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Witness the gematriculator.

This handy website will go and check other websites to see how good or evil those websites are.  I tried this with Dembski's site and found that antievolution and panda's thumb are both more to the good than uncommon descent.  Ha ha.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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Date: Sun, May 9 2004 11:44 am
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Good old numerology at

I plugged in to see what my site
might score and got: is
73% evil, 27% good

Wow. I had no idea I could be so evil.

So I updated the page with the most recent description of
the Panda's Thumb and added a little bit more to the site
description. I then re-entered
and got the following result: is
3% evil, 97% good

Moral: out-of-date web pages are way evil.


Moral: Gematriculator numerology is chaotic.

Take your pick.

"You can't teach an old dogma new tricks." - Dorothy Parker

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