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[Request:] Need to quote-mine Gould
I seem to recall that Stephen Jay Gould, when pressed about his views on evolution before his death, remarked that he was a “Darwinian” or “Darwinist.” Can someone provide me with the exact quote as well as with the exact reference? (The context: I’m writing about punctuated equilibrium being at best a slight variant of Darwinism and that even Gould realized this.) Thanks.

–Bill Dembski
(from Uncommon Descent)

Am I reading this right? Is this as ridiculous as it looks to me?


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Quote (katanoese @ Oct. 30 2006,04:51)
Am I reading this right? Is this as ridiculous as it looks to me?

Yes.  and um... yes.

“Why do creationists have such a hard time with commas?

Linky“. ~ Steve Story, Legend


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I caught that. What question is he begging now?

"Slight variant of Darwinism"? That "even Gould realized"?

Is this the old "Stephen Jay minimizes adaptation" critique that creationists blew up into "Stephen Jay is presenting a radical new theory" bluff that now Dembski is "refuting"?

Just askin'. Just want to understand that devious little mind o' Bill's.

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