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Date: 2008/04/16 02:05:39, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kristine @ April 15 2008,16:23)
Quote (ERV @ April 15 2008,10:42)
Quote (charlie d @ April 15 2008,10:42)
Quote (Assassinator @ April 15 2008,10:36)
Did biologists in general even worked on Expelled?

Not sure what you mean.  Sternberg and Crocker are biologists of course, although I don't know if they had any role in the movie other than being interviewed while looking soulful and aggrieved.  But IIRC Kevin Miller claimed at one point that they had a "team of cell biologists" hard at work on the animations, so there must be at least 2.

He also made that statement before Billy D screamed 'LEEEEEROOOOOY JENKINS!' and admitted they just stole the fucking thing.

Any references to 'cell biologist(s)' were a lie.  OOOH LOOK!  A LYING FUNDIE CHRISTIAN!  Ooooh put that man in a museum-- hes rare, that Kevin.

Piece of shit.

Kent [Hovind], Ken [Ham], Kevin [Miller]Ö

Kennektion? :p

Kenspiracy? :)

What Kenspiration!  
A lack of Kentegrity on Miller's part?

Can Dembski's Kexplanatory Filter account for Premise Media's Kenvoluted defenses against plagiarism or for their pre-Kemptive 'LEEEEEROOOOOY JENKINS!'-style lawsuit against XVIVO? Stay tuned for next week's Kepisode.

Date: 2008/04/17 03:02:51, Link
Author: paragwinn
Is anyone else having extreme difficulty tearing their eyes away from this slow-motion train wreck led by the Ben Stein Express?
It's like watching the Bizarro-world version of The Mothman Prophecies except, rather than getting phone calls, I get ambushed by those nauseating commercials.


Date: 2008/04/20 05:52:47, Link
Author: paragwinn
I've seen a few posts from attendees to the Neinstein Express that mention the age make-up of the audience to be mainly 40+. Based on such scant evidence, I'm willing to conjecture that the appeal to such a demographic stems from the "darwinism threatens our American way of life" theme of this mockumentary rather than concerns about academic persecution. There's something here that needs to be addressed but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Date: 2008/04/23 01:11:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
Anyone have any good suggestions for dealing with Expelled battle fatigue?  ???

Date: 2008/04/23 01:22:54, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (khan @ April 21 2008,19:52)
since they know that if we took a peak

Mt Whitney?

More likely Horeb/Sinai, Ararat, or the Mount of Olives  :p

Date: 2008/04/23 14:12:25, Link
Author: paragwinn
"Whatever, man. That shit goes back further than the monkey."

Hey, that's no way to refer to the Lawgiver. Without him, humans and apes wouldn't be living in peace and harmony.

oh....wait...paging Dr. Zira...

Date: 2008/05/04 04:28:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Lou FCD @ May 01 2008,12:43)
iii. I'm an advocate of Last Lousdayism, wherein I was actually created ex nihilo last Lousday with full history intact.

Lou, ur a Cylon? Strange, I haven't seen you at any of the meetings.

Happy (very) Belated Birthday Wishes.

Date: 2008/05/24 02:24:09, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kristine @ May 19 2008,17:11)
I apologize for my gaffe. And because I am so pure and wholesome, here's more gossip on Stein.
regarding ben stein- he spoke at one of my company's functions a few years ago, and i was assigned to escort him from his limo to the function and back when he was done. he carried with him an enormous leather satchel that he refused to let anyone else touch or carry for him. right before he was to go on stage, he opens said satchel, and hand-to-god, it was FULL of perscription drugs. like at least 100 different bottles of drugs. he downed a handful of 'em before he got on stage. it was the most bizzare thing i've ever seen. believe it.
(From the comments.)

I should point fingers - I've been on Benadryl today. :p

Could Stein's prescribing doctor beee......MICHAEL EGNOR??

Let's ask Colleen Reardon.

Date: 2008/05/24 03:37:09, Link
Author: paragwinn
I'm in San Luis Obispo, CA, within walking distance of 3 Starbucks and 4 non-Starbucks coffeshops.

Date: 2008/05/24 11:34:54, Link
Author: paragwinn
Belated Birthday Wishes to you!

Date: 2008/05/29 22:07:00, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2009/01/02 01:03:58, Link
Author: paragwinn
Is anyone keeping tabs on the running verbal gun battle between DaveScot and John A Davison over at ISCID's Brainstorms forum ("brainstorms"...hehehe) or the one between JAD and Raving Atheists (it's mostly JAD baiting someone to ban him)?

Date: 2009/01/04 03:15:03, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

oh wait...missed it by THAT much.

Date: 2009/01/28 03:09:57, Link
Author: paragwinn
stevestory: Are you utilizing the 12 Steps for your recovery?

Date: 2009/02/05 06:06:37, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (khan @ Feb. 04 2009,19:35)
Quote (Louis @ Feb. 04 2009,18:25)
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Feb. 04 2009,22:21)
Congrats, Louis and Mrs. Louis (odd name, that).

Here is your future.

Thanks Albatrossity. Now where did you say that store was? Daddy needs some baby supplies, yeah, baby supplies.


Date: 2009/02/05 06:11:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
Congratulations, Louis!

Date: 2009/02/05 22:28:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (J-Dog @ Feb. 05 2009,13:23)
HaHa! †I †just received a letter from the DI begging for money to fight the evil Darwinistas!

Are they giving you the opportunity to sponsor a DI Fellow for only $24 a month?
Will your sponsored Fellow send you research papers, works in progress reports, personalized pictures and letters relating their experiences at the DI?
Is your money going towards efforts to provide a safe environment within which your sponsored Fellow can pursue research?
Will your money help erase the stigma that comes with being a DI Fellow?

Date: 2009/02/18 20:38:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Bob O'H.

Date: 2009/02/25 02:03:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2009/02/25 21:12:42, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (keiths @ Feb. 25 2009,13:30)

William Dembski
5:23 pm

To the moderators: Riddick needs to be removed. His ignorance of the difference between Reformed and Lutheran theology is bad enough (JWM is Lutheran). But his attack on Christianity is out of bounds with any standards of civility acceptable on this forum.

So says the hypocrite who used the same forum to call Kevin Padian a racist and compare Jerry Coyne to Herman Munster.

And what was Riddick's "out-of-bounds" attack? Commenting that yes, John Warwick Montgomery considered all the evidence, pro and con, on any topic...
...except for his Reformed theology. ďChristianityĒ is an ďism,Ē an ideology, one opposed to the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. Perhaps someday those who are critical of Darwinism will be as critical of their own cherished assumptions.

Modified quote in the spirit of the movie "Clerks II":

Riddick [as Randal Graves]:Everything, it appears, [is on the table] except for his Reformed theology. ďChristianityĒ is an ďism,Ē an ideology, one opposed to the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. Perhaps someday those who are critical of Darwinism will be as critical of their own cherished assumptions.
Dembski [as Elias]: Say what you will about Jesus, but leave JWM out of this.

Date: 2009/02/25 21:34:04, Link
Author: paragwinn

"> † †Scott Minnich was also the victim of targetted discrimination. † A speech code was implemented at the U of Idaho stating that only evolution was appropriate to teach. Context anyone? †A lot of organizations have statements regarding what is considered to be part of sound science education. †That hardly seems like a speech code. †Was there really a speech code put in at U of Idaho or is Luskin just trying to push some buttons with the Baptists?"

Maybe this letter from the President of U of Idaho will clarify that point.

Date: 2009/02/25 21:49:55, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (k.e.. @ Feb. 25 2009,21:18)

What can I say?

You have more integrity, honesty, guts and balls in your left little finger nail than the whole of the DI crew will ever accumulate in their collective lifetimes....


ERV †gets even higher praise from me for sheer fightn' spirit and tenacity in the face of that particularly mendacious DI shitshower.

I second those emotions!

Date: 2009/02/27 10:05:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2009/03/15 05:08:03, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (sparc @ Mar. 14 2009,23:40)
Has anybody seen the † †
Aliens Among Us
thread that according to my RSS reader showed up at UD at Sat, 14 Mar 2009 18:57:45 GMT?

Apparently it's been replaced with a new post from Barry titled "Scientific Certainty 100 Years Ago" containing 3 quotes from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica without explanation as to the relevance to ID.

Date: 2009/03/15 05:11:06, Link
Author: paragwinn
Ooops! that should be "Certitude", not "Certainty".

Date: 2009/03/16 03:13:22, Link
Author: paragwinn
jerry *hearts* khan


You have been answered several times. You are like the carnival game where you knock down the doll into a hole and up it pops in another hole.

Date: 2009/03/22 13:29:30, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2009/04/08 00:24:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
jerry to Sal Gal:
You may say that the origin of the university[sic] has not been discussed but any discussion of atheism here at UD always involves that implicit assumption in the discussion. Maybe you will be able to latch on to that.

The Gordon Mullings virus spreads.

Date: 2009/04/21 23:33:15, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy (Belated?) Birthday, Abbie!

It is said that, on this astrologically portentious day, as Waterloo stumbles towards the House of Mars and Irreducible Complexity exits the rear of Taurus, when the wind is right, one can hear Casey Luskin in a video conference with Charles Jackson chanting in unison "We Are Not Worthy!" while bowing before Luskin's Abbie Shrine (with the famed "Abbie Flipped Me Off!" collector's plate as centerpiece)(they're also debating about the best way to get you to part with your "SCIENCE" shirt [unwashed]).

Date: 2009/04/27 23:17:35, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (khan @ April 27 2009,12:36)
Quote (keiths @ April 27 2009,13:24)
Denyse the environmentalist:

How Darwin Worship Helps Animal Extinction

Is she really this stupid?

If I die tonight, the most urgent thing I want to say is this: Putting animals on the same plane as humans not only disses humans but dooms animals.

I am hereby swearing off the Granny tard. I need to take greater care of my remaining neurons.

Date: 2009/04/28 23:47:24, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (dvunkannon @ April 28 2009,23:14)



8:16 pm
This was one of the books that got me thinking about my personal theory of ID, where design ďflawsĒ actually turn out to be the things that were designed.

More AKKK = DT evidence. Der Scooter was a convinced front loader, who often argued flaw = design.

don't know if this will help...from wikipedia regarding Kananaskis:
"Kananaskis is an improvement district (a type of rural municipal administrative unit) situated to the west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the foothills and front ranges of the Canadian Rockies..."

Date: 2009/04/29 00:38:44, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (dvunkannon @ April 28 2009,23:14)



8:16 pm
This was one of the books that got me thinking about my personal theory of ID, where design ďflawsĒ actually turn out to be the things that were designed.

More AKKK = DT evidence. Der Scooter was a convinced front loader, who often argued flaw = design.

scanty circumstantial tidbit - a cursory search showed that AmerikanInKananaskis did not start commenting at UD until March 19, four days after DT's bannination was announced:

Date: 2009/07/02 03:12:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (midwifetoad @ June 28 2009,11:13)
I can't find any references to "common descent vs common ancestry" in google. The closest I came was this:

Which seems to take Behe's line that common descent is a fact, but is guided by god.

So, perhaps the Designer has been arranging plant and animal marriages this whole time like a celestial Reverend Moon, or perhaps been tinkering with bloodlines in the manner of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, striving to arrive at the universe's ultimate personification of TARD, the Clivetz Haydenach (deepest apologies to Frank Herbert).

Date: 2009/07/18 14:35:24, Link
Author: paragwinn
[quote=JLT,July 18 2009,09:48]And then we have this:
† † † † †
That is why I adhere to the ĎAquatic Apeí(qv) theory of early human emergence, about which I could post at length because it explains so much, but to cut to the chase: Infants are born knowing how to swim underwater, and they are the only primate babies with considerable body fat, obviously Ďdesignedí for flotation and insulation. Babiesí clenching fists are simply grabbing mamaís long hair (another aquatic adaptation) for a tow while sheís foraging.


Pardon me while I dab away the salty tears resulting from my upright uproarious laughter as I float in my hot steamy bath, clutching my laptop with my sweaty hand as it starts to slip off the side into the water, evoking the exclamation "Mommy, save me!"

Date: 2009/07/18 14:43:49, Link
Author: paragwinn
oops, left off outermost quote tag encompassing JLT's remark.

Date: 2009/07/23 18:27:38, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Lou FCD @ July 22 2009,18:38)
Surely they are scraping the bottom of the barrel by now, right?

Their barrel is deeper than you could possibly imagine...

Date: 2009/08/18 23:41:51, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (didymos @ Aug. 01 2009,01:05)

GilDodgen is a tard (bolding mine): †

Completely and totally off-topic:
From time to time I Google my name to check out the latest vitriol and abject hatred directed at me by Darwinists. I was amazed to discover that there is a reference to my Masters thesis, written in French in 1977, about the great French aviation pioneer and author, Antoine de Saint Exupťry. His best known work is The Little Prince. At that time I was pursuing degrees in music and foreign language and literature, and building and flying hang gliders on the weekends.
Saint Exupťry was an inspiration, for obvious reasons, so I read his entire opus in French and wrote my thesis on his life and literature.
Here is what I would like to know: To the best of my knowledge, there are only two copies of my Masters thesis ó one in my personal library and one in the library archives at Washington State University.
How did this end up on the Internet?
Hereís a link about Saint Exupťry:

Anyone wanna try and get a copy of Gildo's thesis?

While trying to get caught up on posts here, I came across this one above and checked the out the first link regarding the Exupťry paper. It has an, uh, interesting "book cover" associated with it.

Date: 2009/08/19 21:28:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
Wee Willy:
Iím growing weary of these quibblings and thus shutting the comments off.

Meanies. Ball. Home.

Date: 2009/09/01 17:45:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Khan!

Date: 2009/09/03 11:13:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
Bravo! (To be continued)  :)

Date: 2009/09/03 11:17:41, Link
Author: paragwinn
RB and Albatrossity: Happy After-Birthday (hmmm...that doesn't quite sound right)

Date: 2009/09/03 11:23:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Guillermo: Hush, fool! Do you espy that curiously shaven canine walking in a most peculiar way?
Scrotus: ĎTis not a pooch, my lord, it is a Canooch.

Date: 2009/09/09 18:06:57, Link
Author: paragwinn
How 'ard could it be? Don' ald answer at once, for the day, see, is long. :p

Date: 2009/09/09 21:22:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Doc Bill @ Sep. 09 2009,20:45)
FL makes FtK look like ERV. †Seriously.

Have the tard reserves expanded by an order of magnitude or two recently?

Date: 2009/09/10 10:53:21, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Louis @ Sep. 10 2009,10:24)
vomit worthy.

sig worthy?

Date: 2009/10/12 17:20:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Lowell @ Oct. 12 2009,16:20)
And while we're at it, why was it "unwise" of him to take that position, anyway? It seems to have worked out pretty well for him.

For DO'L, success in the Darwinian, materialistic world is actually failure, and failure is actually success.

Date: 2009/10/12 20:04:39, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (keiths @ Oct. 08 2009,12:35)
Ahhh, the tard monsoon has come at last. †Come out and dance in the rain, folks!

Barry just banned one of his own:

Gods iPod
11:59 am

SNIP. Long-time poster Godís iPod is no longer with us.

GI had complained that the thread was making ID supporters look like uneducated dolts.

I had to literally turn away from that thread after only 30 comments, the odor of Barry's piss was so strong. It must have taken quite a bit of time for him to wipe the monsoon of spittle off his monitor after every comment.

Date: 2009/10/21 22:08:20, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (deadman_932 @ Oct. 20 2009,20:29)
Wee Willy Dembski Productions (in association with Jesus, Inc.) Presents: An imminent APOCALYPSE.

Yes, fight fans, it'll be a clash of titans -- a two-day conference on the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary that will pit the pure, heavenly God-inspired forces of faith against the foul humanist (*ptooie!*) DARK POWERS OF EVIL SCIENCE.


Buy your tickets now for only $75, yes, that's right, for that paltry price, YOU can be witness to the blazing, battling brawny brains of brutality of†William Dembski, Stephen Meyer, Jay Richards, and John West.

These Masters of Metaphysical Mayhem will take on all foes, all the hellish heathen hordes of EVILUTIONISMS in a THREE-DAY ARMAGEDDON OF APOLOGETICS.

Get your tickets today! Remember, it's October 23-24, 2009, the ROCKIN' RAGNAROK OF RECKONING!

BE THERE!1!!...Be there!

post of the week?

Date: 2009/11/15 16:49:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (sparc @ Nov. 14 2009,15:38)
Quote (RDK @ Nov. 14 2009,13:21)
Speaking of Granny Gordo, anybody report any sightings of him recently?

Gordon E. Mullings has been sighted at Barbados Underground. He's operating under the name Dictionary. Still he can not hide: † † †
Dictionary †// October 28, 2009 at 7:07 AM

Mr Pearson:

Technician has crossed serious lines, first by resort to vulgarity, now by making an unsubstantiated ó and false ó accusation of lying.

I ask you to speak to him about his uncivil conduct.

†Even without this it would have been obvious. Just search the page for "moderators", "onlookers", "PS", "PPS" and "PPPS".
Seems as if he's too busy over there to comment on UD.

Smackdown for Gordo.

@ Dicktionary..

Ya gots ta pick yur screennames carefully to ovoid abuse..

Date: 2009/11/15 17:01:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Nov. 14 2009,22:15)
Quote (Kattarina98 @ Nov. 14 2009,19:33)
Remember what we did to snitches like Frosty when we were kids?
† †  
This is not the place to debate 911. I would appreciate the moderator blocking your future posts if you continue to bring up this fringe issue which is unrelated to ID.

My point is that ďI thinkĒ or ďsuspectĒ you have no other reason to keep perusing this 911 conspiracy except for the fact that you want to beat the star man of anti-americanism- because I see no other reason.

lololol star man

Which one did Frosty have in mind?

Date: 2009/11/15 17:17:01, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Nov. 13 2009,02:24)
Jesus Christ on a bicycle! †O'Leary has outdone even herself in gullibility here in the "Does a bear shit in O'Leary's Bed" topic.

† † †  
When I was a kid we used to learn useful stuff in school, one item of which is never get between a she-animal and her offspring.

Hereís some stuff that happens in the Canadian wilderness: A defence of angry bears. (Actually, I think the bear in this case is a he-bear, but a she-bear would behave exactly the same.)

Oh goody, a nature documentary. †I love those. †So follow her link to YouTube and the first thing you notice is the title above the screen, ""L'Our" (1988):...a lil bear v a cougar ..." †Hmm, a 1988 nature documentary? †Well, let's watch it.

First shot: A cougar climbs up on top of a rock, faces the camera and licks his lips.

Next shot: A bear cub, gamboling in the grass. †The camera slowly zooms back to reveal that he's on the other side of a big valley and then the cougar comes in from behind the camera, stage right, and hops up on a rock, the better to gaze at the bear cub. †What??? †How the hell did any nature cameraman manage to photograph that?

By now, any normal person's suspicions would be aroused and that normal person might decide to read the description of the movie:

† † †  
The Game of Survival... †The Bear, (1988) known as L'Ours in its original release, is a feature film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. †The screenplay by Gerard Brach ws adapted from the novel The Grizzly King by James Oliver Curwood.

O'Leary was sucked in by a 20 year old feature film!

There are no responses to her posting yet. †It will be interesting to see if any UD regulars:

A) Notice that it's a feature film, not something that really happened.

B) Care to risk bannanation to bring this fact to O'Dreary's attention.

I vote "No" to both questions.

P.S. I think O'Leary was just searching for "cougar" related items when she stumbled across this. †Flee, young men, flee for your lives!!

Somebody seems to have some concern:

Date: 2009/11/15 18:39:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
From bionic antinomy:
But you are able to describe how the batís sonar was designed, correct? How did the designer do it? With this evidence, you could put the whole matter to rest.

mikev6 , Why donít you ask Him yourself?


Date: 2009/11/17 01:21:30, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kattarina98 @ Nov. 16 2009,07:24)
Quote (rhmc @ Nov. 15 2009,17:08)
i wonder if there's amusement to be had for those who can "pull it off" in creating a sock, getting through the moderators to be able to post and then, after a bit of time, passing the sock off to the needy sockless.

Yes, I had a similar idea - posting comments for those whose IP is banninated.

And a very late "thank you" for your replies; you see, when you get active and ... ahem ... pull it off, we Europeans are sound asleep.

I may have a pair of socks available for any interested parties.

Date: 2009/11/17 18:17:12, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Tony M Nyphot @ Nov. 17 2009,17:00)
Stumbling through UD threads on occasion, I keep running across the poster handle of 'jitsak' and can't help but think 'jitsak = spoogebag'.

It is my theory (which is mine, that it is) that I have been relegated to gutter-think by prolonged exposure to Louis and Arden and their mums.

Damn their evilutionary ways...

See John Sanford's next book, "Etiquette Entropy, or How Those Meanies at AtBC Call Us IDiots Bad Names."

Date: 2009/11/17 18:37:53, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Texas Teach @ Nov. 17 2009,17:46)
Since he's not here to do it for himself, we should take a moment to honor SteveStory for starting the original Uncommonly Dense thread. †One wonders if it took a rare genius to begin thread that became the heart and soul of this board, or if it was inevitable that someone would create that thread and Steve was simply in the right place at the right time.

I second that commotion.

Date: 2009/11/18 11:49:43, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Robert Byers @ Nov. 18 2009,03:09)
Did Darwin look inside of a body to determine its origin? .NO.


It makes no difference to Darwin whether its alive or a cast of former life. He never was doing biology when doing evolution.

One word: Barnacles

Date: 2009/11/18 19:35:18, Link
Author: paragwinn
They were in competition with the triplets Heracles, Theracles, and Everywheracles (the slow one). :p

Date: 2009/11/18 19:50:47, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Nov. 18 2009,17:21)
ICR has a new propaganda film out, The Mysterious Islands.

Judging from the preview, they would have a pretty decent nature film if they had just left out the dialogue completely. What a wasted trip to travel that far to the Galapagos Islands just to spew the same creationist drivel that they've been re-hashing here at home.

Date: 2009/11/18 19:54:10, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Lou FCD @ Nov. 18 2009,11:32)
Quote (dheddle @ Nov. 18 2009,07:49)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Nov. 17 2009,21:33)
Sometimes, it's the little things that †bring a little tear to my eye. Ah, memories. Davey says he knew all along...


Leo Stotch flaunting the ban hammer was pretty classic, Carlson, planning or no.

Huh?!? I never knew you were that alternative-lifestyles lady. These are mental images and juxtapositions that can never be deleted.

Really? Funny stuff right there.

Davey going over to DAJ's blog and spamming the shit out of it in defense of JanieBelle was hysterical.

I saw the spamming. So that was what all that was about? Lou, I've gained a new appreciation for your Jedi-like power of manipulation over the weak-minded.

Date: 2009/11/18 21:13:43, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (dvunkannon @ Nov. 18 2009,20:35)
Is this the end for Nakashima??


I, Nakashima, have just been convinced of the non-material reality of FSM. You are going to Hull. I will pray for you, but without much hope for your immaterial portion of the divine sauce.

or will Kattarina have to pay out twenty Euros?

Maybe this had something to do with it:

For Uncommon Descent Question 11: Can biotechnology bring back extinct animals?, we have declared a winner, and it is binary! Twins!

Aussie ID and Nakashima.

Date: 2009/11/19 20:01:41, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Robert Byers @ Nov. 19 2009,03:49)
First creationism would say there is a common blueprint.
So one should expect a sameness in dna.

No, first, scientists did work to discover "sameness in dna.", adding support to the idea of common descent. Then the Creationists came along and said, "Aha! a common blueprint! We knew it was their all along.", thereby contradicting previous statements by creationists who said that each "kind" was created according to unique blueprints residing in the mind of God.

Date: 2009/11/19 20:07:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2009/11/20 03:11:42, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (N.Wells @ Nov. 20 2009,01:59)
Quote (Reg @ Nov. 19 2009,13:37)
O'Leary quotes physicist David Tyler announcing that some Russian naturalists thought the "struggle for existence" really wasn't such a big deal in hostile environments. Thus, erm, something.

Physicist David Tyler has a substantial expertise in the biological sciences:
Current research interests relate to teamworking in product development and the optimisation of performance of textile/apparel supply chains. He is a Senior Lecturer, a Member of The Textile Institute and a Member of the Institute of Physics. In 1995, he was awarded the Golden Medal by The Textile Institute.

Don't get me wrong; textiles are important, as is the performance of supply chains. But it doesn't say "take my insights into biology seriously".

Well, clearly he knows how to spin a good yarn.

It's obvious that the theory of evolution has no relevance to textile practice. From whence, then, comes his vested interest? is he looking to unweave the whole cloth of materialism?

Date: 2009/11/21 04:00:31, Link
Author: paragwinn
Has this possibility been entertained before: Someone from a creationist/ID forum coming here and socking it to us by acting all anti-ID and whatnot, trying to turn the tables?

Date: 2009/11/22 19:23:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

"Stay Gold Ponyboy"

Date: 2009/11/24 19:22:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Steverino @ Nov. 24 2009,11:33)
Quote (fnxtr @ Nov. 24 2009,11:23)
I blame the Olympics.

As in ..."Special Olympics"?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Sex Olympics.

Couldn't resist...therefore God exists.

Date: 2009/11/25 00:08:04, Link
Author: paragwinn
tragic mishap calls for end to Frosty climate:
Okay, moderators I think itís time to get rid of our friend Frost here. Iíve been keeping quiet about this but these last few posts he got too cocky. This dude is probably one of the internet fanboys of Colbert posting here just for his own kicks and giggles. They run around online trying to make everything into one big joke, and they usually succeed. Not surprised they ended up here.

Frosty tries to cool things down while letting the sunshine in:
No I am serious tragic. I thought Bill might want to be able to read these. This is a huge scandal.

tragic mishap closes the shutters:
Jokeís over man. Are you from the RELEVANT boards? Because I posted that exact same link there.

Date: 2009/12/23 17:13:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Maya @ Dec. 22 2009,07:48)
Joseph brings the early morning tard:
† †  
Why do some people want to be related to chimps?

Yes, Joeybaby, science is all about wish fulfillment.

ETA: *throws poo in Joey's general direction*

It may explain why some people are chain-smokers.

Date: 2009/12/24 12:59:55, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Robin @ Dec. 24 2009,12:38)
Quote (Bob O'H @ Dec. 24 2009,10:50)

As long as they didn't have FCSI, it's OK with me.

Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute? I didn't think chimps could get such a certification.

Foodservice Consultants Society International

Date: 2010/02/15 03:12:54, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (REC @ Feb. 14 2010,10:31)
Too bad my socks are dead.....I'd love to ask Sal what anti-Semitic sites he hangs out at.

By Your Command...

Date: 2010/02/15 03:38:44, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Tony M Nyphot @ Feb. 14 2010,14:38)
Perhaps a sock could remind Slimy of Matthew J Murray, a home-schooled christian raised in a devout Arvada (BarryAss' locale), Colorado household.

By Your Command...

Apparently, Uptight Biped is another faithful ATBC reader (or am I late in catching on to that?)

Date: 2010/02/24 23:20:56, Link
Author: paragwinn
where can one witness such a phantasmagoric display? if it elicited a separate thread like this, it must be beyond the usual Joe G "cock-of-the-walk".

Date: 2010/02/28 00:54:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (REC @ Feb. 27 2010,10:44)
Quote (Zachriel @ Feb. 27 2010,08:21)
Meanwhile Robert Deyes gives himself a headache with exponents.

The Infinite Headaches Of The Adjacent Impossible: This means that for a protein that is 200 amino acids long, there are approximately 20200 possible ways that these amino acids can be lined up (ie 10260 proteins). †Given that the total number of particles in the known universe is estimated to be around 1080 and considering Kauffmanís own calculation for the total number of reactions since the big bang as being 10193, it is easy to see that the universe has not been around for long enough to cover even a small fraction of these 10260 proteins. †

Of course that assumes the poppycock notion that there is exactly one sequence out of those 20200 possible sequences that could be a possible precusor to life, and that 200 is the minimum length.

They should really really stop trying to act like biochemists until they read a textbook.

There are di-peptides that are catalytic, and functional short motifs.

The ubiquitous nucleotide-binding Walker motifs are super short and simple. The Walker A motif is G-X-X-G-X-G-K-T/S †and the Walker B motif is †R/K-X(7-8)-h(4)-D. (where X is anything). †If you make synthetic peptides based on these sequences, they bind ATP. †Throw in an aspartate and magnesium, and you have an ATPase.

Throw in some olive oil and you have AnTiPasTo (which argues for a northern Mediterranean origin of life)

Date: 2010/10/12 21:58:30, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (MichaelJ @ July 31 2010,00:52)
Is it just me of is Cornelius Hunter getting crankier. Quoth Corny


'And so there is no excuse for lying in the guise of science. But lie they do.'

To ďlieĒ is to knowingly state a falsehood. So, Dr Hunter believes that Johnson and Losos know that their claims are false, but are promulgating them anyway. Heís not saying that they are mistaken, but that they are deliberately bearing false witness, which is a heinous sin.

I wonder how Dr Hunter can know this. What power has enabled him to see into the souls of Drs Johnson and Losos and discern their cognitions and motivations?

Good point, maybe they're just insane.

I can imagine the spittle dribbling through his beard when he wrote that.


Apparently Corny has had a change of heart. The last statement of his OP has been modified without annotation in the OP or in the comments as to having done so; 'lying' becomes 'misinformation' and 'But lie they do' is no more. Microevolution at work.

Date: 2010/10/23 04:27:30, Link
Author: paragwinn
Something tells me this is going to be a long week of birthdays.

Date: 2010/10/29 01:15:07, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday! (is this gonna be on the test?)

Date: 2010/10/29 01:23:25, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday! even in .... New Jersey!

Date: 2010/11/01 19:00:36, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (prong_hunter @ Oct. 31 2010,22:30)
IBIG said on Panda's Thumb, Sept. 4 2010:

And on Sept. 7:
"Iíve not finished with logic yet, just wait and see!!! Be prepared!!!"


Date: 2010/11/01 19:51:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Oct. 31 2010,08:27)
The lonely Richard Johns:
† † †  
To see how interaction, in general, has no special abilities, consider an ignorant person, locked in an empty room, trying to write down a history of Canada. Of course there is little chance of success. Adding a second ignorant person, letting the two interact as you please, makes no difference at all.

Or, say, an essay on evolutionary biology, and a whole blog packed with ignoranuses.

No difference at all, eh...

Date: 2011/01/07 09:04:24, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 13 2010,09:36)
but the real benefit is no-one is allowed to consider you a shitty friend or become upset. No "Well I went to yours" type shoite.

Another benefit should include exemption from any and all forced viewings of the Wedding video(s) and/or pictures.

Date: 2011/01/07 23:38:11, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (didymos @ Jan. 07 2011,22:54)
Add in the splendor that is Dense, responding to another question from Grass:

In a corrupt field like Darwinism, peer review has about as much credibility as a snake whining that you stepped on his foot, and now you owe him and heíll fix you.


Apparently, the Garden of Eden was situated in New Jersey

Date: 2011/01/07 23:51:51, Link
Author: paragwinn
the notion that a peer reviewed article has any added credibilityósomething our Darwinian critics insist is true. (But, of course, thereís all kinds of stuff they insist is true. We just have to believe them!)

IDiots probably see themselves recapitulating the role of John Cleese from the eternally recurring Jungian-archtypal monomythic Dead Parrot Sketch.

