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I use Google News page a lot for my news, and the section I check frequently is the Science/Technology section. I noticed recently (within the last few days) that the following article showed up (which means the site it's from has a relatively high ranking for "news"):

Creationism - How Entropy challenges Evolution Theory
By Babu G. Ranganathan (June 13th, 2006)

This is on the Best Syndication site - which is open to articles by anyone here. So I just thought I'd post a "heads up" about the creationist article (which if you look is just the typical creationist argument about "entropy" - misrepresented in the usual fashion - being against evolution), hoping that someone here up on that particular topic might write another article on the subject, discussing what entropy in science really is and in turn discussing the misrepresentations and fallacies of the creationist argument about it with respect to evolution.

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