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Date: 2007/12/27 19:21:18, Link
Author: rhmc
it could be my lack of education in biology and the short time i've been watching this discussion about evilution but why is john davison's prescribed evolution not questioned about who exactly prescribed said path?
or do i already know that answer?
and how does jd provide proof of said prescriber?

Date: 2007/12/27 19:45:06, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Dec. 27 2007,18:10)
As far as "converting" to atheism goes, I don't think atheists convert.  it's more like they see through the whole faith charade and realize it's all make believe.  In that light faith has no real value to a person of reasonable emotional strength.  

and there you have it.
i was raised in a very religous household but it all seemed so fake.
it was such a relief at the age of 10 or so to find a missionary's kid who had no belief either.

Date: 2007/12/29 13:24:19, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (skeptic @ Dec. 29 2007,13:20)
Those are indeed your reasons but they're not rational ones, sorry.  That is to say you may be right but you're not making a reasoned-based argument.  I hope you see the difference...maybe one day.

and your rational reasoning for any god is....?

Date: 2007/12/29 20:24:35, Link
Author: rhmc
thanks for the "russells teapot".   what a hoot.

Date: 2007/12/29 21:36:25, Link
Author: rhmc
as ftk has so aptly demonstrated, she has no answers...

Date: 2007/12/29 21:46:47, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (skeptic @ Dec. 29 2007,18:02)
rhmc, as I said before, the only rational argument for the existence of God is existence itself, everything after that becomes irrational and that's where belief comes in.  

so you have no proof, just a belief?

Date: 2007/12/30 09:31:10, Link
Author: rhmc
once you start creating entities or beginnings with no proof of either, it's kinda hard to credit you with any rationality at all.

one can make up anything.  that does not make it true.

Date: 2007/12/30 12:02:10, Link
Author: rhmc
there are some interesting recent studies of altruism and a sense of "fair play" amongst some non-human primates.  
perhaps our morality evolved along with us.

Date: 2008/01/01 17:17:30, Link
Author: rhmc
"...harvested from the imbecile cord.."  

i'm gonna use that somewhere.

Date: 2008/01/06 19:31:59, Link
Author: rhmc
so the memory hole wasn't working?
and the other posts are gone?

curious, eh?

Date: 2008/01/10 19:01:38, Link
Author: rhmc
i believe ftk to be a brave person.  she comes here knowing her viewpoint is going to be skewered, she'll be subjected to personal ridicule, her ID comrades will be made fun of....
i do not agree with her beliefs, i think some of her personal views are ridiculous and her ID comrades are often dispicable.
but she comes here anyway.

i don't know if i'd show up repeatedly for an asskickin'.
i'm certainly no biologist.  my education was/is in history and then computer science.  i cannot intelligently discuss some of the points made here.

but ftk is here.  practicaly unarmed.

so, she shows promise.  she's here slingin' with the best.

she just needs the "paul on the road to damascus" conversion.  eh?

Date: 2008/01/19 08:52:42, Link
Author: rhmc
were any of you forced to use old, worn out, used electrons like us poor southerners did after the war?

Date: 2008/01/20 19:34:03, Link
Author: rhmc
i found this amusing:

DALLAS  —  A Texas museum that teaches creationism is counting on the auction of a prehistoric mastodon skull to stave off extinction.

The founder and curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, which rejects evolution and claims that man and dinosaurs coexisted, said it will close unless the Volkswagen-sized skull finds a generous bidder.

"If it sells, well, then we can come another day," Joe Taylor said. "This is very important to our continuing.",2933,323808,00.html

Date: 2008/01/22 17:33:06, Link
Author: rhmc
25 years ago, when i first moved to the coast of georgia, there was a local state college that was rumored to be selling degrees out of the administrative offices.
$500 would get you one of any degree they offered.
the scandal broke a year or so later and the college (now a university) swears that they found all the bogus degrees.  
yeah, right.
a friend of mine was hired on the tenure track just after that and i've never let him forget that i could have simply bought the degree rather than sit through his classes.
karma is hell, he just retired, i are still slaving for the man.

Date: 2008/01/23 18:34:38, Link
Author: rhmc
i laughed my ass off. pretty funny stuff.

Date: 2008/01/24 20:28:54, Link
Author: rhmc
i live on an island on the coast of georgia.  not a barrier island so no sandy beaches but plenty of marsh.
in the yard we have skinks, glass "snakes", black snakes, rat snakes, visiting racoons, possums and a colony of wood rats live nearby - which is probably what keeps the black snake hangin' around and keeps the hawks coming by.
in the marshes and hammocks are the occasional alligator, white tail deer, bald eagle, osprey, blue herons, great blue herons, tri-colored herons, snowy egrets, wood storks, ibis, the occasional spoonbill and the usual assortment of birds including painted buntings, redheaded wood peckers and pileated woodpeckers..
in the water there are redfish, spotted seatrout, flounder, sharks of varying types and sizes, jellyfish, southern stargazers, mackeral in several varieties....
and then there are the insects....

Date: 2008/01/26 19:33:22, Link
Author: rhmc
sorry but that last post puts me in the group that thinks you're full of guano.

Date: 2008/01/27 07:58:03, Link
Author: rhmc
a friend who did spend some time in missouri at "fort lost-in-the-woods" pronounced it "misery".

Date: 2008/01/29 17:59:14, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Thought Provoker @ Jan. 28 2008,21:05)
This thread has only 33 replies but 20 times as many views.  Significantly more interest than the thread about baseball (which has 35 replies).

some of us are just here to watch the train wreck.

Date: 2008/01/29 20:04:10, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Jan. 29 2008,09:50)
Jeeeeeeeeeesus Christ this is Rich Tard.

that is, indeed, a tard rich environment.

Date: 2008/01/30 19:39:21, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Richardthughes @ Jan. 30 2008,17:37)
The mound of Sheryl?

perhaps more than one...

Date: 2008/01/31 19:49:33, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Amadan @ Jan. 30 2008,09:44)
Akshully, what's missing is HYMNS!!

from reading the hymn, i'm reminded of both the navy hymn and the rumor that long pig isn't really that bad.

Date: 2008/02/01 15:43:47, Link
Author: rhmc
ask for peer reviewed papers, experiments and proof.
and when he finally admits there are none, tell him hand waving and wild theories and invisible rabbits aren't gonna cut it and that you'll be glad to carry on the discusion when he provides something a bit more substantial.

at first he'll throw up some half baked garbage but the web and this site are an excellent source of information to disprove the creation/ID trash.

the approach really depends on if you wanna simply grind him into oblivion and humiliate him or educate him.

i prefer the former.  the results are more lasting.

make him stick his neck out.  then the option is yours. :)

Date: 2008/02/02 19:25:32, Link
Author: rhmc
go for it.

Date: 2008/02/03 17:33:12, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Assassinator @ Feb. 03 2008,11:10)
he's an IT person

is he familiar with self modifiying code?

Date: 2008/02/07 19:05:52, Link
Author: rhmc
thread derail:  which watersheds art thou fish torturers torturing?  nfc or nanfa ring a bell?

Date: 2008/02/09 15:22:16, Link
Author: rhmc
you people make me laugh out loud, often.

you poor, poor sinnners.


Date: 2008/02/12 19:07:44, Link
Author: rhmc
my personal favorite:

"I agree with DaveScot, how has Darwinian Evolution helped in developing the transistor (or semi-conductor technology), for that matter, how has it done anything in terms of technological advances before or after that?..."

pretty funny stuff.

Date: 2008/02/13 10:02:09, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (nuytsia @ Feb. 13 2008,07:01)
[quote=IanBrown_101,Jan. 24 2008,16:36]
I was out rockpooling (US translation: looking at stuff in tidepools) over the weekend and had a brilliant time. I haven't done this in years and have never done this in Australia and it was so cool....
This is the dawn of my second third childhood! :-)
Just need a decent net and bucket....

That's also one of my favorite activities.
To add to the experience, several years ago I bought a 100' long seine to drag the beaches with.
You simply have no idea what lives right off the beach until you do something like that.

A side benefit of the seine is that you can also feed the family on a fairly regular basis.  :)

Date: 2008/02/14 18:21:35, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (ck1 @ Feb. 13 2008,22:59)
But mainly deer.  Lots and lots.  They eat everything.    Except daffodils.  And create problems for drivers - we have hit two of them on the road.

are you from a part of the world that considers "road kill" to be manna from heaven?

i once got into a discussion about whether or not eating road kill was moral but how long could it lay on the road before it was not really edible.  :)

we decided if it was still twitchin', it was worth grillin'.

only in the south, eh?

Date: 2008/02/20 16:51:46, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Kristine @ Feb. 19 2008,21:08)
I would still like to know why some of the mountains along the mid-Atlantic Ridge are eroded and some not, and some buried by strata, if they were all formed by the Flood.

you are neglecting to account for how the surf was breaking.

Date: 2008/02/23 19:14:21, Link
Author: rhmc
it's only a flesh wound...

Date: 2008/02/28 16:34:20, Link
Author: rhmc

ya'll done run off another one.

Date: 2008/03/02 19:41:46, Link
Author: rhmc
merely the interweb "you are ells" are all that we require.  the novices who lurketh long have issues deciphering the locales that the tard dwells therein.
the masters provid some links but often do not and
merely a pointer would suffice.  and surely goodness and mercy will not follow the tards for long but shall provide entertainment forever and ever...amen.

Date: 2008/03/14 15:51:06, Link
Author: rhmc
i liked this one from terryf:

paying for sex is virtually throwing your money down the toilet...especially when you have a wife at home who can provide that service for free.

It is never free. Recall your comment that Mr. FTK has to do some household chores in exchange for favors. Given that Spitzer was willing to pay $5500, you might ask yourself if you are selling at too low a price.

Date: 2008/03/23 19:51:03, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Art @ Mar. 23 2008,14:43)
No need.  Atheists are all commies, so they don't actually own anything.

da, tovarisch.    
i about busted a gut laughing at that one.
dasvadanya, droog.  :)

Date: 2008/03/31 19:32:34, Link
Author: rhmc
no choice for us weirdos who have both a ba and a bs.

Date: 2008/04/12 18:36:14, Link
Author: rhmc
we need a good plague.  

a "good plauge" is one that kills all them other folks and not the ones we need to maintain our lifestyle.

Date: 2008/04/12 18:37:09, Link
Author: rhmc
shiite, where be my editory button?

Date: 2008/04/14 17:21:25, Link
Author: rhmc
had a bald eagle soaring over the house friday afternoon.  

setting sun highlighting the white head, white tail, brown wings.

and i hope to view a bunch of seagoing crustaceans this weekend as i've deployed the crabtraps in the estuary.

Date: 2008/04/16 19:23:53, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Louis @ April 16 2008,14:35)
Dear Dr Hughes,

Is you positing by that use of an obscure colloquialism that several members of Teh FundaMENTAList Cohomounity are closet crosswind skiers? Are you saying that they occasionally enjoy a little marmite mining? Choccy stabbing? Fudge packing? Bum banditry? Pooper nicking? Starfish slamming? Brown hatting? Poo pushing? And cetera.

If so I would like to take issue with your homophobic comments and deeply offensive remarks about a group of gentlemen who just occasionally like to smoke a little hot man sausage despite their loud, religious proclamations to the contrary. Please refer to them using the only suitable piece of terminology henceforth, or even hencefifth: lying, hypocritical, sanctimonious, cock gobbling arse pirates.

Thank you.

Yours in brotherly love

Reverand Arthur Pinkerton "Whoops there go my trousers officer, I has a wide stance" Smythe,
"The Cottage"
Public Toilet on Great Compton Street


Date: 2008/04/16 19:25:56, Link
Author: rhmc

what i meant to comment on was:

marmite mining?

i've heard of drilling for mudbunnies but what is a marmite?

marmots, yes.  marmites?

Date: 2008/04/29 18:28:21, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Amadan @ April 29 2008,07:58)
It wouldn't work for FTK. Just look at the way that Creo Fundies are drawn to a dead duck like ID.

just damn.  :)

Date: 2008/05/03 21:16:59, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ May 03 2008,09:10)
New users who have established a reputation for responsible posting can request topic creation and edit privileges. Somewhere around 50 comments entered should be sufficient to judge that.

i need to post more drivel?  

like i don't post mostly drivel now.


Date: 2008/05/03 21:26:17, Link
Author: rhmc
was southeast of savannah today for a "derby" party.
wandering the grounds we saw a 4' black snake (probably a racer but didn't see the white chin), brown pelicans and a flight of wood storks.
some bottle nose dolphins cruised up the creek.
beautiful day.  mostly cloudy, 15kt winds, around 80f.

Date: 2008/05/05 19:48:44, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Henry J @ May 05 2008,11:44)
Biology is just stamp collecting.

So, is that why they're trying to stamp out the teaching of it? :p

damn philatelists.

anyone remember archie and jughead from firesign theater?  :)

(don't crush that dwarf...?)

Date: 2008/05/11 12:47:44, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ May 10 2008,19:45)
The Wingnut Whiners at the heart of the Starbucks Logo thing.

Looks like some promising TARD, actually.

From this page, a list of chapter excerpts from the head whacko:

· The 9/11 Inside Job
· Bohemian Grove
· The Illuminati
· Satanism
· Georgia Guidestones
· Mind Control
· Underground Bases and Tunnels
· Skull and Bones
· Terminators
· More Chapters
· Bibliography for The Resistance Manifesto by Mark Dice

Oh yeah, serious relationship issues with reality.

i especially liked the georgia guidestones. :)

The Georgia Guidestones

At the time of this writing, not many people have heard of the Georgia Guidestones, or have an insight into their true origin and meaning. Just outside the tiny town of Elberton, Georgia, stands an unusual granite monument with mysterious engravings and origins. The monument is called “America’s Stonehenge” and mainly “the Georgia Guidestones.” Engraved in the 19 foot tall granite slabs are 10 bizarre commandments in eight different languages.

This is not a “normal” monument to promote environ-mentalism or an “Age of Reason” as the stones suggest. Unbeknown to many of the citizens of Elberton, and the world, the Guidestones have a deep satanic origin and message. (See Satanism)

The origin of the stones is clouded in mystery because no one anywhere claims to know the identity of the man who ordered and paid for their construction. All that is reported at the Elberton County Museum is that in June of 1979, a man went to the office of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company and said that he wanted a monument created to “transmit a message to mankind.” He identified himself as Mr. R. C. Christian, a pseudonym.

Nobody really knows who the man is that went into the Elberton Granite Company that day, but through a little research a few things become apparent, and the New World Order is written all over them. It is important to note that on an engraved plaque placed in the ground near the stones, is the explaination that the stones are to be “Guides to an Age of Reason.” Reason as found in Deism.

The 10 new commandments of the Guidestones are as follows:

The Commandments

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.

3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.

10. Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.

Knowing the history of satanism and the occult make several of the stones’ commandments chilling. The World Court and one language also foreshadow the New World Order’s universal global control. Commandment number four, about ruling passion, faith, and tradition, is regarding the reg-ulation of a One World Religion, established and run by the World Council of Churches. The commandments are overall chilling for people of any faith. What’s worse is the fact that they’ve been in place since 1980 with little opposition.

Elberton, Georgia, is the Granite capitol of the world, and many of the town’s locals have accepted the idea that the stones were built as part of a publicity stunt for the city of Elberton and the Granite Company. The Guidestones have obtained nationwide publicity, but their true nature has often been obscured.

It has only been recently, with the rise of the Communication Age, that average citizens with a curiosity for Truth can discover amazing information over the Internet. In the early 1980s it wasn’t possible for people on a large scale to piece together that R.C. Christian was most likely a member of the Rosicrucians...

plenty more where that came from.

Date: 2008/05/11 14:52:28, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (stevestory @ April 28 2008,23:38)
I just moved into a sweet new place in Carrboro, off Davie rd. This place has a nice little garden in the back and my roommate, also a spicy-food aficionado, is looking to plant a bunch of peppers soon. But what kinds will grow here? I turn to the wisdom of the crowd. For this kind of climate, what sort of peppers should we plant?

what part of the world do you inhabit?
and how many hours of sun does your growing area get?
peppers will grow just about anywhere if they get several hours of sun...
i've got habenero, jalopeno, hot banana, several types of chili, tobasco and a variety of bells...

