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I am readng some of Deborah Lipstadt at the moment - she studies
Holocaust Deniers.  There are some fascinating parallels with
ID.  Especially things like not entering debates because there is no debate, and the efforts of  "Research Institutes" to "validate" their theory. And the media constantly  taling about people hearing both sides of a story.

She is the one who was sued for Libel by the British nutcase David Irving (currently in Jail in Austria) for calling his "research" into question.  She won.

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There are plenty of similarities between the two 'theories'. And of course, let's not forget Larry F/Andy H over at PT, who is not only a Holocaust 'revisionist' but a Confederate apologist.

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Holocaust deniers and evolution deniers are basically the same. Only objects of denial differ. The methods, the rhetoric - everything the same.

The only reason Holocaust denial is (thankfully) not popular is because it has something to do with the Nazis.  It is rejected purely on emotional level, because intellectually it's jsut the same old denial.

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