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Jason Spaceman

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 23 2006,23:43   

David Rogers; with files from Joanne Laucius, National Post; CanWest News Service
Published: Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OTTAWA - The Quebec Ministry of Education has told unlicensed Christian evangelical schools that they must teach Darwin's theory of evolution and sex education or close their doors after a school board in the Outaouais region complained the provincial curriculum was not being followed.

"Quebec children are legally required to follow the provincial curriculum ... but these evangelical schools teach their own courses on creationism and sexuality that don't follow the Quebec curriculum," said Pierre Daoust, director-general of the Commission Scolaire au Coeur-des-Vallees in Thurso, Que.

Mr. Daoust's complaint sparked the province-wide investigation.

Quebec law requires school boards to assure the Ministry of Education that every child between the ages six of and 16, with the exception of home-schooled children, receives an adequate education, he said.

But the 20 elementary and high school students who attend a school operated by Eglise Evangelique near Saint-Andre-Avellin, Que., are being educated according to a Bible-based curriculum and their high school diplomas will not be recognized anywhere in Canada, he said.

Read it here.


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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 24 2006,04:58   

Religion in Quebec is fairly interesting.  Around 1960, the Quebecois essentially revolted against the extreme and opressive regressiveness of the French-Canadian Catholic church (and its ally, the ultraconservative nationalist Union Nationale party), which was deliberately keeping them relatively poor and uneducated.  One of the most obvious legacies from that "revolution" is Quebecers' awesome use of religious profanity.  

Although the vast majority of Quebecers still identify as Catholic, Quebec society has become  highly liberal and secular (city and street names notwithstanding) - even relative to the rest of Canada.  It's not surprising that the Quebec gov't would intervene to protect the education of children whose only crime is having fools for parents.

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