinist Inquisition Against Intelligent Design
The Commentator (subscription) - New York,NY,USA
.. Ardent believers in the Theory of Evolution have levied false charges
against Intelligent Design, calling it "a guise for religion" or "Creationism."
The truth ...

MICHIGAN could be next venue for "intelligent design" fight
WZZM - Grand Rapids,MI,USA
.. schools. The judge said intelligent design amounts to the same thing
as creationism and is a religious, not a scientific theory. ...

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