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Date: 2006/01/26 01:32:03, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Would this diference be appropriate? A "crank" is someone entirely unpleasant in their idee fixe, or else entirely unpleasant in voicing their bald hypocrisy: this sort of person is, like the proverbial lump of dried shit, actively uses their fixation in seeking to harm others: racism, chavinism, sexism, bad-isms are often and easily spotted, especially in their attacks.  The crank doesn't finally care about their ideas, but rather seeks power over the thoughts of others.
 A "kook" or "eccentric" may occasionally be unpleasant, but often provides entertainment, sometimes even intentionally, and sometimes even insight.  A kook perhaps less likely to prove the hypocrite than the norm, since they are sincere in their pursuit of an idea, however obviously wrong. The kook wants to see their ideas accepted by their peers.

 The ToE, directly attacking the most fundamental basis of most "crank" ideas (as I'm choosing to define them) is therefore necessarily a, perhaps the, prime target of such people.

Date: 2006/01/26 01:42:58, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
GoP, if he isn't simply the greatest false troll of all-time, displays perhaps the most unpleasant, deceit-filled horsehokey still allowed to post at PT.

 Here, on this thread, we can see him at his nadir (a very, VERY low point indeed, declaring victory for a defeat, in a tone that leaks right through the screen like the girl from "Ringu" except that, instead of horror it provokes absolute disgust.

 How can a human be SO dishonest, so mean-spirited, and yet live?

 Better he were "a pair of claws, scuttling across..." :angry:

Date: 2006/01/31 21:14:55, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Mr. Fuller is hot in pursuit of the coveted title of "Britain's Most Unimportant-But-Pretentious Ass."  I mean, his writing really does manage to convey the unpleasant quality of self-satisfied braying as well as anyone I've ever read.

 He'll be teaching in South Carolina or Kansas soon enough.

Date: 2006/02/04 12:09:11, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
I hear ya, Jay!  On some particularly awful days, I wander into a wheatfield and beat me down a crop circle, having evidently misplaced my Intergalactic Thumb after ending blotto at some party or other.

Date: 2006/02/04 12:14:21, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
But Rimmer had some positive qualities, and a sense of shame. Hovind is sort of the distilled essence of what gives religion, creationism, and sociopath-ism a bad rap.

 Are there WORSE people in the U.S.A. (who don't openly advocate violence in seeking their ends)?

Date: 2006/02/04 12:26:25, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
It's more like the anti=Japanese riots in China, where the government obviously believes, and therefore allows, violence if it is directed in what it believes is a "beneficial" political direction.

 If these folk had tried even a peaceful protest about issues they really cared about, they would have been instantly suppressed.

 It's dictatorships that are the real problem, and that they take the form of "theocracies" (in Iran, but not actually in Syria, by the way) is really irrelevant.

 Bu--sh-- Co. here similarly believes any protest deserves suppression, but is currently tied down due to this not being a dictatorship, whatever his dreams of being able to unlease minions of "Wikersham brothers" without penalty.

Date: 2006/02/04 16:08:42, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Pat is very, very bad, but not really comparable to someone like Hovind.  He's only more dangerous, due to having a much larger power base.

Date: 2006/02/05 23:25:14, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Hey, GoP!  Been expecting you here, since any bigot is always sure gets their cowardly kicks in, if they have a decent alias to post under. Or police protection and a hood.

 Oh, and you ARE a bigot, and a racist, no matter how you attempt to squirt out the ink to cover you trail.

Date: 2006/02/06 11:13:50, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Two, GoP, one for each of your faces.

Date: 2006/02/07 01:27:21, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
This "advocationist" is the funniest guy in a long while.  More proof, unneeded, that creationists really don't understand anything, nor have any quality resembling faith: he's just another coward who's whistling in the dark, scared of the bogeyman he won't call mortality.

