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Subject: Theory of gravity (was Re: Stephen Jay Gould on "Darwin on Trial")
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Date: 26 Jun 92 17:04:24 GMT
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In article <>, (Eric Pepke) writes:
|> This is sort of like the difference between the FACT of gravity (bowling balls
|> do fall if you let go of them), and the THEORIES of gravity, (Newton's and
|> Einstein's are the top two right now.)
    That bowling balls fall is an example of micro-gravity.  
Macro-gravity is only a theory.
    Anyway, bowling balls only fall IF YOU LET GO OF THEM.  They don't
fall on their own.
    Remember that nobody has seen gravity, and so it's just a belief.
    Gravity is not falsifiable, so it can't be scientific.
    People use gravity to support evil things.
    Anti-gravitationists deserve equal time.
    Gravity violates the third law of thermodynamics (that nothing 
can fall all the way).
    Some of the world's greatest scientists are anti-gravitationists.
    I will post the theory of anti-gravitationism as soon as I get
it worked out.
Yes, there is a smiley here :-)  I just thought that a little levity
would be OK.
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