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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 09 2006,19:44   

So Google News spits up this gloom-and-doom article about the Republicans in the upcoming election. There's not much surprising here. What is surprising is that the article is being put out on behalf of the Claremont Institute, which is one of the couple of groups that Howard J. Ahmanson Jr. gives more money to than the Discovery Institute. (There was a list of the top 15 recipients of Ahmanson money I saw awhile back; it was something like the Claremont Institute at #3 and the Discovery Institute at #4).

What, if anything at all, to make of this?


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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 10 2006,02:02   

maybe a bit of reverse psychology to try and motivate the so cal republican base?

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The point can be found in the last paragraph --- the Repugs are doomed if they desert their "conservative base" --- i.e., the funides.

The fundies have been bitching for years now that the Republicrats have given them lip service and nothing else.  And now, horror of horrors, the Repugs are gonna lose because of (as they see it) a gay guy hitting on little kids.  It wouldn't be happening, ya know, if the Republicrats had only followed God's Agenda.

I laugh at the fundie position.  The Republicrats ignore them, and are about to get kicked out of power.  The fundies can't go to the Democans, since they won;t give them the time of day.  Hence, the fundies are one again on the outside looking in, powerless to do anything other than wave their arms.

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