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Date: 2003/02/16 19:00:47, Link
Author: fusilier
It should also be pointed out that bee dances show intermediates, starting with an excited forager being followed by a few sisters, leading to the full round-dance inside the hive using gravity to substitute for polarized sunlight as a directional indicator.

James 2:24

Date: 2003/09/03 14:44:16, Link
Author: fusilier
Mike Pence is a nice guy.  You must also take into account the Indiana constituency

Could be worse, my US Rep is Dan Burton and his anti-vaccination and pro-dietary "supplement" hearings. ???

Date: 2006/08/29 05:27:26, Link
Author: fusilier
Just surfacing from lurk mode.

Please be aware that, in 1950, Pius XII wrote an encyclical letter titled Humani generis, which states that there appear to be no theological objections to biological evolution.  John Paul II quoted that encyclical in his 1996 address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.  Benedict XVI is not going to say that his two most conservative predecessors were theologically wrong.

There is also the issue of the European vs. North American understanding of "design."  Certainly the DI will do everything possible to spin, but remember that the new Vatican Astronomer is another Jebbie.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/02/03 08:15:25, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (stevestory @ Feb. 02 2007,21:07)
For the movie version of Doverloo, it's too bad Amrish Puri is dead.

{snip of details}

Yeah, but Wes Studi is still around

Only thing is, Col. Munro was a pretty decent fellow.

fusilier, surfacing from lurk mode
James 2:24

Date: 2007/02/22 05:12:45, Link
Author: fusilier
Errm, if DT wants to start a chemical plant in the bilge of his houseboat - he'd better be careful.  The local drug crime taskforce might see those purchases in a different light.

fusilier, up from lurk-mode for the second time in a month!
James 2:24

Date: 2007/04/18 07:20:34, Link
Author: fusilier
MSc Invertebrate zoology (insect taxonomy) publications in medical imaging.

"ABD is not a Degree."

James 2:24
{sig added in edit}

Date: 2007/04/20 07:00:04, Link
Author: fusilier
There are only so many hours in a day.  I do most of my posting over at CARM - same screen-name, same sig.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/04/26 12:01:19, Link
Author: fusilier
Supersport coming here?!?!?!  I will lurk no more.

SS has posted, over on CARM, that he thinks a coffee enema will cure cancer.  Since he just has a neuroblastoma of the spinal cord, instead of a brain, maybe we could cure the sleazy bastard with a good dose.

Wonder if Orac would like to be the PI for the clinical trials?

WRT DT's pickemup, that vintage Dodge is not anywhere near 6'5" to the roofline.  Look at those wheels, again; they're stock 15" rims.  The roof height is about 6 foot even.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/05/16 17:23:01, Link
Author: fusilier
You mean the Jimmy Castor bunch was wrong, all those years ago?


What we're gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time.
When the only people that existed were troglodytes...cave men...
cave women...Neanderthal...troglodytes. Let's take the average
cave man at home, listening to his stereo. Sometimes he'd get up,
try to do his thing. He'd begin to move, something like this:

When he got tired of dancing alone, he'd look
in the mirror: "Gotta find a woman gotta find a woman gotta find a
woman gotta find a woman". He'd go down to the lake where all the
woman would be swimming or washing clothes or something. He'd look
around and just reach in and grab one. "Come here...come here".
He'd grab her by the hair. You can't do that today, fellas, cause
it might come off. You'd have a piece of hair in your hand and she'd
be swimming away from you (ha-ha). This one woman just lay there,
wet and frightened. He said: "Move...move". She got up. She was a
big woman. BIG woman. Her name was Bertha. Bertha Butt.
She was one of the Butt sisters.

He didn't care. He looked up at her and said:
"Sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me
sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me!". She looked down on him.
She was ready to crush him, but she began to like him. She said
"I'll sock it to ya, Daddy". He said: "Wha?". She said (falsetto):
"I'll sock it to ya, Daddy". You know what he said? He started it way
back then. I wouldn't lie to you. When she said (falsetto)
"I'll sock it to ya, Daddy" he said "Right on! Right on! Hotpants!
Hotpants! Ugh...ugh...ugh"

fusilier, surfacing, again, from lurk mode
James 2:24

Date: 2007/06/21 08:21:42, Link
Author: fusilier
Hmmnnn.  My Beloved and darling wife will be doing her State fair gig in August- and I can prolly get away.

WRT "colors,"  I suppose I could buy a Peyton Manning jersey for the festivites.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/06/21 09:37:29, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (J-Dog @ June 21 2007,08:55)
fusilier - Only if that Payton Manning Jersey is in Bear Colors...  

OBTW:  In Chicago, the only correct spelling of Payton is as above, and the number on the jersey has to be 34.


Kristine & Blipey : -- That would be great!


Date: 2007/06/22 09:16:40, Link
Author: fusilier
ex-Toledoans?!?!?!?! =B^O

I grew up on the South side, near Heatherdowns and Byrne - went to St. Francis de Sales.  

I can't do first weekend in August, though, we'll be in Boston visiting Daughter #1.

fusilier, trying to remember the old Perrysburg jokes
James 2:24

Date: 2007/06/29 08:24:05, Link
Author: fusilier
Poor old Bunts, the nautical dog,
He's sure to be sentenced to Stoppage-Of-Grog;
Port old Bunts, for 'chokey' he's bound,
For falling in love with a French, Afghan Hound.


James 2:24

Date: 2007/07/03 08:03:37, Link
Author: fusilier
If the 4th/5th is the date, I'm out - we'll be in Boston, as I mentioned above.

J-Dog and Tara will have to hoist a virtual bottle of Buckeye for me.

"Virtual' since I think they stopped making that stuff during Nixon's second election campaign, when Ohio dropped  the 3.2% rule for 18-20 year-olds.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/07/22 13:33:18, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (ck1 @ July 22 2007,10:16)
Two questions:

1 - It seems that no one has actually seen this book.  Is that because it is not yet available, or because people are reluctant lend it any kind of support by paying for it?

2 - Their sample page showing how to make a model of a lung seemed aimed at about a third grade level, not the college or AP students they claim to be targeting.  What do the teachers here think of that particular page and the general educational level of the rest of the sample pages?

#1 - I'm waiting for a desk copy.  Since I emailed from a legitimate educational institution (community college) I expect a copy Real Soon Now.  However, since I e-mailed from a legitimate educational institution....

#2 - that's the sort of stuff you'd expect to see in an elementary school, or standard-track (not AP) high-school course.

It might be reasonable as a "do-it-yourself" exercise, though.  Lots of times you really, really, really want simple stuff for hands-on.  I'd never use a powah drill on a plastic cup, though.  It'd be way too easy to either shatter the cup, or get melted plastic all over everything.

I'd say it's aimed at the "home-school, can't bear to mention evilushun" crowd.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/09/19 06:45:26, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (J-Dog @ Sep. 18 2007,17:55)
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Sep. 18 2007,17:47)
I think Dembski should fire Dave and replace him with Supersport. UD needs new blood.

Isn't Supersnort really just AFDave?

If it's the same SS at CARM, no he ain't AFDave.  He's never pretended to have been a USAF anything.

CARM's SS is a troll, pure and simple.  He told me privately that he  doesn't believe a word he posts, that it's all entertainment during a boring cubicle job in "real estate".

fusilier, up from lurk mode
James 2:24

Date: 2007/09/19 07:03:44, Link
Author: fusilier
SS has also posted about using  a coffee enema or three to cure cancer.  Maybe his problem is just some seriously out-of-whack osmotic values.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/09/19 12:25:15, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (J-Dog @ Sep. 19 2007,07:59)
Quote (fusilier @ Sep. 19 2007,06:45)
CARM's SS is a troll, pure and simple.  He told me privately that he  doesn't believe a word he posts, that it's all entertainment during a boring cubicle job in "real estate".

fusilier, up from lurk mode
James 2:24

What is the "CARM" of which you speak?

Can we contact him also to verify?

Thanks for the post BTW!

Nah - CARM discussion boards are closed, J-dog.  You have to register to even view anything.

The moderation is pure fundiegelical.  Creationists can post all sorts of crap about "EVO's wanting to screw aardvarks because Darwin married his cousin," just so long as it's followed by a quote from Deuteronomy or Revelations.  

Complaints to admins are ignored, and you can't even complain in private about uneven moderation.  That'll get you banninated post haste.

Of course what's funny is the fundigelicals are the only ones who even think about sex with goats, or whatever.  Sorta like Reverend Doctor Haggard and his very manly massage.

SS had once linked to a photobucket pic of himself(?) and two little girls.  Damn, I'm the father of two grown daughters and I really fear for those two kids he's next to.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/09/19 12:27:22, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (J-Dog @ Sep. 19 2007,12:17)
{snip}Even Densee and DaveScot are silent about Dr. Dr.'s  pantsing and emasculation at the hands of crazed Darwinist students.  


If we pantsed a kid, we used to run his trousers up the flagpole in front of the school.

Any photos of that?

Date: 2007/09/20 20:49:31, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (skeptic @ Sep. 20 2007,20:12)
LOL, you don't know who you're talking to young man.  Do your homework.

SS doesn't give a rat's ass about anything.  Calling him a lying bastard is an insult to mill files the world over.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/09/21 04:33:35, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (supersport @ Sep. 20 2007,09:30)
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Sep. 20 2007,09:29)
CARM's SS is a troll, pure and simple.  He told me privately that he  doesn't believe a word he posts, that it's all entertainment

This true, Supersport?

lie....make that person (whoever it was) present proof of such.   I will say I do post for entertainment value sometimes...and sometimes I say things in goofy ways just to get a rise out of people, but I do believe what I say.

It was me, SS.

You don't have Diane Sellner's miniskirts to hide behind over here.  

James 2:24

Date: 2007/09/21 19:02:56, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (qetzal @ Sep. 21 2007,18:05)
I don't think ss should be a pariah either, unless he's done something I'm not aware of.

I think there's a good chance he's a troll, as alleged. If there's more evidence of that, I'd like to see it posted here. Even then, I wouldn't support this action. We can always choose to ignore him, and to date, I'm not aware that he's been disruptive on any other threads.

If he's done something more egregious than what we've seen on this thread, can the mods please explain?

If not, I respectfully request he be given back his posting priveleges.

Not because I think he's posting anything of value, but because I want this board to maintain the highest standards of tolerance. GOP was much more deserving of being banned, but wasn't. Let's please not stoop to UD's level in this case, either.

My $0.02.

I just got asked for details by the listmoms, I didn't make any decisions.  I do know that he's posted the exact same stuff at Richard Dawkins' official forum, and at umpty other places, and been banned elsewhere.

Here's an old "private message" from a year or so ago, at CARM.  It took me a while to dig it out, since that feature has been disabled.

[QUOTE=fusilier;1172951]  One chance to apologize, supersport.   I don't like to hide behind mods, so here's your opportunity to be a man and admit what you did is wrong.

James 2:24[/QUOTE]

Oh lighten up fuzzy liar...I've been called lots worse on bulletin
boards, like stupidplurt and snotsport.  Its all a game anyway, I just
like to have fun at work waiting for phone calls.  coadie may believe
this crap, but I don't.

"The overwhelming prevalence of stasis became an embarrassing feature of the fossil record, best left ignored as a manifestation of nothing (that
is, nonevolution)."SJ Gould

James :24

Date: 2007/10/01 09:23:33, Link
Author: fusilier
Philosophy of Science - as "a perfect example of how NOT to do science."

I once took a criminology course, and ID creationism would fit in the section on scams and fraud, so it might go under "other."

James 2:24

Date: 2007/10/01 09:28:53, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 29 2007,19:36)
{snip} I've got a case of Budweiser in the fridge but I don't know if I'm going to get to it tonight.


I presume you mean the beer from Ceske Budejovice, not the {insert synonym for equine kidney ultrafiltrate} from  St. Louis?

fusilier, who's out of Maudite, and needs to drop by the local grog shop
James 2:24

Date: 2007/10/01 09:50:45, Link
Author: fusilier
Concordia Lutheran HS in Ft. Wayne, IN, is a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod school.  Concordia University in Ft. Wayne is a LCMS college and seminary.  The great majority of teachers in LCMS schools are "called" (in the same fashion that pastors are called by a congregation) and are synodically trained, so it is unsurprising that the gentleman would be anti-evolution, since YEC is a tenet of that Faith.

Over at , Dr. Gerardus Bouwe points out the Scriptural basis for opposing the heliocentric hypothesis, explicitly citing Martin Luther.  Dr. Bouwe also points out that, up until the 1920s, LCMS seminaries taught the Scriptural truth of geocentricity.  The Pastor Emeritus of My Beloved and Darling Wife's congregation agreed that was the case,  when he and I celebrated the 30th anniversay of Tranquility Base, back in 1999.

Perhaps the gentleman could let us know just why the LCMS science curricula no longer teaches the truth of a fixed earth?

Or maybe he could travel down to Indianapolis and lead an inquisition at Lutheran HS, since they certainly don't.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/10/04 09:21:21, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (C Gieschen @ Oct. 01 2007,10:17)

To fusilier,

Here is the LCMS position on evolution

I have no idea at this time why this was so.  And I am curious as to why you use James 2:24.

Sorry, I'm having a BlackBoard meltdown to deal with - 30 lab sections for anatomy and physiology - I didn't get a chance to reply, earlier.

I got 404'd when I attempted to read your link; could you please summarize?

It is a fact that the Pastors at Calvary Lutheran Church and School in Indianapolis, have told me that evolutionary biology and an old earth are not permitted by LCMS doctrine.

It is a fact that the pastor emeritus of that congregation told me that in the 1920's he was taught geocentric astronomy as factual, at Concordia Seminary in Chicago.  I should point out that my Dad was studying at the University of Kentucky for his engineering degree at the same time, so I know that notion was not taught at most universities in the US.

Now, just why do you think I would use a quotation from the Letter of St. James in my sig line?

James 2:24

Date: 2007/10/04 18:23:12, Link
Author: fusilier
Thanks, OMITSDDI (did I miss any initials??)  I shoulda seen that.

Mr. Geischen:  all you did was confirm exactly what I said - YEC is a tenet of your Faith.  I note you failed to say anything about geocentricity.  Dr. Bouwe, at his website, provides citations from Scripture and Martin Luther his very self.

Why have you abandoned this approach?  I don't expect pastors to be up-to-date on scientific explanations, I would think they'd look to you.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/10/11 18:08:21, Link
Author: fusilier
Based on the rules of nomenclature, humans would not be placed into the genus Pan, but chimps and bonobos would be placed into  the genus Homo.  Gorillas would remain in Gorilla however. It supposedly was Linnaeus his very self who thought seriously about classifying the chimpanzee as Homo troglodytes, but decided not to - because of what the Swedish Lutheran Church would say.

If you think about the older tradition of describing species to identify them - which Linnaeus shortened into the binomial scheme - it makes sense:  the "animal man" contrasted with the "thinking man."

