Human Body Temperature Proves Creation!

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From: (Robert A. Neinast)
Subject: New Evidence for Creation!
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Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1992 13:50:43 GMT
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A new scientific study has now given us the data to show that the
creation certainly occurred after 33,000 BC and strong evidence
shows that it probably occurred in 5386 BC.

In the "Journal of the American Medical Association", Philip Mackowiak has
recently measured the average human body temperature (he's at the University
of Maryland).  His result is 98.2 degrees F.  There is significance to these
new findings, since the 1868 study of Carl Wunderlich showed that,
in humans, the average body temperature at that time was 98.6 degrees F.  He
collected the data using OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE.  This pretty well points
to the fact that, just as maximum lifespan of humans has been declining
since the Fall (c.g. Methuselah--Gen 5:27), so has average body temperature.

A least-squares fit to this data yields the following precise equation
for body temperate vs. time:

	Temperature = -0.0032258064 * Year + 104.6258063552   .

Surely, body temperature could never have been above the boiling
point of water.  This equation shows that body temperature would
of been 212 degrees in 33286 BC, so it is clear that the creation must
of occurred after that date.  We can better pin down the date
for creation by considering the perfection of God.  What better
evidence of the flawlessness of his Plan than to create humans with
body temperature exactly midway between the boiling and freezing
points of water: 122 degrees F.  The above equation shows that
this occurred in 5386 BC, in remarkable agreement with other estimates
for the time of the Fall.

Maybe this will finally silence the unbelievers.

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