   Also, he already reminds me of a certain Xian type who believe their arguments are convincing if they themselves are convinced, or at least claim they are.  Like this one guy used to advocate the view that the lack of physical relics of Jesus proved he was resurrected, and therefore the son of god, until I wondered why his parent's didn't keep his baby teeth or why Mary M. didn't retain a lock of hair (you'd think someone would want a souvenir) but he stopped posting under one name and assumed another rather than deal with the m.f. that gave him.

  Well, keep up the good work for science and reason, Advo!  Any lurker reading your b.s. is likely to run, not walk, to the nearest library to study up in order to become as unlike you as possible.

Date: 2006/02/08 12:03:37, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Get a job, GoP.  Or abandon real labor to write a bible or a UFT.
 Keep declaring victory with every defeat.  Promise proofs, though they are always "in the works."  Deny or snap back - with a 13-year-old's idea of snappy comebacks, likely culled from Mad Magazine - when the muck of your prejudices, and fears, is exposed though your own comments.

 In cases like yours, I feel your very existence, filled with harmless, smug blatherings and empty self-praise, is punishment enough.

Date: 2006/02/09 17:51:32, Link
Author: tiredofthesos

  Are you at least telling yourself that you write to us with honesty?  
 I'll bite, since I have endless hope in the power and beauty and horror that is existence, and imagine you do.

 If you actually read - meaning think about - any decent amount of the material (layperson's stuff, even) with the merest grain of honest intention, you will end up following one of two paths: you will believe in theistic, currently (and likely forever) unproveable, evolutionary theory, or else atheistic evolutionary theory - if you actually ever cared about the questions that biology raises, and offers approximate answers for, that is.
 If all you care about is proving to yourself how important you are, and how immortal, and how loved by all, you have been very, very impolite to waste other people's time here.

Date: 2006/02/09 17:57:05, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
My, my!  That island!

Date: 2006/02/11 21:18:18, Link
Author: tiredofthesos

Date: 2006/02/14 21:17:15, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
'Philth' might indeed be that dirt standard of net uselessness, DS -- either him (it, really, since no human is that useless) and/or that Whoever dullard.  
   Neither seems long-winded enough, although both have DaveScott's other outstanding characteristics: they are utterly dull, even in their #######-ishness; they pretend they are the cat's meow instead of its used litter box; and they are very, very easy to completely ignore (once one's pity allows one to give them a decent knee to their pitifully equipped intellectual groins. Like THIS. :angry: !;)

Date: 2006/02/16 17:40:01, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
There is only the "spiritual world"????  To modernize Swift, what do you consider that stuff that comes out your ass?

 Avo, you are - at great and exceptional unfunny length - offering up what can be called on a forum that censors certain language (and that's fine by me) "horsehockey."  Enjoy this phantasy, whatever your role is imagined to be within it, but don't expect to be anything other than the butt of many jokes - you DID notice that no one even bothers to get upset with you now, or did you?

 How much are you donating to the I.D. cause?  If nothing, why not, if you really believe an iota of your own horsehockey?

Date: 2006/03/01 19:29:06, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Isn't anyone else who read her post dumbfounded and disgusted that Carol used this condolence thread to shill for that shitty book with which she always bores the living daylights out of everyone?

 No matter how low you imagine a certin kind of "religious" person can crawl - no matter how low the limbo bar of tastelessness is set - they can still find a new way to justify Twain's and Swift's evaluations of the "spiritual" value of the human species.

Date: 2006/03/06 11:11:13, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
If "shi" is actually a practicing scientist with a revolutionary criticism of current evolutionary theory, why the **** is he/she posting it on the chatsite of a layman's forum?  This doesn't have to be a rhetorical question: I will accept answers.

 Of course, anyone who uses the expression "darwinist" to attack the current ToE has already revealed their real motivation in making any statement.  
 What always feels even more insulting to me is the clear indication the people of the "shi" type don't really have any interest in their own explanations, or in the education of others: conversion and indoctrination are the only goals, making them no more than half-living carriers of creationist mental viruses.

Date: 2006/03/08 11:08:22, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Hey, Thordaddy!

 Do you want a literal interpretation of the (Christian) Bible to be used to modify and/or replace the Constitution?

