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Date: 2006/07/20 12:56:47, Link
Author: jbnck
One post, one post only boys, just so Dr. Elsberry can verify my ip.

You are all nuts, you know that?

I'm in Jacksonville, NC and Dr. Elsberry is welcome to publicly verify that, and that my IP doesn't match anyone else's.

Are you all happy now?

Kisses to my fan club,
JanieBelle and Corporal Kate

Date: 2006/09/04 01:04:08, Link
Author: jbnck

Alan suggested I start this thread, so here it is.

Well I can tell you that we are both suffering from swollen heads.  Our very own thread!  Thanks to both you and Alan.  It's nice to be separated out from the UD thread.


Does enough happen on that blog to warrant a thread? I think I've been there once in the last month.

Aww, Steve, we wish you'd read more.  If you could behave yourself just a little, I bet I could talk Janie into giving you another shot at posting there.  She's lightened up a lot (see, she taught me something, I remembered that "alot" is two words) on the comment moderation.


There just isn't that much actual science discussion that goes on.  Actually, when it does go on, it is a pretty decent introduction to science.  Biogeer, guthrie, lifewish, and others hae actually presented interesting (if fairly basic) posts on chemistry, biology, and a little cosmology.

Basic is what she needs, and her science really has been coming along.  I really appreciate all the help you guys have been giving.

Also, we miss seeing your little clown picture there.  I know things get busy for everybody, but we both really like the literature discussions with you.  She's waiting for a literature guest post from you, by the way.


this may not be the greatest time to start a thread on UDOJ...

True, and for all the reasons you mention.  We have just a little more work around what is soon to be our very own home, then we can get back to more regular posting at the blog.  They'll be plenty for you guys to fill up this thread with, but I doubt we'll ever get 200 pages like the UD thread.


Hey, I was going to post that!

If there's one thing you can say about AtBC, it's this:

You gotta be quick.


Date: 2006/09/08 10:36:48, Link
Author: jbnck
Now that we've gotten our very own thread, and Dave's back at UD (which really kills our comic value), I believe that
This Post will interest you all.

Cheers and goodbye.

JanieBelle and Kate

PS oh, and Kisses too.  From Bo'fus.