Date: 2008/05/11 15:24:23, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (stevestory @ May 11 2008,16:01)
Quote (rhmc @ May 11 2008,15:52)
what part of the world do you inhabit?

Is there a Carrboro, Afghanistan? NC, MF.

don't blame that on me.
you could always move.  :)

Date: 2008/05/22 19:41:55, Link
Author: rhmc
i'm a poor example of a "skool larned southerner".
i've eaten roadkill repeatedly.
and liked it.
i live east of savannah.
surrounded by salt marsh.
which smells rather odd at low tide during the hotter months (all eleven of them).
i had more than one institution of higher learning drop out from around me.
the classes i took were so poor they could only provide us with two digits.  they promised more but...

but i do pal around with some bright folks.

in fact, i shall be dragging one of them to minneapolis (st.paul?) on august 3rd for a few days.
he's got a doctorate in mathematics from a soviet university.  back when the soviet union was an entity.
he's a hoot and a very interesting person to speak to.

any of you axehandles in that area about that time of year?

i'll handle introductions and then sit off to the side and drink myself silly - which takes about a tenth of the alcohol the communist will consume.

Date: 2008/05/23 19:30:14, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (stevestory @ May 22 2008,23:50)
Too bad you aren't around The Triangle area of North Carolina. We could have a contest.

my money would be on that godless commie.
i'm no stranger to over indulgence but he drinks like there is truly no tomorrow.

but it would be interesting to watch.  :)

how often do you get down to charlotte?

Date: 2008/05/24 17:04:44, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (hereoisreal @ May 24 2008,17:33)
The degree of difficulty in a happening might determine, in your mind and mine, whether it was
by chance or mind-made.

If ...


Date: 2008/06/01 20:08:55, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (khan @ June 01 2008,19:45)
You ate shrimp?


thanks, that was great.  :)

Date: 2008/06/04 20:31:40, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Louis @ June 02 2008,04:28)
...the thin veneer of bible between them and hot porcine orifices...

there are those piquant turns of phrase that gladden my heart that i discovered this forum.  after all, i live in georgia (where "Deliverance" is a documentary) and where ftk's assertion that everyone is innately against bestiality is not necessarily a correct one.

thanks again.

Date: 2008/06/05 16:32:44, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Ftk @ June 05 2008,14:36)
[Graffiti moved to Bathroom Wall. -Admin]<br/><br/>Totally off topic here (I'm sure no one is shocked), but I'm curious if there are any aerospace engineers posting here.  My son questioned me about some stuff this morning and I've been googling, but I had a quick question.

PM me if you work in that field please??

you don't need an aeronautical engineer to tell you that pigs will  not fly.  :)

i'm related to a couple of folks in field...axe away.

Date: 2008/06/05 19:57:50, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (The Wayward Hammer @ June 05 2008,20:23)
If he likes it and will work at it - he can do it.  Best of luck to him.


Date: 2008/06/08 16:03:43, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (William Wallace @ June 05 2008,02:03)
You should see my latest post, on how Godless liberals seem to be for all sorts of perversions

would you please list them here?

i'd like to see if i've missed any.

Date: 2008/06/08 17:53:07, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (blipey @ June 08 2008,18:48)
why is fuck in scare quotes?

god's folk are "scared" of it?

Date: 2008/06/12 19:52:14, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (tsig @ June 11 2008,12:57)
Be careful FtK, VD is a sexually transmitted disease.

and is certainly nothing to clap about.

Date: 2008/06/13 18:38:44, Link
Author: rhmc
we've had a different looking feathered visitor in our garden.  took a few weeks to get close enough to intentify it but today we pegged it as a great crested flycatcher.  a first for us here on de island, mon.

berry cool.

Date: 2008/06/14 13:46:34, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Ftk @ June 13 2008,15:47)
It's a mute point...

sadly, that is not the case.

Date: 2008/06/14 13:47:34, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Doc Bill @ June 13 2008,15:51)
It's a mute point...

You mean it can't speak for itself?

dammit.  :)

Date: 2008/06/16 18:57:45, Link
Author: rhmc
had an upclose look at a bottlenose dolphin on sunday.
he/she came up right at the stern of the boat and between the starboard gunnel and the outboard.
it would surface (inhale/exhale rapidly) and then drop down to about a 2 foot depth and remain practically motionless, letting the boat's pressure wave drag it along.
the fact that there was a stainless propeller spinning at 1200rmp 18 inches from it's head didn't seem to phase it a bit.  
it was close enought that you could have leaned over the transom and stuck a finger in it's blowhole if you'd been so foolishly inclined.
it hung with us for about a mile and then scooted off....

i've seen a lot of dolphin but never one that close to the boat.

we also managed a close encounter with 5 spotted sea trout and 4 redfish earlier in the day.
the redfish are only moments away from meeting a skillet.  blackened redfish.  :)

Date: 2008/06/17 19:14:45, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ June 16 2008,20:42)
Pisces yummicus?

i dunno, i've never tried dolphin.  :)

Date: 2008/06/20 20:04:41, Link
Author: rhmc
for anyone in the neigborhood:

beach seining, south end of tybee island (eastern terminus of highway u.s. 80), saturday morn, 6/21.
dawn - or shortly thereafter.

you'll see stuff you never knew lived that close to land.

hopefully, lots of it will be edible.  :)

Date: 2008/07/11 18:04:11, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ July 10 2008,14:34)
[cross-posted from the UD thread]

DaveTard on PZ:




12:52 pm
Myers is playing Russian roulette. He just keeps pushing the envelope in seeing how many people he can possibly offend in the worst way. It’s just a matter of time before someone with a terminal disease, a month left to live, decides he hasn’t got anything to lose by taking out Myers along with him.

i do so love a christian attitude.

Date: 2008/07/12 19:51:49, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Dr.GH @ July 12 2008,20:28)
Quote (dhogaza @ July 12 2008,12:41)
BTW, "kick the cracker" will be offensive to some, but not for the reason you imagined when writing it ...

I lived in Georgia for many years.

atlanta ain't georgia.  :)

Date: 2008/07/12 20:27:12, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Dr.GH @ July 12 2008,20:57)
I rarely ever went to Atlanta- 3 times in 6 years.  Too bad to, it seemed like a fairly nice place. Why did you make a such a silly assumption?

most folks who claim to "have lived in georgia" actually lived in atlanta.

care to share what part of the state you resided in?

i've lived on both coasts and a bit in the middle.

Date: 2008/07/13 16:15:48, Link
Author: rhmc
i fail to see how making fun of catholics and their closely held beliefs is any worse (or any better) than making fun of IDiots and their closely held beliefs.

perhaps the joke was taken a bit further than necessary but quite honestly, a lot of religious beliefs are held up to ridicule on many threads in this forum.

Date: 2008/07/13 16:42:03, Link
Author: rhmc
i'll just go eat a peach.  :)

Date: 2008/07/15 18:26:17, Link
Author: rhmc
many moons ago, when i stumbled across this forum, i thought that "ftk" stood for "fuck the knowledge".
i may not be wrong.

Date: 2008/07/17 18:43:17, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Dr.GH @ July 17 2008,13:54)
Fine with me. I am going on the ocean tonight into the weekend to kill things. Grrrr

kill something tasty for me.

Date: 2008/07/17 18:56:18, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (ReligionProf @ July 17 2008,14:08)
I finally got around to posting a Biblical studies perspective on the P.Z.Myers vs. the cracker issue:

good view on the situation.  thanks.

Date: 2008/07/22 15:21:03, Link
Author: rhmc
personally, i like hot temps, high humidity and biting flies.  :)

Date: 2008/08/08 18:07:33, Link
Author: rhmc

Date: 2008/08/08 18:56:27, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (khan @ Aug. 08 2008,19:23)
The reason Britain doesn't export computers is they can't figure out how to make them leak oil.

Disclaimer: owned an MG in the '70s.

lucas:  prince of darkness

lucas invented the turn signal flasher.
by accident.

friend of mine collects jaguars.  i've spent many an hour hanging over a fender listening to him swear about the "electronics" and the cooling systems as he bloodies another knuckle.

beautiful cars.  

mechanically inept.
even accounting for when they were designed and built.

but beautiful.

Date: 2008/08/08 19:02:09, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (jeffox @ Aug. 08 2008,17:13)
'68 Dodge Charger 383

MOPAR rules!!

'Course, that was back when gas was 25/9.  Ahhh, the good ol' days.

guy down the street owns a mint '70 'cuda.  
In-Violet purple with white trim.

shakes the ground when he cranks it.

nothin' like big detroit iron.

Date: 2008/08/08 19:16:19, Link
Author: rhmc
ah needs an edit key.


but it shore has a pretty mouf.

Date: 2008/08/08 19:36:40, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (rhmc @ Aug. 08 2008,20:16)

my neighbor just pointed out, again, that it is a 426-hemi.

can i has ed ditz?  

perhaps just another beer will cure this...

Date: 2008/08/09 09:25:50, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (jeffox @ Aug. 09 2008,00:09)
OK, we'll try it this way.  Here is a link to my blog-entry on the 426 hemi.  The photos are in the blog.

If you try to go to my blog, let me know if you were successful and what you think.  Thanks ahead of time.  Sorry for the confusion and/or distraction.

Anyways:  Jeffox's blog - Godzilla

a bit odd that today is exactly a year later than your blog post.

Date: 2008/08/09 14:05:20, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Aug. 09 2008,12:27)
Worst car EVAR?

1991 Taurus wagon, purchased new. Ate tires left and right, endless front-end problems, transmission completely hosed at 72,000 miles*, subframe bolts rusted out, air conditioning failed, and we were quoted $700 to get pencils out of the dash, having fallen into the ventilation and jammed the heater controls.

*Due to well known, well documented design flaw. Ford's response:

Dear valued customer,

Drop dead.


Ford Motor Company

how odd.
my worst car was a '91 taurus sedan.
tranny hosed at 62k.  power train warranty was for 60k.
ford had almost the same response to my issue but they did offer to discount another taurus $1,000 more than the dealer could do.  riiiiight.  why would i want another turd?  

couldn't afford to ditch the car so i put a aamco lifetime warranty transmission in it.

before i finally sold it, it had 5 more transmissions put in it.

the starter casing fell apart and jammed the flywheel.  at speed.  
left front disk brake assembly disintegrated and jammed the wheel.  
electrical system began to fail and the windows would sometimes work and sometimes not...


i'll NEVER own another ford.  
have two nissans that i'm very happy with.  '97 quest and an '06 frontier 4 door.  my last nissan truck made it 19 years.
i'm getting 22.5mpg in town (six speed manual transmission) and about 26 on the road.  
not bad for a 4-door pickemup truck that'll tow 6300lbs.

Date: 2008/08/11 17:51:07, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (midwifetoad @ Aug. 11 2008,00:01)
Ping me when they burn Atlanta.

i don't think i'd miss atlanta at all.

need a south east breeze to keep the fallout away but....

Date: 2008/08/12 17:35:27, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (stevestory @ Aug. 12 2008,04:38)
Anybody in the N. Florida area who wants to participate in the  Davetard Chicken Challenge, PM me and we'll see if it's a thing.

how about st. mary's georgia on august 26th?  close enough?
i think i can do 12 shots.  dunno about that mile stuff.

Date: 2008/08/16 18:32:55, Link
Author: rhmc
slime molds are cool.  to my knowledge, its the only fungus that travels.  we have the the yellow one and a pepto-bismal pink one.  they'll wander several feet in the right conditions, until the weather changes and they dry up.  

for the birders, when one sees a titmouse (the bird) and then one sees several more, is that  "titmice" or  "titmouses"?
(we went through the "a murder of crows, a parliament of owls, a flock of geese..." but no one knew about the multiplicity of titmouse...)

Date: 2008/08/17 09:21:34, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (dnmlthr @ Aug. 17 2008,10:13)
When one studies history (especially the history of religion), one may become overwhelmed by the misery and confusion of the human condition, and wonder, why is it so hard to see evidence of the hand of God in human history?

studying religous history in conjunction with the human condition teaches that if there is a god, she surely giveth not a damn for her creations.

Date: 2008/08/17 15:56:08, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ Aug. 17 2008,15:13)
Suddenly I'm getting a serious case of nerves about school starting tomorrow.

8 AM, my very first Bio class since 9th or 10th grade (1983ish?).

my 18yr old starts in the morning as well.

he has no fears.  :)

he will acquire them but for now, he's good to go...

Date: 2008/08/17 16:04:51, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Thought Provoker @ Aug. 16 2008,12:59)
There are times when the best course of action is act based on bold assumptions rather than wait on "PhD types" being scientifically modest out of fear of making mistakes.

i have yet to see an example of "bold assumptions" that the "phd types" didn't go along with (or initiate) for fear of making mistakes.

do you have a few?  a couple?  one?

Date: 2008/08/17 17:59:26, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ Aug. 17 2008,18:19)
I'm 41.

i went back to school at 41 with a computer science major.
first time around i was a history geek.

you'll do fine.  it's really quite amusing.
the observation that you and your assignments will be on time are spot on.

but i did envy the chirrens who had their parents supporting them....

Date: 2008/08/17 18:34:53, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ Aug. 17 2008,19:08)
Quote (Louis @ Aug. 17 2008,18:28)
The profs will love you. You'll do your work on time and turn up to class minimally hungover, and your enthusiasm will shine through. The very fact that you're going back to college at 41 shows your commitment.

Geez, suck all the fun right out of it, why doncha?

Quote (Louis @ Aug. 17 2008,18:28)
I'm still going with the red dress being a good idea. Sit in the front row, repeatedly cross and uncross your legs. You'll get straight As, either out of fear or lust, but either way, it's all good.

That's a great plan, I'm going with it.

Quote (rhmc @ Aug. 17 2008,18:59)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Aug. 17 2008,18:19)
I'm 41.

i went back to school at 41 with a computer science major.
first time around i was a history geek.

How did the experience compare for you?

Quote (rhmc @ Aug. 17 2008,18:59)
you'll do fine.  it's really quite amusing.
the observation that you and your assignments will be on time are spot on.

but i did envy the chirrens who had their parents supporting them....

srsly.  My daughter's classes are free.  She's a high school senior, and the district will pay for two college classes (from a menu of approved classes) per semester.  That's way cooler than paying for them.  They'll even loan her the textbooks.

how did it compare?

well, the second time through there was a LOT less drugs, sex and rock'n'roll.

but my grades were better.  :)

wonder if i could have traded a grade or two for some of that other stuff.  :)

as to costs, it tweren't the cost of class/books that was annoying, it was the mortgage, food, gas, car payments, my own chirrens, health insurance, etc. etc.

i went to class and then went to work or vice versa.  
i resented the carefree existence of some of my classmates.  

there was a poster in the math building that summed up my first choice in majors pretty well.  

it went something like:

a science major wants to know why it works.
an engineering major wants to know how it works.
a business major wants to know when it will work.
a liberal arts major wants to know, "do you want fries with that?".

Date: 2008/08/17 19:23:49, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Thought Provoker @ Aug. 17 2008,19:15)
Hi dhogaza,

I would rather Nagasaki to have been a desperate bluff than to have been heartlessness on our part.

if you're looking for war crimes, look to dresden, hamburg, the fire raids on tokyo and other japanese cities...

plenty of crime to spread around.  the nuclear weapons were just flea bites compared to what was done earlier...

Date: 2008/08/18 19:39:16, Link
Author: rhmc
big foot's press conference...

Date: 2008/08/19 18:59:13, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Assassinator @ Aug. 19 2008,19:54)
Damn you math...damn you programming...damn you all!!

thou shalt suffer for blasphemy against the digit gods...even though one of them only haveth two digits...

Date: 2008/08/22 15:55:05, Link
Author: rhmc
cool stuff.

in floriduh, there have been ongoing investigations into "mis-labeled" fish.

how "simplified" is that genetic technique and its machinery?  

pocket sized and do-able at the table when one is suspicious?