 If you are honest <ha!> the answer will be some sort of mealy-mouthed equvication or refusal to answer, or a proud "Yes!"

 Except for a very few, and completely sidelined, cranks and kooks, EVERY "anti-Darwinist" I have come into contact with over the past decade of following this issue has very little real interest of ToE -- and not even a simple layperson's understanding, but an absolute obsession with seeing the destruction ("cleansing" and "renewal" are their words of course: like the Taliban or OBL) of the freedoms our nation was founded upon.

 Also, far too often to be the individual's quirk, this obsession proves to be accompanied by a xenophobia and racism of the most classic type, though rationalised and sanitised so that the carrier him/herself can, like the YEX, deny it.

 C'mon!  Cough up the basic POLITICAL views that lead you to profess believing in such obvious bullshit!

Date: 2006/03/09 10:54:03, Link
Author: tiredofthesos

 You are a hollow, ignorant fake. You are a pompous, evasive jerk-off, and no one really needed more proof of what a lying shit you and your kind are, but you are always ready to serve it up.
  What a pathetic, ugly life you must lead, and deservedly.

 A last communication: ANY challenge of science, through research and/or disinterested discussion is welcome.  You and your closet fascism (not at all an exaggeration), and your open dishonesty and incompetence are not.

 I'll let others with vast amounts of free tiime waste it engaging losers/cranks like GoP, Larry of the 10,000 names, etc., etc. etc.  You are all unworthy of reading, much less rebuttal, especially by your intellectual and moral superiors -- pretty much half the world's population.  I'll just relieve some of my disgust before leaving:


 It's time for me to move on, dressing down only the cracks and shits like you I can meet face-to-face, where they have something at stake.

Date: 2006/03/11 11:56:06, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Well, I have nothing really unique to say anyway, but the use of BW by a few of the folk I agree with at PT to make us look pure and selfless - this time my comment really was a simple and controlled expression of my extreme disgust for someone everyone finds disgusting - while giving the real trolls full access to the same #### thread has broken my trust.
  Many of the pro-science side, like myself, have justified anger and disgust, and how we express it is our own business -- if not making threats or derailing threads -- and the threadmasters who act like pastors instead of editors can #### well piss off when they abuse their position.

  I'll leave the boards to others and work with the issue in ways that matter, and right now the PT discussions do not matter much: this is the trench warfare phase of the struggle when no lurker is going to change their mind no matter how many propaganda flyers are scattered about, or how many well-crafted, sincere, angry, cheerful, honest posts anyone makes.

 PT (and Talk Origins and several others!;) has a real function, and I laud the people doing the real work of detailing the science and exposing the lies and intrigues of the completely cynical Creationist/ Fundamentalist movement, but why involve myself in what is now a stupid shouting match?  Why argue or persuade people as shitty and stupid as LarryF, or Thordaddy, or as insincerely sincere as that Advo guy?
 It's your time, folks, and do what you think right, or enjoy, but I've finally had enough, with also being casually pissed on by someone with the views I support as well.

 Goodbye, until the next "VC" and "VID" Days, at least!

Date: 2006/07/28 17:18:14, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Hi, fellow !

  Just dropping by, after lurking on other threads.
   I am confused about what reasons people here have in bothering to debate with a mealy-mouthed, in-the-closet-but the door-is-open-a-bit racist liar like GOwP. Nothing this GO"John Carpenter's The Thing"wP shitty three-card monte act offers up ever leads to anyone to anything interesting (unlike, say, AFDave's thread, which, after having some really fine writing on geology, only recently disintegrated as that poor schmuck's "argument" degenerated into a frozen-smiled, hands-over-ears shrieking of "Idon'tcareandIneverreallydidcaredHA!becauseJesuslovesmeHA!HA!HA!").  
 GOwP's such an awful, vicious, useless jerk that for a time I was in the camp that he MUST be faux-troll, but finally found he was just an unusually vitrolic semi-nutcase #######, not even crazy enough to entertain, even for brief, well-spaced periods.

