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Date: 2005/10/10 12:44:29, Link
Author: rimby

Attacking a paragraph in ancient text about creation with modern science is a rediculas waste of time. Whether evolution is proven or not won't make the Bible any less credible.

You're right on both counts -- now if only you could convince the creationists!

Date: 2005/10/11 04:09:49, Link
Author: rimby
Kurt, is this a public school in the US? If so, you'll have to be very careful how you do this. The courts have ruled consistently that ID is just a mask for the Christian religion and that it can't be taught in the public schools.

Date: 2005/10/12 10:11:29, Link
Author: rimby
Unfortunately, XXXX sounds a bit like dogma.

Date: 2005/10/12 13:12:19, Link
Author: rimby
Alan Fox:
Just read your first post. You told me all I need to know about this Dembski fellow. I took a glance at his blog. I don't see why anyone but a trained seal would visit it, but I admire your perseverance.

Date: 2005/10/14 13:07:37, Link
Author: rimby
The reason it sounded like dogma to me was because MidnightVoice said,

As a corollary to this, as it is now a Law, no alternate theories need be taught, and such theories should be rigorously excluded from text books at any level.

Sounds arbitrary, would you agree? I was assuming from your first post that this would apply to theories promoted to XXXX status, but that may have been wrong, in which case my apologies.

I'm not sure when you could safely promote a theory to XXXX. After all, it was once beyond reasonable doubt that we lived in a static universe, and that continents did not move.

Date: 2005/10/14 14:10:05, Link
Author: rimby
Why do you think there would be "thousands" of finch fossils? The Galapagos Islands are, as you say, compact, furthermore they are volcanic; fossils of any type should be pretty rare.

Since you are obviously a creationist burdened with emotional baggage (from the sneering tenor of your post), consider the following:

Indeed, it was Darwin who first recognized their volcanic origin, and who understood the profound implications of this origin for the history of life. For if the islands were volcanic, they must have formed after the creation of the world, and the organisms living there must have migrated there from someplace else. But since those organisms are found nowhere else, Darwin finally had to conclude that they had evolved there from South American ancestors.

Date: 2005/10/14 14:41:11, Link
Author: rimby
It's interesting that if we applied evopeach's "NOOOOOTTTTTTTTT" logic to the Bible, we would have to conclude that it is also a "fairy tale with more holes in it than Clyde Barrow".

Date: 2005/10/15 06:41:51, Link
Author: rimby
Sorry, did you mean me? Here it is:
Formation of the Islands

Date: 2005/10/22 04:47:12, Link
Author: rimby
Amazing. They should also have "disclaimers" mentioning astrology, the atomic bomb hoax, the Loch Ness monster, the lost continent of Atlantis, etc.

This shows what happens when parents lose interest in the school system -- the fanatics and wierdos take over.

Date: 2005/10/22 04:51:12, Link
Author: rimby
Or if you want to see the c-type arguments at first hand, check out the Answers in Genesis web site.

Date: 2005/10/23 06:48:41, Link
Author: rimby
... or Mormon missionaries --- eeeek!

Date: 2005/10/28 15:44:02, Link
Author: rimby
Ghost of Paley

Well, we're also relying on an outside source, the Bible.

Since your mind is falllible, how do you know it's really an outside source? Blind faith?

You seem to confusing science and religion. Science is about understanding how nature works using repeatable empirical experiences. It has nothing to do with philosophy or some sort of ultimate truth.

As for these geocentric types, perhaps you would admit there is a difference between faith and pig-headedness?

Date: 2005/10/30 05:40:32, Link
Author: rimby
Ghost of Paley
From the book blurb:

Once you've mastered the basic elements of a winning poker formula, psychology becomes the key ingredient in separating break-even players from players who win consistently...

You don't figure out how nature works by psyching out your "opponents". You seem to know a lot of stuff ... but you don't know what science is.

Date: 2005/11/09 08:55:30, Link
Author: rimby
Do it! What a show that would be!

Date: 2005/12/10 13:38:53, Link
Author: rimby
God de-designed our once-perfect bodies when He kicked Adam and Eve out of Heaven. It's in the Bible.