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Date: 2006/03/29 06:01:33, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I'm a long time lurker and regular reader of Pharyngula and Panda's Thumb.  I occasionally scope out Uncommon Pissant but I ususally don't stay long because the lack of logic and honesty quickly starts to irritate me.

Anyway, it hit me this morning with an earlier post.  What if DaveTard is really Dembski's alias?  Wouldn't that make sense?  I've never understood why WAD would allow the nonsense that DaveTard posts to appear on a regular basis and essentially hijack the blog unless DaveTard is just an outlet for Dembski's alterego.  Notice how rarely WAD posts on his own blog! Until DaveTard started piping up, Dembski would post short responses occasionally but I haven't seen one from him since he "semiretired" a few months ago.  Since then, it has been all DaveTard.  I think this hypothesis deserves some research.  If you have any evidence to support this, please post it.


Date: 2006/03/29 06:28:56, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Do we have any independent verification that DaveScot is David Springer?  I don't doubt that David Springer worked at Dell, but I wonder if DaveScot and his supposed history is just a cover for Dembski.  BTW, I listen to a lot of George Noory and Art Bell on Coast to Coast.

Date: 2006/04/07 10:41:36, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I think Dembski has made enough money and is living off of his book royalties.  I'm sure he doesn't care anymore.  He suckered the drooling, gap-toothed, god-fearing hillbillies out of their hard-earned money and is now laughing all the way to the bank.  I have no doubt that this was Dembski's motive in the first place.  This is actually not much different than those televangelists like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.  If I didn't have any ethics, I might be in the same business.

Date: 2006/05/22 10:28:09, Link
Author: jujuquisp
If you check out John Davison's blog, you'll see David Springer attempting to bully me by doing google searches and coming up with supposed shameful internet activities associated with me.  I'm really not sure what his point is, but he certainly seems fixated on me.  The guy is a tactless thug and I've just received personal proof of this.  He thinks he can blackmail me into fear, but boy, is he wrong!  Join reality, Dave, you'll feel better about yourself.

Date: 2006/06/15 09:14:52, Link
Author: jujuquisp
At least Sal and DaveTard can spell "beginning" correctly.  Geez.

Date: 2006/06/15 16:39:22, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Actually, for a 50+ year old, it is impossible to have an IQ above 150.   Thus he is lying.  Look at how IQ tests are scored and anyone can see that this claim is clearly a baseless boast.  Maybe he had a score of 150+ on an IQ test when he was a kid, but it is impossible for him to have that score now.

Date: 2006/06/21 06:39:24, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I'm still trying to figure out what the "MGCT" is and how it correlates with IQ.  Also, if he is "certified" with an IQ higher than 150, I'd like to see the paperwork and how he obtained an IQ score from the SAT.  In addition, it is impossible for someone over the age of 50 to have an IQ score greater than 150 depending on the type of IQ testing done.  Let's hear answers to those questions, David Springer.

Date: 2006/06/22 08:39:31, Link
Author: jujuquisp
He is reacting to the PT thread regarding over 3 million hits.  The timing of the UD thread about their recent number of record visits is only a way for DaveScot to make himself feel better otherwise the objective truth about PT vs. UD would have been reported.

Date: 2006/06/22 09:38:36, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I agree.  The number of hits at UD proves that ID is really science.  I mean, they have those fancy, colourful graphs on their front page that look very very important. Anything with graphs is science, in my book.  Oh, more evidence is also in the fact that Ann Coulter doesn't believe in evolution.  The only way that is possible is if ID is true.

Date: 2006/06/27 15:08:20, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Lou FCD, what is your problem?  Would you please select an avatar and quit with the nonsense?  Oh, hi Lenny Flank.  Welcome to our leper colony.

Date: 2006/06/28 05:41:36, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Just for the record,
I don't like JAD or DaveScot.  I just like egging them on.  Prodding JAD, in particular, can evoke some hilarious one-liners and some pretty creative insults.  DaveScot, on the other hand, isn't very spontaneous or original in his disparaging remarks and reminds me somewhat of a coprophagous microencephalic simian with autism that likes to throw a temper tantrum and fling his feces about whenever he doesn't get his banana exactly at the same time each day.

Date: 2006/06/29 02:26:08, Link
Author: jujuquisp
You guys have got to check out Alan Fox's blog and DaveScot's latest replies to the "Gravity, the strongest force in the universe?" thread.  Hilarious.  It is unbelievable how ignorant one person can be, and yet act so confident.  Check it out.

Date: 2006/06/29 08:50:04, Link
Author: jujuquisp
DaveTard is on the side of True American Conservative and he is out to destroy the Wicked Liberal Agenda.  It's the same thing that Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, etc all do.  Find the invisible Boogie Man and flail away with all your intensity and vigor until the invisible Boogie Man disappears.  The tactic makes him look like a hero to those who think like him.  It makes him look like a fool to those who live in reality.

Date: 2006/06/29 16:25:04, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I've always stuck with Macs.  Can't go wrong.  This has to be the third or fourth time in two weeks that DaveTard has had to brag about his "credentials".  Honestly, those really aren't the type of credentials someone should brag about on science forums.  I guarantee you, though, that my wife is more beautiful than his and my penis is longer and thicker than his.

Date: 2006/07/01 11:16:58, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Quote (steve_h @ June 30 2006,11:32)
If you look carefully, you'll find code for detecting when the time is right for the next planned mutation(s) to take place, and machinery for executing those none-random mutations. If you find a front loading fan who is not averse to pathetic levels of detail, he will happily point out exactly where that code is.
One prediction of front loading is that if you keep cloned bacteria isolated from each other but otherwise in identical conditions they will all experience roughly the same mutations in roughly the same order. Naturally, no so-called scientist who is part of the conspiracy would ever dare to do the experiment.
Front loading also explains why certain identical features are found in diverse places in the 'tree of life'. Conventional Darwinism can't explain that so they normally just deny that it happens. The common ancester was a single celled organism which had dna code for producing high intelligence and opposable thumbs, but that code usually only gets executed if you are human. However, if you zap the right 'call' instruction into the dna of a bacterium (or change the call address of an existing one) it will instantly acquire those traits.  See, for example, the famous picture of a mouse suddenly spouting a human ear. That set the Darwinists in a real panic and they had to invent a rather implausible alternative explanation.

When has a mouse spouted a human ear?   Where the #### did this come from?  I know the picture he is referring to, and it is of a mouse that has an ear-shaped mass formed artificially out of cartilage.  Fucking idiot.

Date: 2006/07/06 15:45:24, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Am I a bad person?

Date: 2006/07/17 09:58:09, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I wonder if DaveTard has figured out Janiebelle's true identity yet.  I love the way he/she is toying with DaveTard and allowed to post on UD when others would be banned immediately.  If only he knew the truth.....  lol.

Date: 2006/07/31 04:53:28, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I'm still trying to figure out exactly what kind of research Borofsky does.  Has anyone figured it out yet?

Date: 2006/08/03 04:40:54, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Dave's Digs---LOL.
Don't you guys think JanieBelle is hilarious?  She is playing the game like an absolute pro.  Dembski's lapdog has now moved on to becoming Janie's plaything.  This is great entertainment, folks!