Date: 2011/01/08 00:02:15, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Jan. 07 2011,09:18)
Quote (paragwinn @ Jan. 07 2011,09:04)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 13 2010,09:36)
but the real benefit is no-one is allowed to consider you a shitty friend or become upset. No "Well I went to yours" type shoite.

Another benefit should include exemption from any and all forced viewings of the Wedding video(s) and/or pictures.

I trust I can count on your vote when the time comes, then?

Of course. Perhaps, though, an amendment can be added to cover Birthing videos as well. As a participant, I gratefully cherish the experience, but as a captive audience, not so much.

Date: 2011/01/08 00:17:52, Link
Author: paragwinn
"JoeyKris"? Is that anything similiar to going all GlennBeck on someone?

Date: 2011/01/12 12:53:58, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Jan. 12 2011,12:06)
Vox Day cites Telic Thoughts:

You mean he actually relies on someone else's first-approximation analysis without going to the source himself?

Date: 2011/01/13 22:40:09, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Jan. 13 2011,11:13)
the trifecta atmosphere-poisoning fallacy: a distractive red herring led away to a strawman distortion, and thence it was soaked in ad hominems and has now been ignited by the ďfingers pointing backĒ accusation.


(sorry, Rich, the Union of Supermarket Clerks pressured me into removing the second part of your post)

The more KF says this, the more I think he's under the influence of the Wicker Man (or perhaps Burning Man).

Date: 2011/01/13 22:58:00, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (midwifetoad @ Jan. 13 2011,12:12)
Quote (dochocson @ Jan. 13 2011,11:51)
Did KF invent the whole oily ad hominem straw man thingy? I imagine him smiling smugly at his own cleverness every time he types it.

I think he may have watched Wizard of Oz too many times.

OMFSM! I see it now!
The Cowardly Lion = distractive red-herring
The Tin Man = ad hominem oil
The Scarecrow = strawman [duh]
red-headed Dorothy = ignition
Flying Monkeys = man's efforts to subvert God's handiwork by dabbling in forbidden arts

So the Wizard of Oz has been an argument for/against hyperskeptical materialistic civilization-destroying naturalism this whole time?

Date: 2011/01/15 17:12:43, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (keiths @ Jan. 15 2011,15:11)
Quote (kairosfocus @ Jan. 15 2011,10:52)
Blah blah blah Lewontin blah blah blah Divine Foot blah blah blah.

Jesus H. Christ.

Is Dr Lewontin now more famous than JC?
What's the count for KF's Lewontin mis-quotes now?

PS: Any realistic possibility of gettting Dr Lewontin to respond to KF's fanboyism?

Date: 2011/01/16 06:17:07, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Jan. 16 2011,05:51)
So it's taken about a week for the conspiracy theories to kick off.

It's always wise to let the Kool-Aid breathe for awhile before imbibing.

Date: 2011/01/18 19:09:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (MichaelJ @ Jan. 18 2011,17:16)
Barry's spiritual descendant of 50 years will be convinced it was those evolutionists who were against civil liberties for gays.

And also against cats and dogs living together.

Date: 2011/01/20 02:19:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Badger3k @ Jan. 20 2011,00:09)
Doesn't "Top Down, not Bottom-Up" sound like or hobby?

Stock Market Analysis ;)

Date: 2011/01/23 08:49:17, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday Wes and SD!

Date: 2011/02/04 22:15:55, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Badger3k @ Feb. 04 2011,16:41)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Feb. 04 2011,13:27)
Placebo sucks ass big time!

I prefer Radiohead...

You no like Palcebo Domingo? :O

Placebo Escobar had a considerable influence over many minds in Columbia...

Date: 2011/02/21 17:59:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (BillB @ Feb. 21 2011,15:51)
I wonder what they would make of the maximum entropy production principle.

Coleslaw, like what Grandma used to make before entropy caught up with her.

Date: 2011/02/21 18:36:37, Link
Author: paragwinn

Date: 2011/02/22 15:15:07, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2011/02/22 20:23:07, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (JohnW @ Feb. 22 2011,13:12)
Bruce David has done something truly remarkable - making UD even stupider:

Bruce David


11:36 am
I believe that we have been receiving messages from aliens for some time. Theyíre called crop circles, and they appear all over the world, but mainly in England. If you look at them carefully and objectively, (there are many books and Web sites that cover them), including their shapes, their size and complexity, the biophysical effects on the crops themselves, and other measurable physical effects in and around them, it is quite clear that there is no known human technology that could produce them, particularly in the space of time in which they appear.

Every morning, I keep receiving an highly-compressible message in my bowl of Cheerios

Date: 2011/02/24 09:31:14, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2011/03/04 18:25:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Mar. 04 2011,16:54)
Aaaaaaaaaah yes. †


Date: 2011/03/09 21:46:57, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (JohnW @ Mar. 09 2011,17:27)

MathGrrl: Please define CSI so I can do some calculations.

Batshit: Turin Shroud! Virgin Of Guadeloupe! Quantum Entanglement! †Look! A mouse!
Gordon: Stop making ad hominems, you stupid fuckface.
PaV: Everyone knows that. †But I'm not telling you. †Piss off.
vjtorley: I know fuck all about mathematics, information theory or biology. †That's how I know Dembski is right. †Buy his book.

This might be a stretch but I'm finding that situations like that bring this to mind.
BTW, for any UDers out there, MathGrrl is represented by the party providing potentially life-saving advice.

Date: 2011/03/10 16:23:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
And, for the third time: read No Free Lunch. Iíve read it. Iíve digested it. I understand it. It is quite clear what CSI is.

And the results have just been offal!

[Emphasis mine]

Date: 2011/03/11 11:21:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2011/03/12 19:51:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
BA77's flounce tease:
Perhaps its just as well that you go so far off base and accuse me of slander where there was no malicious intent, for this entire thread has been extremely bizarre as to the respect of reason, and I just as gladly cease from participating in it.

And it's not even my birthday...

Date: 2011/03/13 09:10:41, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (k.e.. @ Mar. 13 2011,00:07)
Quote (paragwinn @ Mar. 13 2011,04:51)
BA77's flounce tease:
Perhaps its just as well that you go so far off base and accuse me of slander where there was no malicious intent, for this entire thread has been extremely bizarre as to the respect of reason, and I just as gladly cease from participating in it.

And it's not even my birthday...

It gets better
jon specter

Since you are participating again at 316, despite saying you were done at 307[snip]

Dammit, BA77, that just makes it harder to be rid of these feelings for you! BA77, I cant quit you!

Date: 2011/03/16 16:58:59, Link
Author: paragwinn
"Abraham and Isaac"

Date: 2011/03/16 18:51:57, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 16 2011,18:06)
Don't we just duck under our desks and cover our heads with our hands? †:)

Or build a shelter?

You may be thinking of the South Park lava safety drill:

"Now remember, kids, whenever you hear a volcano, just DUCK AND COVER"

Date: 2011/03/17 19:42:47, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Mar. 17 2011,06:25)
Quote (Joe G @ Mar. 17 2011,07:09)
† †
Quote (OgreMkV @ Mar. 14 2011,19:43)
† †  
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Mar. 14 2011,19:34)

† † †  
It is Intelligent Design's claim that organisms were designed to evolve, meaning the diversity of life on Earth was due to design. Evolution was guided by built-in responses to environmental cues.

yes, that is the "claim". †remind us how the fuck the tards "claim" to know some shit like that please. †if you could "know" shit like that without having to actually demonstrate it then i guess we would live in a creationist paradise where you just think of shit and it must be true because you want it to be.

i'll tell you why you don't tell us *how you know* the horseshit that you "claim" to know, its because you pulled it directly out of your ass, we know that, you know that, and you know that we know. †but because you are not only a very very stupid man, but you are also a very stubborn one. †and for that I am very thankful because you are a million belly laughs dude. †

ID Guy, muslins, refrigerator repair, motherfucking ticks on motherfucking watermelons, being scared of clowns, all the repressed homophobic shit, being wounded in combat, drinking your own piss vinegar or whatever it is horseshit i can't be arsed to remember, hail is not water, information in a recipe is the length of the instructions, how much CSI is in a baseball, "produce some evidence for your position", "ID is not anti-evolution" lololfest for fucks sake we could go on and on in this thread even if you weren't such a fantastic sport tard and show up to flirt with Ogre. †

I was just thinking, what if we all got saved and became ID scientists in our own basement labs. †Joe would be a miserable motherfucker

Don't forget that "termites are intelligent agents"

That one never gets old.

They (termites) are designing agencies- your ignorance is meaningless and hilarious.

Closeup of a termite:

Members of a Detective (of Design) Agency

Date: 2011/03/19 02:29:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Crossposted at UD:
So the essence of Intelligent Design theory is something like:

a)vjtorley Ė More Catholic than the Pope? > ďIntelligent Design theory claims that life, and indeed the cosmos, can only be explained as the work of an intelligent agentĒ, ďIs an unnamed Designer closer to God than inanimate matter? Of course.Ē

b)William Dembski Ė The Conway Morris Disclaimer > ďSpeaking for myself, Iíve been saying this till the cows come home that (1) design can be implemented through an evolutionary process (albeit a non-Darwinian one) and (2) design does not require supernatural intervention.Ē

c)David Klinghoffer Ė The Universe Is Haunted: Reflections on the ďNature of NatureĒ [Evolution News and Views] > ďYou could put it this way: The universe is haunted.

Haunted not by ghosts but by a source of ancient, unseen, immaterial agency. Whether agents or one Agent, you simply canít tell from the scientific evidenceĒ, ďWhatever its nature, such an intelligent force must have set in motion the 13.75-billion-year history of the cosmos and guided the unfolding of life from its origin 3.7 billion years ago.Ē

d)Barry Arrington Ė We Will if You Will > ďID theory posits that some observations are best explained as the result of the acts of an intelligent agent. The theory does not posit any particular agent and the agent need not be a deity. It could, for example, be the aliens Dawkins speculated about in his interview with Ben Stein.Ē, ďYou ask if we can declare ID to be religious because some people take ID and run with its implications in theological directions. Well, a lot of people take NDE and run with its implications in theological directions. (Atheism is nothing if not a ďreligousĒ position)

Tell you what, I am happy to call ID religious if you will also call NDE religous to the same extent.Ē

Have I missed anything?

Date: 2011/03/22 20:59:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2011/03/22 21:17:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 22 2011,16:33)

Joe G said...
Joe, programs require programmers.

Yes I know.

Programmers evolved.

From other programmers.

Missing Link!

...but he's not hanging around Joe G's basement laboratory so don't bother looking there, nor does he post here sometimes as Joe G!

Date: 2011/03/23 00:20:11, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Amadan @ Mar. 21 2011,18:04)
All this national self-effacement must not go unmatched!

Ladies and CBEBs, I give you

The Irish National Debt Clock!

(definitely not for the faint-hearted)

I'll see your Irish National Debt Clock, and will raise you not only the US National Debt Clock, but just about every US Spending, Budget, Consumer Debt and Money Creation Clocks! (not proud of this, really, no, not at all...)

Date: 2011/03/23 00:38:56, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (sparc @ Mar. 23 2011,00:08)
Quote (Hermagoras @ Mar. 22 2011,21:06)
Frilly Gil: † †
As many UD readers know, for many years I was involved in artificial-intelligence research.

One of my mentors, who is a materialist and eventually solved the game of checkers computationally, once sent me his first book to edit. I found one extremely interesting comment in that book about how he had some reservations that his new daughter could have been cobbled together by Darwinian mechanisms.

In recent correspondence I reminded him about that comment, and told him about my involvement in the ID movement. His response was that we must agree to disagree.

In my estimation he experienced a flicker of insight into what is actually going on, but that tiny flame was somehow extinguished by the academic, secular, materialistic environment in which he has spent almost his entire life.

How sad.


Isn't Gil's repertoire even more limited than we thought? I got the impression that we don't need all the combinations that the Dodgenator 3000 with its 5x3 matrix provides. I guess his arguments are B1 in most cases. Maybe we should start a competition for the best post that The Fril could have written if he fully exploited what the Dodgenator offers.

Gil (in a plausible post): A-1, B-1, C-1, D-1

Date: 2011/03/25 19:28:55, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Louis @ Mar. 25 2011,15:06)
I need a desnarkification field generation unit badly. Thinking about "Expelled", for example, can cause large build ups of severe snark which arc all over the place. I can even be moved to....{dramatic pause}....sarcasm.


Quote (JohnW @ Mar. 25 2011,16:33)

jon specter to Unbright Biped:
† †
† †
Point on the word in my question that indicates hostility toward you, and I will be more than happy to retract it.

Having observed many more threads than I have commented on, I have noticed that, when frustrated, you tend to answer questions with questions. So, your whole question came across as a fit of pique.

Unbright Biped responds:
† †

Date: 2011/03/27 18:45:51, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Badger3k!

Date: 2011/03/29 00:06:01, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (didymos @ Mar. 28 2011,16:15)
Quote (carlsonjok @ Mar. 28 2011,13:16)
2. †KF will shift into high dudgeon, claim she has slandered him and besmirched his honor, and demand that she apologize to him. †

Oh man, that would be the perfect moment for someone to pop in and off-handedly reveal his sooper sekrit ID as Gordon E. Mullings. †I do so love the hysterical conniption fits he throws when that happens.

(emphasis mine)

does that make you a kairo(focus)-maniac?

Date: 2011/03/29 19:56:11, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Mar. 29 2011,08:57)
Frill tarded thus

I became interested in software engineering when I discovered artificial intelligence in the mid-1980s,

Wait, THAT twink discovered artificial intelligence?


This is probably how he recalls that encounter.

Date: 2011/03/29 23:52:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
Joe G, proctologist/dermatologist:
Now they [evos] should step aside and stop beng pimples on the arse of progress.

yea, evos, Joe already has that niche occupied!

(my clarification of 'they')

Date: 2011/03/30 00:16:52, Link
Author: paragwinn
markf has experienced the TARDularity Point:
Can anyone on this discussion explain to me what Joseph is trying to say!!!

(bolding and intellectual anguish in original)

Date: 2011/03/30 16:51:58, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Quidam!

Date: 2011/03/30 17:14:02, Link
Author: paragwinn
Joe G, amateur David Carradine impersonator:
A lot of choking, ... and ... erecting.

Hat. Coat. Stage left.

Date: 2011/03/30 19:33:35, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Badger3k @ Mar. 27 2011,22:08)
Thanks again, everyone - big double-four for me (44, in case someone wants to calculate the CSI for Joe).

And then ask Joe if there's any increase in CSI in the event that you have a twin sibling.

Date: 2011/03/30 22:47:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Lou FCD @ Mar. 30 2011,20:30)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 30 2011,12:08)

† †



9:54 am

my post now numbered 201, namely:


That's an interesting turn of phrase I've bolded in Mathgrrl's quote.

As much as I would like to report some memory hole occurrence, it seems it's the opposite (shocking, I know). Comments are being inserted between existing entries, causing numerical reference discrepancies.
To start, M. Holcumbrink @ 67 and markf @ 74 refer to Upright Biped @ 31, which is correct. But when O'Leary @ 54 and Spiny Norman @ 69 refer to Niwrad @ 37, Niwrad is actually at 40. By comment 192, niwrad refers to Noesis @ 176 but Noesis is now at 184. I did notice adjoining †comments with the same time stamps, so maybe a database/display update timing problem, causing a delay in displaying time-conflicted entries?

Date: 2011/03/31 20:59:15, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (OgreMkV @ Mar. 31 2011,16:34)
Joe's 'evidence' is a national geographic TV show that speculates what would happen if all the people on the planet vanished.

This is even better than the termites. †LOL

At which time the evolved termites will clone Joe G from his fecal remains and proclaim "The circle is now complete. When we first met you, we were but test subjects. Now we are the laboratory scientists! Bring in the clowns!!"

Date: 2011/04/01 01:52:10, Link
Author: paragwinn
Dr Egnor re-invents egnorance.
from the start:
Turing, a mathematician and a pioneer in computer science, proposed that it would someday be possible for a sufficiently advanced computer to think and to have some form of consciousness.

from the Wikipedia article Egnor references from the start:
Rather than trying to determine if a machine is thinking, Turing suggests we should ask if the machine can win a game, called the "Imitation Game".

Turing is no longer asking whether a machine can "think"; he is asking whether a machine can act indistinguishably [6] from the way a thinker acts.

Egnor at the end:
The Turing test is a test of whether human beings have succumbed to the astonishingly naive hubris that we can create souls.

It's such irony that the first personal computer was an Apple.

same Wiki article, under section 'Nine common objections':
"In attempting to construct such machines," wrote Turing, "we should not be irreverently usurping His power of creating souls, any more than we are in the procreation of children: rather we are, in either case, instruments of His will providing mansions for the souls that He creates."

(full text of Turing's paper 'Computing Machinery and Intelligence')
and the first personal computer? Columbia Univ says the IBM 610 Auto-Point Computer (1957), others say the Altair 8800 (1971)

I declare IRONY FAIL!

Date: 2011/04/01 04:10:40, Link
Author: paragwinn

do you have an exit strategy? is there an Emergency Response Team ready? have you notified your next of kin?

Date: 2011/04/07 01:29:22, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ April 06 2011,13:53)
Some giggles with "parkinglot Joe":

Damn, Rich, Joe must LOVE the way you treat him. His last comment ends thusly:
c-ya tomorrow.

Date: 2011/04/09 12:48:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
After reading those OD posts, I feel a CSI headache coming on...kinda like when you're trying to see through a thick fog...right before you plow into the back of a white van without tail lights.

Date: 2011/04/09 12:53:23, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (noncarborundum @ April 09 2011,12:43)
Not to mention the invasion of Jerusalem by the walking dead, according to Matthew 27. †You'd think this would garner at least a little extra-Biblical notice.

It was noted in the Monday morning Obituary section of the Jerusalem Post under "Retractions"

Date: 2011/04/10 08:51:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
I forgot to crosspost a comment I submitted to Nelson's OD II post which has been in moderation going on 24 hours now. (I guess nobody scans submissions on the weekends). I asked why Nelson decided to use "natural selection" as shorthand for the theory of [neo-Darwinian] evolution. I pointed out that such use makes it difficult to determine whether each of his arguments is referring to the process of NS or to the theory of evolution as a whole. I asked for clarification. Maybe I should have added "please with sugar on top"

Date: 2011/04/11 01:21:56, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, k.e.!

Date: 2011/04/11 20:42:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
(...feeling the love  :) ...)

I would like to thank the Sun and Earth for their support in this endeavor, as well as the animals, plants (except poison oak), minerals, and any extraterrestrial organic compounds that may have contributed...

Date: 2011/04/11 20:45:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (fnxtr @ April 11 2011,20:18)
edit. grr. it's weird, not wierd. †They both look wrong tonight.

that's one of the major side effects from viewing my avatar

Date: 2011/04/11 20:50:39, Link
Author: paragwinn
oh, Gordon, you know what we like:
Sorry on a rather messed up post.

Now, Gordon, just go with that feeling, see where it takes you, baby steps...

Date: 2011/04/11 21:07:58, Link
Author: paragwinn
In 'A Test Case for CSI?', vjtorley invites you to become a leader of men:
Iíd now like to invite comments from readers with specific suggestions as to how P(T|H) might be calculated for the chance hypothesis that the structures observed by Hoover are non-biological.

will some dice help?

Date: 2011/04/12 17:48:37, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Ptaylor @ April 12 2011,15:21)
PaV 'Go away little girl' has waded in, complaining about liberals and presenting this bizarre challenge: †  

I have a challenge for you. Scientists assert the ďLaw of Conservation of Angular MomentumĒ. I say that it has not been rigorously demonstrated.

For scientistsóand you in particularóto convince me of this supposed ďlawĒ, please apply this ďlawĒ to the destruction of the World Trade Centers. Unless you can demonstrate clearly that it applies to that event, then the ďLaw of Conservation of Angular MomentumĒ is just hyperbole. I await your proof.

And when you ďproveĒ that, then Iíll show you how to calculate CSI for any one of your four scenarios.

Anyone here know what he is on about?

Could possibly have something to do with this paper:
Steven E. Jones, (2006). ďWhy Indeed did the WTC Buildings Collapse?,Ē The Hidden History of 9-11-2001, Research in Political Economy, Volume 23, P. Zarembka, editor, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2006.
Those who wish to preserve as inviolate fundamental physical laws may wish to take a closer look. †Consider the collapse of the South WTC Tower on 9-11: . . . We observe that approximately 34 upper floors begin to rotate as a block, to the south and east. †They begin to topple over, as favored by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. †The torque due to gravity on this block is enormous, as is its angular momentum. †But then Ė and this Iím still puzzling over Ė this block turned mostly to powder in mid-air! How can we understand this strange behavior, without explosives?

Date: 2011/04/12 18:05:21, Link
Author: paragwinn
Barry Arrington, Caveman Lawyer:
mathgirl writes: ďReading the source material from Orgel will show that he uses the term ďspecified complexityĒ in a subjective, descriptive, qualitative sense.Ē

I take it then that you agree that the concept of CSI as Orgel used it is not meaningless. Good we are making progress.

what he conveniently omitted from her comment:
Dembski claims that CSI is a numerical, measurable metric. They are using the same words, but referring to different concepts.

Barry, what is it about our modern world that frightens you so?

Date: 2011/04/14 03:38:46, Link
Author: paragwinn
Joe makes a suggestionto Mathgrrl:
If you really wanted to know about CSI you would read ďNo Free LunchĒ.

Mathgrrl responds:
I did.

Joes retorts:
Methinks you are lying.

Well, Mr. "550 Main St, Keene, NH", I guess you would know something about that, wouldn't you?

Date: 2011/04/14 03:40:15, Link
Author: paragwinn
oops, bolding in my previous comment in original

Date: 2011/04/14 04:05:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
After following the non-O'Dreary UD posts for the past month, I'm experiencing an overpowering urge to commit sock suicide over there. I'm experiencing a tremendous buildup of snark and have tried to restrain myself from peppering this thread with wall-to-wall mockery (yeah, right). Is this a normal reaction from tard over-exposure? Is sock suicide the answer? What would be proper attire: solid, stripes, or plaid?

Seeing an Opportunity and Willing to Take it

Date: 2011/04/14 10:19:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (fnxtr @ April 14 2011,08:54)
Quote (OgreMkV @ April 14 2011,06:33)
Quote (KCdgw @ April 14 2011,07:51)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ April 14 2011,07:47)
† †
Quote (noncarborundum @ April 14 2011,13:37)
† †  
Quote (Louis @ April 14 2011,04:58)
† † †  
Quote (Henry J @ April 14 2011,03:18)
† † † †
How does a 52 year old guy fight in Iraq???Unless he's a friggin general

Between Iraq and a hard place?

Is that the worst pun ever or am I stoned? I asked my wife to read it and she said its terribleness boulder over.


That's a gneiss way of putting it.

I disagree. That's a pile of schist!

These puns are slated for greatness.

You people don't know what you talcing about.

This is just another pun basalt.

Henry J's just tired of being taken for granite.

Of quartz he is, dosh garnet!

Date: 2011/04/15 14:29:30, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ April 15 2011,13:46)
Quote (Doc Bill @ April 15 2011,19:08)
Poor Arthur Hunt, pity him! †He's trying to teach some basic biology to Paul Nelson.

It's like trying to explain the Theory of Relativity to a mentally retarded person:

Art: †OK, Paul, imagine you're riding a beam of light.

Paul: †Oh, goodie, I like rides. †And bowling.

Art: †Right. †OK, you're riding a beam of light ...

Paul: †Won't I fall off?

Art: †No, Paul, you won't fall off. †So, imagine you're on ...

Paul: †What color is the light, Art, can I have a red light?

Art: †Sure, Paul, any color you want. †OK, so ...

Paul: †I want a blue light, Art! †Blue like Hawaii. †Bowling!

Art: †Great, Paul, just great. †OK, so you're riding this beam of light and ...

Paul: †Look, Art, I'm riding it on my belly. †It's a surfboard!

Art: †Whatever, Paul. †OK, so you're riding this beam of light and ...

Paul: †Hang ten, Art! †Cowabunga, dude!

Art: †Jesus fucking christ, Paul, can you pay the fuck attention for five fucking minutes? †Is that too damn much to fucking ask?

Paul: †You said bad words, Art.

Art: †Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you fat, stupid moron fuckity fuck fucktard!!!!

Paul: †It's always the same with you atheist materialists. †When you realize you have no argument you resort to uncivil ad hominim insults. †Civility just isn't your strength, I guess.

POTW? At least it made me laugh, a lot!


Date: 2011/04/15 18:21:03, Link
Author: paragwinn
Is Ms. Butt hurt by your suggestion?

Date: 2011/04/16 11:54:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (keiths @ April 16 2011,00:01)

Could someone explain to me why Denyse titled her book "Faith @ Science" instead of "Faith & Science"? †I've wondered for years.

Even granting the dismal depths of Denyse's dumbth, I can't quite believe that she doesn't know the difference between an ampersand and an at sign. Did she think the latter would give her book some kind of Internet cred, or what?

Rank speculation welcome.

Hidden under the topmost purple stripe is the word "Throw" and hidden by the Christian fish symbol containing a human eye (yes, u heard me right) is the dependent clause "and See What Sticks"

And a millisecond of silence please for a UD sock that went all "Leroy Jenkins" and ended up, as Red Leader once put it, "Negative, negative, it didnt go in; it just impacted on the surface"

Date: 2011/04/17 00:09:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (utidjian @ April 16 2011,16:45)
Just trying to see how far Joseph is going to drag his not even wrong statement about water and electricity.

To which I replied in (almost) KFian scale:

Be interesting to see how deeply stupid Joseph is.... my guess is very very deep. I am mainly hoping for some sig worthy tardisms.


crossposted at UD:

11:04 pm

Joseph @ 238:
ďWhy arenít power grids under water?Ē

might want to check this out:


just for the fun of it

utidjian: your 2nd linky isnt ending up at a comment. in moderation?

Date: 2011/04/18 13:23:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
For Noesis' presumption of analyzing the Dr Dr's hallowed thoughts re: CSI, Clive prepares the Mod-Hammer:
You seem to think that a guy could only have one point of view or observation, which is ridiculous, and donít presume to know his mind and psychologize him, this irritates me to the point of moderating you.

I'm way past irritation at this point. Half of the IDiot comments indulge in 'presuming' and 'psychologizing' of the 'Darwinist, atheist, materialist mind' of their critics. Is it me? It's Clive, right?

PS: Happy 3K, carlsonjok!

Date: 2011/04/18 13:27:49, Link
Author: paragwinn
boldings in my previous comment are mine. Can haz edit button?

Date: 2011/04/18 22:57:52, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (noncarborundum @ April 18 2011,21:44)
Quote (k.e.. @ April 18 2011,02:40)
Quote (Henry J @ April 18 2011,02:21)
First of all, our butt is an important muscle, helping us to stand erect.

That's getting to the bottom of things.

He's fighting a rear action.

Having gotten a little behind in his work.

Too busy playing "Truth or Derriere"

Date: 2011/04/18 23:29:15, Link
Author: paragwinn
Crossposted to UD:
Big apologies for really OT comment:

Has KL or IDC been banned? I havent seen any responses from them in an unusually long time (Internet-wise).

Wow, you could see all the way to Waterloo from the top of vjtorley's post.

Date: 2011/04/19 16:36:18, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kristine @ April 19 2011,10:24)
Quote (carlsonjok @ April 19 2011,09:58)
Mathgrrl is back and calls out Uptight Biped:
I would note that she did not respond to PaVs' condescending "listen, sweetheart." †Good for her. I think he was trying to bait her into an intemperate reaction, in order to get her banned.

We are used to ignoring it, people.

All women build up a resistance. Apparently, ID did not predict that.


(emphasis mine)

Date: 2011/04/19 16:46:54, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ April 19 2011,05:27)
It has two replies so far, one from Ilion, who is not happy about something or other (who cares?) and one from paragwinn making a snarky point about a couple of recent silent banninations.

snarky? i didnt mean to come off that way. I was trying to act innocent, just trying to find out where things stand. It's like Argentina's "Dirty War" with the "Disappeared Ones" at UD.

Date: 2011/04/19 19:15:41, Link
Author: paragwinn
Maybe someone should ask Joe how electric eels work?

Date: 2011/04/20 03:14:42, Link
Author: paragwinn
crossposted from UD:
StephenB @ 38:
"I agree that my remarks @18 were intemperate and will, therefore, discipline myself by retiring from the thread."

Well said.
That's probably the same kind of discipline that KL and idcurious exercised in light of their silence to date.

snark fully intended

Date: 2011/04/20 03:44:02, Link
Author: paragwinn
James Grover introduces the concept of introspection to UD:
I noted that there never seems to be any substantive criticism of ID hypotheses from pro-ID observers

Donít you consider this odd? How can science be done in the absence of substantive disagreement or constant, unwavering acquiescence? [corrected to "in the absence of substantive disagreement or in a state of constant, unwavering acquiescence?Ē in his next comment - paragwinn]

StephenB performs a magic trick in the style of Bullwinkle the Moose:
† † † †"Hey, James, watch me pull a mountain of conclusions out of my ass. Let me roll up my sleeve...Presto!"
More to the point, your questions are irrelevant. You ignore ID science, question the legitimacy of IDís methods, and challenge its conclusions on the grounds that its members are too palsy walsy.

It's a slow news day.

Date: 2011/04/20 04:23:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
Supporting examples of evolution's stasis problem:
† †  
7:56 pm

Let us not forget all those new genes in fruit flies- 35 million years and thos new genes to make a fruit fly out of a fruit fly.

Powerful stuffÖ

3:08 am

Another powerful example:

(link in quote leads to 'Electric_Eels_as_Evidence_of_God's_Existence.pdf)

Date: 2011/04/20 19:00:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ April 20 2011,15:38)
Quote (Richardthughes @ April 20 2011,17:57)
† †
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ April 20 2011,16:47)
† †  
After all, we're still the villains of Hollywood, typically.


Since 9/11 and the refusal to get into Irak, France has been the evil nemesis in Hollywood. Master and Commander comes to mind (how to totaly twist a plot just so the bad guys are French, read the books, learn the history)...

Damn, we're lucky Roland Emerich did "The Patriot" before that whole mess, else the native americans would have suffered for our sins...

And Godzilla...

And yes, S2IGAF is afiliated (though in pretty incestual ways) to the DILIGAF foudation, but only through second degree cousins...


Size: Small moon
Population English

Affectation: Nazi

Style: SASSY!

Date: 2011/04/22 16:11:57, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Robin @ April 22 2011,12:27)
Joe puts the Disco folks on notice:



12:59 pm

Please keep theology out of and away from Intelligent Design. Thank you.

Boy...that's rather uncivil, doncha think? What are the odds of any bannination? Of a slight reprimand? A slap on the cheek or wrist? a cough? A sigh? A tiny violin?

Sal's "reverse" psychology:
As far as keeping discussion of ID out of theological circles, are you demanding churchgoers not have the freedom to assess the relevance of ID to their theological beliefs? I donít think so.

Sal, Sal, Sal, it's not a matter of getting peanut butter on your chocolate but of getting chocolate in your peanut butter. Hope that clears things up.

