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(Permalink) Posted: June 16 2006,09:37   

Discovery Institute Is Think Tank Increasing Fastest in News ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
.. is pushing a 'teach the controversy' approach to evolution, transforming
the ... science, "Discovery Institute is the nation's leading intelligent
design think tank ...


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(Permalink) Posted: June 16 2006,16:09   

Wow! This is amazing. Each quote in the PR is true (in the sense that it was really written) but the entire piece is false (in terms of what it implies).

I wish I could learn to do that! Except I'd use my power for good, I really would.


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(Permalink) Posted: June 16 2006,22:01   

not bad, Spike.

these are newsbot threads tho, you should grab a headline and discuss it over on ATBC.

"And the sea will grant each man new hope..."


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