Date: 2006/08/04 14:25:40, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I don't think the person behind JanieBelle and Corporal Kate will ever reveal their true identity.  The number of posts on PT and AtBC by this person isn't a lot and he/she is not very well known.  They do, however, have another blog that is very rarely referenced on some of the evolution sites.  You will get no more information from me and I will not reply to emails.  It probably would be best to just enjoy the show and let the events unfold, but keep in mind the surreal nature of the ride.  I guarantee that the truth will never be revealed and you will only waste your time trying to find it.  Watch "The Wizard of Oz" simultaneously while listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and start the CD at the beginning of the third roar of the MGM lion and all will be revealed.

Date: 2006/08/06 13:06:55, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Freddie Mercury was gay.  Elton John is gay, too.  There are too many to name here, but many entertainers and public figures are gay.  Did you know that?

Date: 2006/08/21 13:47:00, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Ichthyic has no sense of humor.  He'll think something is funny when monkeys fly out of my butt.  What a hoser.

Date: 2006/09/02 15:39:09, Link
Author: jujuquisp

Date: 2006/09/07 09:12:25, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I guarantee you that DaveScot has never been even remotely close to real combat when he was in the marines.  In fact, in a time of war, DaveScot wouldn't even have been needed close to the front lines.  If I were a vet, I would probably be pretty pissed off at a guy like DaveScot and his boasting about his service.  I don't think vets that have served in combat blab on and on in blogs about how great serving in the marines was or about how many people they can beat up.  The vets that I have known who have served were pretty quiet about what happened and weren't very quick to reveal their experiences.  The few times when I did hear their stories, it was a very deep and somber experience.  F*ck DaveScot and his bullsh*t.  The pig makes me sick.

Date: 2006/09/07 11:41:22, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I apologize for my post regarding DaveScot's service in the Marines.  I will try to be more tactful in the future in my disparaging remarks about intellectual cretins.  A new baby and lack of sleep have caused a lapse in judgment.

Date: 2006/10/07 15:01:41, Link
Author: jujuquisp
*stands up and applauds Thank Dog*
Nice smackdown of DaveTard, Thank Dog.  Using evidence to bolster a claim is something DaveTard hasn't figured out how to do yet.  Maybe you could teach him how to google stuff in order to provide data to back up his blustering.  Honestly, I think he either makes stuff up that is baseless but sounds intelligent to the UD sheep, or he reads wikipedia synopses about complex subjects in order to appear more intelligent than he actually is.  If he really had a solid knowledge base, he wouldn't have to contort his arguments all over kingdom come just to wiggle out of obvious mistakes he makes with almost every inane post.  Again, kudos to you, Thank Dog, for putting DaveTard back on his lower rung where he belongs.

Date: 2006/10/12 11:49:40, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Someone should do a photoshop of what the spawn of O'Leary and Dembski would look like.  I would do it but I haven't installed Photoshop onto my computer (even though I got it as a gift last Xmas).  The winner gets three of my autographed portraits sent to them, or they can have a poster of the Hendrix picture I drew as seen here:

Date: 2006/10/13 05:39:36, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I think I am the most ignored person on AtBC.  Maybe someone should just ban me so that I am forced to not post comments that won't be responded to anyway.

Date: 2006/10/13 07:35:27, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I've only got one of these:

Date: 2006/10/13 09:10:46, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I tune to E-flat when playing Voodoo Chile and some other Hendrix tunes along with most of Guns n Roses.  Let's get together and jam one of these days.  I've got plenty of room in my basement.  Hopefully my wife won't mind.  I'll just send her shopping so she doesn't bug us.

Date: 2006/10/13 10:39:56, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I wonder what kind of guitars DaveScot and Dembski play.

Date: 2006/10/19 07:38:41, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I think I can help you, AFDave.  This is my first post on this thread but I've been lurking for a while, afraid to confront the evolutionists with the truth.  My research has shown that over the 900 year lifetime of Adam and Eve, they easily could have produced the genetic richness we see today by breeding offspring throughout their lives WHILE having their genes undergo mutation to produce every allele seen today.  This could account for the 500+ alleles we see at the HLA gene IF Adam and Eve produced 250+ offspring.  I hope this helps and let me know if you need my assistance in any other manner.

Date: 2006/10/19 08:42:13, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Dave, I presented your problem to one of my colleagues here.  He agrees that your explanation of genetic richness fits into known scientific principles of genetics and it is very possible for a long-lived individual to accumulate enough mutations at a loci to breed offspring with every known allele we have today.  I think you may be onto something with this hypothesis and let me know if there is more that we can help you with.  Stick to your guns if you know you are right.  Don't let the others here fluster you.

Date: 2006/10/19 08:45:46, Link
Author: jujuquisp
My colleague also thought it might be wise to stay away from the Punnet Square you used previously to try to get your point across.  It is confusing and only muddying the waters of this discussion.  The more complex a diagram is, the more difficult it can be getting your point across and educating others.  I've learned this from years of teaching.

Date: 2006/10/19 13:53:45, Link
Author: jujuquisp
There's a war going on and you idiots are acting like stoned hippies!  If the other side wins, it is your fault!

Date: 2006/11/09 10:25:02, Link
Author: jujuquisp
If I were gay, Freddy Mercury could have sex with me anytime.

Date: 2006/11/24 22:26:33, Link
Author: jujuquisp
You guys have got to check out Dembski's entry in the Uncyclopedia.  Friggin' hilarious!!

Date: 2006/11/26 15:07:01, Link
Author: jujuquisp
DaveScot keeps trying to edit the Dembski entry on Uncyclopedia:

Kind of hilarious that he only changes the portion that mentions him.  Is he ashamed of being mentioned in the same company as Dembski?  He'll then insert my name (Jesse Van Bommel) for his as if this is some sort of effective retaliation.  Also, he needs to learn how to spell Anesthesiologist.  LOL, what an idiot.

Date: 2006/12/13 10:03:01, Link
Author: jujuquisp
That Judge Jones flash animation on was truly a thing of hilarity!  It was brilliant and has convinced me that i'm on the wrong side of the evolution vs. ID debate.  DOCTOR Dembski is so rad and tubular!  You have to check it out!  I'm no adolescent, but I can ALWAYS appreciate brilliant adolescent humor!

Date: 2006/12/21 06:09:20, Link
Author: jujuquisp
If it is JAD sockpupetry, JAD probably has a little helper. That leads to the question "who is so dimwitted/underemployed that they would have some competence in IT skills and the time+inclination to be JADs lacky"?


Date: 2006/12/21 06:56:01, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Do we really need Heddle here mucking things up?  Can't he get his own thread?  His posts are completely off-topic and uninteresting.  Does anyone else agree?  Keep this thread reserved for all things UD and move his religious garbage somewhere else, please.

Date: 2006/12/21 09:50:37, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Can someone please remove heddle from this thread?  He's a troll and trying to hijack what used to be an entertaining thread about UD and tardification.  Please don't respond to him unless he is discussing an issue that relates to the topic of the thread.  It is starting to p1ss me off!!!

Date: 2006/12/21 10:22:26, Link
Author: jujuquisp
No, I do not want Heddle, AFDave, Paley, etc. banned.  I just want them to adhere to the rules and discuss the topic the thread is designed for.  If I wanted to read about heddle's delusional religious beliefs, I should go to a thread about religious delusions.  I came to this thread to watch UD get mocked and shamed, not to read heddle's inane crap.