James 2:24

Date: 2007/11/05 08:43:55, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (carlsonjok @ Nov. 04 2007,20:59)
Quote (keiths @ Nov. 04 2007,19:09)
{snip of photo}

Well, Dave blowing his own horn is not exactly surprising, although I did expect it to look more like this.

I presume you have a bulk order for new keyboards and monitors?

Date: 2007/11/14 06:57:52, Link
Author: fusilier
I know they only had two hours, but....

My Beloved and Darling Wife couldn't understand why I was laughing out loud at the scene with Ken Miller wearing a mousetrap as a tie-clip.

James 2:24.

Date: 2007/11/19 08:49:31, Link
Author: fusilier
This Island Earth
The Green Berets
(every John Wayne cliche you could ask for)
Planet of the Apes
(every Charleton Heston cliche you could ask for)
A Boy and His Dog
Bambi Meets Godzilla
Flesh Gordon
Horatio Hornblower
The Astronaut Farmer
Dances with Wolves
Last of the Mohicans
Rob Roy

And, of course, everything Humphry Bogart ever did.

Don't have a HD television, and prolly won't get one until the current NTSC tube bites the dust.

James 2:24

Date: 2007/11/27 13:28:53, Link
Author: fusilier
Shouldn't a Research Professor of Philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary be able to comprehend the notion of "You Shall Not Steal?"

James 2:24

Date: 2008/01/15 21:02:17, Link
Author: fusilier
Well, here it is
the new (pardon me while I try and keep supper down) "peer-reviewed journal" from AiG.  I'm sure others have been there before me.  

First up is a "Proceedings of the Microbe Forum, June 2007"  where our heroes do their cargo-cut science thing.  Take a look at the footnote:

These are pseudonyms. The writers, who hold PhDs in fields related to the topics of their abstracts, are scientists at prominent research facilities in the eastern part of North America. They prefer to keep their creationist credentials hidden for the moment until they achieve more seniority.

Gaaah.  Gallileo died while under house arrest, Vavilov died in Lubyanka Prison, Comer lost her job for doing her job, and some bright-eyed Dover kid had his artwork burned because Buckingham didn't like evolution.

All the while these poseurs have the gall to mitch and boan about "prosecution."

James 2:24

Added in edit - sorry about the topic - I'm so mad I can't think straight.  Should be "Answers Research Journal."

Date: 2008/01/18 19:29:18, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Amadan @ Jan. 18 2008,18:30)
Yes, these are the people who put the 'fun' into 'fundamentalist'.

Mind you, they're also the ones who put the 'mental' in it.


James 2:24

Date: 2008/01/24 09:20:11, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (CeilingCat @ Jan. 24 2008,07:19)
Thanks to Denyse (who apparently doesn't know how to get the URL for a UD comment) for this tip:  Magnan gives us another insite into the ID mind:        
Such a deep dynamic could explain, for instance, why parapsychology is nearly as implacably opposed today as in the early days of psychical research, 1870-1900 (at least this is my impression).

"implacably opposed" apparently means "still asking for evidence" in ID-Think.

Since J-dog started the favorite SF author bidness, I am forced to point out that psychical-science researcher Hadron Dalla has been demonstrating telepathy and reincarnation over on the Akor-Neb timelines.

How can a self-respecting CBEB not know about H. Beam Piper and his take?

James 2:24

Date: 2008/01/28 12:46:07, Link
Author: fusilier
PTET, I will never be able to play Macho Women with Guns again.

May you encounter a crow with a machinegun.

James 2:24

Date: 2008/02/06 07:27:17, Link
Author: fusilier

James 2:24

Date: 2008/02/11 07:23:18, Link
Author: fusilier
Dr. GH:
Your hummies feed at the gooseberries?  We have gooseberries and I've never seen 'em feeding there.  Instead, they feed at our Nicotinea and morning glories.

This time of year (currently cold enough to freeze the family jewels off the appropriate metallic monkey) we don't have too much wild-life.

Date: 2008/02/13 07:27:09, Link
Author: fusilier
Used to work at Indiana State Univ.?

No wonder Joe Meert left Terre Haute for Florida.

James 2:24

Date: 2008/02/18 07:05:26, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy birthday!

{Only 38?  You're just a child.}

Date: 2008/02/21 09:31:30, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Feb. 18 2008,12:28)
Here is what I plan to do and I'm going to propose it to others when I have more details.

Picking which movie will get my donation should be fun.

How about this?  Gather a small claque, and dress in business suits.  Go to the movie (paying to see "Grindhouse" or "Friday the 13th Part XXXII") and lead cheers.

Boo and hiss whenever Dawkins or PZ appear, and break out in hymns whenever Stein, Sternberg, or whoever show up.

"Ein feste Burg" - in German of course - would be the best intro for Stein.  IMHO, to be sure.

Date: 2008/02/23 15:01:13, Link
Author: fusilier
My philosophy books are somewheres near the middle of that pile over there, so I can't be sure, but IIRC Gorgias was the one sophist who  fought Socrates to a draw.

And maybe won on points.

James 2:24

Date: 2008/02/25 07:01:57, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Bob O'H @ Feb. 25 2008,06:32)
Can anyone think of another famous battle of the Napoleonic wars?


I always think of the Glorious First of June, Copenhagen, and Cape St. Vincent.

(I try not to think of Lake Champlain or Lake Erie.)

James 2:24

Date: 2008/02/29 07:08:57, Link
Author: fusilier
WRt Paul Nelson logging in and not posting any answers to that humongous list of questions....

I don't log in three-quarters of the time, but just lurk.  I'll bet that's also the case for most readers.  So the question pretty much asks itself:

Why Bother To Log In?

Is it some sort of exhibitionist fetish?  Or are there extensive Private Message exchanges going on?  Didn't anyone tell him that Janie and Corporal Kate are only "spiritually literal,"  not "literally literal?"

James 2:24

Date: 2008/03/01 07:21:56, Link
Author: fusilier
OK, Dr. Nelson, you are on.

I am PM'ing you my snail-mail address and expect a desk-copy in the near future.  Just FYI, I tried to obtain onewhen the book first came out - having suggested to the administration that a course using this as one text might be suitable for a GenEd science requirement.

I received no answer.

James 2:24

Date: 2008/03/02 12:23:58, Link
Author: fusilier
My apologies to Dr. Nelson.

I had confused Edge of Evolution with Explore Evolution.  Dr. Nelson has kindly offered to send me a desk copy of his book in any event.

James 2:24

Date: 2008/03/06 06:39:31, Link
Author: fusilier
Only 51?  Still, you qualify for Senior citizen Discounts at most motels in Canada.

(Don't Ask Me How I Know This - or when I found out.)

James 2:24

Date: 2008/04/02 07:15:22, Link
Author: fusilier
I have carried a pocket knife since I was a Cub Scout - in 1955.  Right now, it's a Buck "trapper," which I got as an anniversary present in 1973 or 1974.  (Supposedly, the King of Sweden once pulled out a pocket knife and loaned it to some riggers setting up stage decorations for a Nobel banquet.)

I hold a green belt (Go Kyu) in Kodokan Judo - but am sadly out of practice.

I do not carry a firearm, since the Community College where I teach forbids that as a condition of employment.

On weekends, when I defend New France from les chochonchien Anglais, I will typically have a neck knife, a belt knife, a boot knife, a tamahak, a .62 cal flintlock fusil de chasse, with 60-120 cartridges in my cartridge box.

My Beloved and Darling Wife has more and nicer knives than I do, and is agitating for a nice muff pistol.

Oh, sometimes I'm un cannonier-bombardier, not un fusilier, and then I have my 2.5 inch coehorn mortar.

vive le roi!
fusilier, soldat, Compagnie franche de Muy, de la Marine, du Detroit

Date: 2008/04/03 12:55:27, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (J-Dog @ April 02 2008,09:21)
I carry sharp tongue with me at all times, and use a loaded finger as point of emphasis when needed.  On weekends my weapons of choice are usually hammer, drill and screwdriver.

I enjoy beating up defenseless IDists, where in a battle of wits, they are usually unarmed.

fusilier - do you re-enact only in Detroit, or travel around?

believe it or not, Detroit is one of the few places where our unit doesn't re-enact.  No space.  The River Rouge event in Dearborn disbanded after the mayor died - he really supported us, but the rest of the city council* did not.

St. Clair Flats, Houghton Lake, some odd little fort by the Maumee river near a small town called Perrysburg, OH.  (Prolly never heard of it, I'd guess. ;^>  )  Indiana, Ft. Niagra.  

I've been as far east as Ft. Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island, and as far south as ft. Louden in TN.  Never made it to Ft. Toulouse on the Gulf coast.

There is an annual event at Bourbonaisse, IL, every July.  I haven't gone the past couple of years, since I don't thermoregulate as well as I used to.  We (My Beloved and Darling Wife and I) will most likely be there this year, however, since I'm developing a civilian persona, and won't be wearing three layers of wool.

James 2:24

*It most certainly had nothing to do with an incident that never happened around 1990, when some citizenry decided to come in one night and roust out the visitors.  The police Never Once made complaint to Hizzoner about a bayonet charge, with the Frasers as the anvil, the French troups as the hammer, and mixed Ranger and milice on the flanks.

Date: 2008/05/07 07:36:50, Link
Author: fusilier
Did I miss comments on this?

Or is there a WAD's Friday Meltdown thread I have been overlooking?

Some glorious excerpts follow -

All quotes from the Dr.Dr. his very self

Critics of the ID movement often complain that we’re fabulously well funded by right-wing extremists and in it for our own aggrandizement. Fortunately, money leaves a trail. When one follows it, Darwinists seem to be doing much better financially than ID theorists (perhaps an indication that they are serving Mammon more faithfully). Let’s consider a few better off Darwinists:

photo of middle-aged Darwin
Saint Charles himself. By present standards, Darwin would probably have been worth about US$20 million. He was a gentleman scholar who lived very comfortably.

photo of Ayala and his wife
Francisco Ayala. A recent New York Times article indicated that Ayala and his wife Hana own 6,000 acres of vineyards in California. Even with the real estate market as it is, the Ayalas seem to be doing quite nicely. Not bad for an ex-priest who presumably once made a vow of poverty.

photo of Ken Miller
Ken Miller, whose textbooks carefully misrepresent Darwin’s theory to make it appear stronger than it actually is, have, I understand, sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and thus has yielded him some extra spending money to the tune of 7 figures over and above his Ivy League salary.

None of the photos show anyone wearing a 6X oversized sweater.

fusilier, who saw Larry Moran mention this at his blog.
James 2:24

Date: 2008/05/07 07:48:20, Link
Author: fusilier
The fundies mis-represent Faith.

Faith is doing in spite of all the doubts.

It's about my sig.

James 2:24

Date: 2008/05/21 13:16:57, Link
Author: fusilier
My copy came today, May 21, also postmarked May 8.

To be fair - everything must go to our downtown mailroom, before being sent out here.

fusilier, in Indianapolis
James 2:24

Date: 2008/05/23 08:27:50, Link
Author: fusilier
Indianapolis, Indiana

Go fast, turn left.

Home of the latest Rape of The Taxpayer NFL stadium.

Date: 2008/05/23 09:28:42, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (carlsonjok @ May 23 2008,09:41)
Quote (fusilier @ May 23 2008,08:27)
Indianapolis, Indiana

Go fast, turn left.

I was confused at first, but then I realized you must be referring to the Major Taylor Velodrome.   ;)


I've watched a few races there - but was a roadie, not a trackie when I had my USCF license.

OBTW, like J-Dog, I grew up in Toledo, OH.  Dunno if he's old enough to remember Tiedtke's, however.

Date: 2008/05/26 08:24:53, Link
Author: fusilier
Right now we've got cardinals, robins, grackles, and pigeons all over the place.  Lots of wrens and goldfinches at the feeder.  Don't know what's happened to the Cooper's and sharp-shinned hawks that we used to see all the time - maybe that we had to eliminate the pond.*

We're also pretty over-run with carpenter bees - the big solitary ladies are damned territorial.

*Lousy quality-control on pumps.

Date: 2008/06/05 08:26:35, Link
Author: fusilier
I'm not Dr. GH, and I don't play him on TV -but I have started to read the book.

Overall, the first thing that strikes me is that it is damned small - only 159 pp including index, and excluding 3.5 pp of preface.  There's lots of "production value" in glossy, thick pages, so this is an expensive book to manufacture.  For comparison, the human ANP photo atlas I use as a supplement (van de Graaff & Crawley, from Morton Publishing) has slightly thinner pages.

Why am I thinking style over substance?

The preface pages are not numbered, but the lies start there. P i uses the term "origins debate."  Those two words alone tell us this is nothing but creationism.  NO scientist uses that concept.

P ii includes wording from the Santorum Amendment proposed for the No Child Left Behind act.  Further, it refers to that failed amendment as "authoritative."

Honest people, of course, know that Santorum's wording was explicitly rejected by the House, and was rejected during conference committee meetings, but the authors conspicuously imply otherwise.

I'm still in the process of reading the thing - but I am also trying to deal with an "upgrade" in the BlackBoard software I'm required to use for grading, so it will be a while before I can post more comments.

Oh, just an observation - while there are moderately extensive chapter endnotes referencing alleged controversies, they all seem to be bare citations, with no discussion of the actual content of the paper.

IOW, quote-mining.

<edited to fix minor punctuation errors.>

Date: 2008/06/23 15:34:12, Link
Author: fusilier
Same as every summer, Pinkie, Conquer the WORLD torture a bunch of students who won't believe me that they shouldn't take ANP* in the summer - and defend New France from les cochonchien Anglais on the weekends.

*Just finished the second major exams, today.

Date: 2008/06/24 08:54:03, Link
Author: fusilier
My next post (when I have time to write it) will deal with how Intelligent Design – specifically the Judeo-Christian version of it – provides adequate reasoning for protecting the environment.

So where the hell were the fundies* when the Cuyahoga River caught fire?  

*Hint for the quiz:  James Watt

Date: 2008/07/01 08:47:08, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ June 29 2008,07:42)
I had dinner at the Notre Dame University Club -- the week before it got torn down.

Yeah, but did you ever eat at Frankies?

Or get told by Terry Hanratty to get the hell out of Johnie's now before the South Bend cops arrived?

Date: 2008/07/11 08:25:01, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Henry J @ July 10 2008,23:25)
What's the point of having irony machines if they always have to be disconnected before something ironic happens? ;)


I have been telling people for years to stop using fragile, electronic irony meters and go back to the standard, a proper Iron-O-Meter, powered by a Corliss Engine

It takes XIXth century bronze, cast iron, and tool steel to stand up to XIXth century TARD.

Date: 2008/07/19 10:09:21, Link
Author: fusilier
We're getting some new, small, birds at the feeder and sunflowers.

I'm pretty sure that one variety is a scarlet tanager - and we've never seen them before, in Indianapolis.  Then there are some new chickadee/finch-sized birds - is there a black-capped chickadee found in the midwest?