Date: 2011/04/27 16:39:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
I've been boning up on some real science and math while staying away from the O'Dreary posts that arrive at  nonsensical conclusions (around the last 7 or 8 posts). Anyone know the reputation of ScienceDaily from whence they pull "real science" articles from?

Date: 2011/04/29 20:40:01, Link
Author: paragwinn
O'Dreary takes a tongue-in-cheek article from AAAS' and transforms it into her version of "J' Accuse":
Curious how many famous science hoaxes* centred on evolution or environment issues.

In response:
Exactly how many famous science hoaxes have centered on evolution or environment issues? I would be more concerned about those hoaxes centered on smoking, alcohol, homeopathic remedies,and vaccines.

Date: 2011/04/30 15:16:05, Link
Author: paragwinn
Google Search on "Joseph A. Gallien" turns up this:

"Did you mean the father or the son? If you meant the father, then Google respectfully refuses to fulfill your request. We don't want to get beat up by you-know-who."

Date: 2011/05/01 00:37:21, Link
Author: paragwinn
I shoulda remembered what happens when you poke someone with a "really, really" sharp stick:

It appeared you were having difficulty with addressing DrRECís main area of concern, which really had nothing to do with neo-darwinism or evolution or teleology.

5:44 pm

paragwinn, first you falsely say that I used electromagnetic radiation in the wrong context, now you switch tactics? And exactly what are your presuppositions in this matter??? Are you presupposing it to be plausible or not???

I wonder if he goes up to ???????????

(bolding mine, for emotion-laden content)

Date: 2011/05/01 15:50:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Lou and Sledgehammer!

Date: 2011/05/01 16:14:57, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kristine @ May 01 2011,13:51)
"Does it need a sender and a receiver?" †

Obviously, Mung has never seen a hip shimmy †:)

Date: 2011/05/06 01:15:15, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Lou FCD @ May 05 2011,11:28)

Batshit77, on the inerrancy of the bible.

AMW, in your arguing that the Old Testament of the Bible is not reliable, you seem to depend totally on the preconception that the Bible is pretty much the product of fallible man, but many Christians, myself included, regard the Bible as Ďinspired by Godí even though it was written by fallible man. Thus I expect there to be Ďsupernatural watermarksí within scripture that reflects the guiding hand of God in scripture.

Aaaaaannnnddddd, his very next comment

For 70 biblical years (approximately 69 years on the Gregorian calendar),...

You'd think the omniscient dumbass who created this planet would know how long a year was, and would have guided his chosen people to use something a little less convoluted than the Jewish sacred calendar, which needs constant (over)correction. Yeah, there's watermarks, alright, BA, but they don't imply what you'd like them to imply.

some helpful calendar suggestions just to stir the pot a bit.

Date: 2011/05/06 01:36:47, Link
Author: paragwinn
WARNING: not for the fec^lly faint-hearted
Quote (CeilingCat @ May 05 2011,23:12)
Another interesting phenomena in the Evidence: thread is that O'Leary is once again gushing over Rabbi Moshe Averick (or M. Averick as he sometimes styles himself):
[SNIP] †  
†If it were suggested that the above described scatology would be an appropriate expression of their own absolute commitment to naturalism and materialism, I imagine the reactions of Lewontin, Hitchens, Dawkiins, Ruse, Dennet, Pinker, et al., would be comically squeamish (although I don't rule out the possibility that they could surprise me).

Judging by the cow trail of posts there, I suggest renaming UD as Ungainly Descending-colon.

Date: 2011/05/06 23:16:05, Link
Author: paragwinn
He said it (but did he think it?): GilDo unreflectively reflects about Gregory Bateson's view of God
Idiocy of this magnitude is difficult to comprehend. How do some people end up this way?

Sometimes, GilDo & Co., it's hard to resist firepower idiocy of that magnititude, so don't let him get too close to you or he'll take a few of you IDers with him..oh, wait...too late.

Date: 2011/05/10 18:36:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (olegt @ May 10 2011,14:43)
ba^77 continues speaking in tongues.
† †
It is funny that a atheistic materialist would choose to use E = MC^2 as his example to Ďunwiselyí try to challenge you on this point of information kairos. For E = MC^2, by itself, actually points to a higher Ďeternalí dimension that is above this 3-Dimensional material dimension, which should be a fairly unnerving thing for materialists!?!

Rod Serling sees your higher 'eternal' dimension and raises you:
"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call "The Twilight Zone" 'Uncommon Descent'."

Date: 2011/05/11 19:32:52, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kristine @ May 11 2011,17:06)
Quote (dvunkannon @ May 11 2011,15:42)
Quote (Robin @ May 11 2011,16:15)
Quote (CeilingCat @ May 11 2011,06:20)

But I doubt it. †More likely he got a new hair shirt and he's been flogging himself for his sins for the past 30 days.

Don't you mean "hirsute"?


He meant, "hair purse." ;)

or maybe "hair brained"?

Date: 2011/05/11 19:55:39, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (rossum @ May 11 2011,15:19)
Quote (OgreMkV @ May 11 2011,10:29)
Well, his version of evolution that actually has no relationship with any real version or theory of evolution.



Termites dumb?
That ain't so;
Told me so!

(Transmogrification of someone else's sig line)

Date: 2011/05/11 20:04:39, Link
Author: paragwinn
Source re: previous post - J-Dog's sig line of a Richardthughes quote

Date: 2011/05/13 20:41:55, Link
Author: paragwinn
Oh'Dreary hears voices:
The public intellectual tide, now at full, roars, ďDarwin was right! Darwinism is central to science! Darwinís was the greatest idea Ö Criticism is treason Ö Ē

Her and GilDo sound alot alike nowadays. Convergent Joevolution?

Date: 2011/05/13 20:56:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
Cross-posted from UD:

Apparently, this lizard is adapted to an ecological niche, resulting in bodily modification. Why must you believe that evolution is only gain-of-function?

I wonder why I bother. The torrent of TARD lately has been flat and tasteless.

Date: 2011/05/16 14:43:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,May 16 2011,12:19)
Quote (J-Dog @ May 16 2011,14:15)

Orac does DCA Update - DaveScot Still Wrong! :)

DCA Update

i sure do wish he would chugalug the houseboat over to within reach of a wireless router and chime in. †what the fuck does it take?

Maybe he's off fighting Somali pirates or searching for Capt Jack Sparrow to join his crew.

Date: 2011/05/19 04:16:18, Link
Author: paragwinn
Mung's Interests in Life:
Important to me are:

1. The history and philosophical foundations of our ideas.

2. The consistency and coherence of our arguments.

3. Money.

4. Jesus

(Sorry Jesus, you came in fourth.)

alright, which one of you is Mung?

Date: 2011/05/19 18:16:56, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Dr.GH @ May 19 2011,14:48)
Some while ago I wrote a short review of some crap published by Steve Meyer. I found the other day that the DI attack gerbil made a response.

Reply by Casey Luskin.

I'll get to it soon.

From Casey's reply:
The question is whether such oxidation inhibitors or pH buffers were available on the early Earth. A pro-ID chemist critiqued this paper privately to me as follows:

Watch out, Casey has his super-secret research team on the case!

Date: 2011/05/20 20:02:31, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Hermagoras!

Date: 2011/05/23 21:43:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Did GildDo indicate on the flyer for his whine-and-Jesus fest when it will end, or did he just put down "???" Is looking for an honest question from him an endeavor past its sell-by date?

Date: 2011/05/24 22:17:37, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Hermagoras @ May 19 2011,13:17)
I, Hermagoras, have published a paper in Science! †Inquiry-Based Writing in the Laboratory Course (with Cary Moskovitz). †

Complete with random meme duplication and mutation on the second page. †Compositor error, post-galley-proofs. †We've sent a request for correction.


is it ready for quote-mining?

Date: 2011/05/26 21:40:58, Link
Author: paragwinn
More fun than a barrel of monkey chromosomes in the comment section here starting at 11.

ba77's links get a good going over by DrREC and ellazimm (in a very civil manner), ba77 demonstrates his notion of "civility", vjtorley tries to turn the tables on DrREC but it backfires, upright biped tries to be "neutral" while being cynical, joseph tries to be curious, and nirwad pats ba77 on the back.

Date: 2011/05/26 21:47:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
Could I get this comment from ba77 gold-plated please?
Well DrREC, though I surely donít buy how you have tried to nudge things to reflect your desired percentages in the end results, nor the way you have handled related evidence presented to you, I do have to apologize to you if Atom thinks you may have a valid point as to the methodology.,,, And for that I am sorry.

Date: 2011/05/26 23:00:20, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ May 26 2011,20:26)
Quote (OgreMkV @ May 26 2011,21:46)
† †
Quote (dvunkannon @ May 26 2011,20:04)
Evolution Overturned!!


A giant Ordovician anomalocaridid

ID... um... predicted this!

Oh... My... God.

You've got to be fucking kidding me. †A giant Ordivician anomalocaridid!!! †Holy Crap!!!

ummm... what's an anomalocaridid?

Big assed shrimp-like thingie

Now where's the cocktail sauce?

According to the Editor's Summary:  
One of the Ordovician anomalocaridids was a metre or so in length, ...

That's 3.281 feet (for the diametrically opposed)

Date: 2011/06/02 15:46:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Hot off the O'Dreary press:

"Is Christian Darwinism the new eugenics?"



How about the role of, for example, Christian Darwinists in fronting the idea that any Christian who does not believe in the ape Adam and Eve depicted recently in Christianity Today is actually causing the hostility of materialist atheists?



Date: 2011/06/02 15:51:00, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kristine @ June 02 2011,10:26)
Quote (k.e.. @ June 02 2011,08:41)
† †
Quote (Kristine @ June 01 2011,05:00)
† †  
Quote (Ptaylor @ May 30 2011,22:59)
Heh, this over at Pharyngula:
† † † † †

In which creationists make me giddily, joyfully gleeful!
The fun part is that the nitwits at Uncommon Descent have posted 10 + 1 Questions For Professor Myers, and are urging the Scottish creationists to show up and confront me with their stumpers.


Yeah, I've about reached my limit.

And I really mean it. Jiminy Crickets. †:O

Despite being paid peanuts I actually am paid to create - and then to see that, and read UD - it's beginning to make me feel like Dorian Gray!

You feel like Dorian Gray?

So you're no oil painting?

That's not teh image I had †....something moar like Barbara Eden.

Aww, that's very flattering, dearie, but I'm afraid that our willowy FTK probably looks more like Barb Eden than does French horse me. But I do have an oil painting in my mind's attic of a mousy, bespectacled box redhead bookworm to complement the outwardly ageless, ribald, and razor-tongued auburn shimmyfury. ;)

Weren't you the inspiration for that action flick "Hips of Shimmyfury"?

Date: 2011/06/03 02:41:09, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (MichaelJ @ June 02 2011,19:44)
Quote (Richardthughes @ June 03 2011,12:05)
Quote (Ptaylor @ June 02 2011,18:22)
PZ Myers links to this as a variation on The Courtier's Reply. I think it encapsulates the recent MathGrrl debacle very well.

Calling all socks..

The puns on that site are making me very kransky

you may wish to feel differently after encountering this form of kransky.

Date: 2011/06/06 00:15:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
GilDo, wordsmith extraordinaire:
At UD we have many brilliant ID apologists, and they continue to mount what I perceive as increasingly indefensible assaults on the creative powers of the Darwinian mechanism of random errors filtered by natural selection.

bolding mine

indefensible from Merriam-Webster:
a : incapable of being maintained as right or valid : untenable b : incapable of being justified or excused : inexcusable <indefensible comments>
Synonyms: inexcusable, inexpiable, insupportable, unforgivable, unjustifiable, unpardonable, unwarrantable

Big hat tip to Joe Felsenstein at PT

Date: 2011/06/10 00:01:36, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kristine @ June 09 2011,21:11)
Did Batty make an admonition?
Of related interest:

William Lane Craig Leaves a Chair Open for Richard Dawkins (Mirror: Birdieupon) Ė video

† †
1. An act or action of admonishing; authoritative counsel or warning
† † - the old judge's admonition to the jury on this point was particularly weighty

I shared the clarification with GilDo, in the hope he'll make the same mistake 3 times. Is that wrong?

Date: 2011/06/15 14:43:26, Link
Author: paragwinn
Part of Driver's response to KF's 'evolutionary materialism as usurper' assertion:
To show that evolution usurped science (a serious charge), all that needs to be shown is that the emperor is naked. A well written paper or two should take care of this, if the emperor is indeed naked.

KF's entire corpus of lengthy, detailed posts and footnotes has been all about the emperor's nakedness. All of it. In detail. Exposing every square inch. Slowly but surely.

bolding mine

Date: 2011/06/18 18:11:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
David Williams, Lawyer

Why a lawyer? So that the participants can learn how to testify for the defense (unless, of course, weightier matters intervene to make their court appearance untenable)?

Date: 2011/06/21 17:26:49, Link
Author: paragwinn
Joseph, apprentice ghost hunter:
Lizzie [Elizabeth Liddle]:

† †  
What methodology would you use to discover any un- or super-natural cause?

Watch ďGhost HuntersĒ and observe their methodolgy.

brackets mine

Date: 2011/06/21 17:50:12, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ June 21 2011,15:13)
UD continues to press a two-front campaign:

óBilbo: ďGod created the process. Yes, He intended that outcome. Does that mean that the process is determined and not random?

It means homo-sapiens was predetermined. If God intends that specific outcome and arranges a process to produce that outcome and nothing else, then the process cannot be totally random. A totally random process can produce any number of outcomes, and not just the one outcome that God intended and caused. That is what the Christian Darwinists mean when they say that we were an accident of history and that the process could have produced a ďbig-brained dinosaurĒ On the contrary, if God used an evolutionary process, it was designed to produce homo-sapiens and nothing else. A totally random process(a purposeless process or one with no informational guideline) could have produced something else, in which case God would not achieve the result He intended.

As I pointed out the key problem is that the claim that design thought is trying to improperly inject ďthe supernaturalĒ into science is false.

Say we are observing some phenomena- X. We can study X as X is occurring right in front of many scientists.

Afetr many years of investigtion scientists conclude that with X energy is increasing and physical laws are being violated. And seeing that X is ongoing they have been able to trace back to the source. The source is God.

Keep movin', folks, there's no religion here...

Date: 2011/06/21 23:37:22, Link
Author: paragwinn
Gil 'did lil ol me cause such a ruckus?' Do:
I intentionally included the Read more >> link immediately after my obviously provocative introduction in hopes that it would lure devout Darwinists ... into a trap.

A Tard Pit?

Gil needs a few more lessons in evolutionary camouflage.

Date: 2011/06/24 00:46:06, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Deadman!

Date: 2011/06/25 23:23:10, Link
Author: paragwinn
GilDo in danger of a mental repetitive-motion injury.

cross-posted from UD:
06/25/2011 10:15 pm


When are you going to find something new to post about? Quite literally, the repetition is providing no new information.

Date: 2011/06/30 16:51:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ June 30 2011,14:14)
In honour of MathGrrl:

First illustration - POTW
(third panel - an indication that your a fan of SpongeBob Squarepants? (not that there's anything wrong with that))

Second illustration - PONextW

Those last panels always gets me rolling

Date: 2011/06/30 17:02:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
Gordon, one-man Neighborhood Watch:
PS: I have alerted first level responders, and hope that onward MF [markf] et al will begin to realise what sort of bully-boy wolf-pack factions they are harbouring; and will police themselves. If I see signs of anything more serious than what has already gone on, or any further manifestations, I think that this will become first a web abuse then a police matter, perhaps an international police matter.

How does Gordon know that the police aren't in on the conspiracy, hmmmmm??

boldenated clarification mine

Date: 2011/07/01 00:49:07, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ June 30 2011,22:24)
Robert Sheldon, The Sage of Townhall, has invented metaphysical math: † † † †
[snip]...physical quantities have units, whereas metaphysical ones are unitless....[snip]

I guess we should have at least suspected this because, after all, Bayes was a clergyman.

Eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom, eh?

ETA: quote snips and bolding mine - paragwinn 7/1/11

Date: 2011/07/02 06:49:11, Link
Author: paragwinn
Doubting Denyse, Disbelieving Dowager in Darwinian Demagoguery:
You should not say you believe in Darwinís theory because that would imply that you could disbelieve it, and that you could disbelieve it on evidence.

Which response goes best with shrimp:

*uttered in a disbelieving tone

Date: 2011/07/02 07:39:21, Link
Author: paragwinn
Dr. Liddle explaining hypothesis testing and the EF to the UDers.
What would be an appropriate comparison to Dr. Liddle:
1. Annie Sullivan (of Helen Keller fame)
2. Mary Poppins
3. Dr. Doolittle

From the UDer perspecitive, could she be:
1. Klaatu
2. Black Monolith (of Kubrick's 2001 fame)
3. Morpheus (of The Matrix fame)

Date: 2011/07/02 08:10:24, Link
Author: paragwinn
Congrats, Lou, you've made KF's "Nuclear Club":
note how at Anti evo, in a forum thread, a possible fellow traveller with the cyberstalker above [SNIP]...has managed to trumpet there how I refused to pass a comment in which he advocated spending Sundays viewing porn rather than going to church.

Launch keys should arrive in 5-10 business days.

Date: 2011/07/02 09:30:41, Link
Author: paragwinn
'Little Boy'-size comment mushrooms into 'Fat Man'-size response from KF: † † † †
Here is a clip from commenter Yís remark (which he has trumpeted to others elsewhere), in response to PCís observation that the most popular day for viewing web porn ... is Sunday: † †
If more people spent their Sundays at home watching porn, thereíd be less
money in the coffers of those houses of hate and ignorance called churches. That could only be
good for the world [privacy violation immediately follows]
† † † †
Now, in trumpeting the post I will not publish at my personal blog, Y gave a link to a sexually themed site he operates (the title is about ďseduction . . .Ē). In following up that link, I came across a site where he advertises ďintimateĒ photography ...
But he will quote it at UD and mention it in three lengthy posts at UD and his blog. And notice how he backtracks to AtBC in order to discover "incriminating" evidence.
This clearly confirms to me that I am right to be seriously concerned about cyberstalking, and that the extensions of privacy violations from myself to an attempt to ďoutĒ: my family, is a dangerous nuclear threshold escalation.

And in case you forget who you're dealing with:† † †

ETA: linky clarify

Date: 2011/07/02 13:20:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Seversky @ July 02 2011,08:53)
† †
Quote (paragwinn @ July 02 2011,09:30)
'Little Boy'-size comment mushrooms into 'Fat Man'-size response from KF: † †

I think that dragging kf's wife and children into this was going too far.

Here's another take on that from the "Say hi" comment author.

ETA: above-mentioned author is different from person KF labels as 'Y'

Date: 2011/07/04 00:50:54, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Richard!

Date: 2011/07/04 11:58:09, Link
Author: paragwinn
Welcome to Sprockets with your host, Dieter.
Our topic - UD News reports that epigenetics has struck '[a]nother blow to the ďitís in yer genesĒ industry'

Today's guest is Dr Elizabeth Liddle: † †  
And another straw man bites the dust!

This isnít exactly news, news!

Dieter: † †  
You become tiresome, EL.

Now we dance.

Date: 2011/07/05 10:55:47, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Ptaylor!

Date: 2011/07/05 23:58:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ July 05 2011,14:51)

The Mullings has been baited, masterfully*:

*Go on, someone.

Into the breach....

Date: 2011/07/12 04:01:37, Link
Author: paragwinn
Contingent AND Necessary Comedy:

7/05/2011 10:55 pm
the hook:

It seems WilliamRoache has matched your masterful baiting skills.

7/06/2011 12:09 am
the catch:
Nope, while your remark is distractively tangential in this thread, I will give a one-shot response for record.

July 06 2011,01:09
the closer:
Just stop trying to insist he actually answer a question without evasion or equivocation- his hand may be mercifully stayed.

Date: 2011/07/24 16:42:31, Link
Author: paragwinn
vjtorley, master dis-illusionist:
Just as the properties of stone building blocks do not determine their arrangements in buildings, so too, the properties of biological building blocks do not determine their arrangements in DNA, RNA and proteins.

is this a legitimate comparison?

Date: 2011/07/26 03:03:55, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (blipey @ July 25 2011,19:10)
Quote (Badger3k @ July 25 2011,19:02)
Quote (Texas Teach @ July 25 2011,18:42)
Quote (Louis @ July 25 2011,17:06)
Quote (Henry J @ July 25 2011,23:05)
Quote (George @ July 25 2011,10:40)
† †
Quote (Louis @ July 25 2011,11:25)
† † †  
Quote (Henry J @ July 25 2011,16:17)
Well that was elementy.

Element-Ar-y surely?


Please tell me this isn't going to be another one of those 244Pu cascades.

Things like this do get put on the table periodically.

Sometimes people quit the thread over them, sometimes by accident, but others Mendeleev.*


*I am unfortunately very proud of this pun. I need to get out more.

Applause. †When opportunities like that arise you should always cesium. †To critique your efforts would require a lot a gallium. †Indium conclusion, sulfur not those who find puns off topic, for they are, in fact, germanium.

Is that Joe Gallium, or another variety?

And scene. †Well done sirs, and lady*. †Circuitous and back on topic. †Brilliant.

*No this isn't you Louis**

**or your mother

Well, gosh darmstadtium, no use getting europium up in witnessing Joe eating chromium.

George Burns: "Say Good Nitrogen, Gracie"
Gracie Allen: "Good Nitrogen, Gracie"

Date: 2011/07/26 03:31:35, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Louis @ July 25 2011,02:58)
Quote (J-Dog @ July 25 2011,01:57)
Quote (Louis @ July 24 2011,09:29)
† †
Quote (Doc Bill @ July 24 2011,11:26)
"Louis and the Texas Dildo" will not be an upcoming children's book no matter that it seemed a good idea last night.




Louis - Hey - I got a publisher for your new children's book!!!

Publisher for Louis New Children's Book

added in edit: †Onlookers - Guaranteed to piss off all sanctimonius pricks everyshere, even on tiney islands! † †Do you know anybody like that Gordon?

HAHAHA! That is brilliant. Thanks J-Dog.


P.S. I have ordered the book and sent the clip to everyone. The Sam Jackson version is excellent too.

Author! Author!

Such fond memories, twice over.
Now if only I could get the f**k to sleep!

Date: 2011/07/27 03:09:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, afarensis!

Date: 2011/07/29 16:58:21, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Patrick @ July 29 2011,12:46)
Doveton for the lulz:

You guys clearly donít understand either the argument that evolution violates the 2nd law, or the correct counter argument that the earth is not a closed system. No big deal.

However, when I realize I donít know much about a particular topic, especially a topic Iím interested in, I try to learn enough about the subject to form a valid opinion. I donít display my ignorance in front of thousands of people, like you guys do.

Oh now címon, LastyearÖI think youíre exaggerating a little. You should rethink your claims in light of the evidence presented hereon.

You really think they are displaying ignorance in front of thousands of people?

They both may have tweaked the censorsmoderators' noses a bit too hard, even at the kinder, gentler UD, though.

I love the smell of ironic disambiguation in the afternoons!

ETA: emboldenationalizationizing mine

Date: 2011/08/05 17:03:26, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 05 2011,09:09)
Actually, at 82MB, would need to FTP.

According to GilDo's LS-DYNA analysis, to properly simulate the environmental factors, you would need to ship your computer by plane over Wes' house and shove the computer out the back, aiming for his swimming pool. The computer must then make it's way out of the pool without engaging in Global Thermonuclear War and settle down to some milk, cookies, and Rachmaninoff.

Date: 2011/08/09 00:44:25, Link
Author: paragwinn
Best of Opposite Sex - the best dog that is the opposite sex to the Best of Breed winner, according to the American Kennel Club

Date: 2011/08/19 00:27:31, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Aug. 18 2011,22:10)
I love Steno in the †Fresh Divergence of Opinion... thread: † †  
However, ID need not be seen as an argument from analogy, but is an inference to the best explanation involving univocal thinking.

Google "inference to the best explanation" and the first entry is to a Wikipeda artcle on Abductive Reasoning. † †And the first sentence in that article? † †
Abduction is a kind of logical inference described by Charles Sanders Peirce as "guessing".

I kid you not.

So, ID is not an explanation but an inference TO the best explanation? Then what is the best explanation?

Date: 2011/08/19 00:48:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Hermagoras @ Aug. 11 2011,08:31)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Aug. 11 2011,10:27)
Quote (Hermagoras @ Aug. 11 2011,09:50)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Aug. 11 2011,09:02)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Aug. 11 2011,14:56)
Quote (blipey @ Aug. 11 2011,08:46)
† †
Quote (KCdgw @ Aug. 11 2011,07:53)
† †  
Quote (OgreMkV @ Aug. 11 2011,07:43)
† † †
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Aug. 11 2011,07:12)
† † †  
Quote (Hermagoras @ Aug. 11 2011,13:10)
† † † †
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Aug. 11 2011,02:46)
† † † † †  
Quote (George @ Aug. 11 2011,08:32)
† † † † † †
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Aug. 11 2011,02:19)
† † † † † †  
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Aug. 11 2011,08:17)
† † † † † † †
Quote (Henry J @ Aug. 11 2011,06:07)
So is he still the breadwinner of his family?

Aaaaw, that's so s'wheat!

Sorry, that was a very corny pun...

So you hate this thread so much you triticale it with another punfest?

I do, but it's due to my nature. Every body sesame larious.

Hilarious? † I seed barley any humor at all.

Come on! You oat to be kidding me!

I got nut 'n honey.

Chew on it too long and you get sorghum.

Not to derail, but you only got a week, Joe. †Rye, oh rye won't you tell me where we're meeting?

If Joe actually dines to meat you, alfalfa my ass in shock.

Problem is, I think Joe's cowardice is too ingrained to wear off.

He's a cereal wanker...

He's too chaffed to reply.

I'm sure he'd love to thresh us, if he was able to separate himself from his computer.

Must be hard grinding away like he does, day after day.

I'm afraid to meet him, as I understand he's pretty husky.

And a cereal flake apparently (a soggy one at that)

Date: 2011/08/20 22:26:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Seversky @ Aug. 20 2011,16:16)
That's right. †F/Ns to F/Ns to F/Ns etc.

The whole thing is F/N ridiculous.


ETA: mine emphasis

Date: 2011/08/20 22:42:58, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kristine @ Aug. 18 2011,13:26)
Whoa! British libraries go all anti-truck system on both Elsevier and Wile-E-Blackwelly.
† †
If the libraries cancel their big deals, they intend to make savings by buying only high-use journals from the publishers. Articles from lower-use journals will be shared between them in an electronic version of an inter-library loan. Prosser admitted that the publishers might react by putting up the price of high-use journals, but predicted that such a move would fall foul of competition authorities. He said he expected that libraries would already be talking to researchers about the titles that could be dropped with the least impact.

"It is not a question of whether we drop journals, it is a question of which we drop," he said.

Gobbler and Cobbler naturally have "no comment" for once. Wiley-Blackwell really astonished me. All I did was subscribe to JASIST and I received via snail mail glossy ads for Quantum Soil Erosion Quarterly and I-Am-Lewontin-Yellow science catalogs. †:angry:

What? They didn't offer you Picogram Dilution Wellness Weekly?

Date: 2011/08/20 23:01:20, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (George @ Aug. 20 2011,16:57)
Poe Zoe needs to dial it down a bit.

I can't tell where Zoe's lips end and where KF's backside begins (I know, brain bleach).

Zoe's undercover surveillence technique is reminiscent of Inspector Clouseau's assisted by Professor Auguste Balls (loved that peg-legged pirate with an inflatable parrot).

Date: 2011/08/21 20:41:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
For your weekend entertainment: O'Leary's Morality Tales For Atheists
(Rated 'R' for Adult Language and Extreme Violence)
To illustrate the point, I asked readers to imagine Ė and this is no idle imagining Ė the rise to social power of an ignorant and violent sect that vastly outnumbers the virtuous, animal-loving Atheistsí League. (The sect holds that cats are unclean and that kicking them is a virtue.) The problem for the atheist then becomes how to sustain himself in the face of persecution.
You see Ė bear with me Ė the sect discussed earlier is headed by the Supreme Holy Interpreter for the Terror. (The Terror is the sectís deity.) Because the headís title is a bit, well, voluminous, let us abbreviate it to [SHIT]head.
Imagine their dismay when they learned that [SHIT]head had had a revelation some years ago from The Terror Ė sex purifies children.
one †fellow allowed it to be known that the best trajectory for reversal would be that of a bullet through SHITís head †to forestall any further revelations from The Terror.

Now, now, Denyse, you know God doesnt like naughty language, in acronym form or otherwise. (Unless, of course, you received special dispensation from the Pope)

ETA: bolding mine

Date: 2011/08/22 00:07:38, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (REC @ Aug. 21 2011,20:29)
So in O'Leary's fantasyland, there is an atheist organization that:

1) Believes in a deity- "The Terror is the sectís deity"
2) Has a Supreme leader, a representative of that deity †
† †on Earth whose word is absolute-the "Supreme Holy
† †Interpreter for the Terror"
3) Has issues with its treatment of women
4) Has pedophilia issues
5) Has resorted to violence and coercion to defend its dogma

Is this the Catholic Church she's taking about? Projection much?

Actually, the fantasy atheists have a separate organization labelled 'Atheist League' (not to be confused with League of Atheists, United Atheists, Atheist Cabal, or the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Atheists)

Date: 2011/08/23 20:40:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Aug. 23 2011,04:15)
"I have a Master's Science!"

Oh, that reminds me, I better keep those electrical outlets covered so that the electricity doesn't leak out.

Date: 2011/08/24 11:37:14, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, blipey!

In honor of you, I gave 12 clowns a ride to work today in my Minicoop.

Date: 2011/08/27 08:52:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, OgreMkV!

Date: 2011/08/28 13:39:06, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Aug. 24 2011,18:04)
Fuck all if anyone cares, but Ali and I are going to try and get married before the end oh this year. I'll try to plan something virtual on the side so you can all be guests!



Date: 2011/08/29 04:19:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (JLT @ Aug. 28 2011,18:06)
Did anyone read the latest Halloway post? He slowly and cruelly tortures logic and coherence to an agonising death.
A few choice bits:
† †
Wealth is created by the creation of new information in the form of complex, specified inventions. [...] According to ID, individual intelligent agents are the creators of this information. †Thus, an economic system that incentivizes individuals to create new inventions to fulfill useful functions is strictly better than a system that does not. †In a centrally planned economy, there are only a few empowered information creators, who decide how resources are divided amongst the populace. †However, in a decentralized economy, all individuals are empowered to create information.[...]
But how are materialistic assumptions at play in modern economic theory? †The impact of materialism primarily has to do with the notion of wealth.[...]
The added concept you need to see how this applies to economics is that when an event occurs due to a final cause, then at this point information is created. †So, conversely, if there is no such thing as a final cause, as materialism claims, then no information is ever created. †And, if information is tied to wealth creation, then the further implication is that wealth is not created. †In which case, wealth is no longer tied to inventions, but is instead tied to resources. †Since there are only a limited number of resources in the world, economics becomes primarily concerned with the proper distribution of these resources amongst the population, instead of being concerned with allowing the creation of greater amounts of resources. [...]
As discussed above, ID further implies that wealth is better created through a decentralized than through a centralized economy.

Now, who was it that took ID critics to task for "speak[ing] outside of their realm of expertise"? Let me think...on the tip of my tongue...something to do with pot and kettle....wait, dont help me here...

