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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 05 2005,07:53   

COURSE Debunking Intelligent Design Canceled
Slashdot - USA
.. Intelligent design is not backed by any biologists. ... If they didn't
just deride evolution instead of studying real things and relating them
to the world, then ...
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IN the biology class
Miami Herald - FL,USA
.. course about religion. Evolution, which intelligent-design supporters
refute, is a well-tested scientific theory. It is based on ...
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THE failure of intelligent design
The Moderate Voice - USA
.. scientists at their own institutions and elsewhere who have examined
intelligent design and found it insufficiently substantiated in comparison
to evolution. ...

THE Evolutionary War ~ Part 2
Beacon Newspaper (subscription) - Miami,FL,USA
.. The people who believe in intelligent design frequently use the argument
that evolution also is just a theory. This is a sneaky semantic trick.

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