Date: 2006/12/21 16:54:22, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I'm from the best city in the USA, and possibly the world-----Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Date: 2006/12/23 15:46:56, Link
Author: jujuquisp

This whole thread is hilarious.  DaveTard is arguing with someone who obviously has superior knowledge regarding matters of law, but now he is resorting to character assassination since he knows he's been smacked down.  What an a##.  DaveTard never fails to disappoint, that's for sure!

Date: 2006/12/23 17:07:45, Link
Author: jujuquisp
May the, Force be with you!

Date: 2006/12/23 20:29:32, Link
Author: jujuquisp

I'm missing Dumbski's point with posting this.  Actually, I miss the point of most of his blog entries (along with the points of all of Morphodyke's posts).  He really doesn't do much on his blog to elaborate upon his thought process and to provide some type of reason as to why he is submitting an entry.  I consider it a type of lazy way to blog.  He must be a pretty lazy kind of guy, I guess.

Date: 2006/12/23 21:08:27, Link
Author: jujuquisp
May the Force be with you!

Date: 2006/12/23 21:38:43, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Send the harpy over there with our message.

Date: 2006/12/24 05:26:10, Link
Author: jujuquisp
7) If you work at Dell and make millions of dollars by being in the right situation at the right time, you can be considered a genius and an expert in every area of evolutionary biology, cosmology, physics, origin of life science, corporate law, American history, etc. despite having virtually NO formal education.  Also, being a pencil pusher in the marine corps makes you the biggest bada55 mofo on the internet.

8) Even though it isn't in the bible, these are the facts because they fit with my biblical world view.

9) If you want to sound like an authority, say you are atheist so that you can hide the fact that you are really an idiot christian apologist.

Date: 2006/12/24 07:50:27, Link
Author: jujuquisp
14)  If you can't win an argument or find that you are "in over your head", dig up some personal information (such as real name, career, ip address, city of residence, etc.) on your opponent and post it on the thread in an intimidating manner.

Date: 2006/12/24 07:56:24, Link
Author: jujuquisp
23. DaveScot  // Dec 24th 2006 at 5:35 am

What idiot thought it clever to put a powerpoint presentation into a video with background music?


Comment by DaveScot — December 24, 2006 @ 5:35 am

I think he would have liked it more if there were flatulent noises added.  That seems to be the only way a video can be considered "good" on UD.  Even Dumbski is soliciting ideas for another flash animation incorporating Richard Dawkins and fart noises.  No, I'm dead serious about this:

I’ll throw in an extra 100 bucks for a flatulent version of Dawkins (only for private use — maybe).

Also, Dumbski really doesn't seem like a very creative guy.  Why does he need to pay his lackeys for all of his ideas?  I wish I had $250 to throw around for such trivial crap.

Date: 2006/12/26 11:25:40, Link
Author: jujuquisp
My New Year's Resolution® is going to be:

1) Avoid anger at blatant stupidity posted on UD.
2) Not allow UD to have any more effect on my personal life and marriage.
3) Less abortions in our family.
4) Less communism.
5) Try to befriend DaveScot, Dumbski, and Morphodyke rather than shun and despise them.

Date: 2006/12/26 14:27:02, Link
Author: jujuquisp
O’Leary’s recent columns of interest : On neuroscience implications/applications of intelligent design...

1. A recent ChristianWeek column: Faith@Science: The God gene? Spot? Circuit? Okay, maybe a Module?

(Note: This is the column I wrote shortly after finishing my work on The Spiritual Brain, explaining why notions of a God spot, gene, module, or circuit in the brain are completely ridiculous.)
2. Another recent ChristianWeek column:“Made in the image of God”? What does that mean?
3. A third recent ChristianWeek columns: Faith as one of the healing arts

I feel that I need to step in here. This applies to everyone writing articles as well as writing comments. Professor Dembski excepted of course.

The topic and purpose of Uncommon Descent is to instruct and promote the intelligent design work of Bill Dembski in particular and the ID movement in general. We are trying to convince that world that ID is based on math, science, and logic. While the implications tend to attract religious devotees in large number ID is not about religion. I consider atheism to be a contrarian religion and ID offends them as one might expect of anything that pleases the faithful. If you want a soapbox for your favorite religion (including atheism) go somewhere else. I realize that it’s hard to divorce our innermost faith from our writing and will try to tolerate a generous amount of spillage but the bottom line is if you’re warned to ease up, ease up or the axe will fall. Professor Dembski advised me to be ruthless in policing this blog. I’d naively hoped it wouldn’t come to that but as usual he was right. Stay on topic. Feel free to tell me I’m off topic if I wander but don’t expect me to ban myself if I don’t.

(You know who.)

HMMMMMM.  Sounds familiar.  Where have I heard this before?

Date: 2006/12/29 21:16:19, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I'll add pix of my guitars when I figure out how to use my camera and upload the pix to this site.  My first is an Eko hollow-body electric from 1968ish that my dad gave to me when I was 13 years old.

Date: 2007/01/03 09:39:54, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Does anyone have any personal information on Denyse?  Has she ever been married?  Does she have kids?  What is her address and phone number?  What are her daily traveling patterns?  I'm just curious, that's all.  


Date: 2007/01/03 09:59:52, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I think I feel honored.  Michael Chertoff has just called me personally.  Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get his autograph!

Date: 2007/01/06 21:13:46, Link
Author: jujuquisp
This thread is starting to make me physically ill and is causing problems in my marriage.  Does anyone else have similar problems since starting to read this stuff?

Date: 2007/01/06 22:38:13, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I think I might have to move to Canada or something.  I think this country is too small for people like me if Dembski and DaveScot are here, too.  I would hate to be squished out of a country I once truly loved, but that might be what it has to ultimately come down to.  My faith in the United States and its citizenry is at an all-time low and may never recover.

Date: 2007/01/06 22:45:18, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Are these posts replying to AFDave in the Bathroom Wall violating any of AtBC's policies?  Shouldn't the bathroom wall be reserved for true garbage, such as only AFDave posts?  Otherwise, what is the point of discontinuing AFDave's thread?

Date: 2007/01/08 07:22:17, Link
Author: jujuquisp
56. DaveScot  // Jan 8th 2007 at 7:56 am


If you’re an engineer and you’ve never had to find an answer using the scientific method then IMO you’re not doing anything really interesting. Conversely, if you’re a scientist and you haven’t had to engineer experimental apparatus in seeking answers to questions you’re not doing anything really interesting. Both disciplines overlap. The only real difference is motivation. Engineers only do science as needed and scientists only do engineering as needed.

I wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel for any engineering professor. Surely you’ve heard the saying “if you can’t do, then teach”.

Comment by DaveScot — January 8, 2007 @ 7:56 am

####, DaveTard never fails to maintain his idiocy.  Every post by him on this thread has at least one idiotic statement.  And BTW, DaveTard, it's "No True Scotsman" Fallacy, not the "True Scotman" fallacy.  He can't even get his logical errors straight.  

So according to DT's logic, if a scientist hasn't invented a new contraption in order to do his experiment, his experiment is worthless.  What a first class TARD statement from a first class TARD.