Date: 2008/08/23 20:11:31, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Texas Teach @ Aug. 23 2008,15:30)
Quote (stevestory @ Aug. 23 2008,14:22)
And how, Mr. Genius Davetard, do you plan on verifying that, say, the guy commenting as "Carl Johnson" is actually named Carl Johnson? Let's hear how you're going to verify all these names.

Overdressed people will show up at the door to find out if you've heard the "Good News"?

damn.  they were just here this afternoon.  and i've not even registered there.

Date: 2008/08/24 07:35:46, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (dogdidit @ Aug. 22 2008,12:43)
he strongly recommended that we re-copy our notes after class.

i will vouch for that method of learning.

Date: 2008/08/24 17:32:15, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (midwifetoad @ Aug. 18 2008,09:50)
I think this may reflect the story that if all the troubles of the world were put in a bucket and you could draw out anyone's, you would -- after reflection -- choose your own.


at 17yo, i spent a summer working with crippled children in a easter seal society camp.  the camp existed to give the children's parents a 10 day break from the 24/365 care they were giving.
on your worst day ever, you'll not be as bad off as the majority of those children were.
a seriously life changing summer.

i'd definitely choose my own troubles.

Date: 2008/09/08 18:39:10, Link
Author: rhmc
i've enjoyed the "discussion".  please continue.  
screw the volume.
turn it UP.

Date: 2008/09/10 19:08:04, Link
Author: rhmc
if memory serves me correctly, there were scientists involved in the manhatten project that were of the opinion that the first nuclear weapon would set the atmosphere on fire.

that's why we're all dead now and don't have to worry about the LHC.

Date: 2008/09/11 18:46:21, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (jeffox @ Sep. 10 2008,01:54)
Voting isn't so bad.  I've come to the realization that, as a borderline anarchist, my other option is to vote with my 20 gauge.  Since I also recognize Machaevalianism (sp.) for what it is, I'll stick to voting the normal way, for now.  :)

if you get over your apparent squeamishness, you could join my political group.

Date: 2008/09/11 19:05:03, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 11 2008,20:02)
I retract the word 'numbnuts'. It was undignified.

but highly accurate.

Date: 2008/09/12 15:17:51, Link
Author: rhmc
i live down river (and over one sound) from the Savannah River Site.  there have been many accidental releases of tritium into the savannah river...the mud around here has some really strange stuff in it.  a department of natural resources biologist i once knew said they'd not eat anything that lived in that river....

and i might live real close to a real hydrogen bomb, too.

ain't gummint carelessness a hoot?

Date: 2008/09/12 19:45:50, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Henry J @ Sep. 12 2008,16:41)
tritium has a half life of 12+ years.
Isotope Mass Half-life Mode of decay Nuclear spin Nuclear magnetic moment
3H 3.0160492675(11) 12.33 y Beta- to 3He  1/2  2.978960


it takes two days for a leak to reach the first drinking water intakes from the river....

Date: 2008/09/15 19:09:58, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Ftk @ Sep. 15 2008,13:46)
My personal feelings are that a child is innocent.  It did nothing deserving death.  

what about that original sin thing?

the sin that your god is going to send that child to hell for?

Date: 2008/10/14 16:44:25, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Daniel Smith @ Oct. 14 2008,15:03)
 I'm predicting they'll never find the answer.

Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.
- Lord Kelvin (1824-1907), ca. 1895, British mathematician and physicist possible combination of known substances, known forms of machinery, and known forms of force, can be united in a practical machine by which man shall fly long distances through the air...
- Simon Newcomb (1835-1909), astronomer, head of the U. S. Naval Observatory.

and a host of other "predictions".

enjoy.  :)

Date: 2008/10/16 19:15:35, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Nerull @ Oct. 16 2008,19:54)
"Joe the Plumber" has now had more press confrences than Sarah Palin.

probably has more foreign experience, too.

Date: 2008/10/30 19:37:09, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (khan @ Oct. 28 2008,19:15)
"There's got to be a pony here."

da.  :)

Date: 2008/11/29 18:55:28, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (stevestory @ Nov. 29 2008,19:51)
Quote (dnmlthr @ Nov. 29 2008,06:51)
Yay, one final down, one to go. Time to get drunk.

(thinks back to senior year: "zero down, 5 to go. Time to get drunk.")

yeah, i didn't do so good senior year....

but that last round of finals....nothing like it.  :)

Date: 2008/12/25 07:17:41, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Texas Teach @ Dec. 24 2008,23:44)
On a totally unrelated note, I'm at one of the Baylor-affiliated hospitals in Dallas with my pregnant wife (who's on medical bed rest for the holidays).  I know it's not quite the real thing, but I was wondering if I should send Dembski a gift from the cafeteria?  Maybe some jello?

just send him the receipt.  he'll understand the hint.

Date: 2008/12/29 17:03:17, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (khan @ Dec. 28 2008,21:50)
So god fucker, what is your 'scientific' explanation for my crippling arthritis?

original sin.

Date: 2008/12/29 19:51:40, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (khan @ Dec. 29 2008,18:13)
Why did I inherit mother's original sin, and not father's?

women are inherently evil, men are merely easily misled.

Date: 2009/01/01 06:32:08, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (khan @ Dec. 31 2008,22:32)
Should New Year's dinner be shrimp or gizzards?


gizzards in dirty rice, skrimps in a white sauce over the rice.

or skrimps'n'grits in the morning, fried gizzards for later...

Date: 2009/01/04 17:40:33, Link
Author: rhmc
S Dnem  Rozhdeniya, staryi perdun

Date: 2009/01/06 20:06:36, Link
Author: rhmc
we cook corned beef by boiling it with a bag of zatarain's crab boil.  
cool it, slice it thin.  
rye bread, swiss cheese, sauerkraut.

mmmmm.  rueben's for days.  :)

stock up at st. paddy's day.  they freeze well.

Date: 2009/01/10 19:18:56, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (carlsonjok @ Jan. 09 2009,16:44)
Johnny-come-latelys, both of you.

I wrote my first computer program on punch cards...

ditto on the punch cards.
ever drop a box? :)
spent one helluva night puttin' 'em back in order.

i first got involved, full time, in computers in 1983 for a computer store.
apple iie was already out.  as was the apple III.
(name three famous dogs:  lassie, rin-tin-tin and the apple III)
a 5mb hard drive for the III was a bit over $5,000.00

we also had a LISA for those that remember back that far.

the ibm pc-xt, the first mac all arrived shortly afterwards.
the mac was particularly slow compared to the xt.
apple rep said the delay was "reflective time".
gave you a few moments to think about what you were going to do next.  

still knee deep in it.  
modeled my career after the bofh with a bit of dogbert thrown in.

they don't call me the network nazi for nuttin'.

Date: 2009/01/10 19:46:53, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (khan @ Jan. 10 2009,20:44)
Punch cards, paper tape, acoustic couplers, printouts in lieu of monitors.

Posting since the Pleistocene.

about two years ago i finally threw out my 110baud acoustic coupled modem.  complete with foam lined suitcase.
the good old days.

Date: 2009/01/11 06:40:11, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Jan. 11 2009,00:12)
Old Cody Junior took me over,
said you gonna find the world is smolderin'...

don't go out tonight
it's bound to take your life
there's a bathroom on the right.  :)

Date: 2009/01/11 06:48:06, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Jan. 10 2009,20:55)
Naughty to compare a computer with hard drive running a character based interface to one using a GUI that lacks same.*

And stupid to design a computer with such a demanding interface without the possibility of RAM expansion or addition of a hard drive capable of high speed data transmission, as did Apple.

A Mac SE with 1 meg and internal hard drive (possible after Jobs was pushed out of Apple) did just fine next to a PC or AT. And an AT running Windows 3.0 was a sorry sight indeed.

(I've got a still-working 10 MB XT in my attic. The thing sounds like a 737 spooling up its engines when you turn it on.)

*The original Mac variable speed 400K floppy drives sang a wonderful tune that is hard to forget.

even the early mac would do things the pc series had no hope of duplicating but for those who merely wanted to mish-mash wordstar and miscalculate visicalc, the pc would run circles around mac.
winders 3.0 should have been running on the newly introduced 386 systems, not the old 6mhz AT (and windows 3.11 was the last operating system from billy boy that actually worked as advertised).

ah, the old days....netware, wordstar, OS/2, DOS...

Date: 2009/01/11 08:07:16, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Jan. 11 2009,08:44)

"Help, I've lost my icons.".

that still happens, or so i hear.  :)
thankfully, desktop woes are someone else's responsibility.

did you see where microsoft has given up on vista?

now if they'd also give up on that sham of a server operating system....and the endless patching of said crap...


Calls to mind a favorite palindrome: "Rats drown in Wordstar.".

someone who know the control keystrokes for wordstar could make that program do astonishing things and quickly, too.  none of that mouse movement crap when copying/moving/deleting text to slow things down.

them days are gone.  

i assume you're running some version of the leopard OS these days?

Date: 2009/01/11 18:32:36, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Jan. 11 2009,12:44)

mandavoshka  :)

Date: 2009/01/14 16:03:59, Link
Author: rhmc
cold snap coming.  weather the likes of not seen here in a decade.  temps in the mid 20's for a couple of nights and below freezing for a couple afterwards.

the pepper plants i have are gonna be crispy and brown when this is over so i harvested the last of the sweet peppers and a about a quart of red tabasco peppers.

i gently boiled the tabascos in a couple cups of white vinegar and then ran them through a blender til the peppers were all broken up.  
brought that concoction to a gentle boil yet again.
strained it through a fine mesh and now i have a quart jar of bright red tabasco sauce that will remove paint.  :)

i'll have to thin that out some for daily use but it won't last long around here....

now i've gotta go berm the bananas and other tender stuff.

i want me some global warming and i want it now.

Date: 2009/01/15 16:23:03, Link
Author: rhmc
profanity is merely the crutch of all inarticulate motherfuckers.

Date: 2009/01/18 18:57:56, Link
Author: rhmc
as to hand powered onion "dicers", i have two:  a wally world onion dicer that produces 1/4" sections of a veggie (works great for pico de gallo with peppers and maters).  that was in the $12 range .  
a bass pro shop gizmo that was designed to french fry taters.  it has two sizes of grid  and the larger is about 1/2  inch.  cost was in the $20 range (on sale).

it will fling onion sections across the room. :)

for stir fry, i still have to slice 'em by hand to get the correct size - 1X1 or larger, usually larger.

Date: 2009/01/19 19:26:57, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Zachriel @ Jan. 19 2009,18:38)
Davem: Gradualism always fails for me with the supposed evolution of the bat from a rodent like mammal. Why would webbed digits convey an advantage to a rodent, and why would that particular deformity repeat itself time and again resulting in larger webs and longer digits? ... Have you ever noticed that no one has attempted to depict a half bat-half rat creature hanging on a tree trunk?

Simmons, et al: "Flight first."

The shape of the wings suggests that an undulating gliding–fluttering flight style may be primitive for bats... Limb proportions and retention of claws on all digits indicate that the new bat may have been an agile climber that employed quadrupedal locomotion and under-branch hanging behaviour.

Nancy B. Simmons
Chair, Division of Vertebrate Zoology

dave ought to drop by my house and observe the multiple colonies of flying squirrels we have here.
we have bats, too.
kind of amusing to watch them both work out late in the evening.
examining them up close is instructive as well.
too bad the designer had to invent flying rodents twice.

Date: 2009/01/29 16:24:04, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Shirley Knott @ Jan. 29 2009,10:36)
I always follow my mother's advice:
Rule 1>never drink before noon
Rule 2>never specify the time zone

Shirley Knott

there are only two times when i drink.

daytime and nighttime.

Date: 2009/01/30 19:39:59, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 29 2009,23:22)
Florida is deeply weird. Deeply. Like chromozomically, DNA-level weird. It's a part of who we are. We are deeply wrong. Malfunctional on an atomic level. But it makes sense to us. We understand why we do what we do. We understand why has only one tag specific to a state, and we understand why that tag says Florida. We understand Adaptation. We don't even know what the big deal is. We understand Carl Hiassen and Dave Barry. It's just the same old, same old for us. A loose monkey throwing feces is hardly even newsworthy. It's SNAFU.

you people will never understand.
and if it's that bad, why do you allow your parents to move there?
situation normal, all florida up.  
us natives had to leave....those of us that are left.

or right.

Date: 2009/01/31 09:49:17, Link
Author: rhmc
perhaps i need a breathalizer attached to the keyboard.
what i though was humorous last night does not appear to be so in the light of sobriety.

Date: 2009/02/07 00:53:55, Link
Author: rhmc
Before the beginning, there was this turtle. And the turtle was alone...

don't crush that dwarf....?

Date: 2009/02/22 20:55:14, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (khan @ Feb. 21 2009,13:00)
Is there a medical term for this particular delusion?

i thought that definition had already been defined as "daniel".

Date: 2009/03/15 18:20:47, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (ERV @ Mar. 14 2009,21:57)
 And Im stuck here with fucking hogs in sport coats.

and a jug of fortyrod?

Date: 2009/03/17 20:34:00, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (rhmc @ Jan. 06 2009,21:06)
we cook corned beef by boiling it with a bag of zatarain's crab boil.  
cool it, slice it thin.  
rye bread, swiss cheese, sauerkraut.

mmmmm.  rueben's for days.  :)

stock up at st. paddy's day.  they freeze well.

seeing as how it's saint paddy's day once again in savannah...

and it was a zoo downtown today.  

a very attractive one as well....

Date: 2009/03/19 17:51:15, Link
Author: rhmc
not sure if these qualify as "science" but...  

Bill Would Allow Texas School to Grant Master's Degree in Science for Creationism

A Texas legislator is waging a war of biblical proportions against the science and education communities in the Lone Star State as he fights for a bill that would allow a private school that teaches creationism to grant a Master of Science degree in the subject.

State Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler) proposed House Bill 2800 when he learned that The Institute for Creation Research (ICR), a private institution that specializes in the education and research of biblical creationism, was not able to receive a certificate of authority from Texas' Higher Education Coordinating Board to grant Master of Science degrees.

Berman's bill would allow private, non-profit educational institutions to be exempt from the board’s authority.

“If you don’t take any federal funds, if you don’t take any state funds, you can do a lot more than some business that does take state funding or federal funding,” Berman says. “Why should you be regulated if you don’t take any state or federal funding?”

HB 2800 does not specifically name ICR; it would allow any institution that meets its criteria to be exempt from the board's authority. But Berman says ICR was the inspiration for the bill because he feels creationism is as scientific as evolution and should be granted equal weight in the educational community....

more here:,2933,509719,00.html

and then we have:

Creation Museum: Darwin Not Entirely Wrong
Thursday, March 19, 2009  

LOUISVILLE, Ky. —  A controversial Kentucky museum that trumpets the Bible story of creation and rejects evolution is making room for an odd guest: Charles Darwin.

A new exhibit at the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum argues that natural selection — Darwin's explanation for how species develop new traits over time — can coexist with the creationist assertion that all living things were created by God just a few thousand years ago.

"We wanted to show people that creationists believe in natural selection," said Ken Ham, founder of the Christian ministry Answers in Genesis and frequent Darwin critic...

more here:,2933,509800,00.html

Date: 2009/03/25 17:45:08, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Mar. 23 2009,00:45)
Quote (rhmc @ Mar. 19 2009,15:51)
“Why should you be regulated if you don’t take any state or federal funding?”

By that reasoning, if I owe taxes every April 15th and don't work for the government, I should be able to have people killed and drive as fast as I want.

sounds good to me.  now where did i leave that list...

Date: 2009/04/11 20:28:41, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Daniel Smith @ April 11 2009,20:40)
Every single person who espouses ID, has already accepted the possibility of an entity capable of producing life on this planet.  We who have done so, can infer means, motives and causal histories for that designer - you cannot.

so why are you afraid of the questions you've been asked?

where is your evidence?