Date: 2011/09/01 17:21:49, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, khan!

Date: 2011/09/02 15:54:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Albatrossity and Reciprocating Bill !

Date: 2011/09/03 16:13:19, Link
Author: paragwinn
Densey O'Bleary's Philosophy of Science:  
Intelligent design will prevail when engineers rule.

Cuz an engineer would never tell you that we live in a giant trailer full of poop.

Date: 2011/09/03 20:50:18, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Sep. 03 2011,12:14)
Should we conclude from all this that they're a non-profit organization? (Or is that non-prophet?)


They don't want the bottom line to show a false profit.

Date: 2011/09/03 20:54:57, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Patrick @ Sep. 03 2011,17:54)
Quote (Seversky @ Sep. 03 2011,19:14)
Quote (paragwinn @ Sep. 03 2011,16:13)
Densey O'Bleary's Philosophy of Science: † † †
Intelligent design will prevail when engineers rule.

Cuz an engineer would never tell you that we live in a giant trailer full of poop.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge



Hyatt Regency Walkway (Kansas City)

Ford Pinto

London Millenium Footbridge

Space Shuttle Challenger


Tay Bridge (Scotland)

De Havilland Comet

Deepwater Horizon

... etc

Yep, engineers are so much less error-prone than all the other disciplines and professions..

You left out Bhopal. †Won't someone think of the chemical engineers?

That's right, take all the limelight away from the railroad and custodial engineers!

Date: 2011/09/03 22:09:06, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Doc Bill @ Sep. 03 2011,19:18)
ID will prevail when D O'L transforms into a woman.

As portrayed in the upcoming cinematic feature "Tranmawformers: Back-Side of the Dog" using CSI effects, engineered by GilDo, legally protected by Barry 'Jackpot' Arrington.

(To be double-featured with "Expelled II: Intelligence IOU" )

Date: 2011/09/05 15:35:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Sep. 05 2011,13:30)
These pun cascades just stain my sole...

They are my Achille's Heel.

Date: 2011/09/11 14:21:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Speaking of gaming,, StephenB's "Jump To Conclusions" armor is pierced by Elizabeth's "Perform Real Investigative Work" battle-axe in UDville:

So you agree, in principle, that one can legitimately draw an inference to design by ruling out natural causes?

No, I think you can legitimately infer design by testing design hypotheses.

Date: 2011/09/11 14:56:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
bornagain77 has identified a tool in the Darwinist Conspiracy To Supress Evidence Regarding The Cambrian Explosion: Fossil Collectors!
ba77 †
David, perhaps it was a case of Ďcognitive dissonanceí on [Charles Doolittle] Walcottís part, but none-the-less, despite the level to which Walcott suppressed that which was so surprising to him that it caused him to collect 60,000 specimens, it is certainly a clear example of a inherent materialistic bias for which we have all paid a severe price in the setting back science for several decades

David W. Gibson †
Not at all. Walcott was a collector. He squirreled away FAR more specimens than that; he collected fossils of any and all kinds from everywhere he went. He was not Ďcognitively dissonentí, any more than any other collector. He did not ďsuppressĒ anything, he simply collected it. Collectors do that.

Evidently, museum drawers are the Vanishing Cabinets of Conspiratorial Magic.

bracketted name clarification mine.

Date: 2011/09/12 13:41:01, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Sep. 12 2011,11:36)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Sep. 12 2011,10:13)
Quote (midwifetoad @ Sep. 12 2011,10:56)
Recent research reveals that if I type a brand name into a post anywhere on the net, an ad for than brand will show up on UD the next time I visit, or soon thereafter.

Sony, iPod, Nikon, testing...

That's everywhere now. †The same cookies that maintain your login also tracks your posting habits.

I've been researching mattresses and every website with ads now has mattress ads.

For that kind of problem, the appropriate strategy is to sleep on it.

And then spring into action!

Date: 2011/09/14 01:54:38, Link
Author: paragwinn
Gildo calls out the "Darwinists":
The claim has been made that ID proponents are just ďcreationists in cheap tuxedos.Ē

Whatís good for the goose is good for the gander. Therefore, Iíll make the claim that Darwinists are atheists in expensive tuxedos.

bolding mine

Date: 2011/09/15 12:40:09, Link
Author: paragwinn
If one is trained in the argumentation of law, does that training carry over into philosophy or scientific investigation?

If a materialist believes that blind unguided natural forces can account for the ďdesignĒ of living things, how could he ever argue that, in principle, it would require a miracle for an intelligent agent to replicate that ďdesign.Ē
Now, what did he just do in that statement?

But facts and logic rarely stop our materialist opponents. Faced with an unanswerable argument, they usually resort to obfuscation tactics such as ďI just canít understand what the words you are using mean."
Chewbacca Defense!

Date: 2011/09/16 22:12:39, Link
Author: paragwinn
Barry Arrington receives a lethal dose of 'obfuscation', causing him to release the monster within:

Eric Holloway
Neither yourself nor KairoFocus have demonstrated that my arguments miss the point or are unsound. I plan to write out the arguments again as a UD article, and you can respond more in depth there if you wish. Otherwise, Iím afraid Iíll have to call BS on your challenge.

And here
If Mr. Arrington claims such usage of the term ďsupernaturalĒ is not common parlance, then Iím really at a loss as to what he means by ďsupernatural.Ē Perhaps Mr. Arrington can give some examples of what he would consider ďsupernatural?Ē

Stop it Eric.

Does anyone else feel the cold shadow of the Banhammer? Isnt the 'Loudspeaker-in-the-Ceiling' supposed to appear first?

Date: 2011/09/18 00:01:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Doc Bill @ Sep. 17 2011,17:13)
I understand that Crocker got the story from Michelle Bachmann who said that the mother of the student came up to her, crying, and told Bachmann that her daughter gave a presentation on "intelligent design" and now she's suffering from mental retardation and couldn't get into medical school.

Sad, really.

I posted a comment at that post asking if the story could be substantiated, but that seems to have disappeared. I re-posted the question.

I dont understand how she couldnt get into medical school.
According to Dr. Egnor, those institutions dont teach TOE because they find it irrelevant, and most doctors super-secretly believe in ID.

Date: 2011/09/19 21:18:56, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (socle @ Sep. 19 2011,14:59)
It's amazing that Chris Doyle even still posts, given his cowardly douchebaggery over at Lizzie's blog.

Chris 'Brave Sir Robin' Doyle:
A strong indication that you are lying to yourself is when you canít substantiate your claims (citation bluffing is not a substitute for substantiation) or canít engage with arguments (plenty of threads have come to an end here on Uncommon Descent because you [Elizabeth Liddle] disappeared instead of providing evidence for your position or even a detailed, cogent counter-argument).

Elizabeth Liddle:
And, actually, Chris, this is pretty rich from you Ė I was delighted that you came over to my own site, where things move a bit more slowly, but not only did you ďdisappearĒ from the discussions you were having there, but, as far as I can tell, you deleted all your posts AS WELL as all the counter-arguments that had been made to you!

second-person pronoun disambiguation mine

Date: 2011/09/19 21:37:01, Link
Author: paragwinn
StephenB: †  
Elizabeth, I think the gentlemen are simply asking you to make the connection between the study (studies) that you cite and the substance of your claims.
If you do not take us through the process, then it seems fair to suggest that you cannot take us through the process. . . . I promise you that William Dembski, Paul Marks, and Michael Behe can take you through this process from an ID perspective with their eyes closed and one-half of their brain tied behind their backs. The clarity of their arguments and the transparent relationship between those arguments and the evidence are all there to be evaluated. Indeed, I could, standing on their shoulders, do it myself.

† †He could if he wanted to, but he's not but that doesn't mean he can't, so don't say that he can't just because he won't because he could if he wanted to, but he's not ....

emboldened assholisms mine

Date: 2011/09/19 21:50:43, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Doc Bill @ Sep. 19 2011,15:24)
Venus on a clamshell, UD has become a singularity of stupid.

<Al Pacino> Every time I get out, they keep on bringing me back in. </Al Pacino>

Date: 2011/09/21 06:21:43, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (George @ Sep. 20 2011,23:22)
ID is totally not religious:

† †
hate speech against conservative, traditional Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, is never targeted by the authorities.

What does this have to do with Darwinism and ID? If you canít figure it out, there is no point in trying to explain it.

Thank goodness for small favors.

sarcastical bolding mine

Date: 2011/09/21 06:33:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
From the Attack-on-Religious-Civil-Liberties Dept:
Blue Savannah:
Unbelievable! You can have orgies, but heaven forbid you study the Bible!

Orgies would fall under fraternal organizing, so if you were meeting on a regular basis, you would still need a permit.

either way, unconstitutional

Cannot make this up.
I could find myself supporting a religious believer's right to conduct orgies in their home without government interference, especially considering GilDo's OP title: Two or More Replaced with More Than Three

Date: 2011/09/24 01:41:18, Link
Author: paragwinn
From Gildo's latest he-once-was-lost testimonial:
But Iím a freethinker, a legitimate scientist.

Maybe he and Joe G can team up and design their own computer simulation of evolution. Gildo can engineer the software and Joe can beat the shit out of the hardware.

If Gildo is a legitimate scientist, then I'm an eminent historian as a result of living through over 4 decades of American and World history.

He's been putting out quite a few of these lately. What gives?

eta: misspelling correction

Date: 2011/09/24 20:32:12, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Patrick @ Sep. 24 2011,16:08)
I hope we can find some time to address important topics in physics as well, such as how hard Chris Doyle would have to sneeze to extract his head from his ass.

That is, indeed, a dark matter to contemplate.

Date: 2011/09/25 18:26:57, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Sep. 25 2011,09:35)
Google Alerts tells me EN&V has another post up trying to make the Granville Sewell thing all about me.

Luskin is practically frothing at the mouth in that post.

Some revealing quotes indicating his awareness of the issue:  
Early in his response, titled "Educating Casey on Publishing," Dr. Elsberry concedes my point that he self-plagiarized his recent paper in Synthese.

Apparently, since Granville Sewell has published his arguments in peer-reviewed scientific papers, and then tried to republish some prior material in his now-withdrawn Applied Mathematics Letters (AML) paper, Sewell is supposedly guilty of some grave sin that Elsberry hasn't committed.
As for the "gaming the system" accusations, whatever that means I see no evidence that Granville Sewell did it.

eta: as per SOP, no commenting allowed

Date: 2011/09/26 22:28:14, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (midwifetoad @ Sep. 26 2011,14:59)

I'm not sure Casey's open mike blog went the way he hoped.

At least he has JoeG on his side.

Careful, if he gets too close, JoeG might decide to send in some intelligent agents like termites to probe Luskin's eyebrows for signs of design.

Date: 2011/09/26 22:47:59, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Hermagoras @ Sep. 26 2011,19:42)
Huzzah! Popping in out of my busy life to note that Frilly Gil, in the opening moves of a musically inflected C.3, does injury to English, as follows:  
Although for many years I was a classical concert pianist, I was raised by a wonderful father . . .
Ponder the significance of that although for a moment. †

Da Tard

Maybe he's trying to distinguish himself from Mozart and Beethoven: †
musicologist Maynard Solomon maintains that Leopold enjoyed basking in the reflected glory of his ďmiraculousĒ childís talents, and exploited the boy for material gain while constantly claiming poverty to all who would listen.
Beethoven's father cruelly made young Ludwig practice for hours at a time. †His dream was to have his son make the family rich. †After long nights of drinking, Beethoven's father would sometimes drag his son out of bed to practice the piano or play for guests.

Being mistaken for a person of renown can be quite a terrible burden. :p

eta: emoticon powers, activate!

Date: 2011/09/27 18:47:49, Link
Author: paragwinn
As DeNews condescends to notify UDers of Jason Rosenhouse's upcoming book[link to Jason's blog], woodford ponders this:
Why does News have to sneer at everything? It really lowers the tone of this website and takes away from whatís being said.

Why, indeed.

Date: 2011/09/28 15:22:00, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (OgreMkV @ Sep. 27 2011,12:41)
Hey Joe, I'll be up near your neck of the woods tomorrow and Thursday.

Here's your chance. †Just give me an address where you'd like to meet and you can 'explain all this to me'.

Joe will probably be in those woods hunting for Bigfoot so that he can measure the increase in density of it's hairy coat, a reliable indication of cooling temperatures, therefore giving the lie to global warming.

Date: 2011/09/28 18:15:57, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (dheddle @ Sep. 28 2011,15:57)
Off topic. Tenure track faculty positions available, at least one in Mathematical Biology.

Read about 'em here.

(I have moved from the physics department to chair, temporarily, the Mathematics department.)

Equivalent statements:

1) We are an EoE.

2) Preference without prejudice will be given to anyone who can calculate the specified complexity of any living organism.

Who was it at UD who said that they would perform the task stated in #2 if given thousands or tens of thousands of dollars? This could be the incentive they're looking for!

Date: 2011/09/30 01:06:01, Link
Author: paragwinn
Saul Alinsky!

Date: 2011/09/30 22:15:02, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Sep. 30 2011,19:23)
Boy, are these guys insecure!

Would that be from living in a tent (however big) rather than a house?


And with the camels on the outside pissing in.

Date: 2011/10/01 20:29:19, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Oct. 01 2011,17:02)
Post title exposes misunderstanding by DeNews:
Where Are the Neutral Genomes with these Mutations?

What the hell is a neutral genome? †Mutations are neutral, ie
one genome has the same fitness as another.

DeNews gets off the hook for this one. PaV is the one spouting off about 'neutral genomes' (which, in response to my query, he denies using that term) or what he 'clarifies' as 'neutral versions of the genome.' Are there such entities?

Date: 2011/10/02 15:44:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Oct. 02 2011,07:07)
Thinking on it, surely DeNews would have asked what a neutral genome was if she had seen that title. †;)

She probably assumes it is something lacking selfish genes.

Date: 2011/10/02 15:47:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Seversky @ Oct. 02 2011,09:54)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Oct. 01 2011,21:25)
Stung by the groans elicited by endless repetition of his "I was once an evil atheist" conversion story, Gil resorts to yet another repetition of his "I program LS-Dyna, perhaps the world's most powerful software ever created for the purpose" tic. †

You know, you'd think that, being such a software whiz, he'd just program some sort of bot that would post alternating "I was once an evil atheist"/"I am the Liberace of LS-DYNA" screeds with minor variations to save himself the trouble of doing it manually.

Come to think of it how do we know he hasn't?

Because the CSI calculated for each of his posts has not exceeded the Universal Lower Bound and each successive post adds no new information.

Date: 2011/10/03 13:06:24, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Oct. 03 2011,09:42)
Hereís neuroscientist Russ Poldrack (U Texas Austin) on neuroscience as neurotrash (in media)

So, let us get this straight: †Neuroscientist criticizes media for being gullible nincompoops. †What was your profession again, DeNews?

Propaganda MinisterPolitical PunditScience WriterCultural Observer  Genome Neutralizer  Editorialist

Date: 2011/10/04 12:01:58, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quick, send JoeG out there. He can argue that since the yeti population is rising, then temperatures are falling, hence global warming is falsified. Also, he can demonstrate hybridization, hence falsifying the kind of evolution he doesn't like. Two birds, one stone. How can he lose?

Date: 2011/10/05 01:24:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Oct. 04 2011,21:46)
Quote (midwifetoad @ Oct. 04 2011,15:06)
This just in:

An exchange at UD on dFSCI ó digitally coded, functionally specific complex information ó as an empirically and analytically reliable sign of design as cause

Posted by kairosfocus

comments closed.

Which one is Simplicio?

Link please?

As you wish . . . but you have been warned: Tardbergs ahead.

Date: 2011/10/05 19:40:46, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (olegt @ Oct. 05 2011,16:45)
And then Sheldon totally loses it:
But what exactly does it mean that interactions are non-local? It means that quantum mechanics is closer to reality than Democritus' atoms. It means that people are not merely made up of atoms, but atoms carefully arranged by some external force. It means that experiments are not isolated from the universe, but always under the influence of things far away. It means that integer dimensions do not capture reality, but we live in fractional spaces, in fractal geometries that have information at all scales from the galaxy down to the subatomic nucleus. It means that no man is an island, no man stands alone. If ever there was a rebuttal of materialism, if ever there were a way to convince a Darwinist that he can never recover the reductionist purposeless of Darwin, it would be this Nobel prize.

This guy is mental.

It's all in having the correct meta-mental-physics, man! If you dont got the right God-given meta-holi-physiks, you cant do nuthin' right (or godly). So sayeth Aristotle/Plato/Merlin/Gandalf/Gargamel/Rincewind.

Date: 2011/10/05 20:42:36, Link
Author: paragwinn
Here's a dose of male condescension via Eric Anderson:
Elizabeth, since you apparently have very little understanding/experience with computer programs and the problem of circularity, letís step back a bit.

Elizabeth in response:
As for my experience, in fact you are incorrect. I have substantial experience with computer programs, and, indeed, with evolutionary algorithms.

And I'm sure UD has provided her with lots of experience with circularity.

But it doesn't stop there.
In an evolutionary algorithm, the solution is not programmed in from the beginning. The problem is programmed, but not the solution. The whole point of using such algorithms is to find novel solutions.

Eric in response:
Elizabeth. Letís come back to Avida in a moment when weíre sure we have some basic common understanding. So letís start with a very simple and early algorithm:

Do you acknowledge that Dawkinsí ďMethinksĒ program had the solution programmed in from the beginning?

Go away, little boy.

Date: 2011/10/05 20:46:02, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (midwifetoad @ Oct. 05 2011,18:31)
Behe weighs in:

Dollo's law holds going forward as well as backward. We can state the experimentally based law simply: "Any evolutionary pathway from one functional state to another is unlikely to be traversed by random mutation and natural selection. The more the functional states differ, the much-less likely that a traversable pathway exists."

A TADL tale?

Date: 2011/10/06 01:40:18, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Dr.GH @ Oct. 05 2011,22:19)
I figure it is just a scam for some out of work dungmisters. They get some "Yeti" fans to send them money, they get drunk, and they publish photos of their hairy assholes.

They should have gone for the big cash, and "discovered" Noah's Ark. Fragments of the "true cross" are still selling well after 1980 years. They could collect those and build an Ark. It would be better than Ken Ham's Ark because it was the real TrueôCross© Ark.

And mounted on the bow - A Crucifix made from the real Noah's Ark!

Date: 2011/10/10 17:08:49, Link
Author: paragwinn
Where is the problem, indeed.  
paragwinnOctober 9, 2011 at 9:32 pm

So then, from where does the mind receive itís content that is supposedly broadcast to the brain? Is there any evidence that the brain broadcasts back to the mind?
gpuccioOctober 10, 2011 at 4:36 am



Each sensation is evidence that the brain ďbroadcastsĒ tp the mind. And each action is evidence that the mind ďbroadcastsĒ to the brain.

I suppose we have known that for millennia. Where is the problem?

And if it looks designed, it †must be designed. Why must people make science so unnecessarily difficult?

bolding mine, according to the broadcast i'm receiving.

Date: 2011/10/11 15:38:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Patrick @ Oct. 11 2011,09:32)
bbigej demonstrates psychological compatibility with the IDCists at UD by projecting onto Nick Matzke:
Iím seeing a lot of personal attacks and attempts at character assassination on ID proponents. Can you please cite any papers in support of your claims, especially pertaining to the claim that the Darwinian mechanism can produce copious amounts of complex, specified information? Thanks.

ba77 frothily agrees with bbigej: †  
Nick, It might interest you to know that I find you to be one of the most religious, intellectually dishonest, atheistic neo-Darwinists Iíve ever met!!! And Iíve met my fair share!!! In fact it is such shamelessly intellectually dishonesty on the part of religious atheists such as yourself ... [snip] ... I certainly fear for the fate of your soul for trying to lead people away from the truth of God with such shameless, and persistent, deception!!!


shameless and peristent bolding mine

Date: 2011/10/12 16:29:39, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (damitall @ Oct. 12 2011,13:44)
Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Oct. 12 2011,14:29)
DeNews on drug design:
† †
Which is why progress will depend mainly on outsmarting the proteins with new strategies.

In essence, outsmarting the Designer, ie God. †Sure you want to go there?

Oh it's ok.

They're FALLEN proteins

Mired in sin

It so happens that this paper addresses the GATA factor Serpent (Srp) protein in Drosophilia.

Now if the Serpent protein is in Drosophilia, and Drosophilia are flies, and flies have been associated with the presence of demons, and demons are ruled by Satan . . . Quick! Someone call together a Theology Conference, stat!!

eta: SIN, a novel Drosophila protein that associates with the RNA binding protein sex-lethal. The Final Apock-o-lypso is NIGH!!!

Date: 2011/10/13 02:22:03, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (sparc @ Oct. 12 2011,21:12)
† †  
19 William Dembski December 19, 2007 at 7:01 pm

ChristopherSaint: Give us more credit, please. My dad got his PhD in biology at the the University of Erlangen and my parents live in Germany. My uncle was a professor of ergnomics at the Technische Hochschule in at the time West Berlin. I know the scene in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. And I have read Ratzsch and Sober carefully ó Ratzsch spent a week in a six-week seminar that I conducted at Calvin College in 2000 to discuss his then forthcoming book. Although I like much about Mike Geneís book, he is an amateur at the philosophy of science. Thus I find those who like Mike try to argue that ID is valuable but not science as engaged in misconceived philosophy of science. Iíll probably write a paper on this sometime ó when I get time off from my scientific research with Bob Marksís Evolutionary Informatics Lab ( Forgive me for slipping this in, but where is the outcry from your colleagues about the suppression of this work?

Finally, I have and will continue to allow posts about global warming on this forum because the same forces to obfuscate science at work in the global warming debate are at work with the ID debate. I must say, I really grow tired of Europeans finding fault with this blog. I have yet to see anything cutting-edge supporting ID coming out of Europe (prove me wrong). Those like Cees Dekker, who might have contributed, have jumped ship. In any case, Iím fluent in German, so if you have any sites to which you would like to direct me, be my guest.

Where have i not heard similar statements before ten times over? I hadnt realized how many Dembski-drones inhabit the UD hive. GilDo's credentialed pedigree, O'Leary's 'CanadaWatch' and 'SuppressionAlerts', Joe G's 'research' and so on. I think they all were separated at birth, by design.

mein boldenkampf (hat, coat, exit)

Date: 2011/10/14 01:20:41, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Tom Ames @ Oct. 13 2011,16:23)
Quote (CeilingCat @ Oct. 13 2011,15:08)
Radical Decentralization Pt III

"The first thing I will focus on is money. Money is a social technology, but its current technological sophistication is still in the dark ages, despite the fact that computers rather than abacuses now count it. Iím going to propose a radically decentralized, information-based form of money that owes nothing to the state. Stay tuned."

Is he talking about Bitcoin? It would be just like him to get in on that pyramid scheme.

Didnt Spain try that already with their pieces-of-eight? :p

Date: 2011/10/15 02:32:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
It is dawning on me how completely futile it is becoming to engage the ID supporters of UD. It is quite the Bizarro World over there. None of them seem to learn anything except how to repeat each other's talking points. Believe first in ID and THEN you will understand it. Obstinacy is seen to be healthy skepticism and honest steadfastness. They throw their arguments around as if they are defense attorneys; they are not burdened with providing a consistent and reasonable explanation of events but serve only to cast doubt on the prosecution's (if i have mis-characterized any defense attorneys here, I stand corrected). Contention can be healthy and productive but that's not what's occurring at UD. I applaud those who continue to engage UD, and am grateful for the enlightenment they provide.

Date: 2011/10/15 02:39:49, Link
Author: paragwinn
Journalism opportunity:
(1) Our refereed journal (the oldest science & religion journal in the USA), Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, frequently publishes articles taking a pro-ID stance. I challenge anyone to take a period of several consecutive years (somewhere in the past 20 years), count the number of articles that favor ID (keeping in mind that a large number of articles are entirely unrelated to ID), and compare that number with any other refereed journal of their choice. Unless you pick a journal that is intended specifically to promote ID, I bet we do pretty darn well.

Nevertheless, well known proponents of ID rarely submit papers to our journal, despite the fact that we do publish pro-ID articles.

Oh, Denyse O'Leeeeeeeeeeeary, be a journalist and investigate this, will you, dear?

Date: 2011/10/15 05:58:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 14 2011,06:39)
Careful Lizzie,

Joe will start finding out your name on the internet, and where you work, and threatening to visit you to 'explain his position' to you (hint: it's not missionary).

Then he'll threaten to call your bosses to tell them what a liar you are. †Then he'll threaten to staple his comments to your forehead.

Good luck.

Quick, someone introduce him to a female yeti (from Russia, with love) so he can start his hybridization research while disproving global warming!

Date: 2011/10/20 00:41:44, Link
Author: paragwinn
MP (AKA Disassociate Disorder- but this was a gross error)

Could you shed some light on that?
Some experiences I have had with someone diagnosed with DD seem to align with symptoms of MP.

Date: 2011/10/21 05:40:36, Link
Author: paragwinn

Thanks for the clarification. Looks like I need to re-investigate certain notions.

Date: 2011/10/21 05:53:35, Link
Author: paragwinn
Robert Byers, Piling it higher and Deeper:
Excellent videos except they are wrong.
This YEC insists that marine mammals did suddenly ďevolveĒ from land to sea.
People did not evolve in stages toward our present racial types.
Yet here we are. It was instant and with it a lot of dna change.
Seals really are just bears . Bears and dogs are the same thing
Water dogs have webbed feet.
No big deal but not from evolution. Somthing else.

Oh, Robert, you literally take my breath away (cuz of all the laughing I'm having to do.)

alright, which one of you is Robert Byers?

Date: 2011/10/21 06:12:01, Link
Author: paragwinn
kellyhomes invokes the name of He-Who-Lurks-Unless-You-Invoke-His-Name-At-Which-Point-He-De-Lurks:  
Previously Clive has banned people here for things they have said on other sites, unrelated to this one. I guess double standards are only OK if they help your supportersÖ

Clive as of October 21, 2011 at 12:52 am:  
Only if they were outed as a sock puppet on another site and banned previously.

Google-Fu powers, activate! (This may take awhile)

eta: timestamp for Clive's comment quoted above

Date: 2011/10/21 06:58:21, Link
Author: paragwinn
Hey, Clive, do you remember this comment of yours from March 22, 2009 12:02AM?
Reciprocating Bill.

ďGiven that my participation has been serious and respectfulÖĒ


You said this yourself:

ďWithout claiming significance anything resembling PZís [Myers], I do have a history of critical comments regarding UD, Barry Arrington in particular, Uncommonly Denyse, etc. Not to mention adolescent name callingÖ.I like to think that UDís new policy, in addition to reflecting new management, is also in response to the the ridiculative selection pressures weíve exerted hereÖ.Letís watch.Ē

Bye Bill.

eta: Reciprocating Bill introduces the bannination here.

Date: 2011/10/22 19:38:11, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (forastero @ Oct. 21 2011,20:32)
Its merely a loss of genetic information that allows one to better tolerate something; like a eunuch being immune to hernias.


Date: 2011/10/22 21:38:42, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (forastero @ Oct. 22 2011,18:14)
Quote (paragwinn @ Oct. 22 2011,19:38)
Quote (forastero @ Oct. 21 2011,20:32)
Its merely a loss of genetic information that allows one to better tolerate something; like a eunuch being immune to hernias.


Clearly I was referring to a testicle or scrotal hernia. In fact, a common treatment for testicle and umbilical hernia is castration. Eunuch of antiquity had all the private removed.

Graphic hernia medical procedure

No, you were not clear. Castration doesn't make someone immune to hernias. Since hernias in general involve a weakness in the abdominal wall, eunuchs would still be susceptible. With about 750,000 hernia repairs in people occurring every year, castration is NOT a common treatment for them.
And you might want to read here ( about the kinds of eunuchs and the roles they played in various societies.

Why do I bother addressing this failed analogy? Because ID supporters such as yourself always get it wrong on the details, consistently re-affirming the statement made by Dr. Dr. Dembski himself, that ID does not concern itself with a "pathetic level of detail." You rely on ambiguity and the "popular" understanding of terms to make your arguments sound more informed than they really are. The mis-application of analogy only serves to highlight the weakness of your argument.

Date: 2011/10/23 04:31:04, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (forastero @ Oct. 23 2011,01:51)
Yep, fist sentence of your wiki eunuch says Eunuchs of old were typically castrated

which of coarse made them immune to testicular hernias

Evidently, †you didnt read much further. Eunuchs also included those who were impotent or celibate while still having testicles. And now with chemical castration, 'eunuchs' can still experience testicular hernias.

Your 'explanation' of sickle-cell anemia and enzyme-eating bacteria is weak just like your analogy.

Date: 2011/10/23 04:52:59, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (jeannot @ Oct. 23 2011,02:35)
Quote (forastero @ Oct. 23 2011,03:40)
It wasnt just Cambrian explosions, but Ordovician explosions, Silurian explosion, Devonian explosions, carboniferous explosions, Triassic explosion, Jurassic explosion, Cretaceous explosion, Paleocene explosion, Eocene explosion, Oligocene †explosion, Miocene explosion, †Pleistocene explosions.

I'm not a paleontologist, but google doesn't find much about many of the "explosions" you list.
There are results about a "pleistocene explosion", which refer to a population expansion in humans.
So I am not sure how you interpret the term "explosion".

forastero must be a big fan of director/producer Michael Bay (Transformers, Armegeddon, Bad Boys, Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell 2)

Date: 2011/10/23 19:02:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (forastero @ Oct. 22 2011,10:52)
Hmm speaking of explosions, there are also all the explosions of life such as the Cambrian explosion, Ordovician explosions, Silurian explosion, Devonian explosions, carboniferous explosions, Triassic explosion, Jurassic explosion, Cretaceous explosion, Paleocene explosion, Eocene explosion, Oligocene †explosion, Miocene explosion, †Pleistocene explosions.

Are these the explosions you are thinking of?
Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event
Silurian Period
Life of the Devonian
Climate and the Carboniferous Period

Date: 2011/10/23 19:15:24, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (paragwinn @ Oct. 23 2011,17:02)
Quote (forastero @ Oct. 22 2011,10:52)
Hmm speaking of explosions, there are also all the explosions of life such as the Cambrian explosion, Ordovician explosions, Silurian explosion, Devonian explosions, carboniferous explosions, Triassic explosion, Jurassic explosion, Cretaceous explosion, Paleocene explosion, Eocene explosion, Oligocene †explosion, Miocene explosion, †Pleistocene explosions.

or these?
Fossil insects and associated plants from the Late Triassic Molteno Formation of South Africa
Paleoenvironments of the Jurassic and Cretaceous Oceans: Selected Highlights
The Jurassic: The Mammal Explosion - History and Analysis of the Discovery Today Challenging the Conventional View of Our Ancestors from the Early Jurassic Onward
Dinosaurs and the Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution

Date: 2011/10/23 19:41:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (paragwinn @ Oct. 23 2011,17:15)
Quote (forastero @ Oct. 22 2011,10:52)
Hmm speaking of explosions, there are also all the explosions of life such as the Cambrian explosion, Ordovician explosions, Silurian explosion, Devonian explosions, carboniferous explosions, Triassic explosion, Jurassic explosion, Cretaceous explosion, Paleocene explosion, Eocene explosion, Oligocene †explosion, Miocene explosion, †Pleistocene explosions.

or any of these?
Evidence for a Paleocene Evolutionary Radiation
Ancient dolphins Ė the fossil record
The Pleistocene and the Origins of Human Culture

Date: 2011/10/24 04:56:07, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Oct. 24 2011,01:11)
BA77 is talked into submission:  
Eigenstate, I disagree, but Iím done debating you.

