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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 04 2006,23:58   

HOWE to lecture on Intelligent Design
Ridgecrest Daily Independent - Ridgecrest,CA,USA
.. and atheists don't want you to know, come and ask Howe the big questions
about origins whether by evolution, scientific creation, or intelligent
design. ...

INTELLIGENT design doesn't conflict with evolution
Kennebec Journal - Augusta,ME,USA
Intelligent design and evolution are not mutually exclusive. The first
is cause, the other is process. If one acknowledges the existence ...

LETTERS: Intelligent design is most definitely scientific
Sheboygan Press - Sheboygan,WI,USA
.. applies the principles, laws and practices of intelligent design theory
to an ... or is this sequence intelligently designed?" then the evolution-only
dogmatists ...

A scientific leap, but without the faith
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
.. in biology textbooks was a small cultural victory for science - not
because intelligent design posed a genuine threat to the theory of evolution,
but because ...

GUEST OPINION: DNA Evidence of an Intelligent Designer
.. scientific fields are discovering astonishing evidence that strongly
supports intelligent design. ... be explained by the standard model of
Darwinian evolution. ...

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