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Date: 2006/02/19 18:02:10, Link
Author: jasin
Its a parody.

Date: 2006/02/19 18:04:46, Link
Author: jasin
The earth is not young nor does any religious text say it is.

Date: 2006/02/19 18:13:01, Link
Author: jasin
Creationism and Intelligent Design theory are two separate things, but I guess you would not understand that since you have never actually studied either and are just asserting one man's opinions.

Date: 2006/02/28 14:52:05, Link
Author: jasin
If intelligent design is anti-evolution then evolutionary theory is anti-religion.

You can't have one without the other!

Date: 2006/02/28 15:08:53, Link
Author: jasin
I believe in freedom of religion unlike most posting on this board.

Date: 2006/03/11 07:13:48, Link
Author: jasin
Produkt, if you believe that then you clearly do not understand where the concept of intelligent design comes from or what it is rooted in.

Date: 2006/03/11 07:39:54, Link
Author: jasin
Questions about Intelligent Design