Congratulations to Eigenstate!

I think that deserves some sort of special award.

Date: 2011/10/24 05:01:03, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Louis @ Oct. 24 2011,02:11)
It's the creationism of European music.


A whole world of 'talent' created in six days?

Date: 2011/10/24 07:00:01, Link
Author: paragwinn
from ordure to Orff

from feces to Ninety-Five Theses

from BM to BMW

Date: 2011/10/26 01:21:19, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Ptaylor @ Oct. 25 2011,17:45)
Final comment on that thread:
† † † † †
I will not reward that behaviour, so I will now shut down comments, and add responses in brief overnight to what requires a reasonable comment for record, as editorial notes.


Date: 2011/10/26 01:32:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
William J. Murray, paranormal investigator:  
The evidence that consciousness cannot be destroyed by destroying the body (or halted via brain death) exists in vast amounts, dating back over 150 years of scientific research and publication.

It is relatively easy to locate such research via simple google searches.
i.e., "you do my homework for me".

Ahem, seances don't count as evidence. Just ask Harry Houdini..oh wait, he's DEAD!

bolding mine until my consciousness and my body go their separate ways.

Date: 2011/10/26 17:44:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (REC @ Oct. 26 2011,14:19)
Pop Quiz (no cheating)

O'Leary or IDiot generator, edited for brevity.


All kinds of strange stuff has happened since then, including stuff we complain about the Darwin fairy tale of highly creative gene duplication, and itís too bad if some freak out about the Darwinsludge Ė the stupid stuff in defense of Darwinism. Which probably does far more harm to their cause than any of us are offended by the constant Darwin worship of the waste basket Ė


Are Darwinís American tribe having a collective nutout or what? Joshua Rosenea went on to quote Virgilís Aeneid that rumors of the kind I am spreading are ďnimble as quicksilver among evils. OK, whatever. Please, lawyer, for all our coffee money for next week: Does Rosenau have a case if we link? Can he force us to break winter camp? This is about some film about dinosaurs in heaven, which nobody can afford to buy and isnít on line. Dinos arenít in heaven? We ainít either. Difference is, we is askiní

The IDiot Generator has passed the TARDing Test. All hail our IG overlord.

Date: 2011/10/26 22:58:05, Link
Author: paragwinn
Joseph, the Jacques Tardteau of UD:
Cetacean hind limbs are just old, unused FINS

It's probably a wasted effort but i'll post a reply to him with a reference to a paper on the developmental basis for hind-limb loss.

Date: 2011/10/27 07:38:42, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 27 2011,05:06)
Instead, isolate them on at a time and demand definitions, explanations, and calculated examples... until it gets through their tiny hindbrains that they cannot do the things they claim to.

Might want to wear rain gear and galoshes in case this happens:

eta:fix quoteblock fail

Date: 2011/10/28 16:43:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Woodbine @ Oct. 28 2011,14:15)
Nicely done RtH! (Sock puppets please report to Klinghoffer thread!)

There is a crack in everything / That's how the light gets in. - Leonard Cohen, "Anthem"

Date: 2011/11/08 18:06:58, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Nov. 08 2011,14:37)
vjtorlery explains more about ID then UD has managed in quite a while:
† †  
In a nutshell, the early Earth was extremely inhospitable to complex life, and it had to go through a number of environmental transformations before it could develop stable feedback systems and cycles that could support complex life-forms. A process like that necessarily takes billions of years, I believe: even a Deity couldnít possibly do it faster, if He wanted an Earth capable of supporting complex life without the need for massive continual intervention. Intelligent Design does not require that kind of intervention. It requires the production of proteins at the dawn of life, and of the first living cell, as well as production of fundamental body plans, as well as each of the various families that have existed during the history of life on Earth (Iím assuming here that the family represents the approximate ďedge of evolutionĒ). If youíre a front-loader, youíre free to believe that all this was accomplished by fine-tuning the Big Bang to produce these results billions of years later. If that scenario strikes you as implausible, consider this: there are probably no more than 100,000 families of organisms that have existed during the four-billion-year history of life. Thatís one new family of organisms produced by the Designer every 40,000 years. Thatís hardly massive intervention, although at various times (e.g. after the Permian extinction) the frequency of intervention would of course have been somewhat greater.

See Joseph? Not so hard.

I love the way he confidently asserts things like this
† †
although at various times (e.g. after the Permian extinction) the frequency of intervention would of course have been somewhat greater

without any irony whatsoever.

The Supreme Being Designer makes quite an entrance intervention:

Date: 2011/11/08 19:03:15, Link
Author: paragwinn
Those organisms that leave more offspring than others within a population are called the ďfitĒ or ďfittestĒ.

If ďfitnessĒ means that an organism leaves more offspring than others, then why does death exist?

IOW, if I lived to be a healthy 100,000 years old, able to procreate the whole time, then I certainly would have left behind many, many more offspring than someone who lived for only 75 years. Therefore, living an extended life is more ďfitĒ than living a life of shorter duration.

If you extend this argument outward in similar fashion, then death shouldnít even exist. The fittest race would be those who didnít die (or, at least approximate it).

"War Death, huh, yeah / What is it good for / Absolutely nothing / Uh-huh..." sing with me now...

Isnt there a relationship between average longevity and reproductive rates?

Date: 2011/11/09 22:46:20, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Nov. 09 2011,12:21)
I am sure the Designer will get around to completing the GULO project, he just has more important things to do now, such as not appearing anywhere, and making images of his son on grilled cheese sandwiches.

Those images tend to be really grainy. I can barley make them out.

Date: 2011/11/10 03:35:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (forastero @ Nov. 09 2011,23:26)
In case you hadnt noticed, the decay that we have †been discussing all along is about radioisotopes striving for equilibrium and if evolutionists didnt "assume" that c14 was broken down at the same rate at which it is being produced; we wouldnt even be having this discussion.

The fact of the matter is, C14 is being produced nearly one third faster than it is disintegrating and the C14 in the earth's atmosphere is 20% out of secular equilibrium with the C14 breaking down by radioactive decay. †If this is true, then none of the fossils that have been dated by this method could be more than a few thousand years old. In fact, tree rings prove that C14 begins to falter after just 1000 years.

C-14 dating and it's reliability

eta:non-carbon-dated boldness for strawman's sake.

Date: 2011/11/11 22:25:17, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2011/11/12 17:02:59, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Nov. 12 2011,05:33)
sheeeeeeeeeeezus that is one dumb website

everytime someone says that, a monarch butterfly becomes stillborn. Think of the metamorphildren!

Date: 2011/11/12 17:46:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (forastero @ Nov. 12 2011,14:50)
Not only did you willfully misinterpret the analogy but you fail to realize that the average dollar bill has a life span of only about 18-22 months

Likewise, no one knows what formula you are talking about and the age old formula that I provided wont get you to that answer unless you messed up big time

forastero must be Robert Byers' †"smarter" brother.

You provided a formula in this format: 8(1+r/100)n
where, in your words, "r = % rate of growth per year, and the number of years of growth = n".
maybe there's a formatting problem here but the formula could be interpreted like this: 8 x (1+R/100) x n.
Did you mean this: 8 x [(1+r/100) exponent n]?

Date: 2011/11/13 01:01:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (forastero @ Nov. 12 2011,18:19)
Btw 2, its ironic that this new age radioactive religion †is used to make up chronologies that attempt dismiss certain biblical chronologies, is believed to be the source of a mutationism to in an attempt to replace Creationism, is based on particles named after the demons (ancient god-kings) who killed off God's Creation, is used to make weapons that can destroy whats left of Creation?

There's your problem right there: demons. They'll get ya every time. 227,000x. 227001x, whatever it takes. Call Father Merrin and Father Karras, tell them we have an extraordinary case.

Date: 2011/11/13 01:27:19, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Nov. 12 2011,16:45)
Is it your belief that sources of error such as the alleged 0.5% radiometric fluctuations (and all other alleged similar errors) are of sufficient magnitude to result in estimated ages, such as the age of the earth, that are 227,000x the actual values?

Maybe forastero is going ""by the Book", following the regulation that bans uncoded messages on open channels, wherein "hours could seem like days" in order to fool the demons, especially the one named

Date: 2011/11/18 21:38:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
Joseph, amateur logicary reasonerist:
Yes, design is a mechanism:

A mechanism is a a process, technique, or system for achieving a result-

Design is to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan.

A plan is a process, technique, or system for achieving a result.

Therefor design is a mechanism.

Date: 2011/11/23 14:20:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Written on the staff of forastero:
The geological maps that realist use to make money are all surface maps.


Date: 2011/11/27 14:21:22, Link
Author: paragwinn
Robert Byers, patron at the Playboy Club of Science:
I see , relatively, few women who would interest me or show me they have something to offer in Science.

Date: 2011/12/03 21:22:15, Link
Author: paragwinn
from the "We Get Love from Leading Darwinist Group Blog" post: †
This [Jack Scanlan's Panda's Thumb post] has put us in such a good mood we're almost tempted to open the great Black Gate that allows comments so all the other Darwinists can write in and tell us how much they love us.

Fuckin' cowards!

frikkin' clarification frakin' mine

Date: 2011/12/07 16:43:04, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (fnxtr @ Dec. 07 2011,12:07)
{Bluto} DEATH ROLL FIGHT!!!!{/Bluto}


Date: 2011/12/09 19:00:03, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, steverino and robin!

Date: 2011/12/12 03:26:59, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Wolfhound!

Date: 2011/12/12 16:24:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Patrick @ Dec. 12 2011,07:30)
I just reread Granville's latest and realized I somehow missed this the first time through:
But I also have a purely scientific resolution of this paradox that I find quite satisfactory. It is simply: ďevolution may leave an impression that it is an entirely natural process, but it isnít.Ē

Interesting definition of "scientific resolution" you have there, Granville.

It's about as sharp and informative as the resolution of this picture:

Date: 2011/12/12 17:03:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 12 2011,13:17)
Quote (forastero @ Dec. 12 2011,13:10)
Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Dec. 12 2011,08:00)
Quote (forastero @ Dec. 12 2011,01:30)
† †  
Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Dec. 10 2011,16:55)
† † †
Fossil fuels have been burnt by humans for thousands of years, as has wood, which according to recent findings actually emits more carbon than coal.

Oh, that takes a special brand of stupid to say.

Wood emits no net carbon as it is a renewable fuel.

Burning wood releases Co2, which has carbon.

Ah so then you admit 99.9% fossil fuels are from a unique catastrophe in the past.

and growing trees absorbs carbon, which absorbs CO2 which any middle schooler would understand as part of the carbon cycle. †Forastero is not alone in his IDiocy of only considering just CO2 out, there are politicians who think they should stop breathing to emit CO2. †I agree on the stop breathing part, but only because the world needs fewer people pandering to IDiots.

As far as catastrophic processes go, all I have seen is forastero's attempts to do whatever the hell it thinks it is doing.

Yeah but beyond middle school and political correctness, you †realize that fossil fuels are sequestering lots of Co2, as does char, lime stone, carbonate rocks, water etc...etc...

Oh and trees also sequester the Co2 released from burning coal.

This is why the muppet is entertaining - †he tries to paraphrase things he doesn't understand, and ends up telling us that atmospheric carbon dioxide is sequestered in fish. †

Maybe they're in an aquatic refuge.

What else might have survived in those "aquatic refugia"?

Date: 2011/12/15 03:33:41, Link
Author: paragwinn
Ironic AnalogyFAIL:
"Darwinian Biology Is to Spelling as Intelligent Design Is to the Art of Writing"

If i remember my analogy formulation right, it should have read:
Darwinian Biology Is to Intelligent Design as Spelling Is to the Art of Writing

for as we all know
In one case you're looking at the micromechanics of how you put letters together to make words but in the other you are looking at higher-level principles that allow good writing to take place, the principles you have to master in order to write well.

If the post title is anything to go by, good writing is not taking place.
It so happens that the post stems from an ID: The Future podcast titled "Key Figures in Intelligent Design Measure the Impact of Discovery Institute", which could be analogized as "a man measures the size of his own dick."

Date: 2011/12/15 03:43:54, Link
Author: paragwinn
In DeNews' latest effort at pabloid journalism, UD and Luskin not only clutch their own pearls but they want to clutch yours too:  
One odd aspect of the book is its apparent obsession with occult-style images. A friend and I went through The Magic of Reality and together we counted over a dozen pages with pictures of demons, devils, and the like. . . . These arenít cute cartoony-devils ó theyíre probably enough to give the average kid nightmares. And I say this as someone who loves sci-fi / fantasy media and has a pretty strong stomach for this sort of thing.

Yes, modern technological marvels like airplanes and microwave ovens can seem demonic to the bronze-age mind.

Date: 2011/12/22 04:59:47, Link
Author: paragwinn
Commenting on Dr. Moran's reply to vjtorley, Joe G puts his foot where his mouth is:  
I am more than willing to put $$$ on the claim that I understand evolution better than you.

Betting windows are now open. It is highly improbable, though not impossible, that Joe will pay off. More likely, he'll just flip you off.

Date: 2012/01/05 20:09:03, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Doc Bill!

Date: 2012/01/13 05:52:25, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kattarina98 @ Jan. 13 2012,00:17)
DeNews isn't the only one who has problems with vocabulary. The other day, wordsmith extraordinaire kairosfocus coined a phrase that went somehow like that:
"I don't bow to the suzerainty of mainstream science."
Not wanting to be a vocabulary Nazi, I let it slip. A day later, his post was gone.

and i don't kneel to the antidisestablishmentarianism of how-things-work science (especially magnetism)!

eta: F/N re: spelling corrective with warrant unagainst interest as predicted by Plato

Date: 2012/01/15 00:38:56, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, noncarborundum!

Date: 2012/01/16 02:22:22, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (didymos @ Jan. 15 2012,23:34)
Quote (MichaelJ @ Jan. 15 2012,22:49)
I guess as a full fellow he will be asked to sing for his supper. I wonder if the requirements will include the UD blog? Also given his comments about not liking the Nazi-Darwinism link and being an Old Earth Creationist, how will he control UD?

On the Floating Command Center, DaveTard hears a knock on the door....

WAD: †We're gettin' the band back together!

[while standing at the entrance to the Discovery Institute, a heavenly light shines down on WAD and he has an epiphany]
WAD: The band? The band.
David Klinghoffer: DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT?
DaveTard: What light?

(sincerest apologies to the Blues Brothers movie, original quote here)

Date: 2012/01/22 02:10:42, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (keiths @ Jan. 21 2012,23:28)
KF threatens to spank Elizabeth Liddle on the front-loading thread:
But right now, this looks uncommonly like dumping garbage on your neighbourís newly mown lawn, when he is entertaining guests. (And, remember, I just had to call Joe and PG to order. Is this any way to treat a guest? Can you understand how I feel like the parent having to correct a child who decides to act up in front of guests? [That noise you hear is foot tapping and old Mr Leathers being limbered up to be applied to the seat of learning with vigour. Six of the best is about right . . . ])

'Mr. Leathers'? †'Seat of learning'? †Damn, KF.

Boom-Chika-Wawa-Wawa Of The Week!

eta: my emphasis-of-the-week

Date: 2012/01/23 23:19:12, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthdays! May the hair in your nose never grow out.

Date: 2012/01/29 19:59:44, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Patrick @ Jan. 29 2012,14:58)
Perhaps a particularly cruel sock puppet would be interested in pointing out that vjtorley himself applied Dembski's non-rigorous algorithm to a gene duplication event and was forced to conclude that this known evolutionary mechanism could create CSI.

I'm not cruel, I'm just woven that way.

(apologies to Jessica Rabbit in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", 1988)

Date: 2012/01/29 20:12:07, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kattarina98 @ Jan. 29 2012,16:19)
Quote (keiths @ Jan. 29 2012,17:33)
† †
Well you canít please everyone and there will always be a few crackpots.

I followed your link, and at the end this is what I found: †  
Ya see we exist, there is only one reality behind that existence and I am not going to wait for some philosophers to finish wiping themselves to try to figure out that reality.

Does that mean what I fear it means?

Yes, and he went in head first.

Date: 2012/02/02 22:14:36, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Feb. 02 2012,19:40)
Any takers that Timeatus is Dembski's UD sock?

I just had to say something.

Date: 2012/02/09 16:32:21, Link
Author: paragwinn
Barkeep, give me a straight shot of Joe:
Natural selection, a result, is totally biased by chance.

Date: 2012/02/09 19:08:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Feb. 09 2012,16:18)
i wonder if that idiot thinks a random sample is biased by chance

Joe and his Statistical Testicles:
It all depends on the personality, if alcohol is involved and if any protection is used.

eta: quotemined all to hell and back

Date: 2012/02/10 00:20:59, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (REC @ Feb. 09 2012,20:30)
Jammers found my bio.....aaaannnddd Cue the hate mail.

Given who's been cc'ed tomorrow should be interesting.

I tried to warn jammers about one of the possible consequences of his action.

My money is on the chirping crickets.

eta: correct identity of unveiler. how many veils left, DrREC?

Date: 2012/02/12 17:04:22, Link
Author: paragwinn
Apparently, some onlookers such as myself have been banned as well since Friday.

eta: well, okay, maybe i said something or two.

Date: 2012/02/12 17:57:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Feb. 12 2012,15:35)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Feb. 12 2012,18:31)
Barry metaphorically kicks Jupiter

what a moron

i would bet joes virginity that barry doesn't know WTF is a probability distribution

Knowledge of such a concept would get you banned as a juror or would be grounds for recusal as a judge in any of Arrogant's court cases.

eta: objection to grammarical error

Date: 2012/02/12 21:21:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Part of StephenB's response to eigenstate:  
Statistics cannot measure the ďprobabilityĒ that something can exist and not exist at the same time and under the same formal circumstances. It isnít a probability question at all; it is a yes or no question based on logical ďpossibilities.Ē

Does this make sense? I'm leaning towards 'yes and no'.

eta: Response time is limited per SB:
This is nonsense at the highest possible level. As I often point out, the lights are going out in Western Civilization. I really donít know how much time we have left.

Date: 2012/02/14 18:53:26, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Feb. 14 2012,13:09)
He's doubling down on dictatorship.

Look at the difference between UD and The Skeptical Zone -

The lawyers and preachers at UD are streamlining ways to silence other opinions and reinforce group control, the scientists and philosophers at TSZ are having a very technical and enlightened conversation about TLC.

Night and day - in that order.

Welcome to the UD Empire with your host, Emperor Palpington, bringing you the santorum side of the Force!

Date: 2012/02/15 11:31:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Feb. 15 2012,09:09)
You know, do some original work and have others look at it and learn from it?

What's the hold up Joe? What are you waiting for?

Probably waiting for any or all of the following:
1) the earth to recover from it's temporary warming phase
2) all darwinists to pass away so that ID reigns unchallenged
3) the Yeti population to rebound
4) Emperor Palpington to answer this simple question: "Do you support Ayn Rand's economic philosophy, yes or no?"

Date: 2012/02/17 20:22:00, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Bob O'H!

Date: 2012/02/22 20:34:43, Link
Author: paragwinn
Emperor Palpington finally closes the door on Dr. Liddle:
Liddle denies the universal applicability of the three laws of thought. And people wonder why I refuse to countenance her self-repudiating incoherence masquerading as rational argument on this site. Why? As has been said, anyone who denies the law of non-contradiction doesnít need an argument; they need therapy. Someone else said, ďDo not answer a fool according to her foolishness lest you be like her.Ē Liddle is a fool. She will no longer be spewing her folly on this site.

Palpington's Proclamation: "Whoever shall speak against the Three Laws of Thought, it shall not be forgiven him/her, either in this age, or in the age to come"

Date: 2012/02/22 20:57:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (midwifetoad @ Feb. 22 2012,11:38)
Fuel to the fire:

So, Barry, does the following statement violate the Three Laws of Thought, yes or no?
The discoveries of science have cascading effects, many unforeseeable, on how we view ourselves and the world in which we live: . . . ; that there are methods for ascertaining the truth that can force us to conclusions which violate common sense, sometimes radically so at scales very large and very small;

Date: 2012/02/23 21:39:35, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Amadan!

Date: 2012/02/24 17:35:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
Devoid of Riemann reason.

Date: 2012/02/27 19:17:37, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (midwifetoad @ Feb. 27 2012,16:44)
Animals, as a general rule, are granted freedom to roam about to the extent that they are disinclined to inflict pain. This is based to some extent on our experience with species and to some extent on the behavior of individuals.

And to think we allow them to roam around naked! Those female chimps need to be taught to dress modestly or else they're just asking for it!

Date: 2012/02/28 20:08:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Erasmus and fnxtr!

Date: 2012/03/05 03:32:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
From "Tiktaalik", Why it is a failed Prediction, a snippet of 'Joevolutionary Theory':
There isn't anything in [standard evolutionary] theory that says a transitional form will be around millions of years after the transition was made- you don't have any idea how evolution works

"Those who think they know Joevolutionary Theory don't know Joevolutionary Theory, they only know evotardism." - Feynard Richman, home healthcare worker

Date: 2012/03/07 22:54:14, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Dr. Liddle!

Date: 2012/03/20 19:43:26, Link
Author: paragwinn
Iíve taken a few liberties (none of them religious) with the ďscreenplayĒ proffered by Coppedge and Becker in Plaintiffís Trial Brief filed in Dec 2011 to give what ďmight have beenĒ a different perspective on events leading up to the trial. As parody and opinion, it makes no claim as to the factual accuracy of events. No real effort was made to structure this as a viable screenplay. Any resemblance to the actual train of events is purely coincidental.


COPPEDGE enters CHINíS office.
CHIN: Hi, David. Iíve been getting complaints about your treatment of customers and co-workers. I was wondering if you could refrain from broaching sensitive subjects while on the job. I am willing to coach you on it.
COPPEDGE (annoyed): I disagree with your position on it and on every A.S.S.*-inine interpretation of Cassini data. I challenge you to a debate. The parking lot. 3 oíclock.
CHIN: Is there anything I can say to change your mind?
COPPEDGE: No, for the Bible tells me not to.
COPPEDGE eats shoots and leaves.

*A.S.S. = Coppedge-ism for 'Age of the Solar System'


CHIN: Hi, David. Iím sorry to inform you that youíre part of a general layoff involving several employees due to budget cutbacks. JPL is making job placement services available. Would you like to participate?
COPPEDGE: Sure, as long as it doesnít cut into my time maintaing my Creationist website, guiding Creation Safaris, illustrating media at Illustra Media, etc.

DAVID is writing up blog entries on how evo-blinded scientists are wedded to their sacrosanct A.S.S., stopping occasionally to admire the way he came up with the acronym ĎA.S.S.í But upon reflecting upon events at JPL over the last several months, he becomes increasingly distressed. The compaints were really †about religion! †The demotion was really about religion! The layoff was really aboutÖ.religion! How heavy-handed and repetitive can I perceive JPL to get?
HIS DVD-LENDING LIST. He notices a pattern forming. Wha?? †His co-workersí lack of appreciation for the considerate comments next to each of their names. Their weak principles blinding them to the truth. What the Ö?


Morning at the Becker Law Firm. COPPEDGE moves urgently through the corriders. Out of breath, reaches BECKERíS office.
BECKER: Hi, David. Whatís up? You look like youíve seen a ghost or zombie Jesus.
COPPEDGE: I saw a ghost alright. A spectre of religious persecution!
BECKER: Come again?
COPPEDGE: CHIN ordered me to stop exercising my free speech rights about matters I know Iím right about, and Ö and Ė
BECKER: Take a chill pill, David. Tell me what happened. Show me on this doll where you felt violated.
COPPEDGE: It was Ö horrible. I have an impressive title at Illustra Media. I brave the perils of Creation Safaris. I run a Creationist website almost 24/7, you know. CHIN didnít care when heíd crossed the line suppressing my freedom of speech in the workplace. Iíve had it with him. Iím so uncomfortable with CHIN having approached me about watching how I treat customers and talking about my lack of awareness in pushing my religiously motivated political, scientific and office party views on an unwilling audience. I couldnít deal with him on these kinds of issues. And (headache ensues) Ö
BECKER: There, there. Would you like a hot beverage?
COPPEDGE: Ö and there was my Red Streamline Stapler on his desk. He always borrows it and never gives it back and Ė I think he was trying to create a hostile work environment. I donít want JPL to get away with suppressing my freedom of speech on religious grounds on †company time ever again. I cant stand for it. I just cant!
BECKER: Well, Iíll look into it. Let me know when you want to sue JPL for religious discrimination.
COPPEDGE: You know, I have an impressive title at Illustra Media. I brave the perils of Creation Safaris. I run a Creationist website almost 24/7, and Iím a member of Ö


Date: 2012/03/21 20:05:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Kristine!

Date: 2012/03/28 05:18:37, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Mar. 27 2012,13:23)
Wait, did that thread actually work? Ok, who's socking as Louis?

We have our best people working on that.

Welcome back, Louis!

eta: willkommen zurŁck und Chief Inspector Clouseau

Date: 2012/04/01 01:00:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Mar. 31 2012,22:41)
"Scientific Apologetics." ?!?!?!

Talk about the oxymoron of oxymorons!


my scientific apologetics are a bit rusty.

Date: 2012/04/05 01:52:41, Link
Author: paragwinn
thanks, y'all!

Now I get 8 days of presents, right?

Date: 2012/04/09 02:18:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
Low-hanging poisonous fruit:
I will keep telling kids about ID and there isn't a damn thing you can do to stop me. If anyone tries it will lead to their demise.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you THE UNABULLY!

Date: 2012/04/11 10:39:17, Link
Author: paragwinn
happy birthday, k.e.!

Date: 2012/04/13 23:02:01, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (JohnW @ April 13 2012,14:21)
Quote (Richardthughes @ April 13 2012,14:18)
Quote (Freddie @ April 13 2012,16:15)
Quote (Henry J @ April 13 2012,16:07)
I guess some photographers develop earlier than others?

Only when stored in a dark room ...

Snap out of it guys. Its not flashy, it just lens credence to the view we can't focus.

Stop being so negative. †Just let it slide.

Wait for Lou to f-stop here in f/4...f/2.8...f/2...

Date: 2012/04/15 16:47:58, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kattarina98 @ April 15 2012,06:47)
Quote (Woodbine @ April 14 2012,18:32)
I'm.....I'm not really a hundred years old, either.

Nice try, Woodbine. ;-)

Seriously, I thought that you had changed the year, but not the day - that's what I did.

So, no stories about what life was like in the early years of manned flight and general relativity's youth?

Date: 2012/04/15 18:52:11, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (steve_h @ April 15 2012,15:47)
Sal is a slimy lying scumbag?

Filed under humor; that, and the question mark definitely makes it legally deniable

I couldn't quite accept the theory of SCIASLS, even with compelling evidence until I could see him come into an online forum and demonstrate it. Alas, he did show up and demonstrate the workings of what is evidentially "slimy lying scumbug" behavior. Afterwards, I could no longer reject the theory of SCIASLS.

eta: my comment is prolly more pertinent to the TSZ thread. Sal probes the skepticism of anti-IDers here, for example.

Date: 2012/04/15 20:43:03, Link
Author: paragwinn
Where Sal slithers in, Robert Byers cant be far behind:
Modern Creationism has become very effective and famous and progressively taking down the old strongholds of evolutionary error or anything denying the fingerprints of God in nature.

Now if that aint evidence for a multiverse, i dont know what is. Could Byers' presence on Earth be ambassadorial in nature?

Date: 2012/04/15 22:42:53, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (OgreMkV @ April 15 2012,18:50)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ April 15 2012,20:32)
Quote (k.e.. @ April 14 2012,02:26)
Quote (paragwinn @ April 14 2012,07:02)
Quote (JohnW @ April 13 2012,14:21)
† †  
Quote (Richardthughes @ April 13 2012,14:18)
† † †
Quote (Freddie @ April 13 2012,16:15)
† † †  
Quote (Henry J @ April 13 2012,16:07)
I guess some photographers develop earlier than others?

Only when stored in a dark room ...

Snap out of it guys. Its not flashy, it just lens credence to the view we can't focus.

Stop being so negative. †Just let it slide.

Wait for Lou to f-stop here in f/4...f/2.8...f/2...

I shutter to think why.

These cascades reflex badly upon this site.

I'll get a flash of insight to contribute one of these days.

Will it be worth the cost of your soul?

Date: 2012/04/25 00:03:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (JLT @ April 24 2012,12:22)
Does Real Science Need a Propaganda Apparatus?
by Barry Arrington

A friend sends along this link to sign up for propaganda training by a group called the ďClimate Reality Project.Ē †The website boasts that ďClimate Presenters are volunteers who teach their communities about the climate crisis using a training program produced by former Vice President Al Gore. These leaders are typically engaged in a number of activities aimed at this goal, but the slideshow developed by The Climate Reality Project is their signature tool.Ē

Why didnít the physicists think of this? †Instead of relying on the facts and evidence to sort itself out through rigorous application of the scientific method, they could have organized groups called, oh I donít know, the ďGeneral Relativity Reality Project.Ē

BarryA, impervious to irony.

*cough* Disco'tute *cough*

Barry really has no IDEA of the irony? Club me like a baby seal!

And why the jab at GR? Did he ban discussion of that too?

Date: 2012/04/25 02:55:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
WJM and JoeG respond to the "rabbit fossils found in pre-Cambrian strata" falsifiability test for evolution.

it might force a reorganization of the timeline of common descent
All it would do is cast doubt on our current time-line.

They can't even evaluate the implications correctly. Go figure.

eta: inconsequential formatting and consequential strata labelling

Date: 2012/04/26 09:45:37, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (midwifetoad @ April 26 2012,07:26)
Speaking of orbital mechanics, I have to wonder, if a small object were orbiting a larger object, far enough away from other objects to avoid interference, would the orbit eventually degrade (one way or the other) due to tidal friction, even if both objects were solid?

Depends on the details. The earth's moon is receding due to transfer of rotational energy.

It's probably not receding fast enough to satisfy the aliens living within it's core. They are so not looking forward to the establishment of the Gingrich Moonbase. I'm sure Joe could testify to that in some manner.

Date: 2012/04/27 19:23:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (midwifetoad @ April 26 2012,08:03)
Those aren't aliens. they're Nazis. Haven't you heard of Iron Sky?

Clavius Nazis. I hate Clavius Nazis.

Date: 2012/04/28 23:38:35, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Amadan @ April 28 2012,14:27)
† † † †

Thank you Joe. Here is a bunny:

In Joe's mind...

eta: psychologification

Date: 2012/05/01 17:27:10, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (NormOlsen @ May 01 2012,12:53)
Barry is now asking for examples of Astonishingly Stupid Arrogance

How about:
I predict that in the next five years [by 2003] intelligent design will be sufficiently developed to deserve funding from the National Science Foundation (Dembski, Mere Creation, 1998, p. 29).

Someone should ask him if he will he accept some of his own statements for submission.

Date: 2012/05/02 00:06:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, Lou & Sledgehammer!