Tons of gold-finches and assorted small warblers.

The cats are fascinated.

Date: 2008/07/20 11:49:36, Link
Author: fusilier
Thanks for the ID's!

Definitely a house finch or three.  The pale red color extends over most of the animal, just like the photo.

Also, probably a Carolina chickadee.  The black head and black throat separated by the white band is also clear.

Date: 2008/07/20 11:59:40, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (philbert @ July 19 2008,19:03)
In linking to the "Anthony Flew" piece on The God Delusion, O'Leary writes:

Antony Flew, formerly the most prominent atheist in the English speaking world, goes after Dawkins, his successor as head atheist

"Head atheist"? This trope has always amused me, and you do see it a lot. It seems that some Christians, especially the Popeish ones, simply cannot got their heads around the idea that we atheists might not roll in the authoritarian way that they do.

Philbert, I see you already corrected yourself - but it just makes your point more clearly.

It's the various Protestant* fundies who insist on there being a Head Atheist, analogous to the Bishop of Rome.  After all, the Pope is the anti-Christ, and the Church is the official Beast with Seven Heads from Revelations.

So Head Atheist = Pope of Atheists = Anti-Christ!

*There are fundie Catholics, to be sure, but they think the Pope is an OK guy, so the equation never occurs to them.

Date: 2008/07/21 07:42:23, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (J-Dog @ July 20 2008,15:58)
This Just IN!

I had never heard of this, but noticed a Dragonfly Swarm last night out front of our house.

A little google indicates that dragonfly swarms ( @50)are not unknown, but not all that common either.

yeah, ain't they amazing?

We had one in front of our house, maybe ten years ago.  We sit at the corner of three streets - in an ordinary subdivision - and they were just soaring up and diving down for over two hours.  It started late afternoon and just went on and on and on til dusk.  Just about twilight, a flock of swifts arrived and the display was over in minutes.

Date: 2008/07/22 08:11:36, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy birfday.

25?!?! Child.

Date: 2008/07/26 16:53:24, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy birfday two ewe.

Date: 2008/08/08 12:35:47, Link
Author: fusilier

Ford just sold Rover and Jaguar to Tata of India - the Indian outfit - so you could say that they are back in The Raj.

OTOH, Louis, a friend used to belong to the Detroit MG/Triumph Club and he said that the Lucas Electric logo* looked like a blown fuse for a reason.

*"Why do Brits drink warm beer?
Because they have Lucas refrigerators."

Edited (just because I can) to add:  And what, exactly, do you have against the Taurus?  My '07 drives fine, gets 28 mpg highway, and keeps the windows nice and clear when we get the one-each-week-in-the-winter sleet storm.

Date: 2008/08/09 20:30:28, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy birfday two ewe.

Date: 2008/08/14 18:36:09, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (olegt @ Aug. 14 2008,19:31)
The site is back up.  

I found a cool article discussing Professor values.  The table of contents has 4 items:

1 Crimes by Professors
2 Immoral, Unethical or Bizarre Behavior
3 References
4 Sources

My, we're a bunch of criminals and perverts!

Yep, expecting people to come to class, take quizzes on time and pass the course.  How eeeeeeeeeevil.

Date: 2008/08/14 18:54:36, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (midwifetoad @ Aug. 14 2008,19:39)
Srsly. From Dave's standpoint, and the apparently official position of Dembsky/Behe, et al, is there any reason we shouldn't expect every generation to be stupider than its parents?

Wellll, they have ARE personal evidence of entrolligence.

OBTW, over on CARM, some YEC going by wScott is citing the intelligence from intelligence "law."


Date: 2008/08/18 17:39:19, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Venus Mousetrap @ Aug. 18 2008,10:10)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 18 2008,08:59)
I'm liking this wheel thing:

From an engineering / intelligence perspective (DT is an expert on niether) it does seem an easy concept to understand and create - yet we see none in nature. What was the designer not thinking about?

This is a good IC / Design refutation because we see none yet we can all understand the utility of them.

I've always wondered why there are no balloon animals in the air. Filling a sac with gas is really easy, much easier than flying.

Same reason the US Navy abandoned helium-filled aircraft-carriers before WWII: Shenandoah, Akron, Macon, and Los Angeles were lost to storms.

Date: 2008/08/24 16:22:35, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy birfday!

There's a Kipling poem about living half your life at 35 - I can't remember the title, though.

Sorry. :^(

Date: 2008/08/24 16:24:57, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (dhogaza @ Aug. 23 2008,17:37)
Well, given that kids are presented with a decision like this to make, what do you expect?

Why are the arrows pointing in opposite directions?

We are talking about HaHaHaHafornia, right?

Date: 2008/09/04 12:09:03, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Assassinator @ Sep. 03 2008,15:39)
Maybe some of you guys can help me identifying an odd bug I've seen at work (supermarket) this evening.
It was black, a bit shorter then an inch, it's head looked like 1 from an ant and it had a pretty long abdomen wich it could curl up like a scorpion's tail. It made me think of an earwig, but it was bigger, black, I didn't really see a pincher on the back of it's tail and I've never seen an earwig curl it's tail up like that.
Anyone knows what I'm talking about?

Sounds like a rove beetle -Staphylinidae - to me.


No, not THAT Rove.

ETA:  poo, JohnW beat me to it.

Date: 2008/09/04 12:16:58, Link
Author: fusilier
Richard Simons - ya gotta remember that one in five animal species are coleopterans.  Haldane wasn't joking when talking about "an inordinate fondness for beetles."

Look anything like this?

powderpost beetle larva

Date: 2008/09/24 07:13:43, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Henry J @ Sep. 24 2008,00:25)

What if one protein is identical to another one flipped around? Seems like that formula would double count the ones that aren't their own inverse. (e.g., ABCAB and BACBA, where the letters are arbitrary amino acid units, are really the same polypeptide.)


Close, but not quite.

If a polypeptide is a real palindrome - abcdeedcba, for example - then, yeah, you just have the same compound.  Your example, however, is of two entirely different compounds, because you must read from only one direction.

I like to use the example of the elephant parade in Disney's "Dumbo."  Amino acids have a trunk, the -COOH end, and a tail, the HHN- end.  A peptide bond is solely a trunk-to-tail arrangement, and you must read the parade starting with the first elephant - the one whose trunk is not connected to another elephant's tail.  (It's perfectly OK to call the amino end the trunk and the acid end the tail, I'm just giving an illustration.)

"Nutrasweet" brand artificial sweetener is a dipeptide called aspartame, see . If you reverse the order of the amino acids, then you have an entirely different compound which does not have the same chemical properties.

Just like at the end of "Dumbo," when the original boss-lady elephant is at the rear end of the parade and Dumbo's Mom is now the leader.

Same elephants, but a different parade.

ETA:  hunh, I can't get a "subscript" tag to work.  Oh well.

Date: 2008/09/24 11:57:04, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Steverino @ Sep. 24 2008,12:34)
Kinda OT here....Looking for a critique of this:

Is this guy speaking out of his ass???   My assumption is yes.

You are correct.

First, Darwin was not "Enlightenment" - that was a century earlier.  He would have been "Victorian."

Second, Darwin nearly completed his university degree for Holy Orders  - or the Church of England equivalent - so he was well educated in theology and The Bible.

Third, Owen, a special creationist (lower case, not to be confused with the modern scam artists), invented the idea of homology, not Darwin.

Fourth, your citation misrepresents homology.  It does not refer to an "ancestral structure," but "the same embryonic origin."  Owen deserves an apology.  

Finally,  invoking a Disembodied Telic Entity is no scientific explanation, since The DET could do anything in any fashion whatsoever, but descent with modification must work with structures which are already available to fool around with.

Of course you knew this.

Date: 2008/10/03 07:13:59, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (dogdidit @ Oct. 03 2008,08:02)
Hmmm.. . Chance...


THAT explains a lot about the attitude.

(down 2-0 in the playoffs for the 80th year in a row.)

Date: 2008/10/17 07:16:18, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Oct. 17 2008,08:01)
New data from old vials - NY Times story about analysis of some of the original materials produced in the Miller-Urey experiment.

There's a Panda's Thumb post on the topic, including a chart showing proportions of the various aa's and amines.

Date: 2008/10/29 07:07:54, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo birfday two ewes.

Child that you are.

Date: 2008/11/09 15:16:34, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo Birfday Two Ewes.

Date: 2008/11/24 07:22:27, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy Belated to All.

('twas down in Jacksonville, FL for my Mom's 90th.  If you are ever there, do [/B][/I]not [I][B]have dinner at "Mimi's Cafe.")

Date: 2008/11/24 07:24:13, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy Belated.

Date: 2008/12/05 12:51:41, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (sparc @ Dec. 05 2008,13:33)
Dr. Buggs Followup on his Chimp Comparison
Either Patrick messed up the server or the half life time of UD posts is approaching zero.


Date: 2008/12/06 12:47:17, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo birfday two ewes.

Date: 2009/01/23 06:55:33, Link
Author: fusilier

Behe is not a Raelian, he's a Catholic.  To most of the ID faithful, Catholics might as well be atheists.

Interestingly, there was a recent (early November 2008) conference called by Benedict XVI to discuss evolution and faith.  Behe was not on the invitation list, for some odd reason.

Date: 2009/05/26 14:17:13, Link
Author: fusilier
If I knew how to post images, I'd show a honeybee swarm setting up shop in one of our compost barrels.

This is a Good Thing.  When we first moved here, in 1986, there were honeybees all over the place.  You could enjoy a low hum as the ladies went about their business - 25 years of "development" ran them out.

The unfortunate thing is that we'll have to call a beekeeper to remove the hive.  There are too many small children nearby.

No, they aren't Africanized, I got within about 10-15 feet of the swarm.

Date: 2009/06/30 07:45:41, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo Birfday Two Ewe

Date: 2009/07/16 07:57:49, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo birfday two ewes!

Date: 2009/07/17 20:59:51, Link
Author: fusilier
Wait till Robert Byers starts talking about the global intellectual superiority of British Protestants.  

He's been a feature on CARM for a while now and all the creationists give him a very wide berth.  Heck, even SuperSport stays away from his threads.

Date: 2009/07/26 14:26:29, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo birfday two ewes.

Date: 2009/08/16 09:53:38, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (midwifetoad @ Aug. 15 2009,21:11)

Finally someone at UD makes sense. They'll probably take it down, but they really shouldn't.




5:10 pm
Universal Law of Intelligence (ULI)

So, Interrelation Theory had discovered this universal law of intelligence {snippididoodah of nonsense}

You haven't encountered "winner" - his/her/yx' screenname on CARM - before.

Just another example of somebody with severe trauma to Wernicke's Region.

Date: 2009/09/10 06:55:15, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Dan @ Sep. 10 2009,07:19)
FL claims, on another thread, that he wants to use this forum to address the topic of whether

Evolution is Incompatible with Christianity

Since FL is posting claims not arguments, let me help him out with a very simple argument:

1. The Pope is a Christian.

2. The Pope holds that evolution happens.


Over on CARM, FL posts as "mellotron,"  where his most recent tactic has been to imply* he is black, and assert he knows "Darwinism => racism" when he sniffs it.

Most often, he says that the Pope really isn't a Christian - although some Catholics he knows might be.

Second, he will play word games to make it appear that Pius XII, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI didn't really say what we know they said.

Third, he will ignore multiple citations and links in order to repeat, after a few months, the same things, in the hope that other posters simply don't notice.

*Please note he's never actually said he is black, he just sets everyone up for the inference.

Date: 2009/09/11 06:49:52, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Occam's Toothbrush @ Sep. 10 2009,08:51)
While the Pope is clearly Christian, I would argue that he's no true Scotsman.

<churchlady voice>
Of course not, the current one is German, the previous one was Polish, and before that they were pretty much all Italian.
Dunno whether any of 'em liked oatmeal for breakfast, though.

Date: 2009/09/14 13:44:23, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (FloydLee @ Sep. 14 2009,14:13)
....the generalization "evolution is incompatible with all forms of Christianity" is so obviously wrong

Is it so obviously wrong?  Is it really, Sledgehammer?

You know, over at CARM, I keep on asking the resident evolutionists to please offer me a Bible-supported, and rationally-supported, version of "Christianity" that evolution as currently taught is clearly compatible with.

Been asking them for years, quite literally.  I sincerely want to hear about and critically examine this alleged alternative version of Christianity.

But they can't deliver the goods.  Every time, they wind up having to back off.  (Seems the Bible just won't co-operate with them or something.)

That's one reason why I'm happy to have this opportunity within this forum.  In the course of this debate, I intend to ask you guys and gals the same sincere request, both the resident Christians and the resident non-Christians.  

Maybe I'll have more luck this time, with you guys and gals.  We'll see.  (PS....I don't believe in luck.)

And, contrary to your lying claim, many of us (ergaster, ah_mini, glad_to_be_saved, omar)* and I have presented you with such.  Thing is, you have a prooftext mentality, and your personal, idiosyncratic literalist interpretation is unable to cope with those demonstrations.

Hell, if Jesus His Very Self were to come and tell you that Descent with Modification is how Hedidit, you'd deny Him three times before the cock crowed.

OBTW, are you really black, or do you just post argumentum per bolds, phony hip-hop slang, and ~weird punctuation~ in order to make yourself look cool for the youth ministry**?

*all CARM screen-names

**ht to SLP for the conclusion

Date: 2009/09/14 13:58:01, Link
Author: fusilier
I know...I know, without a picture it really didn't happen.

We have a red-tail hawk in our Indianapolis neighborhood, sat in a tree next door for a good ten minutes while we (My Beloved and Darling Wife and I) glassed it.

Lovely bird.

Date: 2009/09/17 07:02:32, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Sep. 16 2009,19:29)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Sep. 16 2009,18:09)
Whilst it might have been nice to hold onto the colonies it was far nicer to bring everyone home and annoy the French in some wars on a proper continent

ok Louis, the first round's on you if we meet!

I'll show you some french!

Do not forget your white flag.

I doubt that you would, it is item 1 in any French survival kit.   :D

cochonchien Anglais!

The white flag is the flag of His Most Christian Majesty of france.  Of Course you fly it, since we would never shoot at le bien amie's banner!

The French signal for a parley - to permit you to survive for a few more miserable years- is a red flag, since that is the color of the your greatclothes and the blood you would otherwise shed.

fusilier, soldat, le compagnie franche de Muy, de la Marine, du Detroit, poste de la Miamis, detachement de la Fleuve Blanche, who will be busy killing Anglaise this weekend.

Date: 2009/11/23 06:51:36, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy Belated.

Date: 2009/11/29 09:51:50, Link
Author: fusilier
Don't anybody tell FloydLee this.

Remember that one of the ~mmmmrealmealdeal 95 inherent contradictions~ between FloydLeeianity and reality is that "Teh Bible says there was no death before Teh Fall."  

Now if the Great and Powerful Oz Doctor declares otherwise, what is to be done?