 If you folks enjoy his company, well, that's fine by me.  You ain't hurting nobody, though I'd rather see him starve until his ranting got him banned.
 Oh, and a hearty "drop dead" to the ass himself: the Rev. William Paley deserves much, much better.

Date: 2006/07/28 21:14:14, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
stevestory nailed, unfortunately only metaphorically, skeptic on page one of this thread - another in the long, long line of utterly dishonest "I-haven't-made-up-my-mind-but..." frauds.

 After years of following this topic, it's become a given that anyone who opens with this line of bu--sh-- (and not clearly still a teenager) is the worst kind of disingenuous Xian scum, whatever they claim and however long they claim it.

 A "fuck You Xian" award engaved with your real name awaits you, skeptic.

Date: 2006/08/01 19:13:07, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
"I'm ignorant, but look at my grin!  I'm really, really happy!  I'm not really a liar, because liars and cheats can't be happy, and. look!, I'm smiling and cheery, so I'm not a liar or a cheat."

  What a completely impotent penis you are, AF!  You and your flaccid whore'shit couldn't be more embarras'skin!  No god could possibly exist that would accept the fealty of such as you.

Date: 2006/08/09 12:06:59, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Let me evaluate AFDave's newest line of argument, and conclusively refute it at a level of sophistication, reason and maturity that suits it:

 No AF, those kids say YOURS are!  And I have proof, but you can't see it, so there!  Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah!!!

 Double-locksies and no take-backs.

 And you owe me a coke, too.

 Enough of checking in on this now entirely useless thread.  
 AF is the sort of dishonest, stupid-to-the-last-drop conceited ass that makes me think Jesus himself, if he ever really lived and walked the Earth, must have been one silly, useless weenie to have produced such unpleasantly stupid, yet potentially dangerous, followers.

Date: 2006/08/12 12:52:26, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Thanks, for easing my mind, Lenny!  I had always thought the same, but the appearance of a "Jason," (who I believe, without exaggeration, to be the dumbest embarrassment posting on ANY Xian or evolution blog) on another blog and these comments made me unsure.

Date: 2006/08/12 21:07:42, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Hey, GoP, you ARE the lucky one, you racist shite, not to be ever in danger of face-to-face discussion.  Fuck you and go back to peddle your papers, you Xian doper.

Date: 2006/08/13 13:37:34, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Fuck you, GoP, and get back to your shitty "papers."

Date: 2006/08/14 13:10:20, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Thanks to all, especially (for me) Deadman, for really informative posts on the topics nit-wittingly raised by that lying, dumb, sneak who began it all.

 (P.s. Ic! Pardon the over-reaction over at another blog.)

Date: 2006/08/16 02:01:49, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
And dumb, too.  

 How dumb, approximately?  That's kind of one of those "Can Gawd drop a turd so buoyant he can't flush it?" or "If Jesus rose again, did Rose jesus again, too?" questions, but in the name of the complete and utter disrespect I (and perhaps hundreds of others, since to know of AFDAVE is to lose all shame in wishing to ridicule another human [assumed - he may be a reproducing clockwork, considering his award-winning animation])

 Anywhere, here goes:

 Imagine ALL the ball-peen hammers in the WHOLE WORLD, everywhere - Christian ballpeen hammers, Muslim hammers, Jewish, Amerindian, Atheist ballpeen hammers, and so on.  
 Got it?
 But don't stop there!  Imagine all the ballpeen hammers in this galaxy. made by other species upon other worlds; ballpeen hammers not to be recognized by the human eye, devised for uses far beyond the twisting of the human heart, forged by methods that, to our puny human intelligence, seem god-like.
 Don't stop there, but imagine all other galaxies, dimensions, imaginings.

 Whoa, nelly!  That's some set of all hammers!

  Now, imagine a bag SO BIG (and cunningly made as the rope that bound the Asgardian Wolf) that ALL these ballpeen hammers can be stowed within.
  Got that?