Date: 2012/08/26 18:45:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy (Belated?) Birthday, OgreMK!

Date: 2012/08/26 21:06:10, Link
Author: paragwinn
Emperor Palpington decrees:
Maus † † †August 26, 2012 at 7:23 pm

UD Editors: Maus is no longer with us. He was a gutless coward and will not be missed.

Date: 2012/08/26 21:12:11, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (iconofid @ Aug. 26 2012,12:09)
Quote (fnxtr @ Aug. 26 2012,13:09)
ID is all about science, though, really.
It isn't religion.

Sergiomendes on the "On self-evident moral truth" thread:

"Barry arrington,

now is Uncommon Descent site concerned more and more of Christianity, filosofia, atheism and less and less sciences, yes?


I somehow wonder if Sergio is related to the recently deceased Mr. Nakashima.

sergiomendes' comment is now down the memory hole, leaving JWTruthInLove's response to it hangin'.

Date: 2012/08/26 21:12:53, Link
Author: paragwinn
page bump

Date: 2012/08/26 21:30:35, Link
Author: paragwinn
From the 'A Complaint About Your Complaint' Complaints Dept [UD link]: †  
sergiomendes † August 26, 2012 at 5:01 pm


pardon, have question of disappeared staments made in topic of torture morality by Barry arrington. three statments of mine are disappaered without reason explained. many peoples statments are also disappeared but contain reason explained. have my statements offended?

Barry arrington say ďYou donít have the courage to answer the questions. But donít you realize that you have failed. Your attempts to run from the questions are answer enoughĒ

above statement pointed to me and others. no understanding of reason for first statement of mine equal to ďattempts to run from the questionsĒ. Barry arrington wishing to receive statements of disagree, not of support for torture wrongness? thank you for response, pardon for topic interrupt.


sergiomendesAugust 26, 2012 at 5:08 pm


addition of statement 5. many statemnts of supporters not disappeared. missed some rule particular in topic torture morality? thank you for response.


sal: †
scordova † August 26, 2012 at 5:13 pm


Please stay on topic. Iíll delete your posts if you donít. Comprende? Other wise, itís hasta la vista baby.


"Go away, kid, ya bother me."

eta:UD link warning

Date: 2012/08/26 21:49:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (midwifetoad @ Aug. 26 2012,15:02)
Someone should ask Barry if a lawyer should cross examine a child rape victim for money. Or doesn't mental cruelty count?

Barry is bitter 'cuz no plaintiffs asked him to represent them in any Aurora, CO movie theatre shooting lawsuits. Denied an opportunity to look into the mind of the killer, and hence, into the thinking of all darwinists/materialists/atheists/deniers-of the-LNC.

Date: 2012/08/27 01:08:55, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (iconofid @ Aug. 26 2012,22:58)
Quote (paragwinn @ Aug. 26 2012,21:12)
† †
Quote (iconofid @ Aug. 26 2012,12:09)
† † †  
Quote (fnxtr @ Aug. 26 2012,13:09)
ID is all about science, though, really.
It isn't religion.

Sergiomendes on the "On self-evident moral truth" thread:

"Barry arrington,

now is Uncommon Descent site concerned more and more of Christianity, filosofia, atheism and less and less sciences, yes?


I somehow wonder if Sergio is related to the recently deceased Mr. Nakashima.

sergiomendes' comment is now down the memory hole, leaving JWTruthInLove's response to it hangin'.

Possibly my fault. I shouldn't have mentioned him.

Seriously doubt that had anything to do with it. Hercules is just busy cleaning out the Augean stables by shovelling out the horses and stabling the crap.

Date: 2012/08/27 17:01:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
From the UD Vice Squad [UD link]:  
In addition, are you aware that one of these denizens has operated a photography business that openly posts NSW pictures, including of a suspiciously youthful young miss whom the then deputy commissioner of police here estimated to be 16 YO at most (never mind that personís assertion that she was 23). And yes, operators and denizens of said site, I spoke with both the Police and the Attorney generalís Office here.

Now, how many hard-ons can KF maintain over a 5-day period? first, over a censorious slanderer, then over a poster child of incivility, and now over a lying NSW photographer.

KF, seriously, if you keep sustaining these hard-ons, you really should call a doctor.

Date: 2012/08/29 05:18:02, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Aug. 29 2012,01:50)
Gordo: † †  
(Letís just say that those who recently tried to hold my wife and children hostage by playing outing games crossed a nuke tripwire. In case they have forgotten, UK law is quite stringent on making threats, and religious hostility is an aggravating factor in what you Americans call the penalty phase.)

Bydand . . .

Is Gordon religious? †I thought he was just a natural asshole.

emergent or designed? looks designed to me...

F/N: KF, when do i get to be the subject of one of your threads at UD?

eta: reworded request for 15 minutes of fame.

Date: 2012/08/29 22:31:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
Darwinist biochemistry can't teach you what Joe can teach you [UD link]: †  
I see that Allan Miller has gone off of the edge- earth to Allan- there isnít any physio-chemical connection between the nucleotide (codon) and the amino acid it represents- the codon does not become the amino acid via some chemical reaction.

Yes there are chemical connections/ bonds between the nucleotides. Yes there are chemical connections/ bonds between the tRNA and its amino acid. Yes there are chemical connections/ bonds between the amino acids in the polypeptide. And all of that is irrelevant to what I said.

Thanks, Joe, I was about to fall over the edge myself!

Date: 2012/09/01 00:04:53, Link
Author: paragwinn
isnt Joe excluding the probability of picking one of the other 5 machines that each has the probability of choosing 6 ( 5/6 * 1/10 = 1/12)? or is this irrelevant to Dembski's point?

Date: 2012/09/01 17:16:17, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday, khan!

Date: 2012/09/02 15:40:31, Link
Author: paragwinn
In Dembski's search space, only the Designer can buy you lunch.

Date: 2012/09/02 15:48:02, Link
Author: paragwinn
!yadhtriB yppaH (trying to turn back the clock, or maybe just hit 'snooze')

Date: 2012/09/02 16:02:05, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (keiths @ Sep. 02 2012,13:48)
Quote (paragwinn @ Sep. 02 2012,13:40)
In Dembski's search space, only the Designer can buy you lunch.

At the Baylor cafeteria.

And only on Meatloaf Wednesdays.

Date: 2012/09/02 16:30:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Amadan @ Sep. 02 2012,14:11)
Quote (midwifetoad @ Sep. 02 2012,17:44)
... evolution is continually falling, without changing its level.

Genetic entropy proven! With a zero wavelength at that!

AFDave and Dembski vindicated in the same post: take that, evil materialists!

but if evolution is continually falling while always missing the ground, isnt that technically 'flying'?

eta: thank you, Douglas Adams, pbuh

Date: 2012/09/03 15:45:24, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Soapy Sam @ Sep. 03 2012,13:04)
Quote (keiths @ Sep. 03 2012,02:09)

† † †
Quote (Joe @ August 27 2012, 8:15 pm)
And KF that line you thought was vulgar was from a very funny Monty Python movie- I definitely need to tone it down but you need to lighten up, just a little

Joe: All that did is to further reduce Monty Python in my already low estimation. The language reference to flatulence is vulgar, and should not be used. KF

Psssst! Joe! Ask him what he thought of Life of Brian!

Or better yet, The Meaning of Life. Does KF agree that every sperm is sacred?

Date: 2012/09/09 22:03:12, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Sep. 09 2012,19:50)
† †
Quote (midwifetoad @ Sep. 09 2012,13:09)
I † bet you evotards think solar energy can make water flow uphill without the aid of a designer.

No. See, what the solar energy does is evaporate the water, after which it isn't liquid so it isn't water any more until it rains somewhere. So it doesn't have to flow!

So there!!111!!!one!!!

Unless it hails or snows or only one H2O molecule (or mol) arrives (remember, those dont count as water). In those cases, you have to wait longer for the water to appear via solar energy.

eta: indefinite pronoun corrective caught in my teeth that are still under warranty sold to me by the distracting straw-blonde man who would look smoking hot oiled up so as not to burn in the sun while grilling herring in a red tie.

Date: 2014/09/01 03:07:23, Link
Author: paragwinn
I tried to stay away from it. I did pretty well for awhile.
But then there was that one link embedded in that one blog post at that one blog site that I visited occasionally, and I thought 'Well, maybe the discussions have become more substantive since my last visit'.
One click and ... OH BABY WHAT A RUSH!*
Now I'm here for my methaTARD treatment.

ETA: *Ok, it wasnt so much a rush as it was 'same tard, different day, I feel really sleepy'

Date: 2014/09/05 20:14:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Coffee spew!!!!

But the creationists still know more about evolution than [liberals] do, and always will. Because they want to know, that’s why.
You can definitely learn more real evolution from creationists than from Darwin’s followers,...

Apparently you do not understand much either if you equate anything in population genetics with evolution.
I am not belittling population genetics, just putting it in its place. It explains trivial things in the evolution debate, that’s all.

Logic alone would insist that creationists, who self-identify as such because they are involved in the CvE issue, would know more than ‚Äúliberals‚ÄĚ, who may or may not have any interest in CvE.


Date: 2014/09/09 19:37:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
Barry Arrington, Rhetorical Lawyer:
Mark, I presume that if he [presumably Pete Singer, professional materialist ethicist - p] were to [‚Äúframe advice and solutions in a way that is ethically supportable‚ÄĚ], he would bring the view that human beings are merely clever animals with no more intrinsic value than other animals and the view that granny‚Äôs desire to live may be outweighed by your desire to kill her to that conversation. Am I wrong?
Mark Frank:
The answer is I have no idea because I don’t know Peter Singer. If he did, he would be doing the job rather poorly.
Barry, RL:
No Mark. You did not answer the question @ 25. You dodged it. Don’t you see; the question is rhetorical. The answer is manifest. And denying the manifest answer is a dodge.
Mark Frank:
You asked ‚Äúam I wrong?‚ÄĚ. And now you tell me that ¬†the only answer that counts as answer as far as you are concerned is ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ. Is this a lawyer‚Äôs trick ‚Äď to ask a question and then accuse some of not answering it because they didn‚Äôt give the answer you wanted?

Answer the question, Barry. Dont deny the manifest answer!

Bolding and italic parenthetical are mine.
ETA: fixed first link

Date: 2014/09/11 17:55:25, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 10 2014,09:06)
anybody giving odds on how long until Dense et al. claim this Adami research proves ID?

I give it 1:1

Date: 2014/09/19 01:12:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Sep. 18 2014,18:59)
Ah, the transcendental approach to science.

Could this be evidence of objective molarity?

Date: 2014/09/29 08:24:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 28 2014,16:25)

MapouSeptember 28, 2014 at 5:10 pm

It bothers me when I see Darwinists/materialists freely post their lies on UD. Not that I am telling anybody what to do here but I would ban all of them if I were in charge. We don’t need them. There is enough disagreement between various ID factions already to last us a century. Only friends should disagree amongst themselves, IMO. What is the point of arguing with enemies?

Anyway, that’s the way I see it but then again, I’ve always been a rebel and a loon.


I guess we'll never have a chance to become frenemies then...unless, of course, under our noses, a Darwinist and an IDist were to become love-struck, consummate their love-that-dare-not-speak-its-name, producing a child...oh, what then, what then?!

Date: 2014/09/29 08:38:01, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (REC @ Sep. 28 2014,19:26)
Water is observable with photons of many wavelengths (and the article cited by Sheldon discusses spectroscopy of interstellar ice), so by definition isn't dark.....but hey.....why not.....

Didnt IDiots prove that ice is not water and water is not ice; henceforth, by inference via the LNC, the two shall never become one? If that is not reasonably obvious and commonly sensible to you, then there is no help for you here. Good day, sir. I said, Good day!

Date: 2014/09/29 08:47:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Ptaylor @ Sep. 28 2014,13:16)
Not wanting to take a personal shot at Cornelius Hunter, I think this Arrington quote from a few days ago is appropriate for recording here:
The irony of Shallit, a second rate thinker (as demonstrated in at least four posts concerning ID that I know of), insulting the intelligence of a first rate thinker (Hunter) has not escaped me.

UD link
Irony upon ironies.

It has become a Game of Ironies. Barry is working at great machinations so as to retain the Irony Throne (low-flush as mandated by the Department of Energy in 1992)

Date: 2014/10/01 09:35:42, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (fnxtr @ Oct. 01 2014,06:48)
So what's that then.... meta-irony, or something?


Irony once removed?


fractal irony?

Ironic recursion?

Moebius irony?

Kaluza-Klein irony?

SUSY irony?

Date: 2014/10/01 23:06:31, Link
Author: paragwinn
The ‚Äúpoint‚ÄĚ is that Barry said something that many anti-science folks (from GMO critics on to global warming skeptics and everyone in between) say, but which I think it a very silly argument. I said why I think this is a silly arugment in the hope that there might be less silly arguments made, though I appear to have failed in that goal‚Ķ

I'm sorry, you have reached Room 12A, Arguments. To make a complaint, you need to go next door, Complaints.

Date: 2014/10/01 23:12:23, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Oct. 01 2014,13:18)
At what point did Barry start a rational discussion? All I see is insult after insult.

You may have stepped into Room 12, Abuse, in the Department of Arguments.

Date: 2014/10/01 23:35:49, Link
Author: paragwinn
Barry 'Patience of a Saint' Arrington:  

¬† ¬†‚ÄúThe earth is round‚ÄĚ is a scientific model, not a ‚Äúfact on the ground.‚ÄĚ

Sigh. Really Bill? If your religion requires you to say something so preposterous, I guess you have to do it (or, I suppose, you could switch religions).

said with *tilt of his head to the left* *gentle eye-roll* *hint of a smile* *slight rise of the eyebrows* *dilation of the pupils*

So, Bill, how did you manage to elicit a man-crush from Barry?

Also, new sig.

Date: 2014/10/03 21:40:06, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (khan @ Oct. 03 2014,16:49)
Quote (midwifetoad @ Oct. 03 2014,11:14)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Oct. 02 2014,12:17)
said with *tilt of his head to the left* *gentle eye-roll* *hint of a smile* *slight rise of the eyebrows* *dilation of the pupils*

I experienced it as a nervous tic motion of the head to the left. A nervous tic motion, of the what? Of the head to the left.

It's an established fact that nervous tics congregate around watermelon.


Now is that Joe G's Physical Observation of Ticks & Watermelons or just his Philosophy On Ticks & Watermelons?

Date: 2014/10/05 16:03:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Texas Teach @ Oct. 05 2014,12:24)
Quote (Henry J @ Oct. 05 2014,14:09)
Barry is totally smarter than Jeffrey Shallit. He's not at all a complete idiot. :-)

Some parts are missing?

Well, he's not enough of an idiot to come over here where he can't ban those who make him look stupid.

this little scene from the movie Young Frankenstein might-could hypothetically-possibly-allegedly be running through Arrington's head at the thought of coming here:
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Love is the only thing that can save this poor creature, and I am going to convince him that he is loved even at the cost of my own life. No matter what you hear in there, no matter how cruelly I beg you, no matter how terribly I may scream, do not open this door or you will undo everything I have worked for. Do you understand? Do not open this door.

Inga: Yes, Doctor.

Igor: Nice working with ya.

[Dr. Frederick Frankenstein goes into the room with The Monster. The Monster wakes up]

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Let me out. Let me out of here. Get me the hell out of here. What's the matter with you people? I was joking! Don't you know a joke when you hear one? HA-HA-HA-HA. Jesus Christ, get me out of here! Open this goddamn door or I'll kick your rotten heads in! Mommy!

Now, is that pronounced "Arr-rington" or "Air-rington"?

Date: 2014/10/07 17:18:06, Link
Author: paragwinn
Although Gary's comment is flagged as awaiting moderation, it is still viewable with a few responses attached. Now how is censorship taking place?

Date: 2014/10/07 17:25:36, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Driver @ Oct. 07 2014,10:46)
Ay there's the point.

You insane randomizer, you. Introducing randomness where none should abide, absolutely none!!eleventy!!

Date: 2014/10/07 18:13:51, Link
Author: paragwinn
Joe says something:  
The sad part about this random debate is if you know how to do the calculation Jeffrey did then it is a given that you would know that sequence 2 was designed and as such shouldn’t even have been attempted to be compressed.

People whining about prior knowledge when in fact it takes prior knowledge in order to do the calculations.

Maybe it's because I havent had my morning coffee this afternoon, but I feel like there's something worth responding to but I cant wrap my head around it. I feel like an idiot because it seems so obvious, so apparent, so unrandom-like. Prior knowledge of Joe's thinking has clouded my own.

Date: 2014/10/09 00:11:02, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Quack @ Oct. 08 2014,00:17)
That makes a lot of sense even to poor old me... How could it be otherwise?

I read somewere that curiosity is like a prerequisite to learning; but 'they' never express any interest in learning, they just go straight to criticism and rejection as if they already know what's right.

Added in edit: How curiosity changes the brain to enhance learning


Some part of me probably still holds out hope for some constructive dialog over at UD.

Date: 2014/10/09 18:45:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
Barry, philosopher-warrior (or worrier) leads with:  
   Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1953, aphorism 109

Well, ya know what Nietzsche said:  
To forget one's purpose is the commonest form of stupidity.

That was just a random selection in the non-technical, everyday-people, meaningful-English-text sense.

PS - Barry's linguistic theory link leads to this:
Sign (linguistics)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.
This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. (March 2013)
This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states the Wikipedia editor's particular feelings about a topic, rather than the opinions of experts. (March 2013)
This article needs attention from an expert in linguistics. The specific problem is: it is unclear whether there is a specifically linguistic concept to be described, distinct from semiotics. (March 2013)
bolding in original.
It focuses on Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure's model of the linguistic sign (signifier and signified) which I dont think makes his point. For instance:
Saussure's understanding of sign is called the two-side model of sign.

Furthermore, Saussure separated speech acts (la parole) from the system of a language (la langue). Parole was the free will of the individual, whereas langue was regulated by the group, albeit unknowingly.

Saussure also postulated that once the convention is established, it is very difficult to change, which enables languages to remain both static, through a set vocabulary determined by conventions, and to grow, as new terms are needed to deal with situations and technologies not covered by the old.

PPS - I'm scheduled to have that operation next week. ;)

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Author: paragwinn
Quote (Woodbine @ Oct. 14 2014,04:31)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Oct. 14 2014,02:38)
Did everyone take Columbus Day off?

Clouds aren't my thing.

All joking aside, cirrus-ly...

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Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 17 2014,11:15)
Quote (Joe G @ Oct. 17 2014,13:10)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 17 2014,13:09)
Quote (Joe G @ Oct. 17 2014,13:06)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 17 2014,13:05)
Joe(water <> Ice)

JoeOctober 17, 2014 at 10:05 am
If castles are made out of rocks and rocks are made out of sand (and other sediments), then wouldn’t castles be made out of sand?

I was waiting for that one- Ice came first

"Ice came first". So you're saying that when H20 is created, it is / was as a solid.

This will be fun.

When was H2O created?

That a wonderfully stupid question.Please expand on it!

water comes from H2Oxygen but ice comes from h2zero(degrees Celsius)

and besides water is only found (ie, seen directly with human eyes) on one planet while ice is found on planets AND IN SPACE!
an ice pick is used on ice NOT water
people water ski on water NOT ice
and cross-country ski on ice pellets called snow NOT water
eskimos live on ice NOT water
therefore, by dint of the everyday-people, LNC-compliant, non-blasphemous, FIASCO/I-observant power of common sense, water <> ice.

Date: 2014/10/19 22:12:36, Link
Author: paragwinn
Joe G: ¬†  
But materialism cannot account for stars.

Cuz they are designed, right, like the Death Star (1977), Dark Star (1974), Stargate (1994)?
BTW one molecule cannot be ice. It cannot be water, either.

Does this apply to all singular molecules? An Fe2O3 molecule is not rust, a molecule of NaCl is not salt, etc?

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Author: paragwinn
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Oct. 20 2014,03:45)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 19 2014,17:36)
Barry's been on a slow-burn meltdown for months now. I just saw this from him:

Gervais has made a glaring category error by lumping the God of the three great monotheistic faiths in with other ‚Äúgods‚ÄĚ

So it is the same god then, Barry? well done! Care to show your work....?

So, Barry thinks a category error consists in putting something in the wrong category?

Allow Barry to retort.

Date: 2014/10/22 21:54:52, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kristine @ Oct. 22 2014,19:07)
P.S. JAD is dead, otherwise opening the portal would serve them right. An opportunity missed.

Pehaps JAD's disembodied non-materialist mind will acquire the ability to manipulate the levers insides someone's brain, such that of Barry or Gordon, in order to remind us that Mind is Universal and Eternal and to write that down. If we are especially good boys and girls, maybe he'll let us in on the D/designer's nature.

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Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 29 2014,21:41)
Quote (CeilingCat @ Oct. 29 2014,22:52)
People come up to me every day and say, "Uncle Ceiling Cat, can you recommend a piece of reading material that is very very long and yet which is so worthless that I can completely ignore it with no ill effects on me, my loved ones or the price of tea in China?"

I have never been able to answer that question in the past, but now, thanks to Bully Arrington's Unbanning of the Tards, I can at last.  Behold: Two Contrasting Perspectives on OOL Research

It features an extended exchange between Gary Gaulin and bornagain77.

Experimental verification that Tardons attract.

It looks like UD is getting ramped up to become a Large Tardon Collider.
Scientific progress is sure to follow.

Date: 2014/11/02 23:36:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Nov. 01 2014,19:15)
Quote (The whole truth @ Oct. 31 2014,17:47)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 31 2014,15:28)
Quote (k.e.. @ Oct. 31 2014,00:53)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 31 2014,08:18)
Looks like my account has been lost / removed /deleted:

Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

ERROR: Invalid username or e-mail.

I tried username and email and even tried an old recovery link..

That's inflammatory!

Account deleted (again) - reregistered.

Which thread did you last comment in?

Just had to re-register for the 4th time.

I've got it down to under 30 seconds.

Rich, if you had put all that effort into delineating and demonstrating conclusively the exact moolecoolur pathaway from amoeba to man via unguarded nature-copping-a-feely evolution instead of picking UD's lock, then the overly-popular ID paradime would have collapsed like a bad souffle, Joe would offer you second authorship when he publishes his tick-watermelon studies (and free lifetime toaster repair), Barry would need surgery to remove bomb shrapnel, and Denyse would stop putting "?" in her post titles. However, it is doubtful that kairosfocus or BA77 would be left speechless.

But no.

Date: 2014/11/05 21:22:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Nov. 04 2014,22:51)
Let it not be said that the DI have a Theocratic agenda...

To paraphrase JoeG, that agenda discussion is for AFTER the Theory of Intelligent Design leads us all to acknowledge the Fingerprints of the Designer (Fingerprints only, cuz science). THEN they can discuss how the world can be run based on the Principles of Love thy God, Love thy neighbor, enticing Jesus to Return to Earth, Prophecy Fulfillment, Ultimate Judgment, etc etc as the Designer (whichever Deity that might be, wink wink nudge nudge) intended (probably, though the communication channel is a little noisy). So, until then, ix-nay on the eocratic-thay genda-ay.

Forward the Wedge! Unveil the Fingerprints!

edit: corriction to mispallings

Date: 2014/11/05 21:58:30, Link
Author: paragwinn
What is there to say about a detection method and its proponents when the proponents concede that it could produce false negatives but those same proponents are absolutely sure it could never produce false positives?

Date: 2014/11/12 01:12:52, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Driver @ Nov. 11 2014,19:56)
Quote (Texas Teach @ Nov. 11 2014,21:24)
Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 11 2014,13:55)
Quote (k.e.. @ Nov. 11 2014,07:25)
I've got nothing against Aardvarks but  because they're near the front of the dictionary doesn't that unfairly discount Zebras?

But at least zebras have earned their stripes.

Aardvarks OTOH might be okay for protecting one from ants (and maybe uncles).

The important question is: can aardvarks protect you from herbivorous ticks?  Asking for a friend.

If you moved an aardvark out to the orbit of Mars, yes.

At which point it becomes a marsvark, thereby screwing up its CSI.

Date: 2014/11/12 01:18:06, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Nov. 11 2014,19:00)
I once thought (for about one message) that Mung might be a lot smarter than he lets on and that he's only pretending to be dense.  That belief proved to be untenable because he provides so much evidence to the contrary:      
Why don’t trillions of bacteria have eyes, if an eye can so easily evolve from a light-sensitive spot? Bacteria lack any way to sense light?


I will lie quietly now and think of vast swarms of prehistoric eyeballs swimming in an ancient sea, each attached to one bacteria.

I spy with my quintillions of little bacteri-eyes...

Date: 2014/11/19 18:14:26, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Dr.GH @ Nov. 18 2014,23:11)
I have a full infestation at:

But, if you want to play, I ask that you refrain from evangelical atheism. Theistic Evolution is as far as these people can go.

If you cannot use self control, forget I mentioned this and stay at home.

Boy, reading those posts felt like Old Home Week for me. I still remember the warmth i felt from my fiery defiance against attacks upon my now discarded faith and outlook. Turns out I was the cause of its undoing simply by facing up to the evidence I had been afraid to really investigate. If you do start a topic, please let me know. I would like to participate. They may not accept anything coming from an apostate, but who knows.

eta: I half-expect KF to come strolling in with his pushcart full of ad hominem oil, red herrings, and matches.

Date: 2014/11/22 16:16:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Coffee Spit-take!!

KF, did relevant figures in the ID field like Dr. Dembski, Dr. Behe or Dr. Marks ever refer to your FSCO/I?
My impression is that even Winston Ewert avoided this term in his recent posts. Isn’t this frustrating or don’t you have the impression that your posts are being ignored.

Axel: ¬†  
sparc, Kairosfocus is an extraordinary polymath by any standards, so don’t hold it against Dembski, Behe and Marks, if they find acronymic neologisms KF comes up with not easy to fall in with and adopt, straight away.

Will Dembski, Behe and/or Marks please respond. Thank you.

Date: 2014/11/22 16:28:52, Link
Author: paragwinn
Barry the bible-slinger:  
Hopefully, I will be in Proverbs 26:5 territory (and not Proverbs 26:4 territory) when I point out the following: . . .

Adapa slings back:  

Barry Arrington

Hopefully, I will be in Proverbs 26:5 territory (and not Proverbs 26:4 territory) when I point out the following:

As long as you keep willfully misrepresenting what I said you’re in Exodus 23:1 territory.

italics in original

Date: 2014/11/24 05:47:10, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Nov. 24 2014,02:45)
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ Nov. 22 2014,21:27)
Kairosflatus has now taken to going into and modifying Adapa's posts.  What a cowardly piece of shit the Manjack Heights mauler is.   :angry:

Which thread?  I don't want to traipse all over the site, giving Barry web hits in the process.

Starts here.

Date: 2014/11/30 00:16:47, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (timothya @ Nov. 29 2014,21:11)
From Barry Arrington's website:
Being a Christian gives me a standard of integrity far beyond what the world requires.

Do you think he means that he has achieved the standard, or that he aspires to it but falls short?
In any case, my tiny patch of the world expects integrity "far beyond" anything he has demonstrated at UD.

Well, since being a Christian demands the practice of humility (according to the teachings of my youth), I'm sure Barry would respond with the latter. However, I suspect he sees himself demonstrating a level of integrity and compassion far superior to that of the ID proponents with whom he has dealt.

Date: 2014/11/30 00:23:35, Link
Author: paragwinn
Thank you. We opted for the small group gathering this year. Much less pressure and hassle. Skyped the rest of extended family.

As for the turkey recipe above: WARNING - Popcorn may be HOT

Date: 2014/11/30 07:24:20, Link
Author: paragwinn
Joe the Gas Master: ¬†  
HEAT the hydrogen, don't burn it, and see if the heated hydrogen emits infrared.

Yeah, DONT BURN THE HYDROGEN because it will burn you right back!

Wikipedia page on Hydrogen safety: ¬†  
Hydrogen poses unique challenges due to its ease of leaking, low-energy ignition, wide range of combustible fuel-air mixtures, . . .
"Flames in and around a collection of pipes or structures can create turbulence that causes a deflagration to evolve into a detonation, even in the absence of gross confinement."

So, kids, remember to practice hydrogen safety. "HEAT the hydrogen, don't burn it"

Date: 2014/12/02 19:18:39, Link
Author: paragwinn
Mapou explains the difference between micro- and macro-evolution:
Farmers and hunters have known about micro-evolution for thousands of years. This is how they know how to breed both animals and plants to get healthier and bigger specimens. Micro-evolution has nothing to do with Darwinian evolution because it does not involve any kind of random mutations. It‚Äôs all about controlling the expression and/or silencing of various existing genes. It is controlled by epigenetics, which is a genetic program that is used by all living species to adapt to their environments. Animals would not survive without it. To claim that this is the same process that gives us new taxa flies in the face of logic and reveals your ‚Äúscience‚ÄĚ to be just a me-too religion in disguise.

Alright, farmers and hunters, no mutations to see here, move along.

expression of the boldness gene mine via epi-html.

Date: 2014/12/03 17:50:20, Link
Author: paragwinn
Perhaps God Himself could come down to approach the judge, laying out specifically the kinds of damages He would suffer such as inhibited miracle powers, unheeded guidance, financial hardship, and emotional hardship resulting from a reduced faith base. The Egyptian, Greek, Sumerian and Nordic pantheons could file amicus briefs. There's no law against that, is there?

Date: 2014/12/05 19:31:05, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Amadan @ Dec. 05 2014,15:24)
Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 05 2014,20:02)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Dec. 05 2014,11:38)
Frequency = wavelength.

Joe's revolution in mathematics and physics is so cutting-edge that we have to forgive him for making the occasional mistake.  "Frequency=wavelength" can't be true.  

"Frequency" has nine letters and "wavelength" has ten letters, therefore wavelengths have more CSI.

So if you're baking caek, transmuting ice into water, or studying aardvarks, it's better to use waves which have wavelength than waves with frequency.

That'll really tick Joe off.

He'll look like he has watermelon on his face.

Date: 2014/12/05 22:44:10, Link
Author: paragwinn
Steve at UD:  
I see Ann [Gauger] seems to have responded to Larry [Moran]. I guess she is not all that worried about amorous viral cyber-infections.

Keiths in next comment:  
Link, please. (What is it about IDers and links??)

To IDers, all links are missing links.

bracketted mine.

Date: 2014/12/08 15:48:59, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 08 2014,13:38)
Quote (The whole truth @ Dec. 08 2014,11:35)
Earlier today in the ""No Global Warming for 17 Years!" thread at joey's unintelligent blabbering blog, I asked joey:

"joey, is "temperature" information? If so, is temperature only information to humans?"

joey's response: "No, dickface, temperature is data."

Well, if "ice is not water" and "wavelength=frequency", why not "temperature is data but not information"?  

Joescience continues its dizzying onward rush!

So, if CSI is inherent in an artifact produced by an intelligent agent, does that make CSI "data" rather than "information"?

Date: 2014/12/08 16:06:28, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 08 2014,13:56)
Quote (paragwinn @ Dec. 08 2014,13:48)
Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 08 2014,13:38)
Quote (The whole truth @ Dec. 08 2014,11:35)
Earlier today in the ""No Global Warming for 17 Years!" thread at joey's unintelligent blabbering blog, I asked joey:

"joey, is "temperature" information? If so, is temperature only information to humans?"

joey's response: "No, dickface, temperature is data."