Date: 2010/01/17 16:19:38, Link
Author: fusilier
hippo bird tag two ewes

You child, you.

Date: 2010/01/17 16:21:11, Link
Author: fusilier
Missed this, somehow.

Sorry to hear you were ill, glad things are getting better.

Date: 2010/01/19 07:11:37, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Lou FCD @ Jan. 18 2010,22:20)
Quote (steve_h @ Jan. 18 2010,21:42)
Quote (J-Dog @ Jan. 19 2010,02:53)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Jan. 18 2010,19:44)
Oh look, the back of the UD short bus:

I'll bet there's some science goin' on in there!

Bus back, east of Selma, AL, Hwy 80 by will8939

Could this be designed by GEM of Preachy pickin' up a little outside cash as an "Artistic Consultant"?

No way. Gasbag of Mullins would have used the sides of the bus, which offer a far greater area, to convey his message. And maybe the top and the underside, and the internal advertising spaces, and so on all in a much smaller font. And the bus would have been towing a chain of somethings similarly engordened.


Bus side, east of Selma, AL, Hwy 80, same photographer.

It's like a Dr. Bronner's bottle with wheels.

(Not to mention terrible grammar, worse spelling, illegible typography, and no imagination whatsoever.)

Date: 2010/05/01 14:41:41, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes

Date: 2010/05/11 07:10:19, Link
Author: fusilier
It's a variant of the Ham Salad Shuffle - "see you scientists DON'T know everything and your 'theories' are all collapsing but WE have Teh Trooth and it's all in Genesis just the way we've always said.  Neenerneenerneener."

It'll be no surprise to learn that the YEC types throwing those claims around haven't the foggiest notion of what they imply.

Date: 2010/05/21 07:17:39, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy birthday.

Date: 2010/06/01 08:03:41, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy belated.

(I was on the road most of yesterday.)

Date: 2010/06/28 08:14:06, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (JLT @ June 27 2010,18:00)

And they may even be doing something that harms you. What if they are persecuting a local white coat who is actually developing useful treatments, but he refuses to affirm Darwinism as true? So they run him out of town.

Responsibility-hating judges persecute doctors for thought crimes in an atheistic America (where apparently "local white coats" develop treatments, not those evil tax burdens in universities who do nothing of consequence).

I wonder, which meds is she taking?

whitecoats?  who knew DOh'L was a Quebec nationalist?

added in edit = honest to God that was supposed to be a linkie - I DID use preview.  It DID work in preview.

oh the embarrasment

Date: 2010/07/14 07:55:28, Link
Author: fusilier
Hmm, wonder what he's been reading?

Date: 2010/07/20 20:20:18, Link
Author: fusilier
I thank you all.

This morning I celebrated by letting my students look at their old exams, to get ready for next week's finals.

My Beloved and Darling Wife cooked up a nice roast chicken with rosemary and thyme from the front garden, green beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers from the back garden.  For desert there was fresh cheesecake with blackberries and whipped cream.

Right now I have a bottle of Maudite to relax with.


Sorry, J-dog, I'm not in Chicago, but Indianoplace.  Our motto - "Go Pacers, take the Colts with you."

Date: 2010/07/21 07:54:12, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Kattarina98 @ July 21 2010,02:13)

Of course you may.

(Have I mentioned that My Beloved and Darling wife collects knives?)

Date: 2010/07/21 07:58:02, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (fnxtr @ July 20 2010,23:18)
Happy Birthday, fusilier.  Many more years of fusilli to you.

Jes suis un fusilier, not a pasta cook.

(Not much of a cook at all, to be honest)

Date: 2010/07/26 07:56:18, Link
Author: fusilier

(Too much cholesterol, I guess, sorry.)

Date: 2010/08/04 08:42:08, Link
Author: fusilier
hippo bird day two ewes

Date: 2010/08/13 07:56:02, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (carlsonjok @ Aug. 13 2010,07:17)
Quote (midwifetoad @ Aug. 12 2010,12:31)
StevenB applies an empirical test:


—markf: ”Nothing can be in two places at once” [a widely held view]

Here your instincts are correct. History shows that certain mystic/saints have bilocated. A good example would be Padre Pio.

{snip of url}
Just out of curiousity, isn't StephenB saying that mystics can violate his much loved Law of Non-Contradiction?  After all, if they bilocate, they are both here and not here, right?

Nope, they are HERE and THERE.  THERE is not not-HERE.  Not-THERE is not HERE.

No contradiction at all.  See Laumer's The Great Time Machine Hoax - circa 1965.

Date: 2010/08/24 08:04:46, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo Bird Dates Two Ewes!

Date: 2010/08/26 09:30:16, Link
Author: fusilier

Happy Happy from bigger brother


Date: 2010/08/30 09:00:43, Link
Author: fusilier
I must tender my regrets, but I shall be in the XVIIIth Century that weekend, defending New France from les cochonchien Anglais.

To forestall uninformed commentary, I feel constrained to point out that, here in North America we refer to the Seven Years' War as the "French and Indian War;"  the conflict where a million Brits took ten years to defeat sixty thousand Frenchmen.

votre tres omble et obeissant servieteur,

Date: 2010/09/01 07:05:51, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo bird day two ewes

Now you are old enough to know better!

Date: 2010/09/02 09:05:31, Link
Author: fusilier
Goodness, All Growed Up!

James 2:24

Date: 2010/09/02 13:55:46, Link
Author: fusilier
Paging Glenn Morton.

Call for Mr. Morton.

Date: 2010/09/03 07:39:43, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Dr.GH @ Sep. 02 2010,22:46)
Quote (socle @ Sep. 02 2010,17:23)
I haven't heard from since his birthday. He is very concerned (reasonably) with his prostrate cancer, and I doubt he feels like wasting much more effort on any controversies.

I was disappointed in his reaction to AGW.

Oh well.

I'm very sorry to hear that.

Date: 2010/10/11 08:03:43, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ Oct. 10 2010,23:09)
O'Dreary leads with her chin:
But I’d be curious to know why atheists are attracted to science fiction (not necessarily with happy results, by any means), and why there is so little good science fiction out there from a theistic perspective. Any thoughts?

The Genesis book of the Bible qualifies quite nicely.

I always thought Clarke's Hugo-winning The Star was quite theistic.

Since The Great Canadian Grandmother is, in fact, Canadian, I'm surprised she hasn't read Robert Sawyer's books on a world where Neandertals survived, while sapiens went extinct.  Physicists in the two parallel worlds each started an experiment (neutrino detector or some-such) in an abandoned mine and created a gate.

The Neandertals who crossed over simply couldn't comprehend the notion of a deity.  Their best guess was some structure in the pre-frontal lobes, which their species had never evolved to have.

OBTW, "Happy Thanksgiving" to our good neighbors to the north.

Edit to correct capitalization.

Date: 2010/10/26 06:48:59, Link
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Quote (Ftk @ Oct. 25 2010,09:34)
Look out herons.....;)

{snip of photo}

If they are bagging herons in Indiana, the DNR will bag them.

Date: 2010/10/28 06:54:36, Link
Author: fusilier

Date: 2010/11/01 07:59:37, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (OgreMkV @ Nov. 01 2010,08:01)
[quote=prong_hunter,Nov. 01 2010,06:06]{snip}

Arguing with IBIG is like arguing with a two-day old tuna sandwich.  You can scream all you want, it's still gonna stink.

I'll post my list of unanswered (mostly) questions in a bit.

May I nominate that for a Quip of the Week, if not POTW?

Date: 2010/11/11 10:45:49, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy Birthday, you child, you.

Date: 2010/11/11 10:47:18, Link
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At least Wilkins is old enough to appreciate the sun coming up on schedule.

Date: 2010/11/14 13:49:51, Link
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Quote (Darth Robo @ Nov. 13 2010,10:19)
The originator of the Hydroplate Theory challenges anyone, and particularly any evolutionist, who doubts his theory to a book-length written debate. {snip}

Who could resist such a challenge?   :p

Why does this look a lot like the one Joe Meert responded to 15-20 years ago?

Brown, of course, ran away from Joe's signed agreement to the terms.

Date: 2010/11/15 08:24:39, Link
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Quote (sledgehammer @ Nov. 12 2010,21:17)
But, but,...not a single one of them is a mini-van.  So there.

Check out the last pic.


Date: 2011/01/15 19:09:09, Link
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Quote (BillB @ Jan. 15 2011,11:21)
Quote (Zachriel @ Jan. 15 2011,15:58)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Jan. 15 2011,06:42)
For those no longer reading UD, you've missed out!

vjtorley explains free will!

AS for how top-down causation is compatible with physics, here’s how I picture it.

Reasoning is an immaterial activity. This means that reasoning doesn’t happen anywhere – certainly not in some spooky soul hovering 10 centimeters above my head. It has no location. Ditto for choice. However, choices have to be somehow realized on a physical level, otherwise they would have no impact on the world. The soul doesn’t push neurons, as Eccles appears to think; instead, it selects from one of a large number of quantum possibilities thrown up at some micro level of the brain (Doyle’s micro mind). This doesn’t violate quantum randomness, because a selection can be non-random at the macro level but random at the micro level.

1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1
0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 1

The above two rows were created by a random number generator. Now suppose I impose the macro requirement: keep the columns whose sum equals 1, and discard the rest. I now have:

1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0

Each row is still random, but I have imposed a non-random macro-level constraint. That’s how my will works when I make a choice.

Wow. And to think there I was thinking nobody knew quite how free will works!

He's got one thing right at least, as long as we understand he's talking about his friends at UD:

reasoning doesn’t happen

Hmm, so if the soul "selects from one of a large number of quantum possibilities thrown up at some micro level of the brain", and if evolution selects from among random possibilities, then


Edit: MIND to SOUL

Good point - does that mean DARWIN IS GOD!

No, but Aretha Franklin is.

Date: 2011/01/21 08:24:22, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Kris @ Jan. 21 2011,09:04)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Jan. 21 2011,03:52)
Please make a point which can then be discussed.

You're funny. Really you are. You're obviously just trying to bait me into something where you think you can tear apart anything I say and try to make me out to be a bible thumping creationist. Well, I've got news for you. I'm not a bible thumper or a creationist.

You want a point for "rational discussion"? Okay, how about this:

Science cannot prove that intelligent design or creation, of the universe or biological organisms or their building blocks, are or were impossible.

In addition to rossum's point, scientific inquiry does not "prove" anything.  Scientific inquiry evaluates hypotheses based on the preponderance of evidence.

Date: 2011/01/23 10:13:18, Link
Author: fusilier

Date: 2011/01/24 09:01:18, Link
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Quote (tsig @ Jan. 23 2011,13:22)
Quote (didymos @ Jan. 23 2011,04:35)
Joe goes pathetically fishing for some details:
 {snip in the interests of brevity}

Ah, yes.  A "less biased stance".  That would be, what, your armchair?  No, that's not a stance.  In front of the chalkboard in an apologetics class at the fundamentalist bible college that nearly chucked you out for heresy then?

You might almost say the the president of the Babble school applied a vise to Dempskis' beliefs.

I guess he'd be telling a TSA screener not to mess with his ... beliefs ....

Date: 2011/02/22 07:17:38, Link
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Congratulations for the accomplishment!

Date: 2011/02/24 09:01:26, Link
Author: fusilier

Date: 2011/03/22 07:31:21, Link
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Hippo birdies two ewes!

Date: 2011/04/11 08:12:50, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy birthday!

Date: 2011/05/01 19:13:17, Link
Author: fusilier
... and once more, with feeling!

Date: 2011/05/24 07:33:45, Link
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Quote (Hermagoras @ May 19 2011,16:17)
I, Hermagoras, have published a paper in Science!  Inquiry-Based Writing in the Laboratory Course (with Cary Moskovitz).  

Complete with random meme duplication and mutation on the second page.  Compositor error, post-galley-proofs.  We've sent a request for correction.

Missed this in the run-up to summer semester.


(May I hate you now?)

Date: 2011/07/07 07:45:09, Link
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Quote (CeilingCat @ July 07 2011,02:40)
I never would have believed it, but Bully Arrington has published a G.K.Chesterton quote that actually makes sense.  Apparently G.K. knew Kairosfocus:  
If you argue with a madman, it is extremely probable that you will get the worst of it; for in many ways his mind moves all the quicker for not being delayed by the things that go with good judgment. He is not hampered by a sense of humor or by charity, or by the dumb certainties of experience. He is the more logical for losing certain sane affections. Indeed, the common phrase for insanity is in this respect a misleading one. The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason.
I think he knew Batshit too.


Date: 2011/07/21 07:23:55, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (CeilingCat @ July 21 2011,01:07)


This may be cruel of me, but I'd like to give Dembski, Hanegraff and Ham guns just to see what happens.

No firearms, please, think of the innocent bystanders!

I'm in favor of period-appropriate weaponry:

Date: 2011/07/27 06:57:50, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Henry J @ July 27 2011,00:30)
But what happened to 2010?  :p

I'm sorry, but there was never a "2010."

A MiniTruth report said so.

Date: 2011/08/10 08:09:56, Link
Author: fusilier
Sorry I'm late with the birfday wishes.

59 isn't old, however.

Date: 2011/08/24 07:39:22, Link
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And yet another orbit celebrated.

Date: 2011/08/26 08:00:04, Link
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What J-Dog just said.

Date: 2011/09/08 09:40:39, Link
Author: fusilier
If any of you ever run into a ShadowRun character (female) with an "Aware" Damascus-steel scalping knife and matching canoe hatchet - that's Daughter #2.  Be very careful, she was taught to use 'em (IRL!) by a Shawnee shaman that we met at a reenactment

I started board gaming in about '65 or '66 - the old Avalon Hill titles like Jutland.  (I always loved the design of the HMS Rodney - used it for my flagship most games.)

Graduated to RPGing in '75 when I was in grad school at Illinois State University.  Game Designers' Workshop was upstairs over the Maid-Rite sandwich and ice-cream shop on Main St. where I playtested a few with Marc Miller taking notes like a maniac.

I played Traveller for almost a decade, until Daughter #1 came along in '82.  Her husband is an on-line gamer - but she participated from the time she was 4 months old.  (Great Distraction when GM'ing, in her carryalong.)

I would point out that Level 99 Elvish Mage or not, when a  Solomani Confederation Marine private triggers her FGMP-14, the target vaporizes.

