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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 03 2006,17:04   

EDITORIAL on Intelligent Design Not Well Informed on Science
GMU Broadside Online - Fairfax,VA,USA
By Justin Higgins. In a recent opinion piece ["Unlike Evolution, Intelligent
Design Compatible with Science," Feb. 13, 2006], Michael ...

LT. governor hopefuls debate intelligent design
Chicago Daily Herald (subscription) - Chicago,IL,USA
.. to evolution. Birkett, of Wheaton, and Rauschenberger, of Elgin, agree
each school district should be allowed to decide whether to teach intelligent
design. ...

JAMES Madison Week to draw actor, comedian, scholars
JMU The Breeze - VA,USA
.. An Uncommon American Hero." Campbell, hosted by the Center for Constructive
Advocacy and Dialogue, will present "Intelligent Design, Evolution and
Public ...

AWESOME wonder
Carthage Press - Carthage,MO,USA
.. And neither do the ideas of evolution and anything contrary to intelligent
design "rhyme" with the "worlds" we see around us. ...

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