Well, if "ice is not water" and "wavelength=frequency", why not "temperature is data but not information"?  

Joescience continues its dizzying onward rush!

So, if CSI is inherent in an artifact produced by an intelligent agent, does that make CSI "data" rather than "information"?

And what if an aardvark feeds caek to ticks?

Then our sun will expand out to the orbit of Mercury and cause a black hole effect, whereby the universe is left with only one star and one planet which may or may not be spiralling (known as a Schrodinger orbit) into the star.

Date: 2014/12/12 03:05:43, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Dec. 11 2014,20:08)
Quote (Woodbine @ Dec. 11 2014,02:39)
So what's in store for 2015?

POWERWOLF - Amen & Attack | Napalm Records

Gee, Gary, I wouldnt have guessed that you listened to Insane Clown Posse. Please, please tell me you are a Juggalo.

Date: 2014/12/18 00:37:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (k.e.. @ Dec. 17 2014,16:29)
Quote (Quack @ Dec. 17 2014,21:17)
Quote (NoName @ Dec. 17 2014,07:34)
Quote (k.e.. @ Dec. 17 2014,08:15)
Quote (Quack @ Dec. 17 2014,10:46)
They're basically just badly programmed robots.

Much like what I've been thinking - only in terms of faulty connections in the wiring of the brain but the effect would be aabout the same...

Non Turing robots, ones that can't run science. More like mechanical turks driven by a committee of leaches.

Nice image!  I'm stealing that expression!

What would a world leached of leeches look like?

Hahaha... you know I never considered the spelling of the things as I pulled one off my eyeball with a pair of pliers while holding a tiny shaving mirror with my other hand in the mountains of Papua New Guinea a few years ago. Trying to grab the tail of the leech as it flicked around was  a test of my determination over that of the leeche's. The image of my eyeball's skin tearing away from the ball stuck to the leeche's mouth is forever etched in my mind. None of the local guys who were normally never squeamish could bring themselves to do it, so it was a case of do it yourself bush surgery. The leech had been there for at least an hour after walking along a tropical jungle track with near on 100% humidity complelety drenched in my own perspiration and close in foliage hitting my face.

10 Of all of Joe's exposition regarding his adventures in New England/Iraq/Islam/Refrig-Toaster Repairland/Basement Labland, I could never rest easy with the idea that any of it was true to a plausible degree. But with you, k.e., with you I have no such problem. I say that your leaching leech story is true. Comments closed, velvet-painting-clownface. Correct your teeth. Buy dandruff. GOTO 10

/* Yes, Joe, I know what I can do with my disbelief regarding your adventures. No new information to be had there. */

eta: my first paragraph now endlessly loops

Date: 2014/12/24 12:46:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (timothya @ Dec. 23 2014,21:18)
BA77 argues for the efficacy of prayer:
The first question that needs to be asked in answering this question is, ‚ÄúIs reality ‚Äėset up‚Äô for prayer to possibly be effective?‚ÄĚ. In other words, is reality structured in such a way that we may expect prayer might be effective? The answer to that question is yes. Reality, far from being materialistic in its basis as the atheist imagines it to be, is actually found to be information theoretic in its basis. And since prayer is basically just a ‚Äėcommunication of information‚Äô, then that means effective prayer is indeed possible as far as the structure of reality itself is concerned.

Say what? Is communication with no feedback effective in "structuring reality"?
Where does this bafflepoop come from? The solipsism, it burns!

That explains why I just saw some beggars riding horses!

Now if I could just have a big hot fudge sundae....HOLY CRAP!

Date: 2014/12/24 14:15:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (stevestory @ Dec. 24 2014,12:01)

MapouDecember 20, 2014 at 12:53 pm

If you believe in infinity, you are a crackpot. Sorry.

and yet, somehow, calculus still works. Funny, that.


that thread is a goldmine.

on top of a platinum mine, a uranium mine, and all the gemstones you could want.

Date: 2015/01/22 17:31:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Learned Hand @ Jan. 22 2015,14:54)
I missed that--when was it?

Starts here.

Date: 2015/01/23 18:55:53, Link
Author: paragwinn
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2015/01/26 18:23:19, Link
Author: paragwinn
Has the ninth anniversary of these UD threads been observed already?
Remember when...

ETA remembering to spell

Date: 2015/02/27 21:24:46, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Feb. 27 2015,15:07)
You know, there might be something to this flying saint business after all.  According to Top 10 Astonishing Miracles, St Joseph of Cupertino was "the patron saint of air travelers, aviators, people with a mental handicap, and weak students."

He was also supposed to have been "remarkably unclever".

Coincidence?  I think not.  He clearly foresaw Uncommon Descent back in the 1600's.  I'm sure he would have been a regular commenter.  He probably would have had posting privileges.

Oh yes, he was also reputed to have anger problems.  I think he would have posted as "Joe C".

Joe C: "You wanna tell me that to my face? Just tell me where you live and I'll fly right over there for the privilege. I dont just mean fly as in 'coach class 747' but the 'boy, my arms are tired' kinda flyin'. But I'll need some open space for landing, like a parking lot, open field or remote roadway. Just you wait, you evo-coward."

Date: 2015/03/06 14:27:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Woodbine @ Mar. 06 2015,11:35)
Surprised he lasted nineteen minutes.


Date: 2015/03/12 19:25:08, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 11 2015,07:56)
March 11, 2015 at 8:53 am
Joe, quit being retarded

Trying to get a leopard to change its spots and all that. I think the thrill Joe gets from his behavior is too much to give up. Not saying it couldn't happen...

Date: 2015/03/12 19:32:22, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 12 2015,10:18)
And now:

kairosfocusMarch 12, 2015 at 11:12 am
NOTICE: Beyond this point, further trollish misbehaviour by CH is subject to removal. KF

From the child-belting man who suggests candidates for "censor of the year"

Everybody expects KF's Nuclear-triggerish Penultimation!!!

Date: 2015/03/17 16:23:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 17 2015,11:15)
Wow. Go and look at how KF has marked up DNAJock's original post now. He's lost it:

That must be the posting equivalent of applying Mr. Leathers.

Date: 2015/03/17 16:36:07, Link
Author: paragwinn
niwrad, intrepid ID meteorologist:    
   The monsoon is a water pump.

Provide an exploded view so we can see its functional hierarchy and its controls/power apparatuses. The monsoon is a wind.

ETA: fifthmonarchyman brings us a weather update:
We don’t know if monsoons can arise with out intelligent design . . .

Date: 2015/03/20 16:27:21, Link
Author: paragwinn

Date: 2015/04/12 17:19:25, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kantian Naturalist @ April 12 2015,10:13)
It's not merely that they don't know that Dennett and Kitcher are critical of Rosenberg -- that's mere ignorance, and is quite forgivable. It's rather that they don't want to know, because that would introduce more complexity and nuance into their conception of contemporary naturalism. That's not mere ignorance, but willful ignorance.

For people who constantly harp on the origin and discernment of complexity in nature, the UDers, with certain exceptions, make great effort to shy away from dealing with the complexity in issues they themselves raise.

Date: 2015/04/12 17:42:55, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Kantian Naturalist @ April 12 2015,10:13)
Also worth pointing out is that they deliberately seize upon the most extreme representatives of "materialism".  Alex Rosenberg is their current favorite, and yes -- his views are extreme. That's why they like to cite him, but never criticisms of Rosenberg coming from other naturalists -- like Dennett or Kitcher.  (For the curious: Dennett's criticism of Rosenberg is published as an essay in Contemporary Philosophical Naturalism and Its Implications and Kitcher's criticism of Rosenberg is in his review of Rosenberg for the New York Times.)

UDers like BA see the extreme position as the most "logical" position, as revealing the most "logical" implications that follow from their view of materialism, subjectivism, atheism, etc. They see themselves as turning their critics' own weapon against them, revealing how irrational those critics really and knowingly are, and convincing themselves that they are the true champions of reason and logic.

Date: 2015/04/14 16:28:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ April 14 2015,14:20)
In the time honoured ID tradition of "No, you do the work so I can throw stones"

Bob O'HApril 14, 2015 at 3:00 pm
Barry @ 23 ‚Äď I‚Äôm sorry, but this isn‚Äôt a ‚Äúdebating tactic‚ÄĚ ‚Äď I am genuinely trying to understand where you‚Äôre coming from. You appear to be making contradictory demands, which probably means I don‚Äôt understand what you‚Äôre trying to say, and rather than take guesses I‚Äôd prefer to ask for clarification.

Barry ArringtonApril 14, 2015 at 3:03 pm
Bob @ 63: I’ll give you a chance to prove what you say. Surely you are not totally out to sea without the faintest notion about what the terms mean. Therefore, you should be able to give a summary of what you think they mean. Do that and I will meet you half-way be telling you if you are correct and if I don’t believe you are I will tell you why.

This is why there are no ID labs.


Date: 2015/04/19 20:42:42, Link
Author: paragwinn
In the "I dream; therefore, I cannot be a rationally coherent materialist" post, this exchange:

Perhaps the information exists already, it is just accessed by material processes, but in your view how does the immaterial cause the brain to dream and what is the probabilty of that process?

Barry Arrington:  
velikovskys @ 26:

Thank you for the excellent example of MD11:

   Materialist Dodge 11: The burden is always on you, never on me

To Velikovskys #26


I have no idea how that is accomplished or how it works. It is unknowable to the human mind. So the burden of explanation is not symmetrical for Theism vs Materialism. You do have to explain how information arises spontaneously in the brain, but I do not have to explain how it arises in the mind. This is not a dodge; it is an artifact of my category of claim vs yours.

Irony. Meter. Blown.

bolding in nkendall quote is mine.
ETA: Added to whom nkendall was responding

Date: 2015/04/19 22:56:00, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (khan @ April 19 2015,17:15)
I have moved from Ohio to SW Florida, in case anyone is interested.


Date: 2015/04/29 20:58:51, Link
Author: paragwinn
Some programs stored in the onion genome:

"Cry Havoc: Achieving World Domination Layer by Layer"
"To Serve Man (French & Italian Cuisines)"
"All You Need To Know About Intelligent Design by Joe Gallien"
"Windows 3.1"
"Tears For Fears Discography"

Date: 2015/05/05 20:11:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
FYQI (For Your Quantum Information):

How Quantum Pairs Stitch Space-Time

Date: 2015/05/07 02:08:25, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ May 06 2015,19:48)
The signature response by Barry to anything that he can't respond to.
You say you don’t understand the point. Either you are an outrageous liar or incredibly stupid. Charity compels me to assume the latter. Either way, however, continuing the discussion with you is pointless.

In the words of Inigo Montoya, "you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Emphasis mine.

Date: 2015/05/07 02:34:00, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Learned Hand @ May 06 2015,15:09)
Barry Arrington @ 7:51 a.m.: "Human beings come in two essential varieties (male and female) and it is blindingly obvious that those two varieties are mutually complementary. Thus, heterosexual conduct conforms to the essence of what it means to be human in a way that homosexual conduct does not."

Barry Arrington @ 11:55 a.m.: "YM, you are very long on bare assertion; very short on rational argument. . . . YM, you should note this very carefully, because you seem to have a problem with it. Merely asserting a conclusion is not an argument."

Onlookers, we have achieved minimum self-awareness.

How much further until negligible self-awareness?

Date: 2015/05/07 02:46:41, Link
Author: paragwinn
Stanford engineers observe the moment when a mind is changed

Date: 2015/05/13 04:51:48, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ May 12 2015,22:23)
I hope somebody's saving this thread!

I periodically save the web page and index the versions by the latest post number. I'm also checking for numbering consistency when a post number is referenced in a comment. Sooner or later I will find time for sleep :)

Date: 2015/05/18 03:11:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
This was too good to pass up.

Joe G's "Sure-fire Steps For ID to Obtain Intellectual Superiority Over Evo-Mat-Atheism" as witnessed on this Sandwalk post:
Joe G  Friday, May 15, 2015 3:06:00 PM

Earth to the scientifically illiterate:

The design inference is a top-down approach. That means first you determine if intelligent design is present and THEN, and only then, do you ask about the who, how, why, where and when. You don't even ask those questions until you have determined intelligent design is present.
Piotr GńÖsiorowski ¬†Friday, May 15, 2015 3:39:00 PM

That means first you determine if intelligent design is present and THEN, and only then, do you ask about the who, how, why, where and when.

OK, so it has been established, to the IDiots' satisfaction, that life is intelligently designed. Fine. Now you can tell us the who, how, why, where and when.

Joe G  Friday, May 15, 2015 3:48:00 PM

[snip -- paragwinn]

Now you can tell us the who, how, why, where and when.

No. But once ID is the accepted paradigm I am sure people will get right on it.

Piotr GńÖsiorowski ¬†Friday, May 15, 2015 4:11:00 PM


It works the other way round, Joe. Research can't wait till you erect a new paradigm; it has be done first, or there will be no new paradigm. . .

Joe G  Friday, May 15, 2015 7:01:00 PM

Piotr, You are confused. The research confirms the design inference/ You are a cowardly amateur, piotr. You don't have a viable alternative to ID.

I would cast this exchange in bronze if I could.
[eta: formatting adjustments]

Date: 2015/05/18 03:26:20, Link
Author: paragwinn
More of the same from Joe G, Truth-Seeker and BS Caller-outer:
Joe G  Saturday, May 16, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Where is the research for unguided evolution? Where is unguided evolution's peer-reviewed support?

judmarc  Saturday, May 16, 2015 8:35:00 PM

Where is the research for unguided evolution? Where is unguided evolution's peer-reviewed support?

Right near those big signs at the local college that spell "L-I-B-R-A-R-Y".

N. Manning  Sunday, May 17, 2015 11:38:00 AM

"Where is the research for unguided evolution? Where is unguided evolution's peer-reviewed support?"

Wow... So I guess you DO know something that Todd Wood missed.
But wait a sec -

2.2 million returns. Have at it, Security Clearance.

Keep stepping on those rakes, Joe.

Date: 2015/05/21 17:12:59, Link
Author: paragwinn
KevNick Calls Out Dr. Moran:  

I’m challenging you to provide all the scientific evidence for ALL the reasons WHY you became so convinced that life arose by chance. . . .


Larry, if you don’t answer this challenge, I will make you pay for it… and I mean it…

KevNick will meet him in the high school parking lot at 3pm.

Date: 2015/05/24 23:35:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ May 24 2015,20:01)
Would a meta-meta-meta-meta-concept be a metaphor? (i.e., meta-4)

Have you ever metaphor you didn't like?

Date: 2015/06/01 15:13:20, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ June 01 2015,12:39)
Over at UD looks like it's William J. Blowhard's turn to drive the Tard train.

At TSZ the question was asked "what is the energy source that allowed the Intelligent Designer to physically move matter?".  In other words what is the mechanism that let the Designer move raw materials from point A to point B in order to manufacture his designs, say the first bacterial flagellum.   After thinking long and hard WJM offered up the latest IDiotic explanation:  intent.  That's right, the Designer just had to intend for all those millions of species to come into existence and *POOF*, there they were!  ;)  

Besides not addressing the original question this also raises the issue of how do IDers know the final product was what the Designer actually intended?  Now we've got the incompetent bumbling Designer or the evil sadistic Designer back in play.

This latest bullshit excuse ranks right up there with Joe G's "design is the mechanism" as far as a worthless rhetorical evasion.   :p

Intent IS Magic!!
So if the (D/d)esigner meant well (for us??), does that make it good?

Date: 2015/06/09 23:09:54, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (stevestory @ June 09 2015,20:04)
Quote (Richardthughes @ June 09 2015,22:43)
Some light reading:

First, let me just say, holy shitballs.


This is of course rhetorically very convenient in the promotion of the latest fashionable radical secularist "progressive" agenda item, the notion that homosexual behaviour is a normal pattern, is rooted in immutable genetic characters, and only ignorance, prejudice and bigotry could object to such behaviour and its currently desired institutionalisation via "marriage equality" -- that is the notion that Adam can "marry" Steve or Eve, Mary-Ann. (And some seriously warn, on the power of legal precedent backed by pressure tactics in an era where common sense is at steep discount, that such opens the onward door to Adam "marrying" Steve, Eve and Mary Ann, then if he takes a fancy to it, Fido too.

what is it about zealot whackjobs and 'man-on-dog' action?

Yeah. And notice how it's never about sheep . . .

Date: 2015/06/20 12:32:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
page bump?

Date: 2015/07/17 06:26:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (KevinB @ July 17 2015,04:12)
Quote (Soapy Sam @ July 17 2015,04:22)
bornagain77July 16, 2015 at 11:30 am
[...]when history is finally written[...]

Have we got a date for that yet?

Would you settle for a sun-dried raisin?

ba77 has faith in a raisin from the dead.

Date: 2015/07/23 23:57:07, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (sparc @ July 23 2015,21:18)
Quote (CeilingCat @ July 23 2015,16:16)
K.e.. "Don't forget teh Dembster still owes a book to The John Templeton Foundation maybe that's why his buddies at bible school thought waterboarding him was a good idea. "

In the introduction to "Being as Communion", in the credits, he thanks the Templeton Foundation for their support and says this book is the one he owes them.  No reply from the Templeton boys so far.  Possibly they're still speechless.

Getting permanently reminded of the 10,000 bucks must have been a pain in the ass for him because his CV/resum√© at since 2012 says: ¬†  
Templeton Foundation Book Prize ($100,000), for writing book on information theory, 2000‚Äď2001; project partially completed by publishing book titled No Free Lunch with Rowman and Littlefield in 2002.

I suppose the Templeton Foundation has a "No Free Lunch" policy.

Date: 2015/07/26 20:45:12, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ July 26 2015,13:48)
Note: I (O’Leary for News) am working late on my second/alternate night job so serious posting will be slightly delayed

My irony meter just blew a circuit.

Those would be the posts WITHOUT a headline question mark.

Date: 2015/07/27 05:33:10, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (GaryGaulin @ July 26 2015,20:53)
Quote (Texas Teach @ July 26 2015,22:24)
Quote (GaryGaulin @ July 26 2015,21:43)
And this sentence is a thought forming: "When attract and avoid locations When working properly The combined When this happens It was found that to anxiously"

By no definition is that a sentence.

Now it is:

Where the signals from attract and avoid locations combine: the wanting to go both towards and away from the food results in it becoming nervously anxious, skittish, as are real animals with such a dilemma.

It would be helpful if you could cite some animal studies to back up your assertions about animal behavior. It is probably not that germane to the fundamental problems of your project. However, it would be good practice for you in the art of grounding your theoretical principles in real-world data which is freely or affordably available to any investigator. As has been pointed out, a complex computer program, no matter how intriguing its behavior, is no substitute for a well-thought out expository paper laying out what is "under-the-hood" not just programmatically but conceptually. You have to speak for your project. It cannot speak for you.

Date: 2015/07/29 06:35:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (GaryGaulin @ July 28 2015,04:29)
And I said too bad for you because with the two papers in the Notes folder included with the file considered it's now the most supported computer model of its kind in all of science. It's even getting the right ratio of concordant signaling pairs in the internal representation of the external world, the navigation network.

Your documentation is quite sparse. There is no description of the conceptual framework ( I'm assuming that framework involves different levels of intelligence?) on which your project is based. There is no explanation as to how the papers included in your Notes folder are relevant to your framework or program. The Theory of Operation document needs clarification in several areas. Your Charts have no label for the Y-axis. I have not run the program since I am on a Linux system presently but you do not provide much detail in what to expect or how the program components reflect aspects of your conceptual framework. Much work needs to be done.

Date: 2015/08/01 23:45:06, Link
Author: paragwinn
Gary, I was thinking, by "molecular intelligence", you meant this:

The emergent nature of intelligence on the atomic and molecular scale, according to the enneagram

Date: 2015/08/01 23:49:24, Link
Author: paragwinn
Nor the brightest spoon in the dish drainer.

I'll move on to my exit interview in HR.

Date: 2015/08/12 19:06:44, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 12 2015,14:59)
Chubstard, using his NOMNOMNOMDEPLUME:

The tree rings aren’t the information. We create the information using the data the tree recorded.

Was the tree intelligently designed to record data for the purpose of enabling humanity's ability to create information and to re-affirm humanity's belief in a rational, orderly universe fine-tuned to support human life? Did the tree happen to record any data indicative of its design by an intelligent designer? Is the tree record available in vinyl?

Date: 2015/08/20 23:49:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (stevestory @ Aug. 20 2015,15:45)
daveS       August 20, 2015 at 3:04 pm

Affirming the consequent is not the same as assuming the conclusion.

bornagain77August 20, 2015 at 3:10 pm
Whatever daveS. Darwinism is a evidence free, mathematical proof free, pseudo-science and I’m sure Darwinists, since they have no real empirical evidence to back up their grandiose claims, have used every logical fallacy in the book to try to support their preposterous theory.

The Adventures of Fallacy Man ‚Äď Existential Comics

The Adventures of Fallacy Man part II ‚Äď Existential Comics

Whatever, DaveS!  :p


"All logical fallacies are equal in the sight of the LORD." - Argumenesis 1:1

Date: 2015/08/22 19:48:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Just in case anyone has an interest in pointing something out about the picture used in Barry's "Barbarians Inside the Gate" post and the article linked to in "‚ÄúKinda cool‚ÄĚ to Pull" post:

Undercover Anti-Abortion Video

Lesson here: Barry, you should really check your sources.

Date: 2015/08/22 20:57:04, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Aug. 21 2015,16:41)
N.Wells, the circles and arrows did work out to make sense only way. I already have something on the screen. I'm now labeling and finishing up details to make it look marvelous. But I'm stuck unsure which way the name should be. I found four words that sum it all up real nice, but can be worded two ways:

"Reciprocal Causation Biological Model"

"Biological Reciprocal Causation Model"

Do you know which it should be? Anyone?

"For Entertainment Purposes Only"

Date: 2015/08/24 19:21:24, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (OgreMkV @ Aug. 24 2015,08:25)
By lying to them?

And what happens when they find out they've been lied to?

These people are not exactly the sharpest crayons in the box.

For someone like me, a fundamentalist Christian who had been wrestling with the "Creation vs Evolution" issue after starting college in the 1980s, I screwed up the courage to start reading Christian non-YEC and secular scientific sources. I came to understand the situation in a whole new light, gained a better appreciation for science done right, and eventually set aside my fundamentalist outlook. This led to undergoing the same process for areas like history, politics, lifestyle, etc, until I stopped depending on a notion of God in order to live my life.

Date: 2015/08/25 02:12:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Aug. 24 2015,19:14)
Re "Those unicorn are sexy beasts...makes you wonder why they didn't survive...oh here's why."

Too many people out hunting for aphrodisiacs?

Too many unicorns stealing their womenfolk.

Date: 2015/08/27 22:23:23, Link
Author: paragwinn
You have really missed the point of their diagram. Your diagram is a serious misinterpretation of theirs.

edit: mis-speciation of spelling

Date: 2015/08/28 06:04:57, Link
Author: paragwinn

Can you explain the connection between your idea of what reciprocal causation means and the idea stated in the extended synthesis paper? Please do not simply point to the diagrams and say "There it is."

Date: 2015/09/12 06:32:52, Link
Author: paragwinn
Well, the gauntlets have been thrown between the fringiest members of the Intelligent Design community.


Who will communicate their ideas least successfully?
Who will feel the most persecuted?
Who will achieve ultimate disrespect and notoriety as THE TOP CRANK?

Date: 2015/10/08 06:38:16, Link
Author: paragwinn

My eyes have been opened.

Animals are intellen because they are intelligently designed. Animals are intellen because they possess defense mechanisms. Animals are not intellen because they do not possess intelligence. Animals are not intellen because they do not develop multiple solutions to single problems.

Humans are intellen because they are intelligently designed. Humans are intellen because they possess intelligence. Humans are intellen because they possess defense mechanisms. Humans are not animals because they possess intelligence. Humans are intellen because they develop multiple solutions to single problems.

All non-living structures are intellen because they are intelligently designed. All non-living structures are not intellen because they do not possess intelligence. All non-living structures are not intellen because they do not possess defense mechanisms. All non-living structures are not intellen because they do not provide multiple solutions to single problems.

Existence is made possible by intelligence. Intelligence depends upon existence. Existence is intellen because it is intelligently designed. Existence is not intellen because it is single solution to single problem. Intelligence is intellen because it is intelligence. Intelligence is not intellen because it designed single solution existence to single problem non-existence.

Show me where I am wrong or agree. Choose and choose wisely.

ETA: Is that the sound of one hand clapping I don't hear?

Date: 2015/10/14 15:44:19, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (midwifetoad @ Oct. 14 2015,13:33)

"RRRRRRiiiiiiiightly Investigated"

Date: 2015/11/06 20:17:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
Virgil Cain:
Creation is a subset of ID. If Creation is true then so is ID. However ID could be true without Creation being true.

I sense logical confusion here but i'm not clearhedad enough to point it out to them. Anyone?

Date: 2015/11/25 04:40:18, Link
Author: paragwinn
Science creates flatworms with the heads and brains of other flatworms (Gap Junctional Blockade)

Research paper here (open access)

Date: 2015/12/09 12:12:51, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Richardthughes @ Dec. 09 2015,08:11)
In its entirety. I wonder if Mr, Leathers helped? What a Buffoon.

kairosfocusDecember 9, 2015 at 6:54 am
F/N: Target hardening 1, the built environment. Initial ideas:

1: Control access, and monitor it ‚ÄĒ preferably vid feed that can be patched through to SWAT support.


And so forth.


19: At each entrance a trap door leading to an incinerator.

20: Wall-mounted break-away glass cases containing hand-grenades or break-away bags of hallway-impedance marbles.

21: Notices posted in bathrooms encouraging non-VIPs to act as human shields to buy time for VIPs' escape.

22: Hotline to local artillery units in case you need to call down fire on your position (2nd to last resort)

23: Hotline to local military air base in case you need a daisy-cutter bomb delivered to your position (last resort)

Date: 2015/12/09 12:29:19, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Dec. 09 2015,10:24)
Gordon Mullings:
KH, You now have a language warning, over one of the seven words. KF

I wonder what word that was?

Either "disagrees" or "ego".

Date: 2016/01/07 18:29:37, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (KevinB @ Jan. 07 2016,05:42)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Jan. 06 2016,20:59)
Quote (Lethean @ Jan. 06 2016,20:15)
Quote (CeilingCat @ Jan. 06 2016,19:43)
The abuse I point to includes cyberstalking and on the ground stalking, as well as the now increasingly common alinskyite/ cultural marxist agit-prop tactics and linked nihilist, amoral factionalism and bigotry ‚ÄĒ

I refuse to believe that anybody has flown/sailed/floated/washed up on the shore or otherwise traveled thousands of miles to Monserrat in order to harass Kairosfocus.  I'm probably the only one here who has ever seriously thought of travelling to that island for any reason.  

The only thing keeping me from going is the mortal dread of being stranded on a tiny island with a foaming-at-the-mouth nut job who who absolutely insists on talking (at GREAT length!) about Jesus, His Mighty Works and the Holy Entropy of Fishing Reels when the next plane outta there is three days away.


I got five bucks that says he found a cigarette butt and a weathered half page of some kid's science homework three blocks from his home.

I can see how being a big fish in a small pond can have its rewards. But being a miniscule, completely ignore fish in a small pond must be a huge blow to a huge ego.

Does he even achieve fish status? I'd put him at the same level as the snail my nieces have in their fish tank to keep down the algae.

You mean the same murderous Marxist algae employing Alinskyite tactics to bring about Constitutional crises for the aquarium? Does the tank have an underwater volcano? Is the snail equipped with a Nuclear Tripwire?

Date: 2016/01/29 05:57:03, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Jan. 28 2016,20:49)
Gordon Mullings just got spanked.

KF, don’t pretend to lecture me about math. I have been doing it for a living longer than you have been alive. And I learned many years ago how to detect bullshit dressed up as lace by people who really don’t know their head from their ass (figuratively speaking).

Both you and DS are spewing nonsense that you both think is profound. Bullshit is still bullshit no matter how much perfume you spray on it.

I apologize for being so blunt but I think it is warranted given the comments posted here.

Comment 81

I wonder, what was it about comment 81 that got the "UD Editors" pearls in a clutch, especially compared to comment 74:  
Ginger GrantJanuary 28, 2016 at 6:27 pm

I have read the comments here and all I have seen is KF and DS measuring dicks. I don’t even have a dick but I can tell when both of you are arguing about and abstract, and valuable, mathematical concept as if it really meant any thing with respect to the OP.

Get over yourselves.

Date: 2016/02/19 21:34:09, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (OgreMkV @ Feb. 19 2016,09:50)
Quote (KevinB @ Feb. 19 2016,09:32)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Feb. 19 2016,08:24)
*** and it looks like Barry and Joe are getting a little too much science in that case...

They probably can't tell the difference between Methodological Naturalism and Baking.

Baking is science for hungry people.

That explains why Mary Baker Eddy founded Christian Science.

Date: 2016/03/15 21:58:10, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Mar. 15 2016,18:34)
There's a quota of those?

of course. Barry A doesnt want to get upstaged by a crowd of them.

Date: 2016/04/17 20:55:38, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (stevestory @ April 17 2016,17:39)
WTF is all that jibber-jabber?

The Consolation of Philosophy by Ancius Boethius.
Knowing that, I'm sure you'll want to renounce everything that KF is having a hissy fit about.

Date: 2016/04/25 00:10:09, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Soapy Sam @ April 24 2016,05:29)
Their only weapon is name-calling, propaganda and intimidation.

Their only weapon is name-calling. Name-calling and propaganda. Two! Their two main weapons are name-calling, propaganda and intimidation. Three ... amongst their weaponry are ... I'll come in again.

Don't forget farting in Savain's general direction and insulting his parents.

Date: 2016/05/05 12:15:14, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ May 05 2016,06:55)
Gordon Mullings (dba KairosFocus) is criticized for not being able to have a civil discussion with anyone who disagrees with him. So his solution to this criticism?
Post a FYI/FTR post about the issue with comments off.


cal-secularism/]Completely insane ramblings of a twisted mind[/URL]

Christian evangelist Lance Wallnau, referenced by KF as an authority on saving civilization from the radical non-Christian-dominionist hordes, preseents a plan to gain access to the Chinese Communist Party.

Date: 2016/05/10 06:23:33, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (sparc @ May 10 2016,00:33)
I must admit though, that otherwise Gordon E. Mullings appears completely nuts when he finds proof of the Christian God in fishing reels and with his fear to be forced into SSM by the materialistic feminist Darwinist agenda forwarded by communist islamist fundamentalist currently encircling Montserrat with burning strawmen.

As barrels of ad hominem oil are poured into the surrounding waters, put alight and forming a choking polarizing agit-prop turnabout haze, cutting Montserrat off from a civilization that until this moment had been held together by dint of the purifying spirit of Judeo-Christian values but now faces the hour of decision, whether to restore the hallowed traditional wintertime greeting of "Merry Christmas!" or to succumb to the necrotic nominalism of "I now pronounce you husband and husband / wife and wife", a fate that was preconceived 2,500 years ago by a man whose foresight is praised on the beseiged tiny island nation, a man shaped by a culture of open same-sex love. Oh, what a burden is placed upon the shoulders of one Montserrat citizen crying out in the wilderness. Oh, Lord, do you hear his cry? Did you answer him back? (That would explain alot)

Date: 2016/05/30 02:55:03, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (sparc @ May 30 2016,00:27)
I guess there is a special Corny thread somewhere at Atbc.