Date: 2009/04/12 18:59:54, Link
Author: rhmc
i went to visit the 2nd most threatened river in the u.s.

we were at a place called sprewell's bluff.

saw birdsfoot violets, trout lillies and many native azaleas...lots of granite cliffs and some serious whitewater...

we were supposed to take a 2 day canoe trip down the river and take out at sprewell's bluff but the recent deluges swamped our plans.  river was way too high to canoe safely...hell, it ain't all that safe at much lower levels.

'twere just as well as friday evening severe thunderstorms with embedded tornadoes swept through the area.  

tent camping isn't very reassuring in those conditions.
granma's house was much more comfortable...

we'll try again in early summer....

Date: 2009/04/13 19:02:01, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Daniel Smith @ April 13 2009,19:19)
Quote (rhmc @ April 11 2009,18:28)
Quote (Daniel Smith @ April 11 2009,20:40)
Every single person who espouses ID, has already accepted the possibility of an entity capable of producing life on this planet.  We who have done so, can infer means, motives and causal histories for that designer - you cannot.

so why are you afraid of the questions you've been asked?

where is your evidence?

Which questions are you talking about?

If it's questions about "teh flud" or child molestation, I think your answer is self-evident.

the flood would be a question that you've continued to dodge.  

you've been asked many others as well that you have refused to answer.


Date: 2009/04/17 21:31:38, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (rhmc @ April 13 2009,20:02)
Quote (Daniel Smith @ April 13 2009,19:19)
Quote (rhmc @ April 11 2009,18:28)
Quote (Daniel Smith @ April 11 2009,20:40)
Every single person who espouses ID, has already accepted the possibility of an entity capable of producing life on this planet.  We who have done so, can infer means, motives and causal histories for that designer - you cannot.

so why are you afraid of the questions you've been asked?

where is your evidence?

Which questions are you talking about?

If it's questions about "teh flud" or child molestation, I think your answer is self-evident.

the flood would be a question that you've continued to dodge.  

you've been asked many others as well that you have refused to answer.


why are you not attempting to answer the questions?

Date: 2009/04/22 19:50:39, Link
Author: rhmc
molly mating mystery

Researchers have proposed an explanation for how three species of tiny fish manage to coexist despite having seemingly incompatible modes of reproduction, according to a study published in Oikos last week.

The Amazon molly (Poecilia formosa) is an asexually reproducing species in which females produce only female clones via parthenogenesis. To initiate embryogenesis, however, Amazon mollies require sperm from the males of one of two closely related, but sexually reproducing, species sharing their habitats in southern Texas and northern Mexico -- the sailfin molly (Poecilia latipinna) or the shortfin molly (Poecilia mexicana).

Ecological theory predicts that such species living as a complex in nature are doomed because population growth in the asexual species should overwhelm the metapopulation with females. That in turn would lead to a shortage of sperm and a collapse of the entire system. The ecological model proposed in the study suggests that with the right mating behavior in males, the arrangement could work.

"It's an interesting paper in terms of highlighting this problem," Laurence Loewe, a University of Edinburgh evolutionary biologist, told The Scientist. "But I'm not so sure they solved it."

While the model may not completely answer the question of how the mollies defy ecological theory and manage to coexist, it is one of the few solutions yet proposed.

Hanna Kokko, an evolutionary ecologist at Helsinki University in Finland who led the research, based her mathematical model on the idea that if male members of the two sexual species are able to discriminate between females of their own species and females of the asexual species, the complex has a better chance of persisting. Males would mate with their own females more often than providing sperm for their asexual cousins. The model additionally suggests that if males are also relatively efficient -- that is, they can continue servicing both sexual and a few asexual females as population numbers rise -- the three species should be able to get along.

And get along they do, though the system does collapse, with molly species going locally extinct on the average of once every four years, Kokko told The Scientist. Populations rebuild themselves, though, and the asexually and sexually reproducing species continue their mate sharing, an arrangement that has persisted for as long as 25,000 years. The Amazon molly, likely the result of a hybridization event between its two host species, has already existed for about as long as an asexual species is predicted to hang around, Kokko explained. Asexual species should theoretically accumulate deleterious mutations at a much faster rate than sexually reproducing species due to a lack of gene recombination.

Another important factor in keeping the species complex going may be how the fish species share their watery habitats. Spatially complex structures, such as tree limbs and rock bottoms, may provide molly species with the opportunity to divide up their local habitats and limit interaction between males and asexual females. Kokko said that although her current model does not account for this spatial partitioning, she and her colleagues did address that aspect in a paper published last year in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. That model suggested that the coexistence of asexual and sexual mollies could be explained by habitat partitioning alone.

But all three factors -- male discrimination, male efficiency, and spatial factors -- likely play a role, according to Kokko. "My gut feeling is that the spatial aspect could actually prove quite important," she said. The two sexual species also have broader home ranges, one stretching northward into the US and the other southward into Central America, where the asexual species do not occur. "That would mean there would be a reservoir of sexual species that the asexuals could not endanger," Loewe said.

Date: 2009/04/23 19:19:28, Link
Author: rhmc
found a 4' black racer in the yard.  it was playing the "i'm a rattler" game.  it must be after the bumper crop of anoles and skinks we had last summer.

the last two michelia figo blooms of the season opened today.
no banana ever smelled that good.

Date: 2009/04/29 18:02:51, Link
Author: rhmc
"Chemical 'caterpillar' points to electronics-free robots

A chemical gel that can walk like an inchworm, or looper caterpillar has been demonstrated in a Japanese robotics lab.

The video above shows the material in action. It was created in the Shuji Hashimoto applied physics laboratory at Waseda University, Tokyo.

Shingo Maeda and colleagues made the colour-changing, motile gel by combining polymers that change in size depending on their chemical environment. This is based on an oscillating chemical reaction called the Belousov–Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction. The result is an autonomous material that moves without electronic stimulation.

The BZ reaction is one of a class of chemical systems in which the concentration of one or more compounds periodically increases and decreases. As well as producing stunning patterns (video), it can even be used to perform calculations using a dish containing the pulsing patterns as a chemical brain...."

Date: 2009/05/02 20:35:29, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ May 02 2009,20:31)
Answer the question.

Was the world population of humans down to 8 people at one time or not? Forget about the flood, you obviously are too scared to talk about that. Just answer the question, yes or no.

Did all but 8 people die less then 10,000 years ago or not?

so i, too, ask:  Did all but 8 people die less then 10,000 years ago or not?

and, the bonus question: why is daniel so afraid of theoldman's questions?

Date: 2009/05/03 09:38:54, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Louis @ May 03 2009,05:07)
1) No. (There was a bottleneck, but from what we can tell it was a bottleneck much less narrow than 8 people)

any estimates available on how narrow a bottleneck that was?

Date: 2009/05/03 19:33:11, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Daniel Smith @ May 03 2009,17:37)
I don't read oldman's posts.  I've explained my reasons for this several times.  He knows that but just keeps on posting anyway.  Same with Louis.

both have posed valid questions.  

to be honest, it kinda looks like you can't answer them and that's why you claim you don't read their posts.

so, instead of reading their posts, here's two questions:

where is the evidence for the biblical flood?

where is the genetic evidence of a human population of only 8 people from which all of us descend?

Date: 2009/05/08 20:37:21, Link
Author: rhmc
so no flood data and no bottleneck data.


ya'll done broke another one.

Date: 2009/05/09 09:09:39, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (JonF @ May 09 2009,09:29)
Whut's a CBEB?

one of the places it's mentioned:



1:55 am
I’m running out of naming options for these increasingly sick people. I started out a month ago with Church Burners. Then I had to add Ebola Boys. Church Burning Ebola Boys. Now what - Church Burning Baby Butchering Ebola Boys? That’s too long. Too unwieldy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Date: 2009/05/11 19:04:21, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Daniel Smith @ May 09 2009,13:10)
Quote (rhmc @ May 03 2009,17:33)
Quote (Daniel Smith @ May 03 2009,17:37)
I don't read oldman's posts.  I've explained my reasons for this several times.  He knows that but just keeps on posting anyway.  Same with Louis.

both have posed valid questions.  

to be honest, it kinda looks like you can't answer them and that's why you claim you don't read their posts.

so, instead of reading their posts, here's two questions:

where is the evidence for the biblical flood?

where is the genetic evidence of a human population of only 8 people from which all of us descend?

I've covered this several times.

I did not come here to debate the flood.... 

...I came here to point out the fact that the atheists here do not know how life came to be, do not know how life evolved, and ignore its obvious design.In conclusion, the atheistic position, as it has been expressed here, is one characterized by narrow mindedness, cowardice, a lack of knowledge, willful ignorance and extreme bias.  Add to that a healthy dose of judgmental egotism and you'll accurately describe the average atheist posting here.


perhaps, but the one thing those "atheists" have presented is something called evidence.

evolution occurs and can be shown to occur.

please show us your evidence.

Date: 2009/05/14 20:34:55, Link
Author: rhmc
Chemists see first building blocks to life on Earth

PARIS (AFP) – British scientists said on Wednesday that they had figured out key steps in the process by which life on Earth may have emerged from a seething soup of simple chemicals.

Genetic information in living organisms today is held in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the famous "double helix" molecule of sugar, phosphate and a base.

But DNA is too sophisticated to have popped up in an instant, and one avenue of thought says its single-stranded cousin, ribonucleic acid, or RNA, came first.

RNA plays a key role in making proteins and, in viruses, is used to store genetic code.

It is chemically similar to DNA but is simpler and tougher in structure, and thus looks like a good candidate for Earth's first information-coding nucleic acid.

But for all its allure, the "RNA first" theory has run into practical problems.

Its three ingredients -- the base, ribose sugar and phosphate -- must have formed separately and then combined to form the molecule, according to conventional thinking.

Critics, though, say that RNA, while somewhat simpler than DNA, is still a complex molecule and could not have been assembled spontaneously.

These doubters have been comforted by the failure to find any feasible chain of chemical events to explain how the three components all came together.

But a paper published in the British journal Nature by University of Manchester chemists puts forward a different explanation.

The team, led by Professor John Sutherland, venture that an RNA-like synthesis took place through a series of chemical reactions and an important intermediate substance.

Their lab model uses starting materials and environmental conditions that are believed to have been around in early Earth and are also used in the standard "RNA first" scenario.

Their theory starts with a simple sugar called glycolaldehyde, which reacts with cyanmide (a compound of cyanide and ammonia) and phosphate to produce an intermediate compound called 2-aminooxazole.

Gentle warming from the Sun and cooling at night help purify the 2-aminooxazole, turning it into a plentiful precursor which contributes the sugar and base portions of the new ribonucleotide molecule.

The presence of phosphate and ultraviolet light from the Sun complete the synthesis.

In a commentary also published by Nature, US molecular biologist Jack Szostak hailed the research as an elegant explanation as to why the sugar and base would not have to form separately before forming the new molecule.

"It will stand for years as one of the great advances in prebiotic chemistry," the term for the study of the chemical processes that led to life on Earth, he enthused.

Opinions vary as to when the first organisms appeared on Earth.

One estimate, based on fossilised mats of bacteria found in Australia, is that this happened around 3.8 billion years ago, around 700 million years after the planet was formed.

Date: 2009/05/21 16:56:56, Link
Author: rhmc
not wildlife seen but wildlife anticipated to be seen,
the wife is spending a week with the Caretta Research project:

Since 1973, the Caretta Research Project has been a hands-on research and conservation program dedicated to protecting the Loggerhead Seat Turtle, Caretta caretta.

The three goals of the project are:

To learn more about the population levels and trends / nesting habits of loggerhead turtles
To enhance survival of eggs and hatchlings on a nesting beach, and
To involve people in turtle preservation.
Each year, for 16 weeks during the summer, groups of volunteers travel to the beaches of Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge near Savannah, Georgia, USA. The volunteers monitor egg-laying activity / hatching rates and collect data on the loggerhead turtles...

Date: 2009/05/24 12:00:36, Link
Author: rhmc

Date: 2009/05/31 20:00:28, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ May 31 2009,16:14)
AND Vikings!

they're in minnesota?

Date: 2009/05/31 20:35:57, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ May 31 2009,18:02)
After you have a record of substantive, topical interaction, you can request full member privileges, which include topic creation and editing your comments.

i think i see where my issue with the edit button mai lai.


Date: 2009/06/02 21:24:35, Link
Author: rhmc
referencing the dylan discussion above:
my eldest child (19 yr old male) just brought home an armload of vinyl that belongs to his main squeeze's parent.  
said sqeeze is seriously xtian.
as are parental units.
armload is of serious thumper soft rock.
one of the albums is dylan's "slow train coming".
unfamiliar with that album.
artwork looks xtian.

one is barry mcguire's "lighten up" album with "eve of destruction".  
there's another mcguire on which i recognize nothing.

we are tasked with converting to cd.
i be has isb turntable.
i am considering what to slide onto said cd's as payment.

eagles "last resort"?
inxs "dear god"?

and what exactly what does it mean when one is trotting out all the old heavy metal from one's childhood and the chirrens say "enough lawrence welk, play something heavy..."

Date: 2009/06/03 15:47:00, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (clamboy @ June 02 2009,23:55)
Quote (rhmc @ June 02 2009,21:24)
inxs "dear god"?

I am thinking you mean XTC, not INXS.

u b rite.

Date: 2009/06/03 16:21:30, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ June 03 2009,17:03)
of course if you go full bore death metal they just fast forward it or throw it away...  

that's why i'm leaning towards "the last resort".

musically soothing.  

they'll get at least halfway through it.

i thought about telling them that i'd provide cd's without if they could tell me the last line....that would perhaps ensure they'd listen to all of it.

Date: 2009/06/05 18:26:58, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Alan Fox @ June 05 2009,19:13)
It all stops being a burden when they get older, apparently!

someone has lied to you....

Date: 2009/06/07 06:00:42, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (AmandaHuginKiss @ June 07 2009,00:52)

the "ID movement" needs a good flush.

Date: 2009/06/07 12:02:04, Link
Author: rhmc
they should all be punished.

Date: 2009/06/07 19:52:00, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Texas Teach @ June 07 2009,14:40)
The parts of the south I'm familiar with: Arkansas (where I was raised), Texas, Tennessee (but almost exclusively Memphis), Mississippi, and Alabama use "you" as the singular and "y'all" as the plural.  "All y'all" is used infrequently when one needs something expansive and inclusive of a large group (all of you).

thass 'bout right.
lessen the neighbors are from lanner or parts nawth of there'bouts.
then the correct terminology is "yanqi scum".
which is both singular and plural.

Date: 2009/06/27 08:55:23, Link
Author: rhmc
we saw a roseate spoonbill in the central part of the georgia coast (macintosh county).  they aren't supposed to be this far north...

Date: 2009/06/27 09:01:50, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (khan @ June 26 2009,16:57)
Quote (midwifetoad @ June 25 2009,23:24)
Quote (Henry J @ June 19 2009,22:49)
Carnivorous mushrooms? Sounds like some fun guys.

I had a cat die from a fungal growth in his sinus cavity. Very expensive and very sad.

My cat had a sinus infection, nothing in or out for 2 days.  Vet saved him with fluids & antibiotics.

i've had the same infection for the past week.  finally getting over it.

'twas sour mash whisky that saved me...

Date: 2009/07/03 20:52:35, Link
Author: rhmc
ah, yes.  the chevette.  
girl i knew who owned one referred to it as a "shove-ette".  
your basic GM p.o.s.

Date: 2009/07/16 18:24:53, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Henry J @ July 15 2009,16:06)
I hope k.e.. gets well soon...

or starts to share

Date: 2009/07/18 17:01:53, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ July 18 2009,14:42)
From the Shameless Self-Promotion Department:

My review of Kevin Roose's Unlikely Disciple is up at Carnal Nation, and I'd appreciate a little love.

my mother was a student of BJU (jeebus- surely not her...) as was her year older brother in the early 50's.  

they would stroll the campus holding hands just to get the faculty to riled up.

odd to think of one's parents as rebels...

after her year there, she transferred to FSU right before it went co-ed.

Date: 2009/07/18 17:02:51, Link
Author: rhmc
i'd really like an edit button as proof reading prior to posting is for lesser beings...

