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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 12 2006,00:39   

EVOLUTION debate is subject of lectures
Peoria Journal Star - Peoria,IL,USA
.. will speak on "The Intelligent Design Controversy" at 7 pm Thursday
in Kresge Hall and on "The Right Questions about Intelligent Design and
Evolution" at 4 pm ...
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CHARYL Zehfus column: Intelligent design facing more challenges
Sheboygan Press - Sheboygan,WI,USA
.. Supporters of intelligent design face entrenched opposition in Wisconsin
.. Her legislation would allow parents to file lawsuits if anything but
evolution came up ...
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INTELLIGENT-DESIGN backers fail to debunk Darwin
Central Maine Morning Sentinel - Augusta,ME,USA
When intelligent-design advocates attempt to dismantle Darwin's theory
of evolution, they fail today, as they did in his time. The ...

DESIGNED to deceive Creation can't hold up to rigors of science
Contra Costa Times - CA,USA
.. verifiable data. Instead, intelligent design proponents attack evolution
with misinformation, half-truths and outright falsehoods. ...

ARE you observing Evolution Sunday?
Lompoc Record - Lompoc,CA,USA
.. Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design may not be creationism under
a new name, but it does seek to undermine evolution. It does ...
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