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Date: 2005/03/28 21:38:53, Link
Author: moioci
Dr. Elsberry,
the link to the email in your PT post doesn't work.  I'm sure it's good for some chuckles...

Date: 2005/04/04 15:15:54, Link
Author: moioci
I'm not aware of any tenet of ID that says there can only be ONE designer, although that seems to be the presumption.  Thus if several or a million designers were operating throughout history, radically different designs would be possible or even likely.  Therefore the absence of common design in no way disproves ID.  The presence of features usually accepted as supporting common descent is pretty weak evidence FOR ID. And, as noted,  absence of common design doesn't count against ID, unless you argue there can only be one designer, and that comes perilously close to giving the Designer a name...

Date: 2005/04/14 01:04:33, Link
Author: moioci
In his latest newsletter, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame gets into the ID debate in a typically offbeat way:

Look under "Strange Thought of the Day"; I don't want to spoil it, but I will say he starts from these premises:
# DNA has a lot of "junk" parts that don't seem to have any function.
# A lot of people think evolution is obviously "designed" by someone.

Kaloopah, indeed

Date: 2009/05/23 21:37:50, Link
Author: moioci
Quote (Peter Henderson @ May 23 2009,16:34)
And you will find that it is life-changing as you begin spotting fallacies ... in ... everyday conversions.

Freudian slip, no doubt.