Date: 2011/09/27 07:39:36, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (k.e.. @ Sep. 26 2011,10:06)
NO MORE; AND BY A SLEEP TO SAY WE END ( but not in their case…. yawn)
THE HEART-ACHE AND THE THOUSAND NATURAL SHOCKS  (of their plain bone headedness)
DEVOUTLY TO BE WISH'D. TO DIE, TO SLEEP; (or because they  lie down with dogs)
WHEN WE HAVE SHUFFLED OFF THIS MORTAL COIL, (what?....before or after Dover?)
MUST GIVE US PAUSE: THERE'S THE RESPECT (those clowns need love too)
THAT MAKES CALAMITY OF SO LONG LIFE; (of ID? ..stillborn folks and buried under the roses)
THE INSOLENCE OF OFFICE AND THE SPURNS  (fart gags and man of the year  Time Mag…..oh wait)
WHEN HE HIMSELF MIGHT HIS QUIETUS MAKE  (yes god ,where art thou…homo)
WITH A BARE BODKIN? WHO WOULD FARDELS BEAR, (Casey fuck brows who else)
TO GRUNT AND SWEAT UNDER A WEARY LIFE, (At Baylors broom cupboard?)
THE UNDISCOVER'D COUNTRY FROM WHOSE BOURN  (Ah yes Jerusalem the rough beast's destination)
THAN FLY TO OTHERS THAT WE KNOW NOT OF? (global warming deniers?)
THUS CONSCIENCE DOES MAKE COWARDS OF US ALL; (snikker ....nup only fact deniers)
and thus the native hue of evolution
is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of id,
and blogs of great piss and comment
with this regard their rusted on contributors  blow smoke ,
and lose the name of action. – please don’t give up!
the fair eve! nymph, in thy kansas
be all my sins remember'd.


I second the motion.

Date: 2011/10/07 07:29:10, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Doc Bill @ Oct. 06 2011,13:04)
Let me get this straight.*

I could create an unaccredited "university,"  Doc Bill U, and award myself an PhD Hon, or several and be a PhD Hon Mult.

Srsly?  I could do that?  Cool!  And I don't even need to recruit a football team.  I had no idea.

*that's what she said.

Nobody remembers Bye Bayou U.?

Date: 2011/11/02 10:21:11, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Woodbine @ Nov. 01 2011,18:56)
In a thread in which we throw around the term 'tard' I hesitate to ask, but, is Robert know, actually slow? Ignoring for a moment the YEC drivel he constantly spews the man is barely literate.

In fact biogeography should ot be used as evidence for a theory of biology.
Its not biology research.
Just a line of reasoning which they need to keep up their hunch they are right.
just scoring where critters are does not count for science in biology.
They have no biology science evidence.


I'm pretty sure his problem is organic - to use the terms My Beloved and Darling Wife would use.  (She has 40+ years in special ed, including doctoral level work:  preK through post secondary, LD, EMH, physical handicaps, etc.)

On another forum, when a poster unexpectedly died, Byers was the only anti-science poster to behave in a decent, caring, dare I say Christian?, fashion.

Whatever his faults, Byers has my sympathy for his problems.

Date: 2011/11/05 16:16:58, Link
Author: fusilier
Since the soul is infused in the body directly by God at conception, any and all CSI is a product of the Ultimate Intelligence.

Therefore Dembski wins.


Date: 2012/01/20 07:25:59, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Raevmo @ Jan. 19 2012,15:08)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Jan. 19 2012,13:26)
I guess having friends who are former murderers transformed by grace helps.

So, Darwin, object of hate. Nazi enabler.

A murderer who has seen the light? Gordon's best mate.

Yeah, wtf? Note it's multiple murderers, and former murderers, as if accepting jeebus in your life wipes the slate clean.

Basically, what he is saying is, he's surrounded by a bunch of former gang-banger killers that are now his private Army of the Lard.

Did anyone read Robert Byers' comments in that thread?  He comes across as rational, calm, and considerate.

I need to re-hinge my jaw, excuse me for a moment.

edited to fix html tags, sorry

Date: 2012/01/23 08:21:10, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo Birdies 2 U Toos!

Date: 2012/01/25 07:25:30, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Jan. 24 2012,23:48)
OK, another right-wing blogger holds forth, this time on how Genie Scott is a "science nazi".

So I responded:

Just FYI, RKB's expertise is in banking, but I've never seen him commenting on Wall Street financial shenanigans, or the mortgage crisis, or....  It's all YEC all the time.

OTOH, he isn't like FL.   I'd be glad to have lunch with RKB.

Date: 2012/02/24 08:32:09, Link
Author: fusilier
Makes me think of this.

<fix html>

Date: 2012/02/27 09:33:18, Link
Author: fusilier
happy happy, happy happy

Date: 2012/02/27 09:48:47, Link
Author: fusilier
[quote=Wesley R. Elsberry,Feb. 26 2012,13:11]
Quote (Lou FCD @ Feb. 26 2012,08:30)

Back in my undergraduate days, I took several photography courses through the college of fine arts. My paid job at the time was as a staff photographer for the school newspaper. Some days I would be "on call", and the voice pager was the latest technology for putting editors in touch with photographers. One such day, I was sitting in on a graduate seminar being given by Jerry N. Uelsmann, the most prominent photographer on the faculty. There were maybe eighteen people in attendance. He was in fine form, giving a lecture on how photojournalism was killing the art of photography. Of course, before the end of class happened, my pager went off. Our most excitable editor's voice clearly carried across the room, going on about a reporter needing my photographic services at a particular place on campus, and get there ASAP. The longest part of the walk was the ten feet to the door of the lecture room.


Reminds me of the First Law:  "TriX, f/8, and be there.

Date: 2012/03/08 07:49:26, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo birdies two ewe

Date: 2012/03/23 08:43:17, Link
Author: fusilier

Date: 2012/03/27 07:08:43, Link
Author: fusilier

Date: 2012/03/28 07:34:25, Link
Author: fusilier

(Maybe this will get Louis back posting?)

Date: 2012/04/11 07:13:02, Link
Author: fusilier
froehliche Geburtstag

Date: 2012/04/16 07:54:41, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (BillB @ April 16 2012,08:38)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ April 07 2012,18:26)
It's the usual horse-puckey, I see. Dembski et al. cite me and Jeff Shallit to say that they looked at more genetic algorithms than just stuff like "weasel" that obviously has the target in it. They do this to say that Dave Thomas was wrong in saying:


They claim that GAs cannot generate true novelty
and that all such “answers” are surreptitiously introduced into the program via the algorithm’s fitness
testing function

They take issue with a quote Thomas makes, pointing out just how specific that quote was and how general Thomas' claim was.

But one can justify Thomas' claim for Dembski at least, given the following:


This result refutes the claim that evolutionary algorithms can generate specified complexity, for it means that they can yield specified complexity only if such algorithms along with their fitness functions are carefully adapted to the complex specified targets they are meant to attain. In other words, all the specified complexity we get out of an evolutionary algorithm has first to be put into the construction of the evolutionary algorithm and into the fitness function that guides the algorithm. Evolutionary algorithms therefore do not generate or create specified complexity, but merely harness already existing specified complexity. Like a bump under a rug, the specified complexity problem has been shifted around, but it has not been eliminated.

There are no caveats there about multi-part, complex systems or what-have-you; just a straight-up universal claim about the abilities of evolutionary computation. Given that Dembski hadn't at that point even gotten well onto the dodge of claiming that CSI only meant CSI above his "universal improbability bound", this can only be taken to mean that he intended it to apply even to measures of "local small probability" as discussed in "The Design Inference".

So how does that work if you are a theistic evolutionist - All living things we see today are the result of evolutionary processes acting on, and from, the first life forms - but none of the specified complexity we see in life today is a result of those processes.

That's not what theistic evolution says.

The CSI bullshit is from creationism, not evolutionary biology.

Date: 2012/04/16 07:56:58, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy Birthday - even if it's not.

Date: 2012/04/20 07:06:15, Link
Author: fusilier
I'm an old film/chemistry guy, and my Pavlovian conditioning says "zoom lenses BAD!*"

I DO have a question on digital cameras, though.  I came across a Bass Rumoure that DSLRs have serious problems with dust on the CCD.  In particular, the electrostatic charge never goes away, and is not fixable.

I'm thinking of going to either a Canon G12 or Nikon equivalent, because you never open the camera body.

* Think Canon VI-T rangefinder with a Nikkor 85mm f/2 lens.  You can drive tent pegs with it.

Date: 2012/04/23 07:46:07, Link
Author: fusilier
Teeny stuff.

When I was in grad school one of the profs was studying roach pheromones, and had an entire colony of Madagascar Hissing cockroaches.

5-8cm as adults.

Date: 2012/04/26 09:19:51, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (CeilingCat @ April 26 2012,05:31)
I would defend Barry if global warming didn't have several well financed propaganda campaigns attacking it.  But I don't think that ever occurred to Barry.

As for Schlafly, he's probably doing fairly well, considering that his mother abandoned her duty to be a stay at home mom devoted only to having and raising children,  keeping house and polishing her kitchen floor to a mirror-like shine for her husband and praising Jesus in order to have a glamourous and well paid career as a public crank.

But if you read the things you suggested, you see right away that he hardly escaped his mother's treachery unscathed.  I shall include the poor soul in my next prayer.

Ceiling Cat,
don't pray for Andy, pray for his poor brother John.  Only undergrad I ever knew at Notre Dame (class of 1971) who wore a suit and tie.

He has to deal with being homosexual, in that family.

Date: 2012/05/01 06:41:45, Link
Author: fusilier
Sledge, a hunnert 'n' too???

Happy birfday to the pair of ya.

Date: 2012/05/21 08:21:00, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy Birthday!

Date: 2012/05/28 07:43:14, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Nils Ruhr @ May 28 2012,07:43)
Quote (DiEb @ May 28 2012,03:37)
At Evolutionary Informatics Lab- a look inside …:      
May 28, 2012 at 2:10 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
I just wrote an email to the lab:      

until at least May 19, 2012 there was a sub-page "errata" ("This area is for all corrections and post-publication additions to our published work") to which the home-page linked. And this page was there for years -  (see e.g., )

On May 24, 2012 I was informed by Winston Ewert of an erratum at W. Dembski's and R. Marks's paper "A Search for a Search". The paper itself has been appended, but suddenly, the sub-page "errata" is missing - and the link from the home-page is gone, too.

Even if this was just a coincidence, it doesn't create the impression that the Evolutionary Informatics Lab's handling of its mistakes is honest - or at least straightforward. Please correct this impression.

Di... Eb...

What exactly is your problem? The erratum is in their paper!


Date: 2012/05/29 11:22:50, Link
Author: fusilier
got this e-mail, today:


I am Donna Kwok, Greater China economist for HSBC Global Research. A sum of US$21,300,000.00 Million was deposited by our Late customer who died without declaring any next of kin before his death in 2008.My suggestion to you is to stand as the next of kin to Mahdi Abd Al-Kareem Al-Karboli.We shall share in the ratio of 50% for me, 50% for you.

Donna Kwok.

I think that's greater than the Gross Planetary Product!

Date: 2012/05/29 11:26:58, Link
Author: fusilier
My Sincere Apologies - this was to have gone straight to the Bathroom Wall.

Date: 2012/06/01 10:34:22, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Kattarina98 @ June 01 2012,04:16)
Yay, I can haz my very own birfday thread!
Thank you all - except JLT and Amadan who sent their messages in perfect German, thus depriving an ex-teacher of the opportunity to smugly correct them.  ;-)

Froeliche Geburtstag!

(Just so you can feel smug!)

Date: 2012/06/01 10:42:52, Link
Author: fusilier
Daniel K. Richter.  Facing East From Indian Country.  a native history of early america

Always worth learning a new perspective.

Date: 2012/06/22 07:27:32, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Henry J @ June 21 2012,19:03)
Funny, I thought Homo Sapien was put in the ape family before evolution theory was established. Not only that, but the only reason for not putting humans and chimpanzees in the same genus was basically the ego of the ones doing the classifying.

Not Quite.  

"I ask you and the whole world for a generic differentia between man and ape which conforms to the principles of natural history. I certainly know of none... If I were to call man ape or vice versa, I should bring down all the theologians on my head. But perhaps I should still do it according to the rules of science."
-from a letter by Linnaeus to Johann Gmelin

Date: 2012/06/25 06:52:53, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy Belated.

Date: 2012/07/11 07:40:47, Link
Author: fusilier
"If 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Had Been Written by a Biology Textbook Author"

Date: 2012/07/26 06:32:48, Link
Author: fusilier
Hippo birdies two ewe

Date: 2012/08/26 17:24:39, Link
Author: fusilier
what fnxtr said

Date: 2012/08/31 07:51:53, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Aug. 30 2012,14:59)

somewhere, in the dark corner of some smoky bar while men in suits dance with each other, gil dodgen wonders absentmindedly how many votes he will receive, as he plays chess with richard dawkins on the other side of his brain and his fingers play another one of jerry lee lewis's golden country gooduns, and gil wishes he were dead.

You should submit that to the next Bulwer-Lytton contest.

ETA - who plays him in the movie?  Johnny Depp?  Mel Gibson?  Clint Eastwood?

Date: 2012/09/03 07:45:53, Link
Author: fusilier
Happy Belated.

Date: 2012/09/07 07:04:02, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (CeilingCat @ Sep. 07 2012,07:29)
Another gem from the above thread.  Can anybody figure out WTF niwrad is talking about in the highlighted sentence?    
September 7, 2012 at 2:08 am

Joe #3:

How does a room become messy if no one enters it? I know it will become dusty, but messy?

Also without humans and animals, natural forces will destroy the room, given enough time. It is the destructive power of entropy, as Dr. Sewell clearly explained. Evolutionists trust entropy for creation of life but are like men who horse a crocodile to get across a river.

Do I even want to know how to "horse a crocodile"?

It's easy:

Date: 2012/09/12 07:19:05, Link
Author: fusilier

No, we are not worthy of that post.  thankyouthankyouthankyou

Date: 2012/10/31 06:57:45, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Oct. 30 2012,20:03)
Any scientific questions?
This origin of intelligence theory explains the emergent origin of biological diversity and complexity of life on Earth (and detection of these features elsewhere in our Universe) as a product of intelligence, which here self-assembles from nonrandom behavior of matter into multiple self-similar levels of a four requirement cognitive system that over time learns (no select/selected/selection generalizations) and can take a guess (not take a mutation) and physically develops over a lifetime that for molecular intelligence lasts at least billions of years (hence the word evolve became redundant). The theory's unambiguous logical construct allowed for an operational definition for biological species that builds upon the standard accepted operational definition for chemical species, used in chemistry. This unified entire sciences such as Cognitive Theory, Cell Theory, Genetic Theory and Physics Theory including concepts from String Theory. And one requirement of this inherently controlling cognitive mechanism is a confidence level we consciously feel, which is vital to account for, for the theory to also be useful to artists, musicians, clergy and all interested in better knowing who and what we are, how we were created, and by process known as "chromosomal speciation" are related to a progenitor couple hereby colloquially named "Chromosomal Adam and Eve".

Theory Of Intelligent Design - Download

Free Intelligence Design Lab:

Intelligence Design Lab with compiled code for Windows

Hi Gary S. Gaulin:

Have you ever had the balls to contact Sandy Moss at U. Massachussetts?  He's retired, now.

Trevor Robinson died of old age, so I know you'll never take your crap to him, now.