Date: 2009/07/25 19:43:35, Link
Author: rhmc
do you "skin" the tongue?  

i've a grocers nearby that has cow tongue every now and again but the recipe i've seen starts with "skinning the tongue".

Date: 2009/07/27 20:09:17, Link
Author: rhmc
Lycosidae of some flavor.  way cool with the babies.

we seem to get H. carolinensis inside sometimes.
had one live in the hall closet for weeks.
would only see it at night when it was roaming the hallway.
dunno what it lived on.
'twas big enough to tackle one of the cats...

Date: 2009/07/31 20:40:03, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ July 31 2009,17:13)
The man is into vinyl.

Broken records, specifically.

ell oh ell

i cackled aloud several times on this thread but rb got the first one.


Date: 2009/08/08 08:53:01, Link
Author: rhmc
does the problem only appear when running outlook and a browser?

Date: 2009/08/13 17:50:09, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Aug. 13 2009,17:07)
probly should go on the wall....

and this too...a well done ploy on phishing expeditions

Date: 2009/08/16 19:39:47, Link
Author: rhmc
south georgia caviar = okra

that particular flavor of hibiscus has bloomed here and is providing pods a plenty.

plants are approaching 8 feet tall - yes, 8 feet - and we're beginning to share pods with the neighbors as we cannot eat it all.

fried okra, microwaved with basil, grilled, eaten raw, boiled, warmed with tomatoes....


those big white seeds....

Date: 2009/08/18 07:57:23, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Doc Bill @ Aug. 16 2009,17:28)
...Then it's got to be a Chick flick.

so you do know Jack.

Date: 2009/08/21 19:43:01, Link
Author: rhmc
luna moth

Date: 2009/08/24 17:46:22, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Aug. 24 2009,05:11)
Ice cold beer is mandatory!

is that even possible in ye merry olde england?

Date: 2009/09/10 11:43:00, Link
Author: rhmc
did the turkles hatch yet?

Date: 2009/09/19 19:14:24, Link
Author: rhmc
the 'pillar would appear to be one of the Hyles gallii flavors....


Date: 2009/09/24 05:10:44, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Sep. 24 2009,05:54)
Yeah, why did he post (1) an article that proved the Flood couldn't be local, and (2) an article that proved the Flood couldn't be global. Take those together, what's left?

What's left, Henry J?  Nothing's left, of course, if the skeptics are correct.   (The operative term being "if.")

But there are some TE's (and OEC's) out there who think they can escape the anti-Flood skeptics merely by claiming that the Noahic Flood was somehow "local."  

So the purpose of the Secular Blasphemy article was to show that those TE's (and OEC's) are quite mistaken on that point, and that they have as much work cut out for them WRT the skeptics, as those who believe in the Global Noahic Flood.


other than an ancient tale, you've yet to provide any proof of a world wide flood.

i'd settle for an explanation of where all the water came from and where it is now.

Date: 2009/09/24 05:45:04, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Sep. 24 2009,06:35)
other than an ancient tale, you've yet to provide any proof of a world wide flood.

Nor has Henry provided you any proof of a merely local flood.  As for me, I will not be attempting to prove the global Noahic Flood in this thread.  


i'd settle for an explanation of where all the water came from and where it is now.

Where it came from:

Where did it go:


ell oh ell.  nice links.

that's certainly 10lbs of stupid in a 5lb bag.

so, no evidence of a flood, just some wild ass guesses.

when you resort to magic, all things are "possible".


ETA:  you're the one who claims that the flud was world wide and if one does not believe it, one is not a christian yet you offer no proof of said world wide event.  at least nothing more that those highly amusing "theories" you linked to.

Date: 2009/09/25 18:55:09, Link
Author: rhmc
me no like water lizards...but gators are much better than them aussie crocs...more survivors of attacks in this hemisphere...

Date: 2009/09/27 14:53:23, Link
Author: rhmc
it's surely been amusing to watch the stupidity flow by...the links to the "answers" to the flud were highly amusing.  

another science FL doesn't quite grasp is physics.  

but i suspect ya'll have done broke another won't be back...

Date: 2009/09/30 15:09:58, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Sep. 30 2009,10:56)
That one poster asked for an explanation of "where did the water come from" and "where did the water go" and I simply supplied the links, but that's all for that.

links.  har.

you might as well said "it's majick" as the links were a joke.

care to estimate how much energy would be released in the period of time those links referred to?

Date: 2009/09/30 17:36:11, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Louis @ Sep. 30 2009,17:14)
Ooooh are we having super-steamed fauna for brunch again?

niet.  down south here, one steams the flora and fries the fauna.

Date: 2009/10/01 16:04:06, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Oct. 01 2009,11:08)
floyd do you also go by Daniel Smith?

>snort, snort<

Date: 2009/10/01 17:26:36, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 01 2009,18:11)
The fact is, believing in any god is not rational....

Hmmm.   Just gotta comment on that one.
For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.

----Rom. 1:20

Believing in God is a VERY rational act because you would be basing that decision on observational evidence, as Romans 1:20 makes clear.

In fact, it's so rational that anybody who chooses to adopt atheism or agnosticism is WITHOUT EXCUSE for doing so.  Something to think about, for sure.

Hope you're not an atheist or agnostic, Robin.....!

i have seen no god, clearly or otherwise, nor any proof of one.  

so if you gots it, trots it on out.

Date: 2009/10/07 09:08:08, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 07 2009,09:49)
You may want to go back to the first line of Deadman's "simple three line proof."
1.  The Pope is a Christian.

Now show me where I have disputed that specific premise at any time in this thread.  Good luck.

you don't dispute the pope's christianity and since we know the pope says evolution is not
incompatible with christianity, you have just scored an "own goal".

thanks.  it's been amusing.

Date: 2009/10/07 10:57:30, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 07 2009,10:40)
you don't dispute the pope's christianity and since we know the pope says evolution is not incompatible with christianity, you have just scored an "own goal".
thanks.  it's been amusing.

Not good enough, Rhmc.  Not sufficient.
(You) cannot reconcile evolution with Christianity simply by declaring that many people see no conflict.

The issue is whether they have a sound basis for their opinions.

----evolutionist J. Rosenhouse, eSkeptic website, Oct 10, 2007

yes it is.  you've shot yourself in both feet.  

again, thanks, it's been amusing.  :)

ETA:  as has been pointed out repeatedly, you've not provided a sound basis for your opinions either.  

and what about that water question, eh?

Date: 2009/10/12 16:19:40, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 12 2009,00:06)
(Emerson Lake and Palmer's "Hoedown" )

i would have thought that "brain salad surgery" would have been a better choice for this thread.

Date: 2009/10/12 16:36:16, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Maya @ Oct. 12 2009,17:11)
Is "shitload" a medical term?

it's definitely a southern medical term.

and you owe me a new keyboard.  :)

Date: 2009/10/12 19:17:13, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 12 2009,19:42)
But when you say something "could not exclude a role for God", then suddenly God becomes required for that particular something.  You don't get to drop Him.

wrong.  again.

Date: 2009/10/14 18:39:44, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 14 2009,18:29)
So you have God "guiding evolution" but at the same time, making it look like evolution is "a completely mindless process" (EB3), therefore making the situation look as if he's trying to deceive us humans.

so all the geologic evidence laying around that points quite clearly to an earth much older than 6,000 years, not to mention all them "bones" that humans keep diggin' up of creatures that clearly appear to have evolved from earlier forms is not evidence of efforts by a creator to decieve humans?

Date: 2009/10/21 15:10:44, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 21 2009,15:40)
Tell all about how ID is valid science, wouldja?

Reading comprehension, mis amigos----go back and read the previous post that discusses when that topic will be presented.  Gracias!

previous FloydLee: "Sometime Friday evening CST, will present the "ID is Science" argument.  "

so i guess he's gonna show us how ID is not valid science.  :)

Date: 2009/10/23 21:38:42, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 23 2009,11:28)
All four of those items would require supernatural action.  

oh ho, it's majick!!!

Date: 2009/10/23 21:42:05, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 23 2009,11:01)
Unanswered questions.  Whatever the answers, they must have been quite severe, to have gotten you to his point.


what a hoot.  severe indeed.

Date: 2009/10/23 21:52:53, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Oct. 23 2009,21:39)
Stop saying STFU to Jesus


Floyd are you drinking tonight?  do you ever drink alcohol?  just curious.

only if it doesn't flow downhill.

Date: 2009/10/26 06:58:00, Link
Author: rhmc
i appreciated spongle's banning as being:

Implying that most members here were to stupid to get it.

Date: 2009/10/26 18:35:23, Link
Author: rhmc
this has been truly fascinating.

i can't wait for the "ID as science" portion.  :)

Date: 2009/10/29 17:35:14, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (dnmlthr @ Oct. 29 2009,14:46)
Are you sure you've sobered up yet? I'm not 100% sure that's a good idea...

the photo or sobering up?

Date: 2009/11/03 16:48:22, Link
Author: rhmc
after a week or so of strong easterly winds, we get those clumps of sargassum weed, too.
take a five gallon bucket and scoop up a clump of weed out of the water and then look at all the stuff that falls out. into the water in the bucket.
quite interesting. weird little beasties.  shake the weed and more falls out, pick it apart and even more shows up.

we also spend a fair amount of time throwing cast nets in shallow waters and that'll drag up stuff you've only seen in pictures, too.
a seine on the beaches will drag up bigger stuff that's pretty cool too.

i love this area.  :)

we send the unusual specimens to a UM ichthyologist down in key west.  he only wants two of each, gets harder every year to fill up a gallon jar of stuff to send....

Date: 2009/11/05 13:25:38, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Nov. 05 2009,14:17)
I think the two points are that:

you won't answer questions.  pretty funny stuff.

absolutely fascinating, though.  

your refusal to deal with the gaping logical holes poked through your shabby belief system is quite revealing as to your psychological make up.

Date: 2009/11/05 13:55:15, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Nov. 05 2009,14:32)
you won't answer questions.

Already answered two of Ogre's.  Can't even get him to admit he's not read the book.

How about you?  You read it?  Yes or no?

how about the several hundred questions you've dodged in the past 98 pages?  

you answer those, i'll answer yours.

Date: 2009/11/06 20:28:19, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Nov. 06 2009,13:29)
I originally learned Forth on, I shit you not, a TI 99/4a in about 1983.

laserwriters and ti 99/4a

back when the hottest personal computers were the ibm pc and the apple iii.

then LISA.
then the mac in '84

ahhhh.  those were the days my friend....

resistance was futile.  we've all been assimilated.

Date: 2009/11/07 18:14:49, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Nov. 07 2009,19:03)
they want your soooooooooul!

the princess bride?  andre the giant at the castle gates?



you've been mostly dead all day....

Date: 2009/11/10 19:34:09, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Nov. 10 2009,20:26)
Quote (keiths @ Nov. 10 2009,20:15)
Quote (REC @ Nov. 10 2009,14:12)
Is "sorting laundry" a strange Canadian euphemism?

And how does one "have problems" doing it?

She must have intended "snorting laundry." That's always a problem.

ahhh, not necessarily...i've inhaled the fragrance from several pairs of pa....

never mind.

Date: 2009/11/15 17:08:42, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Nov. 15 2009,17:35)
...i think i have an active one...

i wonder if there's amusement to be had for those who can "pull it off" in creating a sock, getting through the moderators to be able to post and then, after a bit of time, passing the sock off to the needy sockless.

Date: 2009/11/20 21:44:34, Link
Author: rhmc

ya'll done broke another one.

what are the chances floyd can be lured back?

i like having an easy tard source.  this driving around looking for a score is tough on the mouse...

Date: 2009/11/24 17:04:33, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (REC @ Nov. 24 2009,17:37)
Dembski's Taint

On "The Taint of Intellegent Design"

Umm…I might rephrase the title.'t
Or….maybe its entirely appropriate.

the first response was spot on.  

so to speak.

Date: 2009/11/27 15:20:15, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Tony M Nyphot @ Nov. 27 2009,13:09)
Quote (deadman_932 @ Nov. 26 2009,14:42)
Mmmm beer and Irish whiskey...

...add Bailey's and you can blow up autos.

add bailey's and you'll see eric clapton...

Date: 2009/12/07 21:38:25, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ Dec. 07 2009,16:50)
ETA: Anyone added this to FSTDT yet?

thanks for the link.  :)

Date: 2009/12/08 21:00:41, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ Dec. 08 2009,11:09)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Dec. 08 2009,02:58)
Quote (rhmc @ Dec. 08 2009,03:38)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Dec. 07 2009,16:50)
ETA: Anyone added this to FSTDT yet?

thanks for the link.  :)

WOW! I feel dizzy now...

Sorry fellas. FDA regulations clearly stipulate that warning labels should be attached to all links to FSTDT. I totally dropped the ball on that one.

yeah, there is some serious ass hattery goin' on in that site.  
swmbo took a look and said some of them were "dumber than a headless chicken".

it's not the high grade tard-ore found in other sites but it is tailings of a high enough grade to make one want to drown most of humanity.

Date: 2009/12/19 18:09:44, Link
Author: rhmc
is that the same Daniel Smith who visited here in the not too distant past?

Date: 2009/12/23 09:27:41, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ Dec. 23 2009,10:18)
ah, the return of the zombie part 52.


yes.  something to amuse us during the solstice celebrations.


Date: 2009/12/30 19:38:32, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Zachriel @ Dec. 30 2009,08:33)
Otters vs. Crocodiles

from that link:  this one time, I was walking home and a gang of otters stole my wallet.

Date: 2009/12/30 19:47:08, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Bob O'H @ Dec. 28 2009,17:57)
Anyone know who Why the Hat is? (read the comments)  Sounds like someone who knows about church burnin' etc.

I followed a link from a blog that I won't link to, because I don't want to send the guy any traffic. :-)

i really liked this part:

Flag Comment Posted by Why the Hat on December 29, 2009 at 8:12 am
…  Beck seems to be a philosopher who neglected to ever read philosophy.  It goes a long way in explaining his long tenure at Liberty.  It isolates him from a “questioning” world.  He is not alone!
 Geza Roheim wrote… “Culture consists in the sum total of efforts we make to avoid being unhappy ... defense systems against anxiety are the stuff that it is made of”...
 The world of human aspiration is largely fictitious, and if we do not understand this we understand nothing about man.  But, at what level of illusion is man best suited to happily exist?  That, it seems to me, is the question we argue over and over when we discuss all things Liberty University.
 As Ernest Becker put it,  “Man’s freedom is a fabricated freedom, and he pays a price for it.  He must at all times defend the utter fragility of his delicately constituted fiction…. DENY its artificiality.“  [see: Ark expedition]
 THAT is precisely what we see in the L to the E and in the thinking of johnfl, Billy, Beck, cool and the rest of the gang from LU.  A culture, a fictitious system of reality modification (learned behavior and thinking) that they must protect despite its obvious absurdity in the light of modern science, anthropology, physics, psychology and “common sense”.... or they would go mad.
 It’s no small thing to lose ones protection from the reality that we are living in a world where one culture is ALWAYS a potential menace to another because it is a living example that life can go on quite well within a value framework totally alien to one’s own.  That is precisely WHY we mock the culture of others.
...“The tragic bind that man is peculiarly in… the basic paradox of his existence is that unlike other animals he has an awareness of himself as a unique individual on the one hand… and on the other he is the only animal in nature who knows he will die.“—-
 With rising levels of anxiety (cultural, economic, social, existential) comes the feverish attempt to hold together a fraying fiction of security.  THAT is fundamentalism… root and branch.  That is precisely what we see in Liberty and in Lynchburg to a degree that many of us find startling.
 In short, we get to observe a foreign and wholly alien “culture” within a larger and very different culture from the comfort of our homes… without traveling and without painful vaccinations.  We are in effect (or can be)... Anthropologists all.

Date: 2009/12/30 20:07:43, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Badger3k @ Dec. 30 2009,20:14)

Would you question the bibble?

get it right, it's "babble".

damn heretic.

Date: 2009/12/31 09:13:06, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Bjarne @ Dec. 31 2009,08:35)
I did stumble over Panda's Thumb, when I looked for sources about the Evolution-Creationism debate in the States, as this topic gets increasingly important over here.

what kind of interest are you seeing in the evolution/creation discussions?  
from students?  the media?  the general populace?

we bees curious.