"If you can't do, teach"???????   LOL, I work in an academic clinical setting.  I have to "do" in order to "teach" everyday.  If I didn't, patients would die at the hands of residents.  I've worked private practice and academics.  Academics is by far more challenging in terms of the "do" portion of things.  Another baseless statement from the TARD-extraordinaire.  His level of experience in these matters is limited, yet he proceeds as if he is an expert in these areas.  Pathetic.

Date: 2007/01/08 07:57:21, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Faid   Posted on Jan. 08 2007,07:33

150 IQ my asss.

Asss?  Asses is the correct plural form of ass.  Get the donkey farmer off of here, please.

You forgot--it is a 150 IQ based on a weak correlation of an SAT score from 1974.  With inflation, his IQ today is somewhere around 450.  (I know, that is a ridiculous IQ score, but so is 150 for an adult, depending on the type of IQ test administered).

Date: 2007/01/08 10:43:49, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Any evidence for this bold statement?????

It appears that engineers, medical doctors, and mathematicians are more likely than others to reject the chance hypothesis for the origin of life.

Hey look!  I can make up stuff without any evidence too!!  

It appears that engineers, medical doctors, and mathematicians are more likely than others to ACCEPT the chance hypothesis for the origin of life. *fart*


Date: 2007/01/08 13:34:51, Link
Author: jujuquisp
More TARD-XTREME from DaveDork:
The Cost of Mistakes
by DaveScot on January 8th, 2007 · No Comments

In the comments of Gil’s article about why a greater percentage of engineers vs. scientists are open to the idea of life being a result of intelligent design I remarked that medical doctors are another occupational outlier in there being a larger than expected percentage open to ID. I asked the MDs here if they could comment on that because while I can understand the POV of engineers and mathematicians I couldn’t figure out why MDs would also be an exception.

After thinking about it a while it occurred to me that medical doctors, like engineers, understand the cost of mistakes in complex systems better than academic scientists. Orthodox evolution theory is based on the notion that sometimes a mistake in a complex system will result in better fitness for purpose. Doctors and engineers however know that mistakes in complex systems seldom if ever result in improved fitness but rather more often result in loss of fitness (often catastrophic loss of fitness resulting in death).

When a doctor or an engineer makes a mistake it can cost lives. When an evolutionary biologist makes a mistake like saying whales are more closely related to horses than hippos there are no lives lost because of it. The consequences of their mistakes are entirely academic. So they have a whole different mindset about the cost of mistakes than do medical doctors and engineers.

Well, being a physician myself, this argument makes NO F***ING SENSE.  Talk about one big long non-sequitur.  DaveTard, you should keep these kinds of ramblings for O'Leary.  I'm beginning to wonder if DT huffed too much model glue in the basement as a kid.  WOW.  SIMPLY AMAZING.  Logic obviously isn't your strong point and Mr. Spock you ain't.

Date: 2007/01/08 14:48:00, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Dang, Dumbski's inane copy & paste posts are threatening to push DaveTard's comedy off of the front page!  Slow down, DOKTOR DUMBSKI!  The idiotic posts of your dancing monkey are much more entertaining than your brainless cut & pastes, and I don't want to miss a thing!  DOKTOR DUMBSKI, I did read some more of your fake reviews on, though, and I wasn't impressed.  You really need to quit fixating on Judge Jones.  Your obsession with him is getting a little frightening.

Date: 2007/01/08 16:17:07, Link
Author: jujuquisp
8. DaveScot  // Jan 8th 2007 at 4:33 pm



Dick Butkus would approve. :-)

Comment by DaveScot — January 8, 2007 @ 4:33 pm

Actually, the post really wasn't that brutal.  It was just more creationist rhetoric.  Well, now we know who to ask if we want to know what Dumbski's scrotum tastes like.

Date: 2007/01/10 08:19:12, Link
Author: jujuquisp
It is kind of funny how people on UD such as DaveScot think they get credibility by having Panda's Thumb post on the FRONT PAGE about UD.  It really gets the tards riled up over there.  DaveTard appears to be getting crankier and more strange by the day.  It might be time for DaveTard to get a diagnosis via the DSM-IV-TR.  Any ideas about what his major malfunction is in psychiatric terms?  My best guess is narcissistic personality disorder and organic brain injury.

Date: 2007/01/10 11:09:22, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I just wanted to say:


Date: 2007/01/10 13:13:39, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Here's an old gem I came across again recently, enjoy!:

Prodigious genius DaveScot turns out to be high-functioning ignoramus

I wrote a while back about IDiot Joe G. and his repetition of a favorite phrase all over the web. DaveScot, who is William Dembski's alpha-lapdog at Uncommon Descent, seems to have a pet phrase himself.  He loves to say that random mutation and natural selection aren't capable of "...creating novel cell types, tissue types and body plans."

He uses the same tired phrase over and over; see here, here, here, here, and especially here where he is informed why what he keeps repeating, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, is crap, but  he doesn't listen.  Like his little pal Joe, Davey recites empty phrases that he thinks sound impressive, but which have no actual mass. They're empty containers looking for something profound to hold.

Joe G. can at least use being intractably stupid as an excuse, but Davey likes to remind everyone that he has (allegedly) a genius-level IQ, although "idiot savant" would be a more likely description.  Nonetheless, here DaveScot shares some info regarding his prodigious intellect:

   ...biology IS something that can be picked up in spare time depending on how much time we’re talking about and how fast the person can learn. I have certified IQ somewhere north of 150. If you’re much under that you really can’t even comprehend how fast people at my level can think.

and again here:

   I’m an autodidact with a certified IQ north of 150 (MGCT and SAT tests). I had a college level vocabulary at 9 years of age and was reading everything about science I could get my hands on starting a few years before that. I’ve continued on that course for over 40 years. In my spare time I became a computer design engineer and self-made millionaire.

I bring all of this up because Davey continually demonstrates that having a high IQ doesn't necessarily mean that he knows anything, especially when it comes to science.  His attitude seems to be, "I have a high IQ, which means that I can learn things, so that must mean that I know things.  Problem is, though, he's always reminding us that he doesn't grasp even elementary concepts.  Like most IDiots, Davey wants to go to intellectual heaven, but he doesn't want to have to die first.

Here's a good example.  Davey demonstrates that he doesn't understand the statistical concept of randomness (without which you can't get to first base in science of any kind):

At Uncommon Descent commenter dene_bebo takes Davey to task over his repetitious blather:

   Dave, since you think documented processes in nature (RM + NS as you put it) aren’t able to create novel cell types, tissue types, and body plans; can you explain what evidence there is for ID being able to do it beyond an analogy to human designers?

Davey snaps back:

   First of all these are not “documented” processes in nature. To call any mutation “random” requires that you demonstrate 1) the unverse is not entirely deterministic and 2) you have demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that no unknown directed process is involved. I won’t hold my breath while you show me where these are demonstrated. What random in this case really means is “unknown cause”.

He almost has it, but not quite. What "random" means in its broadest sense-- that every member of a population has an equal chance of being selected each time a selection happens--refers to unpredictability as to occurrence, not necessarily cause. If you can successfully predict where, when and how a given phenomenon will occur, then it's not a random occurrence.  It's possible to know the cause of a random phenomenon without knowing when it's going to happen.  We know the proximate causes of thunderstorms, and can predict with reasonable confidence in the near term when and where they'll happen, but beyond a few weeks they're random as to time and place.  Insofar as mutations are concerned, we can predict that they will happen, and might even know why, but not precisely when or what potential cause will be at work in each instance.  It's as simple as that, but still, Davey doesn't get it.