 Pretty much blows your fuggin' mind, eh?, just holding onto those thoughts.

 You, Dave, are still dumber than that cosmic-sized bag of ballpeen hammers.   :)

Date: 2006/08/24 12:11:55, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Jesus will probably pile up all the good stuff onto a boat, set the whole thing ablaze, and let it drift away.

Date: 2006/08/26 15:10:07, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Well, actually, GoP, y'know, he's the kind of cowardly, twisted, vicious shit who would point out that "some of his 'best friends' were muslims.

Date: 2006/08/26 17:21:10, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
I stand by my statement, since it is simply my own verdict on GoP's vile and underhanded not-quite-craziness.

 Not Ted Bundy?  Fine.  I still avoid his posts, only chancing upon them at secondhand, and believe he is up there with Dave Scott in the "deformed human" catagory.
 After following his antics for a very long time before arriving at this evaluation, I am certain he deserves nothing but scorn.  Or the most disrespectful type of humor. ???

Date: 2006/09/05 11:56:30, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Ok, so it's been something like 30 pages (I ain't a goin' back and searching!;) since I thanked the various people who used AF "Sergeant Schultz" Dave's nose as the tee for some very interesting shots about (especially) geology and dating methods.  I pointed out then that no possible lurker could gain more by watching you trying to point out to Dave that he was trying to sell a very dead parrot indeed (how unbelievably apt that sketch matches Dave's arguments here!  If only he would end it by asking you to "come over to his place") but you've all kept bloody on and on.

 Well, that's all of your business, but could I suggest that the thread be renamed to reflect the fact that Dave has no "Creator God Hypothesissy-thingy" any longer?  Could the creative minds wasting their time (<-- opinion) presenting evidence to Mr. Whacky-a-Mole spend a few minutes and think of a title that would really reflect the content of this tread?

 For you, Dave, I will quote the radar technician from Airplane: He's all over the place! 900 feet to 1300 feet!! What an a$$hole!!!

Date: 2006/09/06 01:54:08, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Thank Steve et al. for your suggestions.  I'll check back in another 30+ pages to see if I missed something interestingly accidently jarred loose by the clunking idiocy of the wretched, soulless lying jerk that began it all.
 I thank him not at all.

Date: 2006/09/06 02:00:31, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
And the Bakersfield Bodhisattvas take the field!  And don't!

Date: 2006/09/09 12:45:09, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
People interested in this weido insult to the very premise of democracy should search for the Daily Show's report on her campaign, which notes that she really has, and intends to promote, her two, and only, assets: large breasts.

Date: 2006/09/14 00:30:21, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Lenny, why are you talking to that half-baked, self-impressed "skeptic" jerk-off???  He's as bright a bulb as Oliver Hardy, without the chumminess, humor, or endearing smile.

Date: 2006/09/20 12:44:22, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Not 30 pages yet, but I luckily decided to check this thread out of general boredom, and was rewarded beyond my wildest hopes by Steve S's final re-working of AFDumb's hypothesis!

 My son wants me to explain whatever has been making me erupt into belly-aching guffaws for the last ten minutes, but, y'know, it's such a brilliant, but inside-inside, joke...

 Can we give Steve Story a new award for this?  I believe it is the funniest ever slapdown of everything (or the nothing?) AFDumb is! :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

Date: 2006/09/20 12:54:43, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
My medium's powers have detected some discarnate spirit naming itself "Robert O'Brian" attempting to contact us from the aethers...  
  Who exactly is this O'Brainless jackass's hole?  It isn't just me that finds him a useless and unfunny bore, is it?  I mean, I notice that the posts under that name have as great an effect on the thread as a priest praying over bread and wine does at a Catholic mass.



Date: 2006/09/24 02:16:55, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
:angry: "He's all over the place! 900 feet to 1300 feet!?!  What an #######!"   Airplane

 Part TWO!!!!  NOOOooooo!!!!!

 This guy isn't worth the first of any decent homo sapiens two cents!

