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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 08 2006,19:10   

Debugging the Universe
TCS Daily - Washington,DC,USA
.. Seife, for his part, very briefly discusses intelligent design, noting
accurately that some anti-evolution claims are based on a misapplication
of the second ...

Evolution Debate
.. Nathan Grover, a 9th grader at Reed High School, says he would support
any discussion about evolution or intelligent design. "Charles ...

Call to teach critical analysis of evolution in SC rejected
Knoxville News Sentinel (subscription) - Knoxville,TN,USA
.. Around the country, attempts to introduce public school students to
alternatives to evolution such as "intelligent design" have largely failed.

Would You Teach Evolution in Sunday School?
Hollister Free Lance - Hollister,CA,USA
This is exactly what Intelligent Design and scientific creationism proponents
have been pushing ... I asked if scientific creationists would allow evolution
to be ...

Debate over intelligent design comes to TU
Towerlight - Towson,MD,USA
.. Casting the problem as intelligent design versus evolution is a
false dichotomy, he stated. You can have a God who creates ...

Lets get smart about intelligent design
Towerlight - Towson,MD,USA
.. As a little background, Intelligent Design supporters believe that
Evolution is a farce. The entire world, human kind and all of ...

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