Or will you now reveal all those University Biologists who agree with your  ... stuff.

Hey, why haven't you incorporated winfield's <id> stuff, with Proof of Design being that you can add layers of toilet paper and finally keep a dropped egg from breaking.

(Yeah, there's a history.)

Date: 2012/11/01 08:59:43, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Woodbine @ Oct. 31 2012,18:51)
Gary, if you visit Uncommon Descent and speak to Kairosfocus he may allow you to present your theory for discussion. All the finest minds in ID post there and they might enjoy helping to debug and refine your work.

Damn, you owe me a new monitor AND a new keyboard.

Date: 2012/12/09 13:20:25, Link
Author: fusilier
hippo birdies two ewes

maybe "four ewes?"

Date: 2012/12/09 13:25:59, Link
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Quote (midwifetoad @ Dec. 07 2012,11:27)
Jorge is an anagram for r JoeG. Any similarities in style?

Don't think so.

Jorge once said his eyes were opened by Kent Hovind videos - and he's a fundigelical Christian.

Date: 2012/12/09 13:33:53, Link
Author: fusilier
Everybody IS aware of this, right?

Date: 2012/12/12 13:43:41, Link
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hippo birdies

Date: 2013/01/23 07:02:08, Link
Author: fusilier
What I Said, this time last year.

Date: 2013/03/22 07:03:07, Link
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hippo birdies, young lady

Date: 2013/04/12 07:01:38, Link
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Quote (Ptaylor @ April 12 2013,00:13)
Hippo birdies.

two ewes

Date: 2013/04/29 07:20:18, Link
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Quote (CeilingCat @ April 29 2013,05:41)
Is Robert Byers a French Canadian?  English doesn't seem to be his first language.

He doesn't seem to be.  He's made a big deal, elsewhere, about "Anglo-Saxon Protestant foundational science."  He also seems to be a British Israelite.

I think he has some form of Wernicke's Aphasia - but I am not a doctor, I don't practice medicine and I certainly don't pay malpractice insurance.


Date: 2013/04/30 07:00:02, Link
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Quote (Doc Bill @ April 29 2013,18:02)
The World Tomorrow on AM radio, hosted by Herbert Armstrong!  Pure comedy gold back in the early 70's.

On the origin of feathers:  dinosaurs throwing themselves against rocks to fray their scales.

Yep, he said that.  I miss the good old days, simple times.

Early '70s?  How about late 1950s?

I got a transistor radio with an earplug (take that iPod!) for my birthday in 1958, and listened every evening that the Tigers weren't playing ball.

When you are 9 years old and you can figure out some adult is talking crap....

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hippo birdies!

Date: 2013/05/01 07:06:42, Link
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Quote (k.e.. @ April 30 2013,10:06)
Quote (fusilier @ April 30 2013,15:00)
Quote (Doc Bill @ April 29 2013,18:02)
The World Tomorrow on AM radio, hosted by Herbert Armstrong!  Pure comedy gold back in the early 70's.

On the origin of feathers:  dinosaurs throwing themselves against rocks to fray their scales.

Yep, he said that.  I miss the good old days, simple times.

Early '70s?  How about late 1950s?

I got a transistor radio with an earplug (take that iPod!) for my birthday in 1958, and listened every evening that the Tigers weren't playing ball.

When you are 9 years old and you can figure out some adult is talking crap....

Luxury, luxury when I were a lad we used to have to tweak a cat whisker if we wanted to listen the wireless.

Had one of those, too.  My Dad and I ran the aerial up into the attic.

(He'd gotten that hobby bug back around 1916, or so.)

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[quote=Patrick,May 07 2013,15:14]
Quote (midwifetoad @ May 07 2013,15:00)
Quote (Richardthughes @ May 07 2013,11:29)
KF is linking to "the Newtonian uniformity principle". Of course he's linking to his own blog. Do real scientists use this phrase? Let's find out:

[URL snipped in edit
There's this. Not sure it helps KF.

What might help kairosfocus?

A 2x4 applied smartly to the occipital bone?

Date: 2013/06/07 06:10:03, Link
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Quote (olegt @ June 06 2013,08:12)
Quote (sparc @ June 05 2013,23:16)
They've finally made it: {snip of details}

It's usually the other way around: World Scientific has to convince you to write a book. Every time I give a talk at a visible conference, they send me their CD with Nobel lectures and prod me to write a review. Their requests promptly end up in trash.

World Scientific's journals that I know are crap.

Is this a vanity press?

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Quote (midwifetoad @ June 10 2013,15:39)
Pardon me if I don't know who Clucky Fraudnandez is. Doesn't come up with a lot of google hits.

Jorge is a Kent Hovind acolyte.  Over on CARM, a few years ago, he actually said that light from the headlamps of a spaceship travelling at 0.9c would be traveling at 1.9 c.

Date: 2013/06/12 07:50:40, Link
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Quote (midwifetoad @ June 11 2013,09:54)
Quote (fusilier @ June 11 2013,08:02)
Quote (midwifetoad @ June 10 2013,15:39)
Pardon me if I don't know who Clucky Fraudnandez is. Doesn't come up with a lot of google hits.

Jorge is a Kent Hovind acolyte.  Over on CARM, a few years ago, he actually said that light from the headlamps of a spaceship travelling at 0.9c would be traveling at 1.9 c.

That would be an interesting link to include in a review.

Like at UD, inconvenient posts disappear on a fairly regular basis.

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Author: fusilier
Please note that this anecdote is second hand - I am sure my neighbor is honest in his reporting, but ....

A neighbor told me that a fairly large cat we'd seen roaming the neighborhood was resting on the sidewalk, in the shade of a tree, when a large hawk nailed it and flew off with it.

The puddy-tat was one of those long-haired varieties, so I'm not sure how much of that "large" is fur, and how much cat.  We live in a stereotypical suburban neighborhood, 40-year-old silver maples, rosebushes, juniper hedges, that sort of thing.  My Beloved and Darling Wife is the mad gardening lady of the block.  We're near water, so there are often Great Blue Herons overhead, and I've seen hawks around.

But, preying on a cat?

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Quote (sparc @ Aug. 21 2013,03:48)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Aug. 21 2013,01:54)
Quote (sparc @ Aug. 20 2013,23:25)
Jorge Ferndez left his version of the BI:NP story at Theology Web.
(cross posted on the BI:NP thread)

How does it compare to the earlier account documented further up in this thread?

Not much. In the beginning he cites Luskin's EN&V posts. Later you will find things like:    
Since I am not a native English speaker, perhaps I have a language misunderstanding (?).

When does
   " ... holding a symposium at Cornell University ..."
mean the same thing as
   " ... Cornell is sponsoring our Symposium ...".

Suppose I held my birthday party at ***** Hotel, a famous 5-star hotel. I invite friends and family. My invitation says, "My party is being held at the ***** Hotel." Does that mean the same as, "The ***** Hotel is sponsoring my party?" IS the ***** Hotel sponsoring my party?

Get REAL, Sammy-boy.


I guess he will not disclose the reviewers or Dembski's contact at Springer.

Jorge wrote that?

It almost smacks of honesty.  (Therefore, I expect it to be disappeared.)

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<quiet, genteel, prolonged applause>

Date: 2013/10/10 06:55:41, Link
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Quote (blipey @ Oct. 10 2013,00:09)
Alright, Chicago contingent; I will be there Saturday night through Monday night. Then off to Valpo for shows.

Gonna swing by Indianapolis?

Date: 2014/01/24 06:56:23, Link
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Froehliche geburtstag!

fusilier, who was in class all day yesterday
James 2:24

Date: 2014/04/11 06:29:30, Link
Author: fusilier

Date: 2014/04/13 12:21:02, Link
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Quote (REC @ April 12 2014,18:29)
I call Bullshit.

We had an experience a couple years ago where some of the Discovery scientists were traveling with one of our supporters. So that night, we were at this cowboy steakhouse feeding the troops.

Ok....Didn't know the DI had a travelling circus....but whatever....

So I jumped in and offered the Discovery Institute credit card to pay for the Discovery Institute scientists, and this young waitress came back with the bill and the credit card. And she looked left and looked right and lowered her voice and said, "Can you tell me what the Discovery Institute is?"

Nope. Not happening. Waited tables, and you know damn better than to ask about a company credit card when people are entertaining. Or to express even passing interest at all in peoples' plastic which they are very protective of.

Though my bigger objection should be "Discovery Institute scientists," of which there are 0. Anti-science-ists, plenty.


Well, I said, we're a scientific think tank, and we're investigating the evidence for intelligent design and challenging standard Darwin. She says, "I thought so!"

I'll poll 300 "U" students right now. Odds of even one having heard of the Discovery Institute? Lol.

She said, "Our professors hate you." And then she motioned to three other waiters and waitresses. She says, "I'm a bio major at the U, and so are they, and, I'm telling you, our professors hate you.

How did this come up? In Bio 101, the profs announce "F-intelligent design idiots and the Discovery Institute we hate them", and this woman happens to remember it when she sees your credit card? We don't bring up the "controversy" in college classes. There is no controversy. Outside of idiot school boards in red states, you don't even exist.

But then we go on your website and we see those animations of all those little machines and we say, 'No way did that evolve.'

Nope. But how proud are you that the total of your "science" can be expressed in an emotional reaction?
Nope. We're no relative of apes. Nope that's complex-no way it evolved." God done it!

May I suggest that the server recognized these turkeys and was trying to get a decent tip?

Date: 2014/05/05 15:35:45, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Robin @ May 05 2014,14:18)
Quote (REC @ May 05 2014,08:23)
How many years later, and now gpuccio takes a shot at defining functional specified information:

Just curious, but if an object is observed to have more than one function - say a bird wing that used both for flight and for thermal management - does that have any impact on the specification?

Lost specificity, therefore devolution from SLoT, therefore ....  aaah .... Benghazi!!!

What do you mean that's OT?  This isn't Faux Knooz?

Date: 2014/07/17 09:46:35, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ July 17 2014,06:25)
Edgar Postrado is a regular poster at the CARM Evolution and Intelligent Design board under the handle "winfield".  The guy is your typical internet crackpot - ignorant as a sack of doorknobs, arrogant and insulting, constantly pimping his book.  Think of a cross between Byers and "human shitstain" Sal Cordova.

No link provided since CARM requires you to be a registered member to view their Secular boards.  They have quite a collection of YEC shameless liars and assholes who have free run of the board while pro-science folks get censored or suspended regularly.  Apparently CARM management doesn't want any casual lurkers to see just how hypocritical their Mods are.

What Occam's Aftershave Said.

He's posted as "winner" and "winfield."  Some of his ...exercises... involve poking rats with peanut-butter-coated sticks, or dropping raw eggs onto layers of toilet paper.

Therefore Jesus.

To be fair, I don't think that he's anywhere near Sal on the Nasty Bastard scale.

Date: 2014/09/02 07:32:58, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Driver @ Sep. 01 2014,08:28)
The definition of irrelevant. The views of CS Lewis on evolution. He has this ridiculous reputation in many Christian circles as a towering intellectual. Areas in which to ignore the opinions of CS Lewis: Science and philosophy. Areas in which to listen to the opinions of CS Lewis: Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Driver, have you actually ever read any of Lewis' fiction?

Daughters # 1 and #2 thought the Narnia stories were boring.  Of course they were reading The Enchanted Forest Chronicles in 4th grade.

"Out of the Silent Planet" wasn't too bad - no Stanley Weinbaum, but better than early John W. Campbell.  "Perelandra" was incredibly preachy and not worth much.

"That Hideous Strength" is accurately titled:  hideous.

Date: 2014/09/29 06:44:25, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (DiEb @ Sep. 28 2014,14:14)
William Dembski held a talk at the University of Chicago in August 2014. There is a youtube video of this one hour long talk which the Discovery Institute provided.

At the moment, I'm trying to transcribe this video in a series of posts on my blog: William Dembski's talk at the University of Chicago.

At 45', I had to stop for a moment, as there is such an amusing elementary mistake on the slides which the eminent Dr. Dr. uses... And, as 1/2 != 3/5, Dr. Dr. Dembski gets as wrong result - which is, as he says - " typical for these search-for-a-search situations". I couldn't agree more.

Please, take a look at: Conservation of Information in Evolutionary Search - Talk by William Dembski - part 4 . Thanks :-)

Is that "one over two-factorial equals three over five"  or "one over two does not equal three over five?"

Either way it's not sensible, but ....


Date: 2014/09/30 20:14:42, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (k.e.. @ Sep. 30 2014,10:51)
Quote (fusilier @ Sep. 29 2014,14:44)
Quote (DiEb @ Sep. 28 2014,14:14)
William Dembski held a talk at the University of Chicago in August 2014. There is a youtube video of this one hour long talk which the Discovery Institute provided.

At the moment, I'm trying to transcribe this video in a series of posts on my blog: William Dembski's talk at the University of Chicago.

At 45', I had to stop for a moment, as there is such an amusing elementary mistake on the slides which the eminent Dr. Dr. uses... And, as 1/2 != 3/5, Dr. Dr. Dembski gets as wrong result - which is, as he says - " typical for these search-for-a-search situations". I couldn't agree more.

Please, take a look at: Conservation of Information in Evolutionary Search - Talk by William Dembski - part 4 . Thanks :-)

Is that "one over two-factorial equals three over five"  or "one over two does not equal three over five?"

Either way it's not sensible, but ....


Didn't you mean =BS^0 ?


Date: 2014/10/05 18:38:31, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Learned Hand @ Oct. 05 2014,01:40)
In his latest screed, Barry Arrington makes a few odd comments. First, he says that "Jeffrey Shallit and I have been discussing the differences between a random string of text and a designed string of text." It's hard to see his indignant series of invective and complaints as any kind of "discussion;" he would need to substantively respond to Shallit's arguments for that. Here, for example, he is essentially conceding that Shallit is right but complains that the mathematician used a mathematical definition of "random" rather than reading his mind and using a lay definition, which Arrington finds objectionable (even though, as Frank points out, the lay definition is useless in a design-detection context). That's not a conversation, it's an angry man looking for an excuse to be angry about something.

Second, Arrington claims that as a lawyer he has some relevant expertise: "lawyers bring training in logic, reasoning and the evaluation of evidence issues to the table, and as this exchange demonstrates, that training can be useful in dissecting the ramblings of fundamentalists like Shallit."

In a word, no. I've heard this kind of posturing since law school, and it simply isn't true. Lawyers aren't automatically competent, much less experts, in "logic, reasoning and the evaluation of evidence." Law school spends surprisingly little time on those things, and an attorney only builds experience with them in practice if he uses them. Arrington doesn't seem to.

That's not a dig at his practice. Maintaining a solo practice for any length of time is a respectable accomplishment, and I do respect it. I wouldn't want to try it. But Arrington's practice seems to be small-scale bankruptcy work, and (according to his website, which like all firm websites is probably inflated) a little litigation on the side. Mom-and-pop litigation doesn't make someone an expert in "logic, reasoning and the evaluation of evidence."

