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I figured you guys might find this interesting.  Maybe this deserves a post on the Pandas' Thumb.

More on that alife X-prize thing
Attempted highjacking of alife must be stopped
More on attempted highjacking of alife
Ken Zick on the Brig Klyce circus

Anyone know anything about this guy?  He's got some pseudoscientify ideas that he likes to throw money around to try to promote.  He's not quite an ordinary IDer and he's definitely not a young earther, but he's also an antievolutionist of some kind.  At ALifeX (I was there) he was pretty hard to pin down on it.  All things considered I'd say he's trying to push some form of deistic intelligent design.  The whole thing smelled very odd.  I wish you could have felt the weird vibes when he did his schtick at the conference.  It was wacky.

Chris Hyland

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It's quite hard to tell what to call him. He seems to think that evolution and abiogenesis are inadequate, and says life must have come from elsewhere. On his panspermia page he talks about new genes being carried in viruses to cause evolution, although he doesn't say whether this was intelligently directed.. Like ID he also refuses to say how life originally was created, but suggests that abiogenesis is impossible. Although there is a link to a chat with him on Dembskis ISCID website where he seems to say that life was not created and has always existed. In any case he just seems to be using his prize to get people to prove him right and Im sure he gets to arbitrarily decide whether runaway complexity growth has been achieved so the prize is unwinnable ala Kent Hovind.

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