Thus even if Davey's Grand Designer were not a figment of his very fertile imagination, and there were only a limited number of possible results of mutation, each individual mutation could still be "random."  If, on the other hand, Davey is suggesting that every mutation in the history of life on earth might have been predetermined, as to time, place and results, there is simply no evidence, none, to support the assertion.  But even if all mutations are predetermined, they still have the appearance of randomness to us, and we can make predictions based on our characterization of them as being random, so using randomness as a concept in evolution is evidentially useful.  The same certainly can't be said for "Aliens did it."

In an earlier display of his statistical (and physics) ignorance, Davey opined,

   As far as physics can tell us, at the atomic scale and upwards there is no such thing as random - every effect has a cause and this chain of cause and effect is in principle traceable back to the origin of matter. There is some debate whether quantum events are truly random but the mutations you refer to are chemical changes at the atomic scale and completely deterministic as far as anyone knows.

A lot of impressive-sounding jibba-jabba but Davey is making up his own definitions.  At least that way, he can make some sense when he talks to himself, or to the livestock at UD who just love it when Davey talks all sciencey to them.  But it's easy to tell when something pathological is going on, and that's clearly the case with Davey.  He misrepresents (willfully or otherwise) basic concepts in math and science, and then inflates his own ego by pointing out the "errors" in the concepts.

The really funny thing is that he does all of this bloviating on a blog that belongs to a mathemetician who has to know that Davey has it all wrong, but there are no corrections.  Seems that Dumbski Dembski is more interested in empty rhetoric than accuracy. He is not, in other words, Clever Beyond Measure™.

But ID is all about the science, right?

Date: 2007/01/10 13:23:59, Link
Author: jujuquisp
You have to be f***ing kidding me, DaveTard.  I can't believe you use arguments like this:

15. DaveScot  // Jan 10th 2007 at 1:42 pm


Down syndrome is not a carried disorder — its not like the child gets it because the parents are carriers. Rather it is a weak point in the genetic code that sometimes causes a chromosome to duplicate, giving the person a chromosome triplet rather than a pair. Ie, it is a weak spot that exists in everyone that allows for a genetic accident to take place.

You say that like “accident” isn’t synonymous with “mistake” in that context. If you substitute “mistake” for “accident” in your assertion does it change the meaning at all?

I suggest you think a little harder before commiting your thoughts to comments.

Comment by DaveScot — January 10, 2007 @ 1:42 pm

Accident vs. Mistake???  You are a joke.  Get psychiatric help for that Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  DaveTard, for an IQ of 150, you'd think that you could spell "committing" right.  Dumbf**k.  I suggest you use a dictionary more often before committing your cranial flatulence to comments.

Date: 2007/01/10 13:40:34, Link
Author: jujuquisp

Date: 2007/01/10 14:26:47, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I can proudly stand up and say that I was never taken in or duped by ID or Dembski.  When I was a kid, I was p.o.'d when my parents told me Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny where not real.  It was then that I realized that religion was also just a scam.  Since then, I've become a rationalist and a realist.  If you can't show me some evidence, get out of my face.  I'm still waiting for proof that we really landed on the moon.

Date: 2007/01/10 15:00:41, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Hey, DaveTard, dipsh*t, anyone can google chromatid and cut and paste the definition of chromatid:

It doesn't mean you understand a darn thing about it.  Why not quit googling and wikipedia-ing everything and try to understand it.  Your 150+ IQ should make this part of learning easy.  F*cking knobtard.

Date: 2007/01/10 16:43:18, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Well, I've got a certified IQ of 154 (on the Cattell scale) but I've never bragged about it like Dave does with his IQ.

You had better quit braggin', Bebbo, or we'll have to eviscerate you, too.  I could tell you what my IQ is, but then I'd have to kill you.  Let this be a warning.

Date: 2007/01/10 17:50:30, Link
Author: jujuquisp
23. DaveScot  // Jan 10th 2007 at 5:34 pm

If they’re informed, civil, and don’t use strawmen they do get to stay. The problem is that if a NeoDawinist has his hands tied behind his back in that manner he can’t possibly support the party line so you won’t see them commenting here very often but they do show up on occasion and are not moderated because I trust they will remain grounded in science and real evidence.

Comment by DaveScot — January 10, 2007 @ 5:34 pm

Since when is DaveTard informed, civil, or strawmanless during ANY of his arguments??  He is a hypocrite to the extreme.  I can't wait until blipey visits DT in Austin, TX and gives us his report.

Date: 2007/01/11 06:19:30, Link
Author: jujuquisp
The POPE speaks:
18. William Dembski  // Jan 11th 2007 at 1:06 am

apollo230: The point is not to spare Barbara or me stress, but to disabuse people that Barbara is misleading. Also, you might leave it between God and me just how much of the peace of Christ I am experiencing — I frankly don’t see you in a position to judge that. And finally, you might want to consider how the theme of warfare and conflict plays out in the Old and New Testaments — did Christ have the peace of God when he drove the money changers out of the temple? And doesn’t Jeremiah remonstrate with those “who say Peace, Peace, but there is no peace”?

Comment by William Dembski — January 11, 2007 @ 1:06 am

I'll bet Jesus thinks DOKTOR DUMBSKI's behavior is reprehensible.  I doubt he'll get into heaven.

Date: 2007/01/12 07:42:43, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Why does Kristine love Dumbski so much??  Anything he says cannot be trusted because I've heard his crotch is really very stinky and is a veritable jungle of parasites and microbes.  Does this qualify as argument ad hominem?

Date: 2007/01/12 18:21:38, Link
Author: jujuquisp
That is EXACTLY how I envisioned DaveTard.  I think I must have ESP or something.  It might be time to get the photoshop out and doctor things up a bit, DaveTard, before this photo becomes too widespread on the internet.  Morphodyke's picture makes her look like she has severe torticollis and is high on sharpie fumes.  I really am starting to miss her ramblings--they are not quite as funny as DaveTard's bantha fodder, but their enigmatic quality makes it fun trying to decipher them.

Date: 2007/01/12 18:32:10, Link
Author: jujuquisp

Dumbski looks like he's GOING TO PECK MY EYES OUT!

Date: 2007/01/12 18:44:58, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Didn't DaveTard make fun of Ed Brayton's appearance once?  I seem to remember him calling Ed fat or something.  Seems from the look of DaveTard's pic that he might be able to hold his own in a sumo match with Ed.  At least Ed is clean cut and presentable.

Date: 2007/01/12 19:27:10, Link
Author: jujuquisp
DaveTard reminds of an alcoholic I know.  It might explain some of his organic brain injury.

Date: 2007/01/12 20:06:07, Link
Author: jujuquisp
LOL@all of you!

Date: 2007/01/12 22:32:13, Link
Author: jujuquisp
When are you going to meet him in Austin?

Date: 2007/01/13 07:54:57, Link
Author: jujuquisp
We really shouldn't be making fun of people's personal appearances.  None of us are supermodels.  


