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Date: 2006/01/30 14:55:32, Link
Author: thealater
As you all know, pictures never lie. *cough*  This may be an old one, but it's priceless.

Proof! Proof, I tell you!


Date: 2006/03/07 05:13:34, Link
Author: thealater
hey all,
I am trying to find the pdf file of the letter sent to school district that was extremely biased towards teaching creationism in school.  I can't remember who sent it or what state.  A woman sent it on school district letterhead.  I've googled, but can't find it.

I am doing a presentation in my Philosophy of Science class and am trying to get across the "why" it is important for scientists to not be complacent.

I also have the wedge document.  Are there any other "important" documents that show the motivation behind the ID/Creation push?


Date: 2006/03/07 07:06:38, Link
Author: thealater
THANKS!!! That is the one for which I searched.  I knew someone here would know. :D

Thanks again!

Date: 2006/03/14 13:09:51, Link
Author: thealater
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the foreward that Santorum wrote for Darwin's Nemesis?  I'd like to have it for a paper I'm writing.

Thank you!

Date: 2006/03/14 18:51:21, Link
Author: thealater
Will cold medicine prevent the loss of brain cells due to Santorosis?