The proof is in the pudding. Arrington's bitter complaint is about Shallit's use of the second definition in his dictionary. But the one he wants to use is the one that, as Frank pointed out, is useless for design detection: it assumes the absence of "aim, reason, or pattern." An expert in logic would have predicted this point, or at least have been able to respond to it. (Such an expert might also have wondered whether the fact that he created the "random" string in order to illustrate a point means that it was, in fact, "made [with] definite aim, reason, or pattern.")

There's nothing logical or reasonable about Arrington's response. Shallit made an interesting and valid point. Arrington's only response is to shriek about the definitions in his layperson's dictionary, posturing as if Shallit has made some awful faux pas, rather than responding on point and with an eye to the context of the discussion. It's just an excuse to pile invective on Shallit, without bothering to have an actual discussion.

It's not hard to see the reasoning behind Arrington's bilious complaints. An actual conversation, in which he listened to and responded to substantive points rather than endlessly complaining, would probably not end well. Shallit is, after all, an expert. Arrington does not have the training, patience, mental flexibility or temper to have an actual "discussion" about randomness with him. So he falls back on his lawyerin' credentials and relies on the results-oriented thinking of his fellow travelers to prevent anyone but the critics from pointing out that the blog-emperor is naked as well as raving.

Isn't this Phillip Johnson's claim from "Darwin on Trial?"  

IANAL, but it has always seemed to me that lawyers are experts at including or excluding evidence, according to trial rules, not at the evidence itself.

Otherwise why have expert witnesses?

Date: 2014/11/11 06:37:26, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Steverino @ Nov. 10 2014,17:42)
I know this is coming in from way of left field....Anyone ever run into this special maroon:

"Edgar A. Postrado was born in the Philippines (1966) with civil Engineering Degree from National University, Manila. He discovered: the real Intelligent Design, the real "intelligence" and its elusive nature, discoverer and promoter of Biological Interrelation or Interrelation Theory (replacement to the Theory of Evolution), promoter of the new powerful categorization method in naturalistic science, discoverer of the new and testable Theory of Intelligence, and solver or giver to some of the most unsolved mysteries in naturalistic science in origin's topic, like physics, biology, psychology, philosophy, mathematics, religion etc."


It's Winner, aka Winfield, aka a couple of others

He's posted here a couple of times, but more often on sites like CARM.

He's sort of like Byers, only without the nasty flareups, and sort of like Gaulin, only without the loggorrhea.

His primary claims are that he has disproved evolutionary biology by poking rats with peanut-butter covered sticks.  
Since they retreat instead of lunging for the food, therefore Jesus.

Also, by dropping eggs into ever thicker layers of Charmin ....

Date: 2014/11/11 13:42:09, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Steverino @ Nov. 11 2014,10:18)
I'd love to engage him but, I really don't feel like paying $5 for his "book".

Anyone have I can read?

I don't think anyone has ever bought a copy.


At one time, the "price" was $0.00 with a handling fee for the Kindle app, and no one ever downloaded a copy.

I don't have that many neurons that I can afford to lose any more.

Date: 2014/11/13 12:00:34, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Steverino @ Nov. 12 2014,19:43)
Does anyone know what his exact or specific claim is?


He is totally incoherent.

Date: 2014/11/28 09:46:31, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Dr.GH @ Nov. 27 2014,23:59)
I hope you all did as well.

(Even creationist dipshits).

As did we.  Way too many leftovers:

Daughter #1 and SIL #1 are still in Boston, so didn't plan to visit.   Daughter #2 is back in southern Wisconsin - she helped fix meals for a Ronald McDonald House in Chicago.  

What would we do without text messages?

Date: 2015/02/17 06:55:49, Link
Author: fusilier
Tres Kewl!

Date: 2015/04/03 07:00:35, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (OgreMkV @ April 02 2015,14:04)
Prepare for the onslaught of misrepresentation of this article

Logical Depth and Physical Complexity
Charles H. Bennett
IBM Research, Yorktown Heights NY 10598, USA
pp. 227-257 in The Universal Turing Machine– a Half-Century
Survey, edited by Rolf Herken, Oxford University Press (1988)
Some mathematical and natural objects (a random sequence, a sequence
of zeros, a perfect crystal, a gas) are intuitively trivial, while
others (e.g. the human body, the digits of π) contain internal evidence
of a nontrivial causal history.
We formalize this distinction by defining an object’s “logical depth”
as the time required by a standard universal Turing machine to generate
it from an input that is algorithmically random (i.e. Martin-L¨of
random). This definition of depth is shown to be reasonably machineindependent,
as well as obeying a slow-growth law: deep objects cannot
be quickly produced from shallow ones by any deterministic process,
nor with much probability by a probabilistic process, but can be produced
Next we apply depth to the physical problem of “self-organization,”
inquiring in particular under what conditions (e.g. noise, irreversibility,
spatial and other symmetries of the initial conditions and equations of
motion) statistical-mechanical model systems can imitate computers
well enough to undergo unbounded increase of depth in the limit of
infinite space and time.

Since Paul Nelson Day is coming up, soon ....

Date: 2015/06/16 08:00:44, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Learned Hand @ June 15 2015,23:02)
Can I derail this with some happy news? I just got married. That is all.

(The announcement makes more sense if you've seen the new Mad Max.)


(heading to our 43rd, in just a couple of months)

James 2:24

Date: 2015/07/23 07:58:52, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (CeilingCat @ July 23 2015,02:07)
Really. Guillermo Gonzalez had seven years to design an astronomical research project, find funding for it and at least begin the actual research.  As far as I can tell, he did none of that.  He never came up with any kind of research program, so of course he had nothing to find funding for and never did any research.  At all.  Nada.  Not one bit.  

But when he was denied tenure because of his total failure to produce, the IDiots went wild.  They claimed that his academic freedom was abridged because he happened to write "The Privileged Planet" during his seven year paid vacation.  He made every ID martyr list.  He was living evidence of the anti-Christian prejudice that supposedly permeates the halls of ivy.

Then Dembski writes a book that takes the common sense view that Noah's Flood never happened and he's dragged before the Dean, forced to recant his views and made to pledge fealty to a religious dogma he obviously doesn't believe in.  And he gets canned anyway!

And the UD crew?  Instead of coming to the aid of their protector, they ignore his martyrdom and busy themselves flinging volleys of poo at the evil secularism, telling themselves how clever they are and banning those who disagree.  They forsook him three times before the cock even woke up.  Truly, "A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house."

I think the worst part for Dembski is that Southwest Baptist had such a really beautiful parking lot.  A man could be proud, parking in that lot!  He'd really feel that he'd arrived, that he was one of the big boys now, a scholar of substance.  It must have hurt to the bone when it was taken away.

Worse than the cafeteria.

POTW nominee!

Date: 2015/09/30 06:31:19, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Mindrover @ Sep. 30 2015,07:14)
[Grabs snacks; settles in]

This should is be fun.

No, it won't.  

Unless by "fun" you mean discussion of dropping eggs through layers of toilet paper, and adding more layers until the egg doesn't break the TP, therefore "the new<id> (not ID.)"

Or poking lab rats with peanutbutter-coated sticks and since the rats back away, therefore Jesus.

And then there was the one about how hens could possible evolve an innate behavior to brood chicks, since ... sorry, my mind is busy boggling right now and I can't finish.

Date: 2015/10/01 06:41:36, Link
Author: fusilier
From the Uncommonly Dense thread, Mr.IntelligentDesign wrote:

I've been living here in Japan for 23 years! NO ENGRISH EVERIDI! I am here in the land of the Rising Sun!

Thus, forgive me for my bad grammars but I think most of my posts are understandable. I wish that you or anyone of you who has perfect grammars could discover the real intelligence, but this discovery was put onto my shoulder. What should I do? I had to do it alone since you never yet buy my science books or send me grants for support. SEND ME GRANTS, TAXES and SUPPORTS and I will reedit all my books to satisfy your language. And see how those discoveries could blow your scientific and intellectual minds!

But one thing I can sure of: I maybe have bad grammars but I have the best science. That is for sure for if now, why should I waste my time here claiming something???

I've offered this before, winner/winfield/MrIntelligentDesign - Send me your Japanese text, and I'll have Daughter #2 translate it.  It will take longer than when I first offered, several years ago, since she's working in the cardio/ortho surgery suite at a hospital in Wisconsin.  (She left Apple about the time you stopped regular posting at CARM.)

romanji, please, since I can't be sure how kanji will come across when printed.

Date: 2015/10/08 06:43:29, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (ChemiCat @ Oct. 08 2015,07:09)

Are you still claiming to be the King of France.

He'd better not be.

Date: 2015/10/30 06:22:58, Link
Author: fusilier
deleted.  Off topic, sorry.

Date: 2015/11/17 06:51:59, Link
Author: fusilier
[quote=Otangelo,Nov. 15 2015,19:26]
Quote (OgreMkV @ Nov. 15 2015,15:07)
Well, was coded, complex specified information and interdependent , irreducible complex systems predicted by the ToE ? {snip}

I hope I'm not too late with this, but in 1918, 35 years before Prof. Behe was born, H.J. Muller proposed the idea of "interlocking complexity" as a consequence of Descent with Modification.

As other posters have already pointed out, "Complex Specified Information" is completely undefined, except as "That ineffable property which only Go ...err, sorry, ... The Disembodied Telic Entity can produce."

Date: 2015/11/18 06:40:18, Link
Author: fusilier
[quote=Otangelo,Nov. 17 2015,16:03]
Quote (fusilier @ Nov. 17 2015,06:51)
Quote (Otangelo @ Nov. 15 2015,19:26)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Nov. 15 2015,15:07)
Well, was coded, complex specified information and interdependent , irreducible complex systems predicted by the ToE ? {snip}

I hope I'm not too late with this, but in 1918, 35 years before Prof. Behe was born, H.J. Muller proposed the idea of "interlocking complexity" as a consequence of Descent with Modification.

As other posters have already pointed out, "Complex Specified Information" is completely undefined, except as "That ineffable property which only Go ...err, sorry, ... The Disembodied Telic Entity can produce."

Behe's Critics' Scaffolding Falls Down

And there's another problem with the scaffolding objection. Behe defines irreducible complexity as requiring not just one part, but "several well-matched, interacting parts."

Even if you end up with an irreducibly complex system by removing parts from scaffolding, you still had to build the scaffolding. How does unguided evolution build the scaffolding by adding parts?

In that regard, adding parts to build scaffolding may be more complicated than ID critics would admit. Adding a part isn't always that simple, even if it isn't indispensible. Sometimes simply getting a functional protein-protein interaction is beyond the reach of Darwinian evolution. In 2004, Behe and Snoke published a paper in Protein Science reporting results of computer simulations and theoretical calculations. They showed that the Darwinian evolution of a simple functional bond between two proteins would be highly unlikely to occur in populations of multicellular organisms. The reason, simply put, is because too many amino acids would have to be fixed by non-adaptive mutations before gaining any functional binding interaction.

How unexpected:  the goalposts are moving, and a red-herring or two are being dragged across the posts.

Your original statement was:
Well, was coded, complex specified information and interdependent , irreducible complex systems predicted by the ToE ?

I pointed out that, yes, so-called "irreducible" (Behe used the term irreducibly), complex systems had been predicted by evolutionary biologists, nearly four decades before Behe was born.  The term "interlocking complexity," in Muller's paper in Genetics as well as his 1946 (? I could be wrong on the year, sorry) Nobel acceptance speech, is explicitly Behe's notion.

So that portion of your claim is demonstrably false.

You know, you really shouldn't be citing Behe and Snokes (2004.)  Behe's original claim was that protein evolution simply could not occur, unless directed by some outside agency.  Behe and Snokes demonstrated that it can.  

"Unlikely" does not mean the same thing as "impossible."
Behe proved himself wrong.

As an aside, back in 1996, when Behe was going on book-signing tours, loudly proclaiming that NO ONE had EVER studied biochemical evolution, I was getting flyers from a publisher to use "Biochemical Evolution, 2nd Edition" in my courses.  (Since I teach Human Anatomy and Physiology, it wasn't a good fit, so I passed on the opportunity.)

Your website assertions are merely wordsmithing and flappdoodle, and otherwise not worth the ATP to refute.

Date: 2015/11/18 11:39:48, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Otangelo @ Nov. 18 2015,11:13)
Quote (fusilier @ Nov. 18 2015,06:40)

I did not answer to your point about Muller, simply because you are right. He came up with interlocked complexity in 1935. So what ?

And the evolution of proteins is still a problem for proponents of naturalism to explain.

There are actually two problems to explain:

1. How the minimal set of proteins emerged to make the first living cell, in particular DNA replication proteins

2. and how new proteins to make new body plans could have evolved after life was up and going.

In case of 1. you can't bring evolution into the game, since evolution depends on replication. So all you are left with, are luck and chance as mechanism to make the proteins of DNA replication

and in regard of 2. Behe made a nice analogy :

Darwins Black Box page 40:

So let us attempt to evolve a bicycle into a motorcycle by the gradual accumulation of mutations. Suppose that a factory produced bicycles, but that occasionally there was a mistake in manufacture. Let us further suppose that if the mistake led to an improvement in the bicycle, then the friends and neighbors of the lucky buyer would demand similar bikes, and the factory would retool to make the mutation a permanent feature. So, like biological mutations, successful mechanical mutations would reproduce and spread. If we are to keep our analogy relevant to biology, however, each change can only be a slight modification, duplication, or rearrangement of a preexisting component, and the change must improve the function of the bicycle. So if the factory mistakenly increased the size of a nut or decreased the diameter of a bolt, or added an extra wheel onto the front axle or left off the rear tire, or put a pedal on the handlebars or added extra spokes, and if any of these slight changes improved the bike ride, then the improvement would immediately be noticed by the buying public and the mutated bikes would, in true Darwinian fashion, dominate the market. Given these conditions, can we evolve a bicycle into a motorcycle? We can move in the right direction by making the seat more comfortable in small steps, the wheels bigger, and even (assuming our customers prefer the «biker» look) imitating the overall shape in various ways. But a motorcycle depends on a source of fuel, and a bicycle has nothing that can be slightly modified to become a gasoline tank. And what part of the bicycle could be duplicated to begin building a motor? Even if a lucky accident brought a lawnmower engine from a neighboring factory into the bicycle factory, the motor would have to be mounted on the bike and be connected in the right way to the drive chain. How could this be done step-by-step from bicycle parts? A factory that made bicycles simply could not produce a motorcycle by natural selection acting on variation—by «numerous, successive, slight modifications»—and in fact there is no example in history of a complex change in a product occurring in this manner.

[quote=fusilier,Nov. 18 2015,06:40][/quote]

I did not answer to your point about Muller, simply because you are right. He came up with interlocked complexity in 1935. So what ?