Date: 2007/01/14 12:21:27, Link
Author: jujuquisp
For anyone who is interested, I've made toilet paper with DaveTard's likeness on each perforated sheet.  It will be for sale via my website at $5 per roll not including shipping.  One word of warning-- until I get the kinks worked out, it is very abrasive to the anus.

Date: 2007/01/16 06:13:02, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Anyone who talks that much about pedophilia is a pedophile.

Date: 2007/01/17 09:36:19, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Here is some excellent tard courtesy of some guy named Kazmer.  Enjoy:

Date: 2007/01/18 16:47:31, Link
Author: jujuquisp
This, on the Gorski thread posted by David A. Cook, MD----Orthopedic Surgeon who was AOA in med school and scored in the 99th percentile on his board exam:

Perhaps you can explain, in molecular biological terms, listing the stepwise sequence of DNA changes (simplified, of course, so my poor moronic brain can grasp it), which occured to bring about the development of a hand, finger, or knee from, say, the paw of a lemur-like precursor (or whatever form you wish to posit as mammalian (making it easy on you; no need to go back to jellyfish) ancestor to humans.

The guy doesn't understand evolution one bit if he posits idiotic ideas like this.  Being an anesthesiologist and dealing with these guys on a daily basis, orthopods usually are recruited from the best and the brightest in med school but they are FAR from the brightest docs in the OR.  We frequently joke in the OR about their neanderthalic qualities and exchange stories on a regular basis regarding their complete idiocy in dealing with matters outside of bones.  I had a friggin orthopod consult me on a patient with a serum potassium of 3.4 (normally 3.5 to 5.0) once at 6pm.  I told him to go read a textbook and deal with it himself.  I also told him not to consult me at 6pm unless it was an emergency.  I could go on and on about orthopods but I think I'll desist.  It is one of the reasons I am looking for a different hospital---too many orthopods here.  Dr. Cook needs to keep quiet about issues he knows nothing about before he further reinforces the medical stereotype of orthopods.

Date: 2007/01/19 08:00:26, Link
Author: jujuquisp
New Tardative posted!!!




4:44 am

El Klone

"Although I agree with the point of your post, that greater acceptance of ID can be considered an indicator of scientific literacy, your assessment of the NSF statistic was not quite right."

Point taken. However, if you add up the percentages for the US for each of the 9 literacy questions excluding evolution then take the average, and do the same for EU, the U.S. comes out slightly higher.

So it IS essentially equal with a slight U.S. lead if all 9 questions are given equal weight. Keep in mind if we consider the opener a valid question and add that into the equation “Is astrology science?” then the U.S. gets a wider lead in the average.

I would guess I unconsciously weighted the questions differently such that being way more right about Astrology not being science is better than being a little more right about continental drift. Or that being way more right about the nature of radioactivity and antibiotics is more important than being a little more right about sperm determining the sex of a child or the center of the earth being very hot. The relative importance of the questions biased my conclusion.

DaveTard, you are simply unbelievable.  Learn how to read graphs properly and quit LYING.  You are a blatant LIAR and are a DISGRACE.  You have NO credibility except amongst the DEMBSKIISTS.  Your explanations to any rational person are ABSURD and PATHETIC.  You make me NAUSEOUS.

Date: 2007/01/23 15:18:59, Link
Author: jujuquisp
From the Master of the Tard:




1:44 pm


I’m confident that when ID is fairly presented it is obvious that it’s not religion. I’m also confident that when atheism is fairly presented it’s a Godless religion.


Atheism is a religious belief under the same definition that ID is a religious belief. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Either I'm stupid or very confused or stupidly confused.  Nothing that DaveTard has posted here makes much sense to me.  He superficially sounds logical but if you actually read the content, it is a bunch of gibberish with non-sequiturs.  Am I stupid for not understanding his statement?  Explain this to me, you chimps.

Date: 2007/01/23 16:34:43, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Is there any chance that any of you would be willing to donate to my paypal account?  I need some money quick so I can get something on ebay:

Date: 2007/01/29 11:52:42, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I finally understand Uncommon Descent and intelligent design.  I'm high right now!

Date: 2007/02/02 12:59:24, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Here's Dumbski's YouTube comment on the "The Dawkins Delusion" idiocy.  If you listen to this, you will see how unfunny it is and what an unbrilliant spoof it is.  All it is is substituting the word "dawkins" for "god", and it really isn't very witty nor worth listening to.

wmadembski   (25 minutes ago)
Brilliant. The best spoof I've seen or heard in ages.

Date: 2007/02/05 14:07:29, Link
Author: jujuquisp
dacook is a sockpuppet for DaveScot, just so you all know.

Date: 2007/02/06 02:04:19, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I wonder what post Dumbski is trying to drive off of the front page at UD with his serial blogging.  He is definitely the master of cut and paste with no actual substance from himself. Also, does anyone else think this Lurker guy is a mole planted by us?:




12:20 am

If life was created by neo-Darwinian evolution, then who/what created neo-Darwinian evolution? What good is this theory if we don’t know who/what caused it?

vpr bites:





2:48 am

Lurker you ask a question I’ve been thinking about for a long time. What drives NS. Is it a force or instinct. If it’s instinct, who programmed the organism with this capability. If you take it back to the first life, Why would it want to life? Why would it want to survive? There’s a major gap here that’s just glossed over by just so stories.

Date: 2007/02/06 06:28:43, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Can anyone here decipher O'Leary's newest post at UD?
6 February 2007
O’Leary remains skeptical: Does Richard Dawkins really exist?

I cannot figure out what the f*ck she is getting at or what her point is.  I've been up all night, so that might be part of the problem.  Is it supposed to be lightly comedic?  Is it supposed to be a witty satire?  Is it a violent verbal assault?  What is it?  What does it mean?  Do I need to ingest shrooms to understand it?

Date: 2007/02/06 13:19:40, Link
Author: jujuquisp
TroutMac chimes in with some genius-level questions:



1:53 pm

I have a few questions.

If we were to successfully reduce our output of CO2, would this NOT have a negative impact on plant life? Animals consume oxygen, and produce CO2. Plants consume CO2 and produce oxygen. If there is less CO2 available to plants then does it not follow that there would be less oxygen available to humans?

Wouldn’t Intelligent Design theory predict that the Earth, as a system, would have been designed with the capacity to absorb or otherwise deal with whatever mankind (or even nature itself) produces?

Isn’t fear over global warming much more compatible with a naturalist/Darwinist paradigm than an Intelligent Design paradigm?

In other words, "Darwinists" anticipate potential problems and try to deal with them and ID theorists don't need to worry about anything or do anything because Mother Gaia will take care of it all anyway.  That's an interesting and new insight into the ID thought process that I didn't see before.  I say, give them their own country and let them rot.




1:59 pm

One more question:

Is mankind part of nature, or isn’t he? I can’t help but think that the global warming crowd has been duped into thinking that man is an interloper, like man was dropped into nature as an outsider, that nature never had or never will have the capacity to support or tolerate mankind. If mankind is part of nature, then even from a secular/Darwinist perspective, the whole idea that we should be freaked out about global warming seems utterly ridiculous to me.

TroutMac is thinking way too hard and I'm very afraid that his neurons will exhaust themselves with cognitive overload.  Hey, tone it down a notch to our level and relax that grey matter so that we can follow along with your profound observations, TroutMac.