Date: 2010/01/01 22:25:44, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (The Wayward Hammer @ Jan. 01 2010,17:06)
Some shots near my house.  Flamingos - I thought they only came in the plastic variety.  Also, a spoonbill.

On flickr:My Webpage

so how far south are ewe?

ibis seen a few spoonbills around

got a couple of broken ceramic flamingos in the shrubs

rails and storks abound

eta: eye kant spill

Date: 2010/01/03 18:41:28, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (RDK @ Jan. 03 2010,18:11)
Quote (EyeNoU @ Jan. 03 2010,14:52)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 03 2010,10:30)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Jan. 03 2010,18:06)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 03 2010,10:38)
Quote (EyeNoU @ Jan. 03 2010,14:32)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 03 2010,02:43)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Jan. 03 2010,05:56)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 02 2010,19:25)
Quote (EyeNoU @ Jan. 02 2010,17:40)
Quote (k.e.. @ Dec. 31 2009,23:41)
Quote (sledgehammer @ Jan. 01 2010,03:45)
Quote (fnxtr @ Dec. 31 2009,10:48)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Dec. 31 2009,09:47)
Quote (RDK @ Dec. 31 2009,11:24)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Dec. 31 2009,08:37)
Quote (didymos @ Dec. 31 2009,08:36)
Quote (Zachriel @ Dec. 31 2009,06:04)
Quote (afarensis @ Dec. 31 2009,07:21)
Quote (RDK @ Dec. 31 2009,00:04)
Quote (k.e.. @ Dec. 30 2009,22:17)
Quote (rhmc @ Dec. 31 2009,03:38)
Quote (Zachriel @ Dec. 30 2009,08:33)
Otters vs. Crocodiles

from that link:  this one time, I was walking home and a gang of otters stole my wallet.

You should have pelted them.

Come on now, boys, we otter stop these puns before they get out of control.  You remember what happened last time?

Sure, just weasel out of it...

That was otterly uncalled for.

Objection! Badgering the poster!

That's Stoatally out of order..

The magnificent Richardhughes joins the fray!  May I be so kind as to ask for your ottergraph?

Hmmm. I'll have to mink about that one.


Ferrets better to give than recieve at this time of year.
< snip Lee Majors>

He was married to Ferret Fossa-Majors, wasn't he?

Furry interestink, but not very punny.

That's because you're pussy footing around

That was a catty remark. Was it done on purr-pose?

Oh noes, notter anotter one.

Alright, clam up youse guys.

Where's your muscle, chowderhead?

Oy.sterring up trouble still?

He's in for a shellacking.

Concha give it a rest?

I was relion on you

Shucks. They're just pearls of wisdom.

Goddammit private, what did I say about those jokes?  Just wave and kiss your ass bi,son.

just another spat

Date: 2010/01/06 17:30:26, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (dvunkannon @ Jan. 06 2010,18:26)
...she makes a handy mouthpiece.

that's quite a visual.

where's the bleach?

Date: 2010/01/09 10:33:39, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Jan. 08 2010,20:19)
Have you ever seen a horse fly?

Did you ever see an elephant fly?
- Well, I've seen a horsefly.
Ah, I've seen a dragonfly.
I've seen a housefly.
See, I've seen all that too.
I've seen a peanut stand and heard a rubber band.
I seen a needle that winked its eye.
But I be done seen about ever'thing
When I see a elephant fly
- What'd you say, boy?  
- I said when I see a elephant fly
I seen a front porch swing
heard a diamond ring
I seen a polka-dot railroad tie
But I be done seen 'bout ever'thing
When I see a elephant fly
I saw a clotheshorse
He rear up and buck
And they tell me that a man made a vegetable truck
I didn't see that I only heard
Just to be sociable I'll take your word
I heard a fireside chat
I saw a baseball bat
And I just laughed till I thought I'd die
But I be done seen 'bout ever'thing
When I see a elephant fly...

Date: 2010/01/23 18:31:21, Link
Author: rhmc
"The sun is the same in a relative way
but you're older..."

as are we all.  

may you enjoy many more journeys around our star

Date: 2010/01/29 10:51:22, Link
Author: rhmc
even fred thinks it's a darwinist conspiracy.

no proof of his being expelled over questions that i can find but the claim is enough, da?

Date: 2010/02/13 08:17:58, Link
Author: rhmc
well, to some degree, i can understand his confusion.

a bit being an binary 1 or 0 (on or off), how does one transmit half of an on or off ?

Date: 2010/02/13 08:48:51, Link
Author: rhmc
one could store and transmit the "state" of half a bit if one used three bits.

edited to add: assuming half-on is a different state than half-off.  otherwise, two bits would suffice.

Date: 2010/02/13 10:59:55, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (CeilingCat @ Feb. 13 2010,10:52)
Quote (Bob O'H @ Feb. 13 2010,04:56)
Design Inference: Mr. Arrington will be blogging about yesterday's shooting today or tomorrow.

FWIW, Dr. Bishop was a neurobiologist, eddicated at Harvard.

It's all right, she had a concealed-carry permit and she thought they were abortionists.

what does the flag flying at half mast at UAH mean?

it means they're hiring...

Date: 2010/02/13 19:37:19, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ Feb. 13 2010,20:27)
I think that beats FuckTheKids' record for shortest flounce-out ever.

i dunno about that but it's close.  :)

Date: 2010/02/14 09:18:41, Link
Author: rhmc
rehab is for quitters

Date: 2010/02/14 14:32:34, Link
Author: rhmc
methodological reality?  methodological realism?


Date: 2010/02/15 20:57:27, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Feb. 15 2010,18:59)
...the point is that if we don't combat them, they will win. I don't look at this as just science vs the DI. The DI is a (particularly mendacious) head of a hydra that has, at the neck, anti-intellectualism. The outcome of having them or one of the other heads win this would be a theocracy, or, at the very least, an idiotocracy. I wish I could discount that as being improbable, but since this country elected Reagan and Bush, I don't ever want to underestimate the power of propaganda over the ill-informed. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I just don't see the value in ceding any ground at all to the would-be theocrats and boobs.


and it seems, to me at least, where ever we find a group attempting to derail public education in the sciences, one or more of the intelligent design covens are to some degree or another involved in supporting that effort.

Klotzen, nicht Kleckern!

Date: 2010/02/19 18:03:40, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Feb. 18 2010,08:50)
I don't usualy thrust Rotten Tomato...

vegetable abuser

Date: 2010/02/19 18:23:41, Link
Author: rhmc
SWING....and a miss

Date: 2010/02/19 19:22:59, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Joy @ Feb. 19 2010,19:31)

I don't know why, but every time I see your moniker I think of Dudley Dooright. With a big-brimmed hat, riding a moose...

No, "rhmc" isn't "rcmp." But I just can't help myself... is that some disembodied spirit (who used to be a clown) taking over my mind?

you may think of me as "who IS right" rather than dudley do right.

(as an aside, to me the name Dudley brings to mind Dudley Morton, known to many as "Deadly Dudley")

personally, i tend to agree with Tracy P. Hamilton in "I have not read philosophy (translation: bullshit) on free will, but most of the intarweb arguments are looking at the matter from the wrong perspective."

your blatherings have not changed my view.

Date: 2010/02/19 19:29:11, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Joy @ Feb. 19 2010,20:26)
your blatherings have not changed my view.

I may well be blathering. Seems to be something my consciousness is good at. But now I've just gotta ask...

What is your view?

i am not here to educate your ilk.

Date: 2010/02/19 21:07:09, Link
Author: rhmc
i've herd of that shell game

Date: 2010/02/19 21:23:06, Link
Author: rhmc
of his own free will or due to the rules of the game?

Date: 2010/02/19 21:35:56, Link
Author: rhmc

Date: 2010/02/25 19:22:04, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Joe G @ Feb. 25 2010,20:17)
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ Feb. 25 2010,19:16)
That's nice Joe, but where are the specifications for any living organism?

Look in any biology textbook you moron.

I'd bet even your car is a Dodge.

Date: 2010/02/25 19:24:35, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Joe G @ Feb. 25 2010,20:23)
Quote (rhmc @ Feb. 25 2010,19:22)
Quote (Joe G @ Feb. 25 2010,20:17)
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ Feb. 25 2010,19:16)
That's nice Joe, but where are the specifications for any living organism?

Look in any biology textbook you moron.

I'd bet even your car is a Dodge.

Grand National- 1987 black on black

Eat your freakin' heart out...

sure it is.

Date: 2010/02/26 08:37:42, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Louis @ Feb. 26 2010,05:25)
Sorry, but is our Internet Tough Guy reduced to "boasting" about his 23 year old car?

Wow....just wow.

I wonder if Joe has a mullet.


I suspect he didn't grasp the "Dodge" part, either.  :)

Despite his claims to drive a Dodge, as noted by others, the Grand National is a Buick which is NOT a Chrysler product.

Draw your own conclusions about his vehicle but I suspect it's a K-car and more of a dodge than he understands.

Date: 2010/02/26 09:06:21, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (N.Wells @ Feb. 26 2010,08:26)
...perhaps the bus driver had a thing for eskimo ladies...

sounds like someone familiar.

Date: 2010/02/27 08:47:58, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Feb. 27 2010,07:17)
Quote (didymos @ Feb. 27 2010,03:46)
Quote (Richard Simons @ Feb. 26 2010,18:12)
Quote (didymos @ Feb. 26 2010,10:07)
Quote (carlsonjok @ Feb. 26 2010,07:59)
Quote (carlsonjok @ Feb. 25 2010,20:14)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Feb. 25 2010,20:06)
Tell me, Joe.  Have you ever done a calculation?  

He sure has!  Behold!

You guys remember Joe bragging about his security clearance and his basement laboratory stocked with all sorts of whiz-bang equipment?

Well, I have heard from a reliable source that he just took delivery of his brand new CSI calculator.

I still have trouble believing those things can actually bake shit.

Err - Why would you want to?

Umm, I imagine if you're a child, it could seem like a good idea.  That's sort of the point of the toy, right?

It's gonna be tough baking anything with a pair of mini-florescents.

that won't matter, the recipe is a dud anyway.

Date: 2010/03/07 09:03:32, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Badger3k @ Mar. 06 2010,22:38)
So when she said her toes were talking, she really means her god?  He's inside her toes?  Ewwwww

more likely between her toes...

Date: 2010/03/09 19:35:20, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (REC @ Mar. 09 2010,18:33)
By the way, I ran across a blogger, Diogenes, over at Cornhole's blog.

I don't know if his blog has been promoted over here, but I'm liking it.

Mmm....culture wars

good stuff.

Date: 2010/03/11 12:28:36, Link
Author: rhmc
I see Joe is still drivin' that Dodge.

Grand National, of course.  :)

Date: 2010/03/11 12:32:39, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Joe G @ Mar. 11 2010,09:29)
Someone asshead said I drive a Dodge.

the asshead that said that was you.

Date: 2010/03/20 10:23:26, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Mar. 20 2010,04:16)
..."Specified Anti-Information" (SAI)...


Date: 2010/03/20 10:31:56, Link
Author: rhmc
Japanese researchers have managed to engineer mosquitoes into “flying vaccinators” that could theoretically be used to deliver protein-based vaccines against diseases such as leishmaniasis and malaria through their bite. The team, from the Jichi Medical University in Japan, report on the development of a transgenic mosquito that can express foreign proteins in its saliva...

more here:

around here, it's not a matter of if i'll get skeeter bit when i go out, it's a matter of how many times.

no malaria here anymore but equine encephalitis and west nile virus show up every year...

Date: 2010/04/17 13:31:16, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (digitus impudicus @ April 17 2010,00:47)
Joe, I'm bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Have any new misconceptions about the Buick GN/GNX from the 80's????

he claimed it was a Dodge.

Date: 2010/04/17 20:07:20, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ April 16 2010,07:28)
ID paradigms do not deal with mechanisms, they merely detect the presence of intelligence. Isn’t it good science to know the limits of one’s paradigm? Shouldn’t one know what he/she can and cannot demonstrate with it?



Date: 2010/04/17 20:39:01, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Cubist @ April 17 2010,21:25)
Yes, Darwin wrote "I think" in one of his notebooks. What's your point (if any)?

the point is that IDiots can't.

Date: 2010/04/23 19:05:55, Link
Author: rhmc
Cubist gets my vote for POTY.

I will poach parts of that.



Date: 2010/05/06 09:26:19, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Richardthughes @ May 05 2010,17:34)
Grrrr. I'm going to have a nice relaxing poo to see if that will help calm me down.

...yet another work co-authored by O'Leary

Date: 2010/05/17 18:22:03, Link
Author: rhmc
we have had a sort of sad development with some bluebirds and perhaps one of you could shed some light on bluebird rearing.

a pair picked out a box in our yard and began to raise a brood.  shortly after the hatching, the male disappeared (probably dinner to one of the many hawks that cruise our area).
the female busted her butt feeding the three or so chicks for a few weeks but on thursday (today is monday) she stopped feeding them and would sit nearby twittering and chirping as if to coax them from the box.
from what we could see, the chicks weren't old enough to fly and sunday we found one dead chick under the box another in bad shape nearby.  neither was capable of flying.  dunno what happened to the third or any others.

my question is:  do the parents feed only for a certain length of time before coaxing the chicks out?  
that would account for the lack of development (only one parent feeding) and the female's ceasing to feed and, what looks to us like attempting to coax the chicks out.

i don't know beans about bluebirds and can't locate data on nesting behaviour that defines what i want to know.

so, anyone have any knowledge?

Date: 2010/05/21 09:44:25, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Jkrebs @ May 20 2010,23:23)
Congrats to Nakashima, if this story about a ring on June 4th is true, and to any and all alter egos he may have.

if he's getting married, wouldn't that be an altar ego?

Date: 2010/06/06 20:40:58, Link
Author: rhmc
being from a primitive part of the union, i feel it necessary to ask what do those taste like?  
and do you fry them or grill them?

Date: 2010/06/06 20:46:51, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ June 06 2010,05:44)
Firearms have but a single purpose. To kill people.

i've fed myself and the commune many times via firearms and have yet to resort to long pig.


Date: 2010/06/07 20:05:19, Link
Author: rhmc
i guess i'll be the lone redneck asshole here and say that owning a firearm is highly amusing at times and provides food occasionally.  

i find it exceedingly difficult to fling a rock accurately enough to dispatch anything other than my throwing arm.

i don't claim to have a right to own an antitank weapon  nor do i think the average citizen needs an ak47.
having very strict requirements on handguns and at least a background check on any firearm is a desirable thing.  

for everyone else, that is.  :)

owning a firearm is a serious responsibility which i do not take lightly.  

for those who claim mass killings aren't possible without a firearm aren't paying attention to the recent killings in china accomplished with hatchets, knives and, iirc, a hammer.

i also recall a military demonstration of a saber being extremely effective in inflicting injuries on groups of people.  

it ain't the weapon, particularly, it's the attitude, training and environment of the wielder of the weapon.

in any case, dinner this evening is (or was) provided by a porcine individual who happened to wander past a redneck with a 20 gauge pump with a sabot round chambered.

grilled feral pork is tasty stuff.

edited 'cause i drooled on the keyboard

Date: 2010/06/08 20:22:53, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Dr.GH @ June 07 2010,22:32)
I mainly like killing big fish...

I fish a lot as well but I will confess that I have shot one (1) fish with a firearm.  

In the late 70's I took a group 3 Marine Vietnam vets out who really, really wanted to bring back a shark for dinner.

They managed to hook and bring to the boat a 7' lemon shark.

Deciding that gaffing and hoisting it alive into a crowded 17' boat was not a particularly wise course of action, I used a .38 pistol to dispatch said creature while it was along side.
(I have some wild tales about being on boats when decisions to drag a large live shark onboard were executed, occassionally with some spectacular results.)

The Marines were thrilled, the shark was not wasted (they ate it), I kept my boat and person intact and all was well.

