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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 12 2006,12:12   

Group: 'Intelligent design' ruling relied too much on plaintiffs
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
.. The decision equated intelligent design, which attributes the
complexity of living organisms to an unidentified intelligent cause, with
creationism. ...

"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 12 2006,17:42   

Quote (Guest @ Dec. 12 2006,12:12)
Group: 'Intelligent design' ruling relied too much on plaintiffs

(sniffle)  (sob)  Boo hoo hoo.

To all the whiny crybabies at DI:

Sorry that you don't like the judge's ruling.  Please feel free to whine, weep, moan, groan, jump up and down, and throw as many hissy fits as you want to over it.  After all, it simply DOES NOT MATTER whether you like the decision or not.  All that matters is that you FOLLOW it.  If you don't, then we'll sue the crap out of you.  (shrug)

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