Date: 2007/02/09 18:10:33, Link
Author: jujuquisp




11:56 am

His argument is similar to the analogy of the lottery ticket. Prospectively, any one of the ticket holders could have struck the lottery. Retrospectively when we look at the lottery winner it seems highly unlikely that he would have won. This assumes that every other outcome would have been acceptable.

However I don’t think it’s a valid analogy of the development of life. Life is exceedingly hard to create randomly, and mutation of genetic information just causes cancer. (pretty much each and every time) It’s not any pathway would have given rise to life, or new species of animal. A more valid analogy would be, a coin is tossed 1,000,000 times and each and every time it turns up a head. Is it reasonable to assume that it was just a coincidence or is the coin rigged?

Each and every time?  Are you sure about that?   Another uneducated dolt joins the fray.

Date: 2007/02/17 22:33:04, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Check out the part of Bozoman's website that lists all the women he thinks are beautiful.  It's kind of sad seeing the masturbatory fantasies of a 28 year old man being announced online.  There are lots of Thai and African-american women on his list.  I'm sure Evansville has a plethora of that type of lady for him.  He seems very stunted in his development (probably in more than one way, too).  I'm glad I got out of my parents' house as soon as I could after turning 18, got an education, got a job, got a family, etc.  Bozoman seems like a pitiful waste of carbohydrates, fat, protein, water, and oxygen.  At least he's one person I can feel sufficiently superior to and can mock in order to help my own self esteem.

Date: 2007/02/18 07:44:57, Link
Author: jujuquisp
RE: DaveTard's monologue on global climate change.  
Why does DaveTard have to be the know-all and end-all on every subject he discusses?  He is always 100% right (in his mind) on everything without ever acknowledging his own limitations or allowing any alternate (and usually more correct) views.  I've known a few people in my life like him and couldn't stand being around them.  If he acts like this outside of the internet, he probably lives a very lonely, sad life.  All his bluster and bravado is not enough to hide the true insecurities and inadequacies that lie underneath.  I truly feel sorry for his wife, if he acts like this outside of the computer.  After his comment about all the women wanting him to impregnate them a while ago, I feel even more sorry for his wife.  To be stuck with an arrogant, self-righteous, delusional hack who thinks he is the designer's gift to women must be a very challenging thing if you truly believe in honoring your wedding vows.

Date: 2007/02/20 11:44:25, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Watch DaveScot get reamed a new one over at Orac's blog:

Date: 2007/02/20 14:12:13, Link
Author: jujuquisp
HAHA!  First class TARDAGE here:

Unbelievable.  DaveScot displays his utter ignorance for all to see and mock!  The comedy never ends!  Even when things start to look a little boring there, you can always count on some good tardage to rev things up again.  I literally laughed out loud at this post.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Date: 2007/02/20 14:45:02, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Here it is again:

Hopefully it works now for all to mock!

Date: 2007/03/12 06:02:34, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I don't drink beer.  It tastes like chilled, glorified vomit to me.  And believe Arden, he knows what that tastes like.

Date: 2007/03/16 14:34:19, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I have interweb cooties?  Actually, I'm the only guy with enough balls to directly stand up to DaveTard around here.  I confront the guy directly while all of you cower away into AtBC and take your potshots from afar.

Date: 2007/03/17 21:45:29, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Here's the syllabus to Dembski's course at Southern Baptist.  If there are any more questions about his motives (other than to stuff his bank account) look at course objectives.
William A. Dembski  [updated 01.17.07]    
What you believe to be true will control you whether it’s true or not.  –Jeremy LaBorde      

Course Description:  How do we get people to believe things? This course examines the means by which we  convince ourselves and others that something is true. Of special interest here are the  pitfalls to logical thinking that prevent us from coming to the truth.  

Course Objective:  The goal of this course is to help students become adept at making a persuasive case for  the truth of the Christian worldview.    

Reading List:  [NCM]  Nancey C. Murphy, Reasoning and Rhetoric in Religion (Valley Forge, Penn.:  Trinity Press International, 1994; republished 2001 by Wipf & Stock).  [GJ] Gary Jason, Critical Thinking: Developing an Effective Worldview (Belmont,  Calif.: Wadsworth, 2001).  [G&E]  Robert Greene and Joost Elffers, The 48 Laws of Power (New York: Penguin  Putnam, 2000).     Semester Grade:  
(1)  Mid-term exam — 20 percent positive.  
(2)  Final exam — 30 percent positive.  
(3)  Exercises — 50 percent positive. Exercises appear at the end of each chapter in  NCM. Answers to all these exercises need to be written out and handed in each  week.  
(4) Single-page executive summary of YOU (with clearly recognizable embedded  picture of yourself) — minus 5 percent if not handed in. Due beginning of second  week of class.  
(5) Active class participation — up to 10 percent negative.  
(6)  In-class quizzes — up to 20 percent negative.

(1)  NCM, ch. 1. GJ, chs. 1-3.  
(2)  NCM, ch. 2. GJ, chs. 4,5.  
(3)  NCM, ch. 3. GJ, ch. 6. G&E, Laws 1-4.  
(4)  NCM, ch. 4. GJ, chs. 7,11. G&E, Laws 5-8.  
(5)  NCM, ch. 5. GJ, ch. 8. G&E, Laws 9-12.  
(6)  NCM, ch. 6. GJ, ch. 9. G&E, Laws 13-16.  
(7)  NCM, ch. 7. GJ, ch. 10. G&E, Laws 17-20.  
(8)  NCM, ch. 8. GJ, ch. 12. G&E, Laws 21-24.  
(9)  NCM, ch. 9. GJ, ch. 13. G&E, Laws 25-28.  
(10)  NCM, ch. 10. GJ, ch. 14. G&E, Laws 29-32.  
(11)  NCM, ch. 11. GJ, ch. 15. G&E, Laws 33-36.  
(12)  NCM, ch. 12. GJ, ch. 16. G&E, Laws 37-40.  
(13)  NCM, ch. 13. GJ, ch. 17. G&E, Laws 41-44.  
(14)  NCM, ch. 14. GJ, ch. 18. G&E, Laws 45-48.        

Instructor: William A. Dembski  
Email (primary): wdembski AT  
Email (secondary): wdembski AT  
Office: Scarborough 206A  
Phone: 817.923.1921 x4435  
Office Hours: after class Thursdays and by appointment    
Course: PHREL 5373 A  
Term: Spring 2007  
Time: TR 1:00-2:15 pm  
Place: Scarborough 14  
Online: [URL=

Date: 2007/03/18 01:26:49, Link
Author: jujuquisp
ForkTheKids is pathetic.  She had the gall to categorize me as "one of them".  What an insult!  BTW, she only let me post once in response to DaveTard's accusation that I stalk him.  She omitted to permit my other posts which provided evidence to the contrary.  She can go fellate the pope, for all I care now.

Date: 2007/03/18 01:33:22, Link
Author: jujuquisp
It is obvious that Dembski is just another shill for Jesus.  He is about as upright and honorable as the squished silverfish on the sole of my shoe.