I no longer kill sharks at all and when I fish I only bring home what I can eat of bony fishes and shellfish.  

But I do hunt some and would resent greatly any effort to curtail those activities by those who don't understand.

Anyone who devours mammalian or avian flesh yet decries hunting is too far divorced from the reality of the sources of their diet.  To look the animal in the eye at the terminal moment truly explains what it means to eat another animal.

And that's all I'll say about that.

Date: 2010/06/10 19:42:09, Link
Author: rhmc
Many moons ago, we were living south of Atlanta, just a bit WSW of Griffin, Georgia (a dungheap of a city) just outside of a tiny town, Brooks, Ga.  
Brooks was very nice.  Just a half mile or so walk to the Flint river. Nice walk but I digress.

We had moved there in late summer, into a farmhouse surrounded by fields of hay - which had already been harvested.

As the fall progressed, mice began to invade.  It got disturbing to me and swmbo to walk into just about any room and hear the scurrying of tiny feet.

When the mice began to eat into our pantry, we became more disturbed so we began to trap them.

We had a fair amount of success.  Baited the traps with peanut butter.

As the fall progressed, the trapping program really kept the damper on the population in the house. We still had the occasional mouse trap kill but the traps were generally empty each day.
There were a couple of traps in the kitchen that produced every few days but mostly we thought we had it under control.

During late November, our jobs didn't allow for much time off so several in-laws were invited for Turkey Day as my family already had plans.

On Thanksgiving day, in the middle of a turkey dinner, from the kitchen, there was a CLACK and then an EEEK, EEeek, eeek, fading off to nothingness...

The wife looked at me with one of those "oh my god" expressions.  Several of the in-laws looked at both of us the same way.

So I smiled and asked for another helping of turkey with an extra helping of cranberry sauce.

We'll always remember that Thanksgiving Mouse.

Date: 2010/06/14 19:50:34, Link
Author: rhmc

testicles 1, united snakes congress 0

the problem with the currently running "athletic" event, The Girl Cup, is that in the United Snakes, for decades, it was only played by high school girls.  

and there's not enough scoring.  

both my chirrens played soccer and some of us more enlightened (from georgia?) parents decided that you could add some serious excitement and high scoring if you simply eliminated that damn "off sides" thingee.

introduce a fast break, the long bomb, the homerun kinda excitement to a dull, boring, furrin game.

we want to see some: UKwimps 19, USnakes 21,
kinda scores.  

1 to 0 victories are like baseball.  might be amusing to play in the game but watching that crap is mind numbing.

and as for those of you who sneer at amerikan football, it's guarant-damn-teed that a foot will touch a ball at least twice a game.  at the beginning of each half.

you should also remember that the game was changed in the early part of the 20th century because it killed too many people with the manner it was played back then.

now where did i leave my beer....

Date: 2010/06/15 06:34:50, Link
Author: rhmc

Date: 2010/06/17 19:22:34, Link
Author: rhmc
jesus, is this shit is still going on?

damn near as bad as hockey/basketball playoffs.

win or go home and you homos would be finished before the fourth.

of july.

damn furriners

(i'm a native, all you axehandles are furriners and i don't celebrate the fourth, neither.  except for the get drunk and watch the fireworks part)

Date: 2010/06/19 17:56:29, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (J-Dog @ June 19 2010,17:42)
I liked your "Edited For Clarity" so much, that I decided to translate / "Edit For Clarity" the rest of the chapters. :)

Section Three: No Questions...

ain't heered from lou in a while but if he/ya'll still do the POTW award, this one would do.

Date: 2010/06/25 20:16:57, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (carlsonjok @ June 25 2010,20:30)
For some reason, all I can think of is the prologue to West Side Story.

and that reminds me of:
when you're a jet you're a jet all the way.
from your first cigarette til your last dying day...

alice cooper.  school's out.

Date: 2010/06/25 20:25:43, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ June 25 2010,08:18)
Some of you may have heard of the TransOcean/BP/Halliburton/Macondo Prospect/Mississippi Canyon 252 incident/oil spill currently ongoing in the Gulf of Mexico.

I've been pitching an idea around concerning acoustic monitoring of snapping shrimp. If you don't already know, these are small shrimp that use one oversized claw to "snap", an abrupt motion that causes a cavitation event. This can stun or kill outright small prey items. The snaps are also very, very loud. Where there are snapping shrimp, there tend to be quite high numbers of them: in seagrass, in rocks, in coral reefs. Thus, in the near-shore, structured environments favored by snapping shrimp, there is usually a pervasive noise from the collective snapping of the whole population of these shrimp. The noise is broadband, with a peak frequency up around 50kHz. But because the energy is broadband, there's plenty to be heard in the usual human audio range of 20Hz to 20kHz.

I'm aiming toward a citizen scientist project based on acoustic monitoring of snapping shrimp. The first installment on that is here.

That's interesting stuff.  
I collect biological specimens for an ichthyologist  at the University of Miami.
We fish, seine and throw a cast net alot and send samples, two by two if possible.  
East of Savannah.

We see a little bit of everything.

Wife has participated in some of the Caretta Research projects monitoring egg laying on the nearby barrier islands.

Caretta caretta is an awesome critter.

The UGA Skidaway Institute is not far from here and we do some stuff with them.

They've not broken out a hydrophone yet.  Perhaps I should mention such?

I'll see if I can send some of those folks to your site.  Or is there a better place to send such marine folk?

Date: 2010/06/27 22:00:56, Link
Author: rhmc
Since i don't understand the continental version of "football", would one of you eurotrash please explain some recent remarks i've recieved from a recent refugee from the eastern lands?

What's the difference between England, its colonies and AIDS?
Tomorrow, AIDS will still be in Africa.  

Did you know that England are replacing the three lions on their shirt with three tampons?
They're going through their worst period in history.

i was under the impression that both were fairly tasteless remarks but i assumed fans of that game would be better equipped to determine the actual flavor.

Date: 2010/07/06 17:36:17, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ July 06 2010,12:39)
*If it could happen more often, I would be gratefull. Not the rapture, obviously, just Joe G getting a hair of the dog who bit him......

if those who would be leaving us would kindly leave their keys plainly labeled with the device it starts and directions to their house...why would you not be grateful for the rapture?

Date: 2010/07/06 17:48:34, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (steve_h @ July 06 2010,17:20)
How about "organ"? (4)

shit.  and i had just put the bleach up.

Date: 2010/07/17 20:53:10, Link
Author: rhmc
here in the south, walk in a bank with a mask on...

find out just how well accepted hiding your visage truly is.

Date: 2010/07/17 20:57:16, Link
Author: rhmc
i'm reading "Alone on Guadalcanal" by Martin Clemens.

one of the coast watchers in 1942.

of course he wasn't actually alone but still an interesting look at that part of history.

Date: 2010/07/17 21:00:36, Link
Author: rhmc
i'm taking the 100' seine out in the morn to one of the barrier islands (tybee) to see what we can see.

hand to hand combat with edible stuff.  :)

on the hydrophone front, the state has shutdown the program i wanted to broach that idea to.

perhaps next year....

Date: 2010/08/13 11:58:07, Link
Author: rhmc
if the "wedding fine" becomes wide spread, one could just send fake wedding invitations out every couple of years and reap the benefits...

Date: 2010/09/22 18:47:06, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (fnxtr @ Sep. 21 2010,17:04)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Sep. 21 2010,13:41)
Cool Fibonacci fun: Tool, Lateralus

I have a vague recollection of studying a Debussy piece that was 144 bars long, first section was 55 bars.

Or something.

i studied a piece through 55 bars once...don't recall the outcome...

the credit card bill was astonishing.

Date: 2010/10/15 18:58:10, Link
Author: rhmc
at least Joe is discrete about it.

Date: 2010/10/30 21:08:52, Link
Author: rhmc
send me the $20 and i'll let her kick my ass.  :)

Date: 2010/11/02 17:46:35, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Richardthughes @ Nov. 01 2010,10:43)
I think I'd pay $20 just to make that happen...

perfect.  so where do i meet her?  

and i guess you'll need to send me the twenny.

Date: 2010/11/05 20:07:04, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Wolfhound @ Nov. 04 2010,21:38)
Quote (rhmc @ Nov. 02 2010,18:46)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Nov. 01 2010,10:43)
I think I'd pay $20 just to make that happen...

perfect.  so where do i meet her?  

and i guess you'll need to send me the twenny.

Orlando.  Disney World.  Behind Cinderella's Castle.  I'll bring the ostrich plumes and greasepaint.

sounds like i'm being setup to get mugged by the little mermaid's entourage.

does rich have to pay me more for that?

Date: 2010/12/30 19:12:38, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (FloydLee @ Dec. 30 2010,19:11)
So why do I show up at Pandas or ATBC?  Because you obviously WANT me to show up.  

you're like running into the drunken preacher down in the park:  he shows up every once in a while, blathers, falls down, stands, blathers again, falls...rinse, repeat.

just cheap amusement but you don't want to get to close to him due to the stench and tiny livestock that feed upon him.

your life is already cursed but happy holidays to you, anyway.

Date: 2011/01/09 09:42:14, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (IBelieveInGod @ Jan. 09 2011,09:42)
Now let me ask you this just for arguments sake (I don't believe this), but what if life came to earth from somewhere else in the universe? Are you certain that didn't happen?

that would prove that your sky fairy didn't create life on earth no matter what the Wholly Babble says about it.

Date: 2011/01/23 09:10:30, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Kris @ Jan. 22 2011,22:18)
Just to let you know, it's not only Judeo-Christians who think there is or could be a creator and/or designer. Just ask some American Indians, for example.

ah, no.  we don't believe in a "creator and/or designer".

it's your ridiculous claim that supernatural things exist but you have no proof.

just 'cause a subset of palefaces believe such garbage is no reason to include amerinds in the stupidity.

unega yuwi newda.

Date: 2011/01/25 06:36:02, Link
Author: rhmc
krissy needs to read her signature line.

Date: 2011/01/29 10:51:57, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (dheddle @ Jan. 29 2011,11:01)
Really? I routinely seem to see letters to the editor (after one of one of these incidents) denouncing the violence. You really never see them?

i, too, live in the south and for every letter denouncing violence i'll bet i see a dozen or more advocating violence against them damn mooslims and wanting them damn libruls who want sharia brought here to be disenfranchised, stripped of citizenship and sent to the middle east to be killed along with them aforementioned mooslims.

Date: 2011/02/23 18:56:39, Link
Author: rhmc
since this is the wall,

carlsonjok, was this you?

"So, Dogmeat, come here often?

Posted by: carlsonjok | February 23, 2011 9:21 AM"


Date: 2011/02/26 10:51:49, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (J-Dog @ Feb. 26 2011,08:20)
Hey Mabsad...

Eat my corn:

i suspect he came from the Fruit Loop field.

Date: 2011/03/11 06:13:21, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Maya @ Mar. 11 2011,06:44)

From lint we come, to lint we return.


Date: 2011/03/11 06:37:11, Link
Author: rhmc
you're not drinking enough.

Date: 2011/03/11 20:17:40, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ Mar. 11 2011,18:45)
Hi Dennis.

You're still a moron.

that is an insult to morons.

Date: 2011/03/15 20:56:50, Link
Author: rhmc
i'd feel a lot sorrier for rich if he'd sent me the $20 so wolfhound could beat me.
i've been living behind the castle at dizzyworld for months and all i've gotten is propositions from englishmen and mad dogs.

Date: 2011/03/16 18:42:43, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (khan @ Mar. 16 2011,19:29)
Now come on! You aren't old enough to remember that shit?

some of us are...

Date: 2011/03/29 21:05:03, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (blipey @ Mar. 29 2011,19:45)
Hmmm.  Stabby Bojangles?  It's just off some how.  It needs a middle initial or something.  Stabby D. Bojangles or some such.


Date: 2011/03/30 19:04:20, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Mar. 30 2011,18:08)
i had brutal gay sex with ID Guy a few years ago in an airport john.  just in the interest of full disclosure

ahh.  got any pics?  

Date: 2011/04/13 20:16:31, Link
Author: rhmc
perhaps he's a General Nuisance.

or just a Major Fuckup...

Date: 2011/05/23 19:24:57, Link
Author: rhmc
i used to be able to read 360 assembler core dumps in hex.  
key phrase is "used to be able to..."

Date: 2011/06/12 09:03:06, Link
Author: rhmc

Date: 2011/06/20 09:33:50, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Amadan @ June 19 2011,08:36)
Quote (Louis @ June 19 2011,10:56)
Quote (Seversky @ June 19 2011,02:41)

It'll all be Adam (and Eve's) fault for trying a fruit diet.  Again.


Proving, once again, that God is from the South West of the England (probably Cornwall, possibly Somerset due to the cider) and the greatest crime in the universe is scrumping.


So when Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge, she gained in-cider information?

wasn't it adam that was incider?

Date: 2011/08/25 19:26:26, Link
Author: rhmc
a man is not compleate until he is married.

then he is finished.

Date: 2011/08/26 07:19:16, Link
Author: rhmc
33rd anniversary is today.

so we'll wander out to the beach and watch Irene pass by...

Date: 2011/08/27 08:39:17, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (midwifetoad @ Aug. 26 2011,20:32)
Quote (Texas Teach @ Aug. 26 2011,19:15)
Did y'all hear about the two maggots fighting in dead Ernest?

Only two? They're much cheaper by the dozen.


Date: 2011/11/25 05:19:30, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Raevmo @ Nov. 25 2011,02:28)
For a moment I thought Kairosfocus had hijacked this thread, but a search for Lewontin came up empty...


Date: 2011/11/25 06:15:46, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Louis @ Nov. 25 2011,06:55)
Quote (rhmc @ Nov. 25 2011,10:19)
Quote (Raevmo @ Nov. 25 2011,02:28)
For a moment I thought Kairosfocus had hijacked this thread, but a search for Lewontin came up empty...


{Golf clap}

Well done. Here's a cookie.


thank you.  

you may now return to posting your GEMs.

Date: 2011/11/26 17:59:11, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Nov. 25 2011,16:45)
Dear Muslima...

and the entirety of twatsongate.

anyone who didn't witness the sheer douchebaggery of pz, laden and the coven couldn't possibly understand the hypocrisy of pz banning folks for stating a different world view and refusing to "convert".

Date: 2011/12/28 07:36:42, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Robin @ Dec. 27 2011,09:31)
The call is a sharp hoot/bark sound, where the bark part is like a soft "kah" or "chah" sound that is like a catch in the throat. So the sound is sort of like (phonetically) "hoechhh-hoechhh".

was it very loud?

Date: 2011/12/30 08:50:35, Link
Author: rhmc
some years ago, at 3am in the middle of the okeefenokee, something right outside the tent made a noise similar to what you describe.  
i characterized it as more of a "WHAaaaCK, WHAAaaCK".  
whatever it was made the sound thrice, a moment or two of silence and then made the noise twice again.  
VERY loud.
and right beside the tent.
then either it or its companion made the noise again a bit further away.  
and after a few moments we heard the noise again but way off in the distance.
being awakened like that at that hour in the middle of the swamp was a bit scary.  
there were some "WTF was THAT?" remarks as we rummaged around in the dark looking for something to defend ourselves with.
very weird.

we met some park rangers that afternoon and as i described the noise, they looked at me like i was nuts and began to edge away as they said they had no idea and had never heard anything like that.

ETA:  here, east of savannah, we have great horned owls, screech owls and barred owls but in the 3 decades i've lived here, i've never heard anything like that racket.

Date: 2012/01/14 13:39:13, Link
Author: rhmc
that really grates on me.

Date: 2012/01/14 13:43:36, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Robin @ Jan. 03 2012,09:15)
Still trying to determine the critter's ID. So far all the experts I've checked with (4 naturalists, 1 ornithologist, 1 preserve manager) either shrugged or (like rhmc's experience) edged away. Of course, I have not heard our little (big?) friend since I last reported it, so maybe we'll never know.

i was talking to a friend of mine who lives an island over and mentioned not only my tale of the noise but yours.
he said foxes made some noises you'd never believe could be made by a dog relative.
i said i could understand foxes in the okee but in DC?
he said he's seen red foxes in rock creek park so depending on what suburb, foxes are a possible source.

i dunno.  dang sure sounded like a bird to me.