 I beg of you all, let Dave die the miserable, lonely troll's death he deserves!  Not one lurker is ever going to be persuaded by his drooling lies and Xian faux-frindliness.

 Let him be remembered as the dumbest troll ever, with a permanent link to "Part 1" as his headstone (perhaps one like those painted styrofoam ones at the "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" tourist traps: "Here lies [how apt a metaphor!] Les Moore..."). but let it die!!!!!! :O

Date: 2006/09/27 02:27:39, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
This is as stupid and self-serving as any horsepucky ANYONE at that nest of science-swiftboating charlatans and liars has managed. :D
  My favorite part is the "citizens of the most scientifically-advanced nation" part, which combines utter dishonesty with vacuity and empty, ccoing flattery of the know-nothings that fund this silly, morally bankrupt old fraud.
  That I have never, and could never, utter or pen such 200 proof idiocy, perhaps even as fiction, is more than enough reward for any human in this life.

Date: 2006/09/27 14:00:41, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
The Bu--sh-- Coalition of the Stupid & Vicious should expect nothing but the coldest form of justice for the crimes they have managed to commit through their utter, perfect dishonesty and bullying.
 At the end of "The Ox-bow Incident," when the real sheriff puts the lynch mob under arrest, I recall him saying something like, "May God have mercy upon you, because I will not."
 If one regards the use of "God" as poetic, they should see how the investigations and prosecutions will be handled, though not doubt the media which has shielded and excused their rape of decency and the law will continue whoring themselves by asking for "reason" (covering up the depths of Bu--sh-- depravity)and "moderation" (not applying the laws as intended to white,rich Xians and their foul neocon tools). :angry:

Date: 2006/09/29 11:46:49, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Pseudo-science doesn't bother me, lying does.

Date: 2006/10/01 11:50:31, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
I will pull on my surgical gloves and deign to respond to GoP.

 [fishes around in the toilet that is anything produced by the unfunny ass calling itself Ghost of P.)

 Here's something....

 "Go back to your fleabag hotel and peddle your papers to 12-year-olds, you useless, dumb-thread starting RACIST fraud.
 And at least straighten that tinfoil on your head.

 Don't tuck one pantleg into your sock either!

 And take a bath fer Xsake!" :angry:

Date: 2006/10/07 23:11:06, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
I don't mind being sent here, if it pulls a Robert o'Brian's "Pee-wee Herman" posts off the main threads.  It's only when he and that "7% truth is solution enough for me" Skeptic - the fake "fair-and-balanced" types - are allowed to empty their bullshit "..b-b-but..." onto the threads that I feel any need to swipe their little cobwebs of mean dishonesty away.

 A bit faster with the scissors on THAT sort of comment, Steve S., and you won't need to bother clipping mine as well - they won't be there! :D

Date: 2006/10/08 11:55:07, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Ic!  Thanks for the pat on the back. :)
 Not being a scientist, and also not being as extraordinarily vain as 100% of the anti-science mob, I follow the threads to pick up interesting rebuttals of the stupid AND IN OVER SIX YEARS ALWAYS DISHONEST creationists and "DArwin doubters" (AFDave is a name that somehow springs to the mind, unbidden and as if by divine intervention, in a miraculously compressed period of time) by those who have studied and are trying to "layman-ize" pretty dense ideas.
 After an initial symbolic firing of the shotgun into the barrel when a new ass rides in, unarmed, proclaiming "Jihad!" or claims to be "on the fence" after exposure to exactly the pre-conceived Xian idiocy they meant to read, I generally shut up.
 The long-term dishonest, like Skeptic (though he actually is smart-stupid-smart enough at times to buy his own bullshit, unlike a true flake like AFD, who now KNOWS he is certifiably stupid) or the white whale of all blowhards since Dave Tard was banished, Robert o'Brian, occasionally tick me off enough with their faux-clevernesses that I let off a bit o' steam - they never contribute anything to a discussion and have never a clever quip or pun (and the difference between Xians an Neocons and Christians and conservatives is that the latter can be honest, and even funny).  They are banacles upon the hull of the site, annoyances that are too small to be scapped off except at intervals.