Date: 2007/03/18 07:49:00, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I honestly feel sorry for any student that is willing to take a Dembski class, especially the "Studies in Apologetics: A Primer on Intelligent Design" course.  Any student taking that course is obviously too stupid to think about getting their tuition fees refunded.  For christ's sake, recommended reading includes a book by Dense O'Leary.  That alone is enough for me to pity the fools.  Does anyone know what kind of salary Dumbski draws for teaching at the Seminary?

Date: 2007/03/18 12:34:49, Link
Author: jujuquisp
What was the "cootie" thingie with Jujuquisp all about, BTW?

They found out about my body lice infestation.

Date: 2007/03/20 06:04:52, Link
Author: jujuquisp
UD is a bit boring these days. I think they should re focus on get bad to ID Tardocity and not do so much general science denial. DCA and GW was fun guys, but tell me "how stuff is obviously full of CSI / Screams design".

Dick Hughes is smoking the funny stuff again, I see.  He sounds like Dense O'Leary when he's high.

Date: 2007/03/20 20:40:17, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Now that’s more like it for a disclaimer …
William Dembski

Remember those disclaimers such as “this paper in no way endorses intelligent design” or “this article in no way challenges evolutionary theory” (see here for instance). Well here’s a disclaimer that appears right at the start of a forthcoming book on evolutionary computation — one that is being published through a recognized academic outlet:

   Disclaimer: The Editors are not endorsing evolution as a scientific fact, in that species evolve from one kind to another. The term “evolutionary” in the evolutionary computation (EC) simply means that the characteristics of an individual changes within the population of the same species, as observed in the nature.

Way to go!!

I really don't understand why this is posted.  Dembski's posts are getting more moronic as the days go by.  O'Leary's posts are starting to look like Shakespear compared to Dembski's.  There never is any substance to his posts.  They are just sort of lazy cut and pastes with some childish comment attached.  What a TARD.

Date: 2007/03/29 15:11:04, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Wow, the Tard has been flowing lately like diarrhea after a trip to TacoBell.  O'Leary's torticollis seems to be causing diminished blood flow to part of her brain.  Dembski is cutting and pasting like a juvenile chimpanzee given Elmer's glue and a safety scissors.  DaveTard is bellowing like Jabba as the erotic dancer gets devoured by the Rancor.  

Here's a hot pic of the smarmy bastard for all you jerkoffs to have fun with:

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Author: jujuquisp


William Dembski


9:19 am

With regard to these authors’ take on Revelation, C. S. Lewis wrote that if you don’t know how to read a book written for grown-ups, then you should leave well enough alone.

Some time back I wrote that it can be used to advantage that the other side thinks we’re such morons. Let me hasten to add that the preponderance of morons on the other side can also be used to advantage.

Dembski--such a hypocrite.
So, no matter what side a moron is from, he/she can be used to the advantage of ID.  HAHA.  Didn't think that statement through very much, did you Dr. Dr. Dumbski?

Date: 2007/04/03 15:42:55, Link
Author: jujuquisp

In O'Bleary's latest post, let's point out how many grammatical errors there are.  For a "journalist" and an "author", she really has no clue how to construct paragraphs or even write complete sentences.  In addition, after reading her verbal vomit, I was left completely confused as to what her point was.  I reread certain passages a few times and still didn't get the gist of them.  Could it be that she is trying to relay concepts that are over my head?  Am I not really as smart as I think I am?

Date: 2007/04/03 16:30:13, Link
Author: jujuquisp
He didn't say there are morons on the ID side - merely that evolution supporters (presumably wrongly) believe that there are. However he does believe that a significant proportion of the evo side are morons (and name callers) who can't read books written for grown ups . But that doesn't make him a hypocrite.

I'm sorry, you're right.  That statement alone doesn't make him a hypocrite, even though he is a hypocrite.  He does like to throw around epithets describing the side of truth which is hypocritical when you're a supposed Xian.

Date: 2007/04/06 09:28:04, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I AM A DOCTOR.  I took the MCAT a long, long time ago as a biology major.  I slam dunked that bastard.  I left it dead on the dance floor.  Even the essay portion of the exam was TOO easy for me.  My score was friggin AWESOME!  I personally brought the average score for biology majors up from 7.3 to 8.6.  Oh, I did the same thing for the USMLE Step 1 exam.  In your faces, MOFOS!

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9:56 pm

   For the record, I regard this piece as the best summary I’ve seen of the capitulation to materialism that has come to infest so much of what on the surface seems confessionally sound Christian thinking. Take Denyse’s message to heart. Indeed, it is prophetic.

Denyse is not only a very creative and imaginative writer, but one of the most insightful people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet (if only by telephone and e-mail).

"creative and imaginative" indeed....truer words have never been spoken by Gil.

Date: 2007/06/15 10:02:57, Link
Author: jujuquisp
Dembski is such an ass.  Now he's making fun of people's appearances?  I'm sure Jesus gave him prior approval to do it.  These guys are more ridiculous than anyone could ever imagine.  Pathetic.

Date: 2007/06/16 12:39:24, Link
Author: jujuquisp
FTK is very rude, on top of it all.  She already has her OWN thread to address all of her delusions and denials.  FTK, you need to honor the theme of this thread which is UD and Dembski.  Keep the comments on topic and use your OWN thread that was created specifically for you so that you don't infect and hijack other perfectly fine threads.  I don't particularly care to read three pages of FTK-related material on the UD and Dembski thread.  It probably is a little too much to expect any kind of internet etiquette from FTK, though.

Date: 2007/06/16 12:57:46, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I'm still trying to find one shred of humor in that "Brites" site that Dembski set up.  The articles are supposed to be Onion-like but they are dense and humorless.  I can't find evidence of satire, just lame attempts at mocking.  The Onion makes me chuckle (i've got a subscription).  The Brites site actually makes me gag a little bit supratentorially.  I actually feel a little uncomfortable reading it because the person writing the articles hasn't a grasp on what comedy is, yet I think he/she feels they are writing the funniest thing in the world.  Blech.  Comedy is a talent.  Thinking you have that talent when you don't is pathetic and annoying.

Date: 2007/06/17 07:15:33, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I can't believe that anyone thought that "Overwhelming Evidence" song was funny.  I felt extreme embarrassment for the women who were singing that song.  The lyrics were nowhere near witty or clever.

Date: 2007/06/25 09:49:58, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I assumed everyone already knew or thought that Galapogos Finch was Dembski, that's why I never brought it up before.  The witless attempt at humor fits with what we already know about the turd already.

Date: 2007/06/26 21:52:40, Link
Author: jujuquisp
A great movie that I'm surprised no one mentioned is "Monkey Shines" by George Romero.  I thought it was one of the cheesiest storylines I had seen in a while, but it was highly entertaining.  Basically, it's "cripple guy" vs. "love-sick monkey".  Another monkey horror movie that I thought was a ridiculous waste of time was "Link".  Don't bother watching it for any kind of entertainment value.  It's about a killer orangutan butler that is far from scary or funny or any worthwhile emotion.  I was just plain dumb with absolutely NO redeeming value at all.

Date: 2007/06/26 23:26:11, Link
Author: jujuquisp
I also highly recommend any movie starring Arch Hall Jr.  There is even a compilation out of his "greatest hits":

You haven't experienced life until you've experienced an Arch Hall Jr. movie.  If you need any more information about him, let me know.