Date: 2012/01/20 19:15:27, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Robin @ Jan. 20 2012,09:47)
That's not a bad bet actually, though the sound came from up high-ish and red foxes don't climb. Still, we do have a number of foxes in our neighborhood and they do make odd calls at all hours.

grey foxes climb and you're in the range for those, too.

Date: 2012/02/09 08:40:38, Link
Author: rhmc
ya'll managed to piss louis off enough to flounce out?

how interesting.

have louis and o'leery ever been spotted simultaneously?

anyone have a link to the flounce?

Date: 2012/02/28 15:18:34, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Richardthughes @ Feb. 28 2012,14:52)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Feb. 28 2012,11:49)
Quote (JohnW @ Feb. 28 2012,11:01)
Quote (The whole truth @ Feb. 27 2012,16:26)
Hey joe, I see you're running away from yet another challenge to your lies. If you were really doing the IDAD thing you'd be anxious to prove it. By the way, I tried to find verification of it on the internet but came up empty so far. Would you please tell me whether the I in IDAD stands for insane, incompetent, incapable, IDiot, impotent, ignoramus, ignorant, icky, incarcerated, or in-basement? It would help to narrow down my search.

I've managed to track down a partial transcript of the Q&A session from last year's Theistic Awareness of Research Day:
Steve, high school senior: Professor Joe, you keep saying ID is not anti-evolution.  So why do you spend all this time criticising evolutionary biology?

Joe: Fuck you, needle-dick asshole.

Jane, ninth grade: Professor Joe, does my little sister's homework have the same amount of CSI as my homework?

Joe: You are too fucking stupid to understand anything.

Carl, high school junior: Professor Joe, do you have any positive evidence for ID?

Joe: Go fuck your mother.  If I hit you, you would die.

Sally, high school sophomore: Professor Joe, could you show us an example of how to calculate CSI in biology?

Joe:  You eat shit-filled diapers.

You win two internets for that!



erasermass is right:  this is a great thread.

Date: 2012/02/29 07:40:03, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (blipey @ Feb. 29 2012,01:55)
Sorry, I just skipped to the end; did Joe post the CSI of anything? Or his high school science curriculum?

no, but he's identified many coprophages and some homosexuals that do not support CSI.

Date: 2012/03/04 08:00:30, Link
Author: rhmc
"Beat me" asked the masochist.
"No" said the sadist.

Date: 2012/03/21 07:32:56, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (paragwinn @ Mar. 20 2012,20:43)
BECKER: Take a chill pill, David. Tell me what happened. Show me on this doll where you felt violated.


Date: 2012/03/21 10:32:45, Link
Author: rhmc
you probably need to be sure you're staking out welsh sheep.
after all, louis is a connoisseur of mutton and won't fall for just any decoy...

Date: 2012/03/23 08:25:19, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Robin @ Mar. 23 2012,08:25)
Schroedinger, guilt the sod...

for louis, that would be "gilt the sodding"

Date: 2012/03/24 17:19:42, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 24 2012,18:00)
Quote (NormOlsen @ Mar. 24 2012,10:42)

You know those pointless forum posts, where somebody, apparently with nothing better to do and having nothing of any real substance to say, simply comments about the hilarity of somebody else's witticism, saying something like "LOL" or even "ROTFL" or possibly even something about cleaning off the spray from their computer monitor?

This is one of those posts.

Siri, take NormOlsen off my Christmas card list and mail him a dog turd.

Edited to spell name right.


Date: 2012/03/27 19:54:23, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Lou FCD @ Mar. 27 2012,19:45)
Quote (Louis @ Mar. 27 2012,17:05)
Every time I think I'm out, they drag me back in.


Only because we love you, man.

only parts of him

Date: 2012/03/27 20:19:47, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (OgreMkV @ Mar. 27 2012,16:13)
My company is hiring science people (like 6) with some education background if anyone is interested in a career change.

i do science when i'm sober and i do have an educational background:  one of my relatives embezzeled the PTA funds and almost got away with it.

but aren't you somewhere it gets cold?  like it frosts or something every year?  or it snows?  or worse, in a big city where it snows?

Date: 2012/05/23 07:48:18, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ May 22 2012,14:49)
Sorry to bring this crap here, but at some point, you know, elephant in the room, mammoth in the porcelaine shop...

Louis at Pharyngula:

Given that Abbie’s position on the matter is so utterly awful it’s not even wrong, this does not bode well. If you’d care to expand on what you mean and what position this is and why you hold it, I at least will listen. It’s pretty old hat around here though, I wouldn’t expect a great deal of sympathy from me or anyone. On this at least, Abbie done fucked up and done fucked up again and again.


How has Abbie done fucked up? And done fucked up again? Please?

just cross the street.  it will all look better from that side.

Date: 2012/05/23 15:08:48, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Bob O'H @ May 23 2012,15:23)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ May 23 2012,09:53)
Quote (Robin @ May 23 2012,16:07)
Quote (OgreMkV @ May 23 2012,08:49)

X-boy is fine.  Drainage and the common McCarthy trait of sinus issues.  No strep or anything nasty.

I think I'm getting it though... or it could be the stress of dealing with a semi-sick child for 2 days and working at the same time.

Sorry about your child, Ogre. Take two single-malts and call me in the morning.

Same from here Ogre.

I would say same here, but 6 single malts might be a bit much if you want to call Robin in the morning.

doesn't that depend on what he's calling Robin for?  :)

Date: 2012/05/24 09:19:45, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Louis @ May 24 2012,08:18)
4) PZ not appearing at conferences with Abbie is his choice.

srsly?  ell oh fuckin' ell.

is that pz's version of "crossing the street" or is he just a chickenshit?

pretty funny.  abbie could have some fun with that.  i certainly would.

Date: 2012/05/24 09:29:39, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (OgreMkV @ May 24 2012,10:02)
My entire commentary is based on the fact that PZ has a cult-like following that will brook no argument from someone with a different opinion.  

and i find that hilarious in a place called "free thought blog".

Date: 2012/05/24 09:31:34, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Louis @ May 24 2012,10:28)
Quote (rhmc @ May 24 2012,14:19)
Quote (Louis @ May 24 2012,08:18)
4) PZ not appearing at conferences with Abbie is his choice.

srsly?  ell oh fuckin' ell.

is that pz's version of "crossing the street" or is he just a chickenshit?

pretty funny.  abbie could have some fun with that.  i certainly would.

And you will have seen from the rest of the comment you fucking snipped, that I think what he's doing there is petty.

How you could parse that as support for PZ's boycott is beyond me.


sorry, shorty.  i indicated nothing about your support or lack thereof for pz's position.

i was merely commenting on that fact.

sorry you're all butt hurt over that but quite frankly my dear...

Date: 2012/05/24 15:50:30, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ May 24 2012,11:53)
So, still not answered, how did Abbie done fuck good?

for something louis doesn't want to talk about, he sure spends a lot of time talking about it.

Date: 2012/05/24 18:08:03, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Amadan @ May 24 2012,17:13)
Guys, there is still tard to be mocked and lolcats to be inflicted.

Let's get our priorities right, ok?

not all tard is TARD but all of it needs to be mocked.

Date: 2012/05/24 18:08:41, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Louis @ May 24 2012,16:59)
Quote (rhmc @ May 24 2012,20:50)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ May 24 2012,11:53)
So, still not answered, how did Abbie done fuck good?

for something louis doesn't want to talk about, he sure spends a lot of time talking about it.

Oh sorry, was I posting above my approved limit?

Am I talking about Elevatorgate? No.

Am I talking about talking about Elevatorgate with people I think incapable of talking about it sensibly? Yes.

Does this difference escape a simpleton like you? Yes.

Did I start this? No.

Did I refuse to accept my answer that I am fucked off to the back teeth with the topic and not bothering with certain people on the topic? No.

Are you just a pointless shit stain lacking both the intellectual ability and courage to do anything but snipe because your likkle fee fees are bruised? Why that would be a yes. How about you fuck off.

Got any other "clever" remarks? Go on. I'm sure I've done something you can whine about like the waste of flesh you are. Surely someone can come and make a really insightful remark about the amount of times I've said fuck or the length of my posts. You know, something substantial.

Fuck me, what a waste of space.



Date: 2012/05/25 07:33:45, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Henry J @ May 24 2012,21:23)
Quote (dhogaza @ May 23 2012,23:00)
Raptor food (Belding's ground squirrel flavor) ...

Wonder if it tastes like chicken?

the raptor or the skwirl?

Date: 2012/05/25 18:55:29, Link
Author: rhmc
that's pretty close but i'm sure Loose will explain the finer points to you as you don't seem to be a pointless shit stain lacking both the intellectual ability and courage to do anything but snipe because your likkle fee fees are bruised as some of the rest of us are.

and you probably won't fuck right off as we would.

i could be wrong.  

and, while i'm at it, assuming that Loose won't be darkening this particular corridor again, does that count as a thursday flounce or a friday flounce?

some of us shit stains are keeping score.  :)

Date: 2012/05/28 12:53:20, Link
Author: rhmc
seeing a male painted bunting in bright sun would convince many that it is not real.  until it flies, that is.

Date: 2012/05/31 09:16:23, Link
Author: rhmc
more fodder for the herd

Date: 2012/05/31 20:11:44, Link
Author: rhmc
some serious carving in that one.  

and i'm not pussy whipped, i'm simply afraid of her.  :)

Date: 2012/06/06 09:28:19, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (The whole truth @ June 06 2012,09:01)
PZ Meyers: "There was also an incident on twitter in which a prospective attendee threatened to grope Rebecca Watson on an elevator at TAM..."

Huh? What? Is that what RW originally claimed happened?

that's not the original claim by RW but her story did evolve over the weeks after the initial reporting so i'm not sure what she's claiming now.

Date: 2012/06/06 10:21:44, Link
Author: rhmc
went to Sapelo Island for the weekend, a barrier island on the coast of Georgia that is only accessible by boat.

saw all the normal suspects:  gators, snakes, deer, feral hogs, racoons, painted buntings, indigo buntings, turkeys, ospreys and other birds of prey (no bald eagles), sea birds of many varieties...

didn't see any of the feral cattle that roam the island but that may have been a good thing since some of the bulls are reported to be a bit aggressive, not a good thing if one should meet while riding a bicycle on a narrow dirt road with swamps on both sides.  saw plenty of sign of them but no sightings.  got thoroughly lost bicycling up a seldom used dirt road that petered out in the live oak forests several miles up the island.  

did hear an odd call bird call sunday morning.  asked the couple that owned the apartment what that noise was.

was told it was a chachalaca.  

i've lived on the coast for over 30 years and in the south east all my life and i'd never heard of anything called a chachalaca.

i asked our hosts if it was something that was hunted at night with a flashlight.  :)

they cackled and said, no, it really was a real bird and had been imported from mexico so the wealthy landowners in the past (including RJ Reynolds) could hunt them.

we did eventually see a pair but they were too fast to get a camera pointed at them for evidence.

toured ruins and mansions.  Guale Indian shell middens dating from 3600BC, one enormous one that was in a circle 250 feet in diameter and 12 or so feet tall.  it doesn't appear to have been a rubbish pile from a village as there were almost no pottery fragments.  wasn't a defensive position as it's in the wrong place to protect the landing points on that part of the island.  no one seems to know why it was built.  some think it was a religious site.

saw french and english tabby ruins from various centuries, went by a circa 1500 spanish mission site but weren't allowed to wander around as it is an ongoing archeological dig.

there were enormous tabby ruins for some of the old plantations.  remnants of slave quarters, gatekeepers cottages, barns and storage buildings dot areas of the island.  

The RJ Reynolds mansion is quite impressive.  
the filthy rich certainly knew how to live back in the day.  :)
(Plum Orchard mansion on Cumberland Island is of similar opulence).

(i keep asking my mother why i wasn't born rich and she just laughs at me.)

spent most of each night roaming the atlantic beaches looking for sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs.  never did see one.  
the University of Georgia Marine Institute staff member who keeps official track of nests said it had been a slow week.  
erosion from Beryl had also eaten into the dunes so on a large stretch of the beach there was a 3 or 4 foot tall "cliff" that the turtles couldn't negotiate so they'd crawl up, meet the cliff and crawl off into the ocean.
did find some crawl tracks like that but never did eyeball any of the turtles themselves.

monday night's full moon looked more like a sunrise than a moonrise.  blood red and orange.  quite the sight.

up til 2 am on the beaches most nights and then up again before dawn to roam the beaches some more and then wander the island after sunrise.  way cool trip.

but no damn turtles.  guess we'll have to go back sometime...

Date: 2012/06/13 16:17:20, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Occam's Toothbrush @ June 13 2012,14:24)
Quote (Amadan @ June 13 2012,13:09)


well, at least potw.  maybe two weeks.

Date: 2012/06/15 16:06:55, Link
Author: rhmc

ya'll broke another one.  

joe was broke-back right outta the box but this one briefly showed a bit of promise as the next source of amusement.

this is why we can't have nice things around here.

Date: 2012/06/29 17:08:33, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (k.e.. @ June 29 2012,08:52)
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ June 28 2012,06:51)
Quote (fnxtr @ June 27 2012,22:47)
He's moving his family to Iowa... where's he going?

The DI has started a new service - the Witless Protection Program.



Date: 2012/06/30 13:10:57, Link
Author: rhmc
that's cool.   we occasionally net up mantis shrimp and i've heard they can lay a finger open.  
nickname for them here is "thumb buster".

i is berry cautious around them but, as a true redneck, i can tell you that they taste a lot like crawdads.  :)

Date: 2012/07/01 07:51:28, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ June 29 2012,19:08)
Quote (rhmc @ June 29 2012,18:08)
Quote (k.e.. @ June 29 2012,08:52)
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ June 28 2012,06:51)
Quote (fnxtr @ June 27 2012,22:47)
He's moving his family to Iowa... where's he going?

The DI has started a new service - the Witless Protection Program.



Oh, how quickly we forget.


ETA: Permalink doesn't seem to work.

i didn't mean to ignore your previous post but July 28, 2008 was on a monday and i was drunk that decade.  this one is starting off the same way.

please accept my apologies...

Date: 2012/07/27 07:26:16, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Kristine @ July 26 2012,23:51)
Homos! :p

"The Queer-Hatin' Cordon Bleu is our company's way of showing our firm commitment to strong, Christian family values," said Chick-fil-A spokesman Robert Gary, before adding that the vehemently anti-gay rights sandwich comes served in a combo with waffle fries and a medium soda for just $6.95. "From the very first morsel of this savory meal to the very last bite, customers can envision gays burning in hell with their sodomizing cohorts, and know that our sandwich is on their side.”

"Of course, the young ones will want to finish their meals off right with a No Fudge Packin' Soft Serve Cone," Gary added. "I can't think of a better way to follow up a sandwich this good."


Date: 2012/08/07 18:21:21, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Aug. 07 2012,16:21)
Could be one of PZ Meyers socks.  Or Elevator guy

EG would be amusing.  i wonder if s/he has any good pickup lines to share?

Date: 2012/08/10 09:30:52, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Aug. 10 2012,04:15)
My newly acquired Corn Snake just had his first "new home" shedding last night. It was fascinating to watch.

pics of said serpent?

has it offered you an apple yet?

Date: 2012/08/10 21:25:13, Link
Author: rhmc
as mentioned, it's a corn snake.  
generally, what do you feed it?  


or is that a private matter?

Date: 2012/08/17 06:39:49, Link
Author: rhmc
Quote (Henry J @ Aug. 14 2012,23:23)
But what if the assignment is a critical part of a required course?

Does this law require that the teacher fudge that student's grade in that case?


since each student's righteousness is different, clearly the instructor will need to pray for guidance in grading.

Date: 2012/08/30 06:41:45, Link
Author: rhmc
i get a "403 - Forbidden" when i pull the lever.

running firefox if that matters

Date: 2012/08/31 08:00:23, Link
Author: rhmc
that worked.  :)