 I greatly enjoy the banter of the basically honest, and those who are, within the limits of their current knowledge and interest, informative on these sites.
 I truly am revolted by the liars and falsely religious, though it explains how an utterly horrible monster scumbag like GWB could gain public office.

Date: 2006/10/09 00:00:15, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Since we're at the wall, Robert O, whatever intelligence you may have is the sort that pond scum might produce.  You are a silly, pompous, and blitheringly dull fraud, whatever your tinkering-with-numbers skill may be (perhaps some sort of "Rainman" talent, eh?).

 You are a really dull, shitty human being, by any sensible person's judgement.

 Fuck you and the horse's ass your head has been surgically attached within.  You aren't worth the cow that died to make your stinking belt.


Date: 2006/10/09 21:40:13, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
About John D., what came to me (a NON-SCIENTIST as the current resident mathematical science's horse's posterior noted!  and I want to thank all of you little, little people out there!!!!) was to quote King Arthur, upon seeing the French-launched cow speeding towards him: Jesus Christ!!!!

 I can only presume Mr. Davidson (undoubtedly one of a certain useless poster,initials RoB) works from an unplottable location, since this is the sort of thing that would get you picked up and straight-jacketed in any nation on this Earth.

Date: 2006/10/21 14:04:34, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
What???  I tought GoP had "come out" as an official loki-troll?  At least, someone was claiming something like that on the UD thread - I simply scroll past anthing by that pretentious racist fokwot? and anything referring to him.
 If such a thing were being claimed, I simply don't buy it, as no one can pretend to be such a smug, frightened jerk for so long without giving up the giggle.  No one has so much free time that they would be able to maintain such an ugly fiction.
 GoP's world is warm, smelly, and pink ("Bob"!;), and deliciously doomed to being used for amusement as its impotence before that last brick falls from that last decaying church.

Date: 2006/11/14 06:22:11, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
There's no reason to be polite about such an unpleasant, lying, swarmy person as this, so I may simply respond, FUCK John West and the horse he rode in on.
 I have no intention of living in the sort of "free" society he and his kind would impose, given ten seconds of power.  I do not consider such people worthy of anything EXCEPT scornful opposition. :angry:

Date: 2006/11/15 17:24:08, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
And what was the name of that great "Lenny & the Squigg-tones" song? ???

Date: 2006/12/03 16:27:35, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Lenny, answering Skeptic once is as much as any reasonable person should be willing to extend themselves, in the name of courtesy. He sees himself as reasonable and knowledgeable - a person whose very faults serve to accentuate his perfection - while having proven himself to be uninformed and completely unwilling (or unable) to challenge even the slightest of his rather foul set of nationalistic/spiritual beliefs.
 One can't really have a discussion with someone who, like Odysseus' crew, fears the song of the sirens so much they stop their ears with wax. ;)

Date: 2006/12/03 16:47:17, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Oh, and Alan - I sincerely envy someone who is capable of spelling Mickey D's as "MacDonald's" as it proves you have not been exposed to lethal doses of the franchise's advertising. :D

Date: 2006/12/07 15:29:01, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
Since he has no entertainment value, I cannot fathom why anyone responds to anything GOP says except to, out of simple courtesy, remind him once again that he's a dishonest and pretentious ass who is completely full of shit.

 GOP!  You are COMPLETELY full of shit! :)

Date: 2006/12/26 23:47:28, Link
Author: tiredofthesos
 You have a unique ability, shown yet again on this thread.
 Whenever your opinions - and you never post anything else, really (which is fine, but I and perhaps others wish you would stop the pretense that anything else is there) - even threaten to become "reasonable" I am immediately convinced that there must be something essentially wrong with my current way of viewing the question, while holding in reserve the slim possibility of coincidence (of the "even a broken clock" type).
 Perhaps you really  mean no harm, but it ain't enough. No siree!

 That's a very, very narrow, if mostly harmless, mind you have. :(