Cornelius Hunter Thread here

Date: 2016/06/07 19:04:05, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Woodbine @ June 07 2016,16:43)
Quote (Henry J @ June 08 2016,00:15)
Quote (JohnW @ June 07 2016,14:34)
Quote (Henry J @ June 07 2016,12:40)
Made it through 8 or 9 lines of that...

Fear the Divine Foot!

And toe the line?

Your eternal sole depends on it.

For, lo verily, since the time of the Fallen Arch, all humanity has had to deal with the scourge of Athlete's Foot.

Date: 2016/08/29 04:50:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (REC @ Aug. 28 2016,20:19)
Get yer popcorn, shows about to begin:

Dense tried to link the alt-right and liberals and Darwin, and oh boy.....

As a member of the alt-right, and their theological leader, I believe I am sufficiently qualified to describe them. The alt-right is a group young White people that have rejected the prevailing notion in academia and the MSM that White people are inherently evil and deserve to be genocided with immigration and miscegenation. If anything describes the alt-right, it is a grasp of reality and the bravery to reject the influence of the MSM that few academics have. Comparing the contributions to scientific research it is shown via Twitter that White people have contributed over 90% of the modern advances in science. Similarly, evidence is presented that Blacks, while a minority in America, account for over 50% of the crime. Similar realism is found in observing the disproportional control of the MSM and Hollywood by Jews. Some would call them racist for believing the truth. An effective critic on the weak and cowardly mind. They would say that the facts are not racist. Another fact which they are concerned about is the demographic change in America where Whites will be a minority by 2070.

They are a key support group for Donald Trump, and this explains why his popularity never seems to go down, regardless of the coordinated attacks by the MSM. They know the MSM is anti-White, and reject its biases.

If anyone cares to find out for themselves what the alt-right is about you need only go onto Twitter and search White genocide.

Barry? Loudspeaker in the ceiling? KF?

Edit: link

I'm somewhat suspicious that this post is a parody based on the sections I bolded.

Date: 2016/08/31 20:13:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Aug. 31 2016,14:22)
Quote (stevestory @ Aug. 31 2016,15:06)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 31 2016,15:40)
"...Thus, all sean has really done in this thread is reveal himself to be a atheistic troll..."

BornAgain is A Idiot.

Understatement of the week.

Gobsmackingly Stupid Things Bornagain77 Says, Entry 7,687*

*h/t to Barry Arrington

Date: 2016/10/06 04:42:56, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Oct. 06 2016,00:14)
In that same thread: ¬† ¬† ¬†  
4 Dean_from_Ohio October 5, 2016 at 9:13 pm

You‚Äôd think that people who were probably nearly killed in that huge 1994 Northridge earthquake would show more fear of God. Wikipedia says it ‚Äú‚Ķproduced ground acceleration that was the highest ever instrumentally recorded in an urban area in North America.‚ÄĚ (

But then you’d be wrong.

Dean probably prays to his outboard.

That's a heavy responsibility to put on an earthquake. It really can't do much about influencing people's attitudes about gods. Especially in this scientific age where, if tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunami, landslides, mudslides, avalanches, sinkholes, major flooding, meteoric airbursts, thunder and lightning storms, volcanoes, disease epidemics, plankton blooms, sudden cold snaps, heatwaves, solar flares, eclipses, famines, wildfires, blizzards, hailstorms, fire ant invasions, limnic eruptions, drought, shark attacks, or the breakup of the Beatles havent changed attitudes, well, you can't expect earthquakes to carry the burden.

Date: 2016/10/13 06:07:58, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Woodbine @ Oct. 13 2016,02:45)
That was 10 years ago.


It only seems like yester-decade...

Date: 2016/10/15 21:19:12, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (fnxtr @ Oct. 15 2016,15:36)
Quote (khan @ Oct. 15 2016,11:16)
Are chemtrails next?

Cattle mutilations. In crop circles. Under power lines.

Soaked in fluoridated water.

Date: 2016/10/21 11:21:39, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (k.e.. @ Oct. 21 2016,07:34)
Quote (NoName @ Oct. 21 2016,15:06)
Quote (timothya @ Oct. 21 2016,07:04)
Quote (sparc @ Oct. 21 2016,04:17)
I predict ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†  
"but they are still frogs".
Still, I would appreciate if someone would ask for calculations of the FIASC/O values of the two ancestral genomes, as well as the tetraploid X. laevis and the diploid X. tropicalis genomes

You already know the answer. It is oil-soaked, red-herringed and leading off to a pitchfork and torch parade over a cliff somewhere.
Meanwhile, on a blasted Caribbean rock, a prophet shakes his hoary locks and howls at the moon.

A howl that is largely drowned out by the whimper of whipped frogs.

Floged whips and nuculear trip wires.

Amid a sea of polarized Polaroids resulting from on-the-ground mafiosa-style stalking of paranoid geostrategery-ists

Date: 2016/10/27 00:33:38, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Bob O'H @ Oct. 26 2016,12:37)
Help! Help! I'm being oppressed! ¬†  
The paper says what it says. I’ll let the readers, and administrator, decide who is being forthright. If you persist in pestering me I will request you be banned for trolling.

Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system!
We must convene a council of the anarcho-syndicalist commune! Who is the executive officer this week?

Date: 2016/11/18 19:58:52, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 18 2016,17:36)
Quote (k.e.. @ Nov. 17 2016,19:52)
Quote (Dr.GH @ Nov. 17 2016,21:28)
Quote (stevestory @ Nov. 08 2016,14:48)
Shiiiiiiiiiit, I got banned more than 4 times when Dembski was still running the joint.

I was pre-banned by Dave whatsizname.

Same here. Although posting as Vajracchedika (buddhist diamond sutra) probably didn't help.

Thus ended the moment of zen?

Dont worry. Diamond sutras are forever.

Date: 2016/11/22 16:16:31, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Tony M Nyphot @ Nov. 22 2016,13:10)
Within that same comment by Denyse, I find the following a revealing admission:
Hunter is a DI fellow but that is a somewhat loose relationship that mainly commits the parties to not dissing each other in public.

That there is comedy gold. I nominate Denyse for POTW.

Date: 2016/12/06 19:02:22, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Tony M Nyphot @ Dec. 06 2016,16:15)
On the "Coming soon..." post:
kairosfocusNovember 29, 2016 at 2:00 am
RVB8, we are still waiting for you to cogently address the issue of text being observed in the heart of cell based life [particularly, machine code], and in so doing to correct your blunder regarding base chaining in D/RNA in 43 above. This, on pain of being exposed as not only demonstrably ill-informed on wider worldviews issues but also of having falsely claimed a focal interest on matters of science connected to the design inference controversy (by implied sharp contrast with ID supporters here at UD). KF

Is Gordon really saying there is observable text in the cell...maybe "Made in Heaven"?

In the same way that 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons spell out "carbon".

Date: 2016/12/15 03:33:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Glen Davidson @ Dec. 15 2016,00:43)
Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 15 2016,01:35)
fifthmonarchyman (who else?):
By the time Constantine converted the overthrow of the old ‚Äúheathen‚ÄĚ world order was pretty much a feta complete.

What a friend we have in cheeses.

Taste and see that the lord is gouda.

Glen Davidson

The TRUTH will get you brie.

I dearly remember that old hymn, "Block of Aged Cheddar"

Date: 2016/12/15 15:04:06, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (k.e.. @ Dec. 15 2016,08:09)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Dec. 15 2016,17:42)
Quote (k.e.. @ Dec. 15 2016,09:16)
Quote (paragwinn @ Dec. 15 2016,11:33)
Quote (Glen Davidson @ Dec. 15 2016,00:43)
¬† ¬† ¬†  
Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 15 2016,01:35)
fifthmonarchyman (who else?):
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†  
By the time Constantine converted the overthrow of the old ‚Äúheathen‚ÄĚ world order was pretty much a feta complete.

What a friend we have in cheeses.

Taste and see that the lord is gouda.

Glen Davidson

The TRUTH will get you brie.

I dearly remember that old hymn, "Block of Aged Cheddar"

Typical! You guys are going whey over the top. We should feta FMM for mentioning le grand fromage at the top of the stairs suggesting curdled sheep's milk was a paneer sea for Constantine. I will never look at a Greak salad the same way again.

Our Feta
Who art in Havarti
Gouda be thy name
Thy Kasseri come
Thy Brie be done
On Parmesan as it is in Havarti
Give us this Whey or daily Blue
And forgive those who Provalone against Swiss
And Limburger us not into Monterey Jack
But deliver us from Muenster
For thine is the Butterkase, the Cheddar and the Colby
For Edam and Edam, Asiago

Your cup rennet over.

Does fifthmonarchyman know why God hates Ambert cheese?

Date: 2017/01/06 02:06:27, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (timothya @ Jan. 05 2017,23:50)
Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 06 2017,00:25)
Q' makes sense. dQ makes sense. What the fuck is d'Q?

It is what you stand in when you want to buy d'Ticquet to d'Ballgame avec d'Chien Chaud avec d'Pommes Frites.

d'Post of d'Week!

Date: 2017/01/11 21:33:46, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Jan. 11 2017,18:53)
Quote (Henry J @ Jan. 11 2017,20:29)
I wonder if holding an irony meter near the face is like holding a hot cup of coffee in the lap?

Could I sue the irony meter manufacturers?

Irony Meter Shopper: "Excuse me, will your irony meter blow up in someone's face?"
Irony Meter Salesperson: "No, it will not."
Irony Meter Shopper: "You said your irony meter would not blow up in my face!"
Irony Meter Salesperson: "That was not my irony meter."

Date: 2017/01/15 21:40:55, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Cubist @ Jan. 15 2017,18:16)
Quote (Henry J @ Jan. 15 2017,17:47)
Isn't "creationist intellect" an oxymoron?

No, it isn't. Whatever psychological deficits may be typical of Creationists as a group, said group doesn't include any more idiots than any other population of comparable size. And it's long been noted that Creationists can be pretty sharp cookies in any context which doesn't impinge upon their essentially religious idée fixe. This doesn't suggest a deficit in IQ; rather, it suggests a highly specific deficit in rationality, possibly founded on compartmentalized thinking and a delusional belief system which has given them a great deal of emotional solace over their lifetime.

To add to the above comment, there are some other factors involved. Tempering one's confidence in one's intellectual abilities in the form of "pride comes before a fall" can lead to subordinating curiosity to faith and doctrine so that you dont lose out on the rewards that faith is supposed to bring about. Being taught that the world around you is hostile to your faith community fosters an attitude of defensiveness when one encounters "opposing" knowledge as well as a dependence on one's religious elders in pointing out whats worth knowing and what isnt. Teachings that emphasize the immutability of spiritual knowledge compared to "worldly" knowledge can foster a denigrating attitude towards rationality-based tentative approaches to issues concerning our place in the universe. These factors work to maintain one's certainty about whats in line with one's faith and about how to deal with "opposing" knowledge (or from their perspective, false so-called knowledge and undermining influences on faith). Working oneself out from under these factors takes boldness in consideration of what one fears to lose (sense of certainty, community, purpose in many situations). It's difficult to see what can be gained until the effort is well underway.

Date: 2017/01/18 14:48:05, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Jan. 18 2017,06:56)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Jan. 16 2017,16:06)
Have I ever mentioned that I think that Mullings is a pompous, arrogant, patronizing, sermonizing bag of mammalian excrement?

But at least he won't have to buy fertilizer for any plants he might have.

Yes, but will they thrive under an outpouring of self-referential incoherency?

Date: 2017/02/03 23:11:06, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (stevestory @ Feb. 03 2017,15:14)
FINALLY got pav to bust out the hiv denial

here goes

Wow. Just ... wow. The crank is strong in this one.

Date: 2017/02/07 13:31:50, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (k.e.. @ Feb. 06 2017,20:14)
Poor things all they want is a hug. Except . . . in Mung's case to be reborn, preferably when Schopenhauer was publishing.

Oh, those were the days, weren't they? When street urchins could play in the manure strewn streets, matchstick girls could dance in the snow to their hearts' content, and the Industrial Revolution freed men to produce and consume without fear of long-term consequences. Who wouldn't want to embrace those times again?

Date: 2017/03/17 23:57:12, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Mar. 17 2017,15:26)
Speaking of Plato's cave, apparently AJ had something to say about that as well. ¬† ¬†  
I guess the real question is who is best represented by the prisoners in the cave, you and your views or me and mine? Since my views are based on reasoning, rationality, evidence and experience, and yours are heavily influenced by one of many religions, all of which can’t be true, I think that it is quite possible that I stand on the higher ground.

bolding mine.

That, sir, is a declaration of war. Mr. Leathers, prepare strawmen for attack. Flood all tubes with oil of ad hominem. Begin targeting sequence for the red herrings. Launch all agit-prop attack planes. Set nuclear tripwire. BYGUM!

Date: 2017/03/20 14:17:52, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Mar. 19 2017,20:27)
Once abortion is once again criminalizes, Gordo has decided how we are to deal with women who had legal abortions.

One step of the current process is that we are going to eventually need an international truth and reconciliation commission on the mass abortion civilisational kulturkampf, which should be associated with tribunals capable of censure and recommendation of loss of credibility for cases of gross ethical violations of the same natural laws that answered to the defendant‚Äôs claims to be acting under lawful orders at Nuremburg. But no, I see no reason to bring back the hangman; let our shame as a civilisation and let our shame on record as key enablers, promoters and practitioners be enough ‚ÄĒ though some may need to be held in protective custody on long term suicide watch. The judgement of history against our era will be grim. KF

And then we can put god on trial for his part in stillbirths, miscarriages, parasitic twinning, etc, right? Right?

Date: 2017/03/30 12:34:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (k.e.. @ Mar. 30 2017,09:00)
Quote (Bob O'H @ Mar. 30 2017,17:05)
Quote (rossum @ Mar. 30 2017,03:33)
Quote (Henry J @ Mar. 29 2017,15:46)
Ah well, as One Stone once said, only two things are infinite - the universe and human stupidity. But he wasn't sure about the former.

I thought it was One Beer Glass said it.

It was a stone beer glass.

I thought it was two birds.

Either it was one hand clapping or a burning bush, for what it's worth.

Date: 2017/04/05 14:29:13, Link
Author: paragwinn
page bump

Date: 2017/05/11 23:33:49, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ May 11 2017,18:40)
Agreement = conspiracy
Disagreement = crisis
Frequency = wavelength
Water != ice

How about "ID = science". ;)

Designer != God(Christian) {but Designer=God(Christian)}

Date: 2017/05/12 19:53:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ May 12 2017,02:40)
(55 kairosfocus May 12, 2017 at 3:03 am)
CMOW, it is quite obvious that RVB8 is an agit prop operative. If we take him at his cumulative word, he is testing manipulative points for his masters in some faction or other of the Chinese state apparatus who are terrified of the surging rise of the Christian Faith in China, and of wider religion.

Putin made rvb8 do it.

BREAKING FAKE NEWS: The head of China's State Security Bureau of Investigation was fired today after one of his agit-prop operatives was unmasked in an intellectually distinguished Internet forum by none other than a lone defender of Montserrat's Constitutional principles and of Slippery Slope Preventism, Groton McMulletts. The former security official is now fulfilling his duties as a reserve naval officer in the South China Sea for an indefinite period.

Date: 2017/05/15 15:34:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ May 15 2017,12:31)
K.e.. "So on a scale of 5 how many stars?"

BA77 uses a different metric.  I rated his video at 4.8 black holes.

I'd give it the same degree as that of the insightfulness and engagement being expressed at UD about the topic video: 3 degrees Kelvin

Date: 2017/05/30 13:27:12, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Alan Fox @ May 30 2017,10:54)
Anyone else having a problem accessing Uncommon Descent? "Too long to respond!"

My web browser responds with "It's best that you not visit this site until your irony meter is upgraded."

Date: 2017/05/31 13:30:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (k.e.. @ May 31 2017,10:14)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ May 31 2017,19:18)
Quote (stevestory @ May 30 2017,10:50)
I was just reading Larry Moran's take on that book last night. It reminds me, How does anyone at the DI still have a job?

The donors haven't noticed there is a problem?

Well there's a sunk cost fallacy if ever there was.

It's the Principle of Fallacy Conservation: Commit enough fallacies and eventually you arrive at the truth.

Date: 2017/06/18 05:31:34, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ June 17 2017,16:00)
Quote (Jkrebs @ June 17 2017,14:38)
233 kmidpuddle June 17, 2017 at 8:45 am

J-mac: "Do you find bestiality objectionable?"

Ah, the slippery slope argument. Get back to me when you are serious about having a discussion.

kf responds with 3500 words. I think this might be a new record for signal to noise ratio.

Kmidpuddle responds:
We were discussing transgender, homosexuality and same sex marriage. And then some moronic troll asks me if I object to beastiality. Forgive me if I refuse to engage in a discussion with any moronic troll who thinks that homosexuality and transgender are equivalent to beastiality.

People like J-mac, who say they do not care how they may look in your moral (or  "immoral/amoral" in their view) universe, go to ridiculous lengths to make you look ridiculous in their moral universe. They really arent interested in understanding how you come to your moral views. They have it all figured out already.

Date: 2017/06/18 05:35:16, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ June 16 2017,16:09)
May the Farce be with you.

Your call is very important to us.

All available Farces are currently busy with Denyse, Barry, KF, StephenB and the rest of the gang at Uncommon Descent.

Your call will be answered when a Farce becomes available.

Currently estimated waiting time is, "Till Jesus returns in glory."

Please hold.

Please enjoy the Cantina Band's cover of Enya's "Orinoco Flow" on continuous loop.

Date: 2017/08/06 14:22:38, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Aug. 06 2017,11:32)
Quote (stevestory @ Aug. 06 2017,11:42)
"Pertsona", my newest WordPress login, is no longer in automatic moderation at UD. The comments are now immediately deleted.

Poor snowflakes need their Safe Space, I suppose.  :p

Warned you. Mine are still just in moderation.

Plato wrote on the cave wall 2500.1415926 years ago that all things discomfiting to UD regulars will be held in moderation.

Date: 2017/08/12 00:12:57, Link
Author: paragwinn
Something with which to set off a chain reaction of explodey heads at TSZ: Stochastic Supertasks

Date: 2017/08/12 00:14:04, Link
Author: paragwinn
Something with which to set off a chain reaction of explodey heads at UD: Stochastic Supertasks

Date: 2017/08/19 04:01:47, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Aug. 18 2017,22:00)
Quote (JohnW @ Aug. 18 2017,16:27)
¬† ¬† ¬†  
Quote (CeilingCat @ Aug. 18 2017,13:52)
Quote (JohnW @ Aug. 18 2017,12:21)
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†  
Quote (Ptaylor @ Aug. 17 2017,16:24)
Not so fast there - Barry has declared a winner of that little exchange and it is...Upright Biped!:

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†  
Barry ArringtonAugust 17, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Wow UB @ 78 and 85, you paddled his little behind pretty hard. Ouch.

Or maybe it was a kickin’ sit-che-a-shun. See the debate here starting at 0:53

(broken youtube link)

Funny how these guys win argument after argument, debate after debate, but back in the worlds of science and education...

Paging Mr Leathers.  Mr Leathers to the black studded courtesy phone...

What is it with these guys and spanking?  They can't all be Tory MPs.

Spanking is the number two sexual variation, right after oral sex.  And Barry can't find anybody low enough to suck his dick.

You win the Disturbing Mental Image Of The Week Award, CeilingCat.  Ewww.

Denyse on her knees.

When youve recovered from that, another Christian fan of the second most popular sexual variation*: ¬† ¬† ¬†  
You're damn right Cornelius can do whatever he likes. He has been kind to you even though you deserve nothing but scorn and an ass whipping.

Louis (Mapou and many others) Savain

Corny's blog

* "Perversions in Jesus talk.

P.S. If your stomach is still not completely emptied , think of self- satisfied slurping sounds.

Barry Arrington: "Get thee behind me, Internet Forum Satan!
No, wait, that's not what i meant....!"

Date: 2017/08/27 15:16:05, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Aug. 27 2017,10:01)
Quote (stevestory @ Aug. 27 2017,09:07)
Kairos believes in an eternal god, and that 'actual infinities' can't exist. Too bad I'm 100% censored at their little Safe Space. I'd like to ask him, "If god had created one atom every year he was in existence, how many atoms would there be now?"

That question should be elementary!

The fundamental force is weak with this one.

Date: 2017/08/29 23:28:29, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (k.e.. @ Aug. 29 2017,09:12)
Quote (Henry J @ Aug. 28 2017,00:50)
Quote (rossum @ Aug. 27 2017,15:06)
Quote (paragwinn @ Aug. 27 2017,15:16)
Quote (Henry J @ Aug. 27 2017,10:01)
Quote (stevestory @ Aug. 27 2017,09:07)
Kairos believes in an eternal god, and that 'actual infinities' can't exist. Too bad I'm 100% censored at their little Safe Space. I'd like to ask him, "If god had created one atom every year he was in existence, how many atoms would there be now?"

That question should be elementary!

The fundamental force is weak with this one.

Does anyone have the gravitas to Higgsplain that?

Nah, that would require having enough energy to overcome inertia.

Get rid of the gluons first then you'll be ok.

Are you tired of not being able to separate your sub-atomic particles due to those pesky gluons? New from the Cinco Corporation, it's GLU-OFF, the gluon eliminator in aerosol form. Just spray GLU-OFF on the desired particles and POOF, no more gluons. Say good bye to particle separation frustration.

WARNING: Wear protective gear while spraying. Overuse may result in total dissolution of all matter in the universe

DISCLAIMER: Cinco Corporation releases itself from all liability resulting from misuse of its products

Date: 2017/11/15 19:23:17, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 15 2017,07:37)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Nov. 14 2017,08:31)
Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 14 2017,09:24)
Quote (Woodbine @ Nov. 14 2017,06:17)
Whoever wrote that article might be lacking in bandwidth but Christ, they're, not, short, of, commas.

edit: I just saw the END; should've known.

Oh: commas are just, like, periods; with flagella.

Designed flagella.

But who or what whipped out that design?

An exploded schematic of Mr Leathers may provide a clue.

Date: 2017/12/04 22:21:00, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Dec. 04 2017,19:53)
Maybe somebody dug up a time capsule?

More like a "I have had enough!" capsule

eta: riddance of wayward duplication

Date: 2017/12/06 04:49:51, Link
Author: paragwinn
Salvador 'My Intuition Trumps Your Expertise' Cordova:  
You’re understanding of this is terrible which I’ll explain.
My intuition said your explanation was incoherent, and now I just provided a second paper confirming you were wrong.

All attempts to help Sal reconsider his mispronouncements and misconceptions regarding just about any topic seems to result in an escalation of credentialism, tangentialism, and argumentation by diagram. Kudos to those exercising their expertise and experience to enlighten the rest of us despite Sal and others working to score points for ID.

Date: 2017/12/16 18:52:56, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (CeilingCat @ Dec. 16 2017,15:16)
LEWONTIN again in #35.  That's four so far in this thread.

Does four-of-a-kind beat a hand of two DAWKINS and three ALINSKYs?

Date: 2017/12/16 20:23:32, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Dec. 16 2017,17:30)
Only if it's in the cards?

What an Ace!

Date: 2017/12/17 14:31:12, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Dec. 17 2017,08:49)
Quote (Texas Teach @ Dec. 16 2017,22:43)
Quote (paragwinn @ Dec. 16 2017,20:23)
Quote (Henry J @ Dec. 16 2017,17:30)
Only if it's in the cards?

What an Ace!

Does anyone think KF knows Jack about cards?

Yeah, what's that guy's deal.

Whatever it is, it doesn't involve a full deck.

Date: 2017/12/30 23:16:02, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Joe G @ Dec. 30 2017,11:03)
Quote (k.e.. @ Dec. 30 2017,12:48)
So none I thought so. But nevermind. When are you two ladyboys going to give us the honour of face to face.

Just tell me where you live


bolding mine

Date: 2017/12/31 09:32:43, Link
Author: paragwinn
I don't understand- he wanted a face to face.
Am I supposed to wander around randomly until somehow we meet?
Or are you an imbecile?

Date: 2018/01/02 18:50:17, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 02 2018,10:18)
I would love to play both against you, lose. I bet that you wouldn't survive either encounter


bolding mine

Date: 2018/01/03 05:03:21, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 03 2018,02:50)
Only a moron would think I am using special pleading. I know that you cannot make a case that I am using any type of special pleading, loser.


bolding mine

Date: 2018/01/03 11:49:47, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 03 2018,09:33)
Quote (JohnW @ Jan. 03 2018,11:29)
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 03 2018,09:28)
And all you ever do is resort to playground taunts.

That has to be the least self-aware comment in history.

It is a fact that all you assholes do is try to insult people who prove that you are morons


bolding mine, all mine

Date: 2018/01/03 11:55:15, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 03 2018,09:43)
You don't have a testable mechanism.


Date: 2018/01/05 19:01:09, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 05 2018,07:42)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 05 2018,09:41)
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 05 2018,17:40)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 05 2018,09:39)
¬† ¬†  
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 05 2018,17:30)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 05 2018,09:20)
¬† ¬† ¬†  
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 05 2018,17:18)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 05 2018,09:15)
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†  
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 05 2018,17:07)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 05 2018,09:03)
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†  
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 05 2018,16:57)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 05 2018,08:55)
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†  
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 05 2018,16:42)
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 04 2018,20:53)
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†  
Quote (Joe G @ Jan. 05 2018,04:50)
Proof that frequency and wavelength are interchangeable

Prove that you can use a tape measure to measure time.

Learn how to read, Davey:

Proof that frequency and wavelength are interchangeable in a specific context:

2200 meters ‚Äď 135.7‚Äď137.8 kHz

630 meters ‚Äď 472‚Äď479 kHz
160 meters ‚Äď 1800‚Äď2000 kHz


Mouth breathing meaningless SPECIAL PLEADING.

The speed of light is CONSTANT those figures are NOT direct conversions.

Interchangeable, Davey. the link proves that frequency and wavelength are interchangeable in a specific context.

That you are too stupid to understand that reflects on you, not me

Joes "specific context." = SPECIAL PLEADING

Special Pleading
Special Pleading
Description: Applying standards, principles, and/or rules to other people or circumstances, while making oneself or certain circumstances exempt from the same critical criteria, without providing adequate justification.  Special pleading is often a result of strong emotional beliefs that interfere with reason.

Too bad what I said doesn't match the definition provided.

You lose, loser


Special pleading

oh weak and ronery Joe.

Special pleading

Special pleading Joe Tard so easily lead.

Special pleading

Spam bot Joe strikes again.

Special pleading (notice how when I do what Davey does it is called spam. talk about a hypocrite)


Date: 2018/01/05 19:06:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
Hey Joe G,

Why is Linnaean's classification THE objective nested hierarchy?

Why did scientists like Newton never invoke God in Nature's operations (not to be confused with Nature's origin)?

Date: 2018/01/13 11:06:40, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (k.e.. @ Jan. 13 2018,07:22)
Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 12 2018,01:13)
why do atheists deny objective morality

Asks barry the stable genius.

Yeah his work at the stables is piling up.

Quite the herculean task (or heraklesian if its all Greek to you). Hey Barry, how much can Jesus dead-lift? At least his own body weight?

Date: 2018/01/13 13:04:55, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Jan. 13 2018,10:58)
Quote (fnxtr @ Jan. 13 2018,11:09)
Could he make himself so fat he couldn't do a push-up?

Would that mean that Joe is Jesus?

"Blessed are the toast makers, for I will keep their toasters in peak operating condition ..."

Date: 2018/01/25 14:39:21, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 25 2018,09:34)
Quote (Glen Davidson @ Jan. 25 2018,12:10)
When accused of religious bias, rant like a religious fanatic!  That'll show them.

We're not exactly dealing with the A-Team here. HocusPocus and Barry are even lower-grade than Salvador and Teddy Ruspin Casey Luskin.

Where are the best ID proponents to be found??

Date: 2018/02/11 20:37:17, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Texas Teach @ Feb. 11 2018,14:43)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Feb. 11 2018,16:34)
Quote (stevestory @ Feb. 11 2018,15:45)
Molson BleuFebruary 11, 2018 at 2:52 pm
‚ÄúWe need to recognise what we are, before we can have a fruitful discussion . . . as has been demonstrated again and again for years here at UD.‚ÄĚ

No, we have to convince those opposed to ID what we are before we can have a fruitful discussion. Otherwise we are just preaching to the choir. And we don’t get there by repeatedly talking about immortal souls, objective morality and the like. We get there by sticking to ID concepts that can be demonstrated empirically. That is why I asked the question about whether ID theory requires organisms to be more than the interaction of their designed arrangement of matter and energy.

‚ÄúRepeatedly, the root problems lie in evolutionary materialistic scientism and its fellow travellers, not the strength of ID-supportive arguments.‚ÄĚ

No, the root problems lie in the arguments we are presenting, and the way we present them. We keep telling everyone that ID is not about religion, and then keep talking about religion and other theological subjects on what is supposed to be an ID web site. To be completely honest, if I believed in evolution and came to this web site, or the other web sites that support ID, I would not take the arguments very seriously. ‚ÄėYou are judged by the company you keep.‚Äô

‚ÄúPS: What are your thoughts on the AI focus and where I think it points?‚ÄĚ

I have not read them in any detail. AI is well beyond my area of competence.


Finally, an IDist who won’t comment outside his competence level. Mullings should take the hint.

And take a vow of silence?

That would violate the Laws of Identity and Non-Contradiction and maybe even the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Date: 2018/03/05 17:06:45, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Mar. 05 2018,09:04)
Barry demonstrating his style of polite discourse.
Rod @ 16.

Your request demonstrates that one of two things is true:

1. You are a hopeless idiot and cannot understand the point of the story.

2. You do understand the point of the story and are continuing your distraction antics.

Either way, responding to you would be counterproductive.

If you decide you have something to add to the discussion, please feel free to jump back in. Otherwise, move along while the grownups talk.


bolding mine

And yet, Barry responds. Either
1) Barry truly believes neither characterization applies, so he's just blowing smoke for the hell of it;
2) Barry believes in being counter-productive.

Either way, Barry continues to be a generous source of asshattery. To paraphrase the fictional character Col. Nathan R. Jessep: We need him on that wall. We want him on that wall.

Date: 2018/03/13 17:35:10, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Mar. 13 2018,12:36)
Quote (KevinB @ Mar. 13 2018,14:09)
Quote (JohnW @ Mar. 13 2018,12:57)
¬† ¬†  
Quote (Bob O'H @ Mar. 13 2018,08:26)
Quote (stevestory @ Mar. 13 2018,09:35)
Barry really wants to jump on Mike Pence, it appears.

I'm sure Pence has rules for his own behaviour that mean he'll never have dinner alone with Barry.

Would anyone, no matter how deranged, voluntarily have dinner alone with Barry?

There is, of course, a serious risk of it turning out to be a No Free Lunch.

Or Darwin's Black (Lunch) Box.

Or (Food) Icons of Evolution (eggplant emoji forbidden).

Date: 2018/03/30 19:42:36, Link
Author: paragwinn
Quote (Henry J @ Mar. 29 2018,14:17)

I will match your Fe and raise you O3