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Jason Spaceman

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Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos says he thinks Michigan’s science curriculum should include a discussion about intelligent design.

He says teaching intelligent design along with evolution would help students discern the facts among different theories. He’d like to see local school districts be able to teach intelligent design if they choose to, although he wouldn’t require that it be taught in science classes.

“I would like to see the ideas of intelligent design that many scientists are now suggesting is a very viable alternative theory,” DeVos told the Associated Press this week during an interview on education. “That theory and others that would be considered credible would expose our students to more ideas, not less.”

Read it here.


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Last I checked, DeVos and incumbent Gov. Granholme are dead-even in the polls. I wonder whether DeVos's ID gambit will have any impact, plus or minus. I.e. is Stupid still a winning strategy?

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