Muller's Genetics paper was in 1918, not 1935.  The "what" is that you loudly proclaimed  evolutionary biology did not and could not predict "irreducibly complex" structures, but that goddidit does.  You were wrong.  When corrected, you now pretend that you never did so.

That isn't merely being wrong, it's telling a lie.  

For the balance of your flapdoodle, I invite you to read several hundred papers from Jack Szostak's lab:

The late Carl Woese also demolished your claim.

OBTW, motorcycles don't reproduce.  Otherwise there's this really nice Moto Guzzi/Indian hybrid I've been thinking about.

Date: 2016/01/28 06:39:01, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Ptaylor @ Jan. 27 2016,23:40)
Occasional commenter Colin* has started a regular weblog outlining his experiences on the Conspira-Sea Cruise starting here. Great reading, IMO, that should appeal to many here.
*Can someone remind me of Colin's screen name here?

Learned Hand has a Bathroom Wall post on this very issue.

(Edit - I gotta learn to spell.)

Date: 2016/01/29 06:44:16, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Henry J @ Jan. 28 2016,22:28)
pi are square.

No, pi are round, caek are square.

Date: 2016/02/05 06:26:04, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (KevinB @ Feb. 04 2016,12:10)
Quote (JohnW @ Feb. 04 2016,10:59)
Quote (Leftfield @ Feb. 04 2016,06:12)
Law #1: For any creature with legs, the legs in their resting state will be exactly as long as the distance from the creature's body to the ground.

Therefore designed. I mean what are the chances, out of all possible leg lengths?

The Three Laws of Evidence:
1.  Any scientific discovery, past, present, or future, was predicted by ID.
2.  Any evidence which makes intelligent life more probable is evidence that intelligent life was a planned outcome, hence the universe was designed for us.  Therefore Jesus.
3.   Any evidence which makes intelligent life less probable is evidence that we're rare and special, hence the universe was designed for us.  Therefore Jesus.

There's always the ID variant of Arthur C Clarke's Laws....

1. If an Intelligent Design Theorist says that something is possible, they are probably right. If an Intelligent Design Theorist says that something is impossible, they are probably William Dembski.

2.  Any sufficiently advanced Intelligent Design Theory is indistinguishable from Creationism.


Date: 2016/06/09 06:29:34, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Henry J @ June 08 2016,21:25)
I've never bothered with Facebook so far, and that does not encourage me to do so!  :p

Plus, what occurs to me is that the universe is too regular in its features for the details to have been intelligently designed. (Sure, it has variety, but it has the kind of variety that would be expected from simply reapplying the same set of processes over and over and over.)

Ah, but that's exactly what An Intelligent Designer would DO:   find something that works and use it over and over and over and over and over....

</IDiot mode>

Date: 2016/06/10 06:29:43, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (OgreMkV @ June 09 2016,08:13)
Quote (fusilier @ June 09 2016,06:29)
Quote (Henry J @ June 08 2016,21:25)
I've never bothered with Facebook so far, and that does not encourage me to do so!  :p

Plus, what occurs to me is that the universe is too regular in its features for the details to have been intelligently designed. (Sure, it has variety, but it has the kind of variety that would be expected from simply reapplying the same set of processes over and over and over.)

Ah, but that's exactly what An Intelligent Designer would DO:   find something that works and use it over and over and over and over and over....

</IDiot mode>

And take something that's stupid (like the recurrent laryngeal nerve) and use it over and over again.

I guess it's like Ford using the Pinto chassis to build a bunch of different, but equally awful cars.

My  ... favorite ... is the prostatic urethra, but there ARE so many.

OTOH, don't be dissin' the Pinto.  My Beloved and Darling Wife still talks about putting the '72 wagon I bought just before we got married into 4-wheel drifts.

James 2:24

Date: 2016/07/22 06:35:13, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (sparc @ July 22 2016,00:07)
According to EN&V sex is ID. However, one may wonder how they could make this groundbreaking discovery with the lights off.
links to chapters of Glicksman's "The designed body" at EN&V

My excised prostate gland begs to differ with Dr. Glicksman.

Date: 2016/09/13 06:33:52, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (k.e.. @ Sep. 13 2016,00:01)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Sep. 13 2016,06:37)
Come on!!  What do I have to do here to get a POTW? I'm pouring my heart out here.

Ha!! Trying to Bogart a POTW priceless!

Now that's POTW material.

James 2:24

Date: 2016/09/30 06:43:02, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Lethean @ Sep. 30 2016,06:50)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Sep. 29 2016,20:33)
Quote (CeilingCat @ Sep. 29 2016,14:25)
Quote (JohnW @ Sep. 29 2016,11:32)
Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 29 2016,09:05)
The Ubiquitous Miracles Of Our Existence
September 29, 2016 Posted by William J Murray under Intelligent Design
1 Comment

i can't keep up with all the ID science these days

Moar science!

1  bFast  September 29, 2016 at 9:38 am
“I’m not aware of a god blatantly intervening in the world, as some people say happens.”

Hmmm. I was just out on a river hunting with a friend. One day our outboard motor refused to start. Both my friend and I are rather mechanical, so we worked on the problem. We found that we could get the motor to start if we had lots of throttle on. In fact, it would run fast very well. However, it would immediately die when we tried to slow it to an idle. This was a particular problem because you had to slow it to an idle to shift from neutral to drive.

Our mechanical sense cased us to conclude that the low speed jet in the carburetor was plugged. We decided to overhaul the carburetor in the field. However, we didn’t have sufficient tools to remove the carb so that we could work on it. We were hooped.

I said to my friend, “let me try something”. I prayed a quick prayer asking Jesus to fix the motor, and I pulled the cord. Vrooom. First pull. And the problem was gone forever.

I kinda agree with daveS. If my God didn’t sometimes blatantly intervene in my world, I really doubt that I would be one of his followers.

It was Satan who clogged that jet!

My money is on god clogging the engine because bfast was having unnatural desires towards his fishing buddy.



Date: 2016/10/25 06:41:59, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Ptaylor @ Oct. 25 2016,01:40)
I'm disappointed. I heard of Jack Chick's death a good 12 hours ago, and still no mention of this at UD. :(

C'mon, you know it's  All Science All the Time over at UD, so why would religious tracts be on the table?

Oh wait, it's nearly Halloween, just time enough to get a couple of gross of tracts to hand out to the kiddies....

Date: 2016/11/09 06:31:44, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (NoName @ Nov. 08 2016,15:24)
Quote (fnxtr @ Sep. 20 2016,15:44)
I just read "Jingo", originally published 20-some years ago but quite timely today.

If only we had a Vetinari.  And a Vimes.

Unfortunately, we may now have a Lorenzo the Kind.

Date: 2016/11/15 06:27:45, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (KevinB @ Nov. 15 2016,06:48)
Quote (Texas Teach @ Nov. 14 2016,20:42)
Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 14 2016,20:39)
Quote (Texas Teach @ Nov. 14 2016,19:32)
Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 14 2016,20:22)
Maybe they spent the time exchanging recipes for fruitcake?


Like the punchline in the story "To Serve Man"?

Of Pandas and People is a cookbook!

Following on from the PT post "Creationist classification of theropods", i'm wondering whether the "Theropod classification of creationists" would be "Tasty"....

Exactly how much Pepto-Bismol would a T. rex need afterwards?

Date: 2016/12/02 06:34:53, Link
Author: fusilier
I really, really, really dislike Disqus.

Just Sayin'....

Date: 2017/02/13 06:42:46, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Learned Hand @ Feb. 11 2017,12:23)

That's where I am today. Contain your jealousy. CONTAIN IT!

Your poor cerebrum....

Date: 2017/03/23 08:59:52, Link
Author: fusilier
I'm getting a message as I log in, purportedly from Mozilla - I use FireFox.  I cautions me that the site is "not secure," and suggests looking for a "https" component to the url.

I only use this password here, but just FYI.

Date: 2017/04/12 06:31:33, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Molt @ April 12 2017,04:45)
Politics in college is something unusual for me. In order to understand in more detail the question of the abolition of the slave trade, I had to watch the film, Amazing Grace. In addition, I studied in detail the biography of Wilberforce and used to order written work on anti-Christian culture. Now, when something is due with such issue I prefer completed written work about Wilberforce and submit it to my professor before the

reported as spam

Date: 2017/06/05 09:55:14, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Dredge @ June 05 2017,05:13)
I am a practising Catholic and I can assure you that there are many deluded imposters in the Catholic Church.  Father Coyne sounds like one of them.  He is a Jesuit - that says it all, really ... The Jesuits are the most intellectually-corrupt order in the Church.  (Pope Francis is a Jesuit, sad to say.)

So, His Holiness Pius XII, His Holiness St. John Paul II, His Holiness Emeritus Benedict XVI, and His Holiness Francis are all deluded impostors.

Glad to Know That.

Date: 2017/06/08 06:43:10, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Dredge @ June 08 2017,04:12)
Quote (fusilier @ June 05 2017,09:55)
Quote (Dredge @ June 05 2017,05:13)
I am a practising Catholic and I can assure you that there are many deluded imposters in the Catholic Church.  Father Coyne sounds like one of them.  He is a Jesuit - that says it all, really ... The Jesuits are the most intellectually-corrupt order in the Church.  (Pope Francis is a Jesuit, sad to say.)

So, His Holiness Pius XII, His Holiness St. John Paul II, His Holiness Emeritus Benedict XVI, and His Holiness Francis are all deluded impostors.

Glad to Know That.

Quote (Dredge @ June 05 2017,05:13)
I am a practising Catholic and I can assure you that there are many deluded imposters in the Catholic Church.  Father Coyne sounds like one of them.  He is a Jesuit - that says it all, really ... The Jesuits are the most intellectually-corrupt order in the Church.  (Pope Francis is a Jesuit, sad to say.)

So, His Holiness Pius XII, His Holiness St. John Paul II, His Holiness Emeritus Benedict XVI, and His Holiness Francis are all deluded impostors.

Glad to Know That.

Huh?  Please point out where I said His Holiness Pius XII, His Holiness St. John Paul II, His Holiness Emeritus Benedict XVI, and His Holiness Francis are all deluded imposters.

His Holiness Pius XII, in an encyclical, stated that there were no theological objections to the evolution of the human body, so long as no one proposed that the human soul was anything other than directly created.

His Holiness St. John Paul II, in an address to the Pontifical Academy of Science affirmed his predecessor's statement, and expanded it to point out that multiple, consilient, lines of scientific evidence for evolution had been discovered in the intervening 4 decades.

His Holiness Emeritus Benedict XVI, approved, when he was still Josef Cardinal Ratzinger and head of the Congregation for Doctrinal Fidelity, that:

Since it has been demonstrated that all living organisms on earth are genetically related, it is virtually certain that all living organisms have descended from this first organism. Converging evidence from many studies in the physical and biological sciences furnishes mounting support for some theory of evolution to account for the development and diversification of life on earth, while controversy continues over the pace and mechanisms of evolution... Divine causality and created causality radically differ in kind and not only in degree. Thus, even the outcome of a truly contingent natural process can nonetheless fall within God’s providential plan for creation. According to St. Thomas Aquinas: “The effect of divine providence is not only that things should happen somehow, but that they should happen either by necessity or by contingency. Therefore, whatsoever divine providence ordains to happen infallibly and of necessity happens infallibly and of necessity; and that happens from contingency, which the divine providence conceives to happen from contingency” (Summa theologiae, I, 22,4 ad 1).



Human Persons Created in the Image of God*

You called Fr. Coyne a deluded imposter for telling the truth about God's direct handiwork, recorded in the stars, the rocks and the genomes.  Then you stated that the Society of Jesus is intellectually corrupt, and included His Holiness Francis in that blanket assertion.

So what else am I to conclude?

Date: 2017/06/08 07:09:09, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (stevestory @ June 07 2017,18:51)
"Being a prestigious scientist" also correlates with "being an old white man". But if you think that means old white men are the smartest people around, you haven't worked enough retail.


Date: 2017/06/09 06:26:17, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Dredge @ June 09 2017,05:24)
Quote (fusilier @ June 08 2017,06:43)
Quote (fusilier @ June 05 2017,09:55)
His Holiness Pius XII, in an encyclical, stated that there were no theological objections to the evolution of the human body, so long as no one proposed that the human soul was anything other than directly created.

His Holiness St. John Paul II, in an address to the Pontifical Academy of Science affirmed his predecessor's statement, and expanded it to point out that multiple, consilient, lines of scientific evidence for evolution had been discovered in the intervening 4 decades.

His Holiness Emeritus Benedict XVI, approved, when he was still Josef Cardinal Ratzinger and head of the Congregation for Doctrinal Fidelity, that:

Since it has been demonstrated that all living organisms on earth are genetically related, it is virtually certain that all living organisms have descended from this first organism. Converging evidence from many studies in the physical and biological sciences furnishes mounting support for some theory of evolution to account for the development and diversification of life on earth, while controversy continues over the pace and mechanisms of evolution... Divine causality and created causality radically differ in kind and not only in degree. Thus, even the outcome of a truly contingent natural process can nonetheless fall within God’s providential plan for creation. According to St. Thomas Aquinas: “The effect of divine providence is not only that things should happen somehow, but that they should happen either by necessity or by contingency. Therefore, whatsoever divine providence ordains to happen infallibly and of necessity happens infallibly and of necessity; and that happens from contingency, which the divine providence conceives to happen from contingency” (Summa theologiae, I, 22,4 ad 1).



Human Persons Created in the Image of God*

You called Fr. Coyne a deluded imposter for telling the truth about God's direct handiwork, recorded in the stars, the rocks and the genomes.  Then you stated that the Society of Jesus is intellectually corrupt, and included His Holiness Francis in that blanket assertion.

So what else am I to conclude?

How naive are you?!  Unfortunately, Popes aren't infallible when it comes to science.  This is perfectly obvious by their acceptance of the opinion of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which obediently parrots the Darwinist consensus of the secular world.

The problem with this pro-evolution stance is, one has to twist and mangle (read: effectively ignore) Scripture in order to squeeze it into the Bible.  Theistic evolution is rubbish.

The fact that the Catholic Church endorses the greatest hoax in history is a measure of how corrupt she has become ... worse still, the hoax is demonically-inspired.

I'm not the poster taking a fundamentalist Protestant position on Scripture, yet pretending to Catholicism.

Date: 2017/06/09 06:34:01, Link
Author: fusilier
Quote (Dredge @ June 09 2017,05:38)
In the encyclical, Humani Generis, Pope Pius XII stated that Catholics are "by no means" free to accept polygenism. Yet many Catholics today embrace polygenism - including Bishops and Cardinals.  Satan has thoroughly deceived them.

Anyone minimally competent in history and politics and biology and the Church would know that the last professionally respectably anti-evolutionist, Louis Agassiz, endorsed polygenism.  Darwin, Wallace, Huxley, Asa Gray, and so forth, explicitly accepted descent from a common ancestor - aka "monogenism."

From these last two posts, it would appear that you just might argue for sede vacante.  Are you a member of the Pius X Society?