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Jason Spaceman

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To Criticize Darwinism is to Preserve the Faith says Toronto Priest and Seminary Prof.

By Hilary White

TORONTO, June 14, 2006 ( – Pure materialistic Darwinism is a theory that “denies…important Christian teaching about man and his origins,” says Toronto priest, Fr. Martin Hilbert in the most recent edition of Touchstone magazine.

The problem in the debate over the origins of life, says Hilbert, is that barring a few who contend that their theory “does not banish God from the picture,” most adherents of the Darwinian theory are, “whether they know it or not, crass materialists.” Those who adhere religiously to the theory start out with an established prejudice against the possibility that anything other than pure random chance could have created life or its many complexities.

The debate has become hot again last year in the US with proponents of the theory called Intelligent Design and the atheistic Darwinian scientific establishment fighting over the use of their respective theories in public schools. Then a prominent Vatican theologian, Christoph Cardinal Schonborn, added fuel when he wrote in the New York Times correcting the media-generated myth that the late Pope John Paul II had judged the Darwinian theory as acceptable for Catholics.

Read it here.

Read Hilbert's essay here.

Gotta chuckle at the phrase "atheistic Darwinian scientific establishment".  If I didn't know it was Lifesite I would've thought it was The Colbert Report.

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