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Hi guys,

I'd like your comments on something I wrote during a lengthy debate at another board.  The debate arose from the Dover decision and the population of this other board is very diverse general audience.  There are a lot of ID supporters there.  There is one guy there who seems to believe in evolution but not the big bang(!)  I should mention that this other board is well, odd.  If you are offended by profanity or ... well, lets just say this board prides itself on the offensive in all its forms.  So keep in mind the target audience I was addressing.  They have a warped sense of humour (as do I which is why I love it there).  

I'm thinking of turning what I wrote into a proper essay or pop-science piece.  I figure if ID's wide support has been due to a couple of pop-pseudoscience books, why not fight back with pop